ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — The Anne Arundel County Sherriff’s Office says 40 people were arrested in a warrant sweep conducted in honor of a 14-year-old boy fatally beaten by gang members.

Sheriff Ronald Bateman says his office will conduct “Operation Fists to Cuffs” annually in hopes of bringing in those with outstanding assault and battery warrants. The Baltimore Sun reports that 50 deputies spread out across the county shortly before dawn on Sunday in an effort to catch suspects by surprise.

The sweep was done in honor of Christopher Jones, who was riding his bike in May 2009, when he was beaten to death by gang members. The boy’s mother, Jenny Adkins, says the warrant sweep helps keep her son’s legacy alive.

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Comments (25)
  1. A. L. D. says:

    Please tell me why this is not a hate crime?

    1. Kristy Burcker says:

      because they didn’t kill him because he was white did they?

  2. randy g. says:

    Don’t you know that it is only a “hate crime” when the hate is directed toward a minority. Just another way that this country infantalizes and makes excuses for the behavior of minorities.

  3. wow. says:

    way to be racist, everybody.

    what if he was beaten to death by a gang of white kids?

    1. candace says:

      But he was not beaten to death by a gang of white children; he was beaten by a gang of black children. If the situation was reversed EVERY child involved would have been tried and there would have been an outcry if the result was anything less than jail time for all of them. Only 2 out of the suspected 7-8 children involved in beating Christopher to death were found and tried. That, in my opinion, is completely unacceptable. Every child involved should have been found and tried.
      Hypothetically, if he was beaten by a gang of white children then they all should have received jail time as well.

      1. Kathy Hyde says:

        i totally agree on both counts if it was a black kid being beaten by a white kids, or kids, their def would be a .cry of racism .. but it is not any more exceptable for it to be a white kids beaten by blacks .. its wrong nio matter what .. adn all involved should be cahrged adn punishement the same way …

  4. LindaJ says:

    A crime is a crime and it doesn’t matter who, what or race of the victim. I’m tired of the “hate crime” distinction. When you commit a crime it IS with hate!

    1. Kathy Hyde says:

      i agree with that too .. if you did’nthave hate in your heart you would not commi the crimes to begin with ..

  5. nw says:

    unfortunately government has taken the blindfold off lady justice and given her instruction as to who is allowed to hate and who is not.

  6. BLK Social Worker Praying says:

    If the beaters beat him because he was White and they were black then yes its a crime of race..however i agree with Linda J a crime is a crime and murder is always done in hate so…there is not need for dinstinction of color……a 14 year old childs life was lost and take by children we should be focusing on the upbringing and downfall of our youth regardless of what race they are

  7. Laura Broadwater says:

    something doesn’t seem right about this at all :S i mean seriously 40 ppl vs 1 kid? something else had to happen

    1. MO RON says:

      It wasn’t 40 to 1….read the WHOLE STORY….DUH!!!!

  8. Scott's Country says:

    Blacks moving into my community as section-8 renters nearly destroyed it. Crime and quality of life problems went way up. But with us all banding together, we got our HOA to enforce conduct rules, we got citizens on patrol, worked with the police, and got evictions of trouble maker families. Now, all those rental townhomes have college educated white people in them again. In fact, since my community has once again returned to being mostly white, it’s wisper quiet peaceful again. However, there was a Federal Marshal SWAT team raid on a nearby townhouse of a black family–typical! Keep in mind that large groups of black youth usually are nothing but trouble. Never allow them to constantly form groups that wonder around and loiter. Soon, you see gang activity, break in’s, and violence. Groups of white kids are usually respectful and safe.

    1. Jonetta Johnson says:

      that in itself is the most racist comment i have heard…….columbine was white…what was the excuse for that….there are disrespectful kids regardless of race/color….u ignorant bigotist….

    2. Kristy Burcker says:

      WOW no doubt your a card carrying KKK member but FYI almost all the people i know on section 8 are white. And if you want to talk about something being raciest why is it that this white kid dies and the police find and arrest 40 people but when black kids get killed it never gets solved. Coincidence I think not.

  9. mls says:

    The warrant was for 40 people in AACO – not all were associated in the beating death of Christopher Jones. It was done in memory of him to help other victims whose attackers were not yet brought to justice. “Operation Fist to Cuffs” is a living memorial to Christopher Jones to help other victims.

  10. Heather says:

    God bless his poor mother who now has a terminally ill husband.

  11. Chell says:

    To scott country! Are you living with a blindfold over your eyes group of white guys are just as bad as group black guys! There alot of great black and white people who want the same peace!

    1. Kristy Burcker says:

      I agree!

  12. Kathy says:


  13. Joe says:

    All 40 were given lunch and a PR bond and sent back to the streets with a funny story tell their friends by 5. Justice AA style, swift and inefective. (I don’t know that they were relased, but I bet moat are out by the end of the week).

  14. LB says:

    Joe –

    Don’t comment on things you admit you are ignorant about.

    How would you like to go out at 4am looking for criminals? Would you even have the guts to do what these deputies did? I doubt it.

    Good job AACo deputies. Glad you were all home safe when the day was done.

  15. Joe says:

    LB, I have no problem with the work done by the police force in AA it’s what happens to criminals once they are put in the system that’s a discrace. It’s public record, criminals a booked and released in AA daily. No room in the jails for these folks seems to be the theme there in and in Baltimore city. I apologize to both you and anyone that may have taken my comments as a dig at the police force. I appreciate the men and women in blue, I an just tired like everyone else of hearing about criminals comitting crimes that are awaiting trial fo another violent crime commited recentley.

  16. Laura says:

    Way to go Jenny! Chris is forever in our hearts…I’m so proud of how strong you are! Love you girl & see you soon!

  17. stephanie says:

    I think that this family has done a tremendous job on helping the community the cc for young teens so they can go there play sports and other activities so they can stay off the streets and enjoy being children,Jenny and paul and all there family stay strong and keep doing all the wonderful things that you all do Christopher would be so proud.

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