BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Controversial comments. Ravens star Ray Lewis issues a stern warning. He says if there is no football, crime will increase across the country.

As Kai Jackson explains, not everyone agrees.

Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis is known for speaking his mind and that’s exactly what he did when ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio asked Lewis about the NFL lockout.

“We really gotta remove pride, seriously. There’s no other reason the issue’s going on,” he said.

Perhaps his most controversial statement was about the possibility of no NFL season. Lewis painted a grim picture across America of people without jobs and nothing to do on Sundays.

“Do this research. If we don’t have a season, watch how much evil, which we call it crime, watch how much crime picks up when you take away our game,” he said.

“I would hope that it would not increase crime without football. Baltimore is a place where we do have other things for people to enjoy,” said Baltimore City Councilwoman Helen Holton.

Another city councilman says if Ray Lewis is that concerned about the possibility of crime increasing, he should do something about it. He issued a challenge to the linebacker.

“Well, Ray…that’s pretty irresponsible. If you really feel that way, then come on down. We could use your help,” said Councilman Jim Kraft.

All council members agree that the NFL lockout will have a detrimental financial impact in Baltimore and other cities with NFL teams.

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Comments (577)
  1. William Cooper says:

    Without entertainment people get board and do stupid things. Ray Lewis made a comment that is an educated prediction of what will happen.

    1. marg1 says:

      Build more jails then.

      1. rs says:

        marg1 for president!

      2. Gene says:

        We don’t need any more Jails. Send these people (whoever he is referring to) to the open areas of California and Arizona and let them fend for themselves. Better yet, Sheriff Joe will treat them just one of his Hotels

      3. Daryl Irwin says:

        Lewis is Right! At least every hard-core dude is chillin’ on Sunday, hanging with their peeps, watching their boyz take a beating instead of going out and starting bum fights for entertainment … THIS is what Ray is talking about …

      4. Joe says:


        and BTW… Sheriff Joe may soon be indicted.

      5. The Don says:

        @Gene, why should they be sent to California or Arizona to fend for themselves. People in those states don’t want the problems from the other states as you imply. Why should we take your criminals we have enough problems of our own without having to fend off those from other states as well.

      6. Ben says:

        Good call marg1……………….

      7. BRDG says:

        I agree, he be knowin’ his peeps and what they be capable of. Time to build private prisons to avoid ridiculously lucrative government pensions.

      8. Doug Roberts says:

        Build more jails?? Really!!?? The U.S. has the highest incarceration rate of any country in the world. How is that working out so far?

      9. LA Tax Payer says:

        Shoot the criminals
        Soo glad the worthless Rams and Raiders bailed from LA in 94
        Hope the NFL never returns!

      10. whatever says: thanks but no thanks marg1. read the entire article. jails dont work. if you like the idea of them so much, why dont you go live in one and tell us what you think after 24 hours. (btw RayRay is right. sports keeps us in line. when it comes to violence, better them than us)

      11. dtech001 says:

        Doug – The incarceration rate is working out pretty well, actually. Big story today is the dramatic decrease in the violent crime rates (“FBI Says Violent Crime Rate Down Again,” Associated Press, May 24 2010 A minority of the general population commits crimes; the vast majority are law abiding. There are probably other factors at work as well, but it stands to reason that if criminals are locked up they are not on the streets to commit crime. Logic works.

      12. Jon says:

        That says alot about the average football fan. How come there isn’t a surge of crime after football season ends in February?

      13. Durazac says:

        We already have guys like “Joe” here – we don’t need any more bad guys. As for Sheriff Joe being indicted – the crooks, cartels, and illegal aliens, and screaming liberals are doing their best to get him, but until the feds want to open fire on the AZ population – we will stand with our sheriff – armed to gills.

      14. dtech001 says:

        Whatever – “If you like the idea of them so much…” Where to begin with that one? I will start with this: No, I don’t like the idea of jail – and I am not supposed to. It’s for punishment, not vacation.

        Secondly, it’s relatively easy to stay out of jail – as the vast majority of all races, creeds and colors do. You don’t have to obey all ten commandments, but “Thou Shalt Not Steal” and “Thou Shalt not Commit Murder” (or “Kill” in some translations) are a good start. You don’t have to be religious to recognize these as a good foundation for staying out of trouble and being a decent member of society.

      15. RufusVonDufus says:

        If the police simply shot criminals, Ray Lewis would have been dead years ago!

      16. TLC says:

        Precisely, build more jails! The state is suppose to punish criminals. The criminal is supposed to do pennance (Thus: penitentiary) and therefore be “corrected.”

        If the criminal does not re-pent (repentance) then the authority presses down even twice as hard. If the criminal does not repent keep him eternally warehouse or execute him (stop him from freely harming others by taking him out of this realm.)

        YES! You want to harm others? We have a terrible place to put you so you can think about it. If you don’t want to change you mind and actions…we will take you out permanently.

      17. marg2 says:

        That’s what we need! More jails! (idiot) How about quit locking up people for smoking crack, and quit letting violent criminals back on the street due to overflooding?

      18. Jerry says:

        Ray Lewis is a joke like most people of his persuasion. He is a murder that got away with murdering twp people. First murder that occurs in his area he should be the first suspect. Jack Ass!!!!!!! read the following story and refresh your memory.

        At around 4 a.m. on January 31st outside of an Atlanta nightclub where a post Super Bowl party was winding down, an argument broke out between two groups. The altercation escalated from verbal to physical when one man struck another over the head with a champagne bottle. The actions to take place in the following chaotic moments were fast and furious, and it seems no two eyewitnesses saw the same thing. What is conclusive about the outcome is that a limousine sped away, gunshots were fired at it, and Jacinth Baker and Richard Lollar died from multiple stab wounds. If convicted along with his two friends, Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens will go from three-time All-Pro to lifetime inmate.

        “I’m not trying to end my career like this,” Lewis reportedly said in his hotel room after the fatal fight. This will be the very same room that the prosecution will attempt to show a “blood trail” leading to, with the assistance of a forensics expert no less renowned than Henry Lee of the famed O.J. Simpson defense team. So far, the state of Georgia’s case against Lewis has been rather flawed. Since the trial began, several witnesses whose testimony would supposedly demonstrate Lewis’ guilt have altered the stories initially given to investigators. Their testimonies were supposed to show that Ray Lewis hit, kicked or stabbed someone, and that he even admitted as much afterwards. Instead, the vast majority of testimony has either been inconclusive, or else supports the defense’s contention that Lewis acted solely as a peacemaker, trying in vain to prevent a tragedy that he would be tied to. It is crucial that jurors believe this if Lewis is to be acquitted, for even though no one has placed a knife in his hand or claims to have seen him stab anyone, he can still be convicted of murder if it is proven that he participated in the brawl that led to two deaths.

        The lone person sticking to his assertion that Lewis acted violently has been Chester Anderson, not exactly an ideal witness. Anderson is an admitted con artist in jail on identification fraud charges. This has given the defense the opportunity to attack Anderson’s credibility, suggesting that he is falsely testifying in hopes of winning leniency in his own legal problems. It has been shown that Ray Lewis gave a false statement to the police, mentioning only two people in the limousine that fled the scene, omitting the names of his friends and now co-defendants, Reginald Oakley and Joseph Sweeting. However, Lewis has not been charged with lesser crimes such as lying to the authorities and obstruction of justice, but stands accused of murder. Unless there is a dramatic turn in the case, it appears that at most, Lewis’ guilt is strictly by association.
        The copyright of the article The Ray Lewis Murder Trial in Sports Issues is owned by Roy Pickering. Permission to republish The Ray Lewis Murder Trial in print or online must be granted by the author in writing.

    2. Tom Leone says:

      I’ve got GUNS!

      1. Howie says:

        Yes it probably will. We will have all the thugs of the NFL that are in and out of jail all the time, on the streets instead of in the locker rooms and on the fields.

    3. Mike says:

      Educated? Was Rashard Mendenhall’s comment “educated” also?

      The crime that happens during the lockout is because many of these players can’t do anything but play football and rob, rape, and steal. All the NFL does is help keep the local prison population down.

      1. TickTock says:

        I hope you do not reproduce.

      2. bob says:

        Just think what would happen if the NBA shuts down

      3. OBAMANATION says:

        I’d like to report an ongoing crime, taking place at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., in Washington, D.C.

        Please arrest The Usurper-In-Chief

      4. LA Tax Payer says:

        >Just think what would happen if the NBA shuts down<
        The College Basket Ball fills in the gap

        Sad the Lakers lost but very good for the tax payers and business around Staples Center without riots every time they win

      5. Charles Flanagan says:

        Yes Mr. Mendenhall’s comments were educated. Instead of bashing him for it, why not do a little research and find out if what he said was true. But you won’t! You will be just like the other millions of sheep out there who just go along with what the mainstream media and the government tells you. You will spend your time bashing someone who thinks for themselves. You should wake up.

      6. jon says:

        Yeah those couch potatoes will start rioting if they don’t get their feetsbawl.

    4. GMan says:

      Wow that is really a stupid comment. If people are that mentally challenged that without a Sunday afternoon football game their alternative is crime – then there is a level of ignorance and stupidity running rampant among football fans.

      1. oarsman says:

        Yes, GMan, they are that mentally challenged. And it isn’t merely football fans.

      2. LA Tax Payer says:

        LA is just fine since the worthless Rams and Raiders left in 94
        As soon as USC and UCLA get their programs back up to speed
        There will be good football games again (with out the cry babiy NFL players!)

      3. Little_Johnny says:

        He’s not talking about the fans, he’s talking about the players in the National Felons League!

      4. Richard C Hamilton says:

        No G-Man. The level of ignorance and stupidity is rampant with Lewis.

      5. Justin V. says:

        I don’t know what you’re saying. Was it a stupid comment, or is their a “level of ignorance and stupidity running rampant among football fans”? Maybe you’re saying football fans are all fantastic, law-abiding people? I gotta say, I disagree with you on your main point that 100% of the tens of millions of football fans (that’s right, every last one of them) are all angels that will redirect 100% of their energies toward lawful activity.

    5. Daystrom says:

      An educated prediction,you mean like being “board”.

      1. cjw says:

        Well said!

      2. Justin V. says:

        People who put down another’s opinion because said opinion contained a spelling mistake should shampoo my crotch.

    6. Daryl Irwin says:

      Ray is Right! At least every hard-core dude is chillin’ on Sunday, hanging with their peeps, watching their boyz take a beating instead of going out and starting bum fights for entertainment … THIS is what Ray is talking about … San Diego already has this problem bad enough as it is and we are the sports capital of the world.

      Men HAVE to have a common testosterone denominator for many reasons … how bout we threaten to close down all the MALLS … You want to see the women of this country go on an axe-wielding rampage just threaten to close down all the shopping malls!

      1. Bud says:

        Why is it that whenever they show these Mcdonalds, or Denny’s, or Dunkin Donuts, being trashed or fights are started, it’s always Black teens, or young adults doing the damage? They start fights and destroy things for the purpose of getting attention, well this country will soon get fed up with all the gang mentality, destruction ,and abuse these idiots are causing to innocent business’s and people. And soon , these criminals will be treated as the terrorists they are. It’s time to take responsibility for your actions..

        I’ve always said, get all the gangs in the Country takem to the dessert, give them all guns, and surround them with the US Military. Let the gangs go at it shooting their rivals until there is only one super gang member left. Then have the military shoot the last man standing. The crime in the country will drop by 95% and there will be peace in the streets of America.

      2. AeroJack7 says:

        What a stupid statement. Making excuses for criminals to engage in bad bahaviour just because a football season is cancelled is moronic at best. Get a life and some morals.

      3. LA Tax Payer says:

        >San Diego already has this problem bad enough as it is and we are the sports capital of the world<

        REALLY!! And what does that make LA or NY or Chicago?

      4. jon says:

        Ray ray will have more time to stab peeps to deaf

      5. Dyler Turden says:

        What a shame that a certain culture requires a diversion to keep from committing crimes. The rest of us avoid criminal activity because, well, we just find it morally repugnant.

        Fix your culture.

    7. Ed Remillard says:

      Crime will increase because NFL players will have too much time on their hands.

    8. No_Unions says:

      Coop’s right. With no season, those thug football playas will have nothing to do and will resort to looting and mayhem to sustain their bling-encrusted SUVs, jewelry and dope habits.

      1. BigBoa says:

        The mighty Boa says let them,,,,,,,,

        In fact,,, let’s see them try to eek out an existence like most people have to do,,,,, working real jobs for barely over minimum wage………..

        They’ll change their tune quick,,,,,,,

    9. Yirmin Snipe says:

      Of course that presumes that people aren’t able to turn the TV channel…. and guess what here is the other little thing people should consider. IF the NFL were to vanish then ESPN and ABC wouldn’t be having to pay billions for TV rights, that would mean that your cable bill would go down…. Hmmm… what do you really care about? watching some over paid thugs knock heads or having more money in your pocket.

      1. Lance Goodthrust says:

        Hahah you actually believe that if the networks save money they will give it to YOU? Haha you truly are a moron.

      2. Justin V. says:

        And YOU presume that alternate programming can replace football in every fan’s opinion (that’s the only reason I’d ever turn a TV on on Sunday), and you also presume that being a football fan only happens on Sunday afternoon. Also, your cable bill wouldn’t go down without football. That’s a stretch.

    10. Steve Pickering says:

      What to do think a thug like Ray Lewis is gonna say. He should know being
      an expert in crime and violence. What a punk.

      1. Justin V. says:

        Yup, he’s an expert in crime and violence for obstruction of justice a dozen years ago. I must be a pro athlete for my 50% freethrows on the basketball court!

    11. Bob K says:

      Ray doesn’t think much of Baltimore.

      1. TYRONE JACKSON says:

        Who does?

    12. Tharrigan says:

      “Ray Lewis made a comment that is an educated prediction of what will happen.”

      Wow. Ray Lewis and educated in the same sentence

    13. Dr. Edgbert Souse' says:

      You’re right Ray . . . if it wasn’t for professional sports, many athletes would just be another inmate!

    14. Joe says:

      Maybe then there should be 7 different leagues that have games every day of the week. That will reduce overall crime to almost zero! That will leave more room in the prisons for politicians.

      1. Great Idea says:

        OR resort back to the Roman way of “sport”. I would love to watch Ray, Ray fight a pack lions!!!!

      2. LA Tax Payer says:

        >”. I would love to watch Ray, Ray fight a pack lions!!!<
        If it was a pack of Detroit Lions it would not be a contest!

    15. Jam,es Strickler says:

      His “educated” comment comes from a particular vantage point. One of the pinnacle qualities of an educated person is their ability to entertain themselves. If people learned to entertain themselves temporarily while the NFL folks come to agreement, crime rates would dramatically reduce. Reading a good book, visiting a significant other or shut in in a nursing home, learning to juggle while riding a unicycle are just a few of the meaningful possibilities that come to mind!

    16. SteveThomas says:

      Is William Cooper really Stephen Zane? Someone wants to know.

    17. Parker says:

      William – I don’t understand what ‘get board’ is? Would that mean that people get a board? What would they do with that board? Build something? With no NFL I might get a little BORED on Sundays but I don’t think I’ll go get a board. I have no use for a piece of wood.

      1. Justin V. says:

        Given the choice between a guy who misspells words and a tool, I’d seal the latter in a rocket and fire it into the sun, and buy the former a beer.

    18. Cousin Eddie says:

      If anybody knows about crime, its Ray Lewis.

      1. Rich in Cali says:

        So much THIS!!!

    19. crustas says:

      NFL exists for disabling the capacity of citizens to use the brain and think for themselves about their live and society.

      Weekend are the only time that citizens have time to reflect about what’s around them.

      But NFL entertainment is like anesthesia.

      And if people without entertainment become criminal, so there’s must be something wrong with them. Let them try to read a book, for a change.


      1. YES WE CON! YES WE CON! says:

      2. Ron Langevin says:

        Who ever said they could read???????????

    20. Mitch says:

      Ray Lewis and educated prediction…right.

    21. Brian says:

      Educated guess? #1 You are claiming Ray Lewis is educated that in itself is funny. #2 Ray Lewis is talking about what he did when get got bored. Murdered people.

      1. Justin V. says:

        Nope, you’re wrong! An education is not required to make an educated guess, and if you knew what an educated guess was, why, you’d know that. You’re doubly wrong because most football players have a college education (to a debatable extent, I know), but they have one nonetheless. Ray’s one that does. Man, I’m having a great time defending Ray Lewis today, mostly because he’s a better man than any dipsh*& on this site.

    22. Ratt says:

      Well, with this kind of reasoning then why don’t they have Football on TV 7 Nites a Week ?

      On another note: I assume you meant bored ?

    23. Paul Revere says:

      Right because the NFL has an audience every sunday of 330 million americans. This is the stupidest prediction since the end of the world last weekend.

      If crime rises, it will only rise in the places these players spend their time with their entourages causing fights in clubs, stabbing people outside stripclubs, etc etc.

      Ray is lucky he isnt doing time for being an accomplice to murder and still gets to live his charmed life. To be honest, there is no excuse for cancelling the season, if these clowns wont play for the millions they are getting paid, then find 500-600 guys who will, and let’s get ready for some football.

      1. Spanky says:

        I quit being a baseball fan a long time ago during one of the many players strikes. The owners should NOT give in to union extortion.

      2. Justin V. says:

        Paul Revere?!? Pfff. Look midnight rider. The audience is in the tens of millions. Think of all the superfans you’ve ever met–these weirdos who just live for football. Don’t you think that just maybe, without football, some of them might cause trouble they otherwise wouldn’t? That the entertainment football provides acts as a sort of sedative? Only a handful would need to do so for Ray’s comment to be entirely correct. He could be wrong, but what he said wasn’t stupid. There’s also the clear, linear relationship between the economy and crime, and killing a 9 billion dollar golden goose for a year could contribute to that. So Ray’s not stupid.

        YOU, on the other hand, having all the benefit of typing on the internet with no cameras in front of you, and with the luxury of rereading what you write before submitting, have said demonstrably stupid things just now. That also includes blaming Ray Lewis for being an accomplice to murder, when he certainly was not; as anyone who cares to look into the facts will plainly see.

    24. Spanky says:

      “Without entertainment people get board…”

      They do knot!

      1. Diane King says:

        Oh yea, their gonna git board fer sure.

      2. spike says:

        they dew two!

      3. Jimbo says:

        They need a “board” upside da hed

      4. dtech says:

        Very well played!

      5. Robert Miller says:

        Maybe some of those Dad’s can take their kids to the park and spend some time with them instead. Football is fun to watch, and is entertaining. These players, some of them, consider themselves to be more then entertainment. There is nothing lasting they are doing. Some of them are using their postion in a positive way, others are miiking the sytem for their selfish ways. Come on Ray, you can do better!!

      6. marg1 says:

        LOL!! My first laugh of the day; thanks 🙂

      7. marg1 says:

        I believe what Ray Lewis was doing was threatening us. He wants us to contact the owners to settle the strike in the players’ favor.

        Well, I’m shakin’ in my boots and I’m gonna do just what he wants.

    25. NFL4Life says:

      Who’s going to be committing these crimes, disgruntled football FANS or disgruntled football PLAYERS?

      1. dennis is fed up in Atlanta says:

        When the repo man comes knocking on their door because they can’t pay their house notes. the players

    26. Grant Smith says:

      I’d like to suggest that workplace productivity will actually increase because my idiot co-workers won’t be fiddling around with their fantasy football pools for a change.

    27. Turna says:

      Oh, really. So should we have Pro Football 7 days a week. If that is all it takes to end crime then maybe we should make those babies play football 8 hours every day.

    28. iamwinstonsmith says:

      Are they too “board” to read a book?

      Never confuse “educated” with “Ray Lewis”.

      1. dennis is fed up in Atlanta says:

        do what? READ? Are you kidding? It is easier for them to play with their video games. doesn’t take brains, education or imagination to play thoes stupid games.

    29. bob says:

      Hes right, if all those crinimal arents playing football, they gotta find something to do.

    30. Erin says:

      Football season is 4 weeks for preseason, 17 weeks for the season, 5 weeks for playoffs and Super Bowl, and 1 week for the All-star game. What about all the other weeks of the year?!?! Ray, show me proof that football season weeks have less crime than other weeks. I would even bet that there is less crime, less drunk driving etc without football season.

      1. Justin V. says:

        Oh yeah? SHOW ME PROOF! Oh wait, you can’t. And that’s OK. You and Ray could both be right at the same time. If you can’t see how that’s true, stop commenting on the internet.

    31. Johnny Dangerously says:

      People get “board”? Is that like the new planking craze? Get off of my internet you dope.

    32. Ivan Yurkenov says:

      What Ray is referencing is that the entire NFL roster will have idle time on their collective hands…idle hands lead to criminal mischief.


    33. Gorf says:

      Yes, as he is only talking about the crimes he will personally committ.

    34. Andrew says:

      I thought he was refering to the NFL players….

    35. S Moore says:

      Ray should know, look what happened in Atl when he had a little free time.

    36. William R. Smith says:

      well, when you type board when you mean to type bored, you truly remove “educated” from your argument…. more like edu-ma-cated as I see it…YO!! homey….

    37. max renn says:

      Then let’s have football year round and stop all crime. What a dummy.

    38. bob says:

      Rapistberger will have alot more time out on the streets with no games played.

    39. Russ says:

      An educated prediction? Oh yes, very educated. And it says a lot for the level of humanity that follows football. Or plays it.

    40. Jason says:

      Ray Lewis speaking on issues of crime. That’s the kettle calling the pot black isn’t it?


      Do you mean European- Americans or African Americans you JERK!!!!!

    42. Tim Timmy says:

      educated? based on what? all the statistical analysis that Ray is incapable of doing? stick to football Ray Ray

    43. Nick says:

      Haha they should make a show called Athletes Say the Darndest Things. So what he’s saying is that without the NFL the players would have nothing to do on Sundays and then turn to a life of crime to get their aggression out since they won’t be able to do it on the field anymore.

      1. Justin V. says:

        That’s not what he’s saying, and you’re an idiot.

    44. Norman says:

      If a white man had made the same comments that Ray Lewis made they would not have been reported as controversial, they would have been reported as racist.

      1. HarlanR says:

        You are absolutely correct. And, if the white guy had pointed out that more white people watch football than black people, they would have said, “But that’s not what you meant.” because when it comes to white people making remarks about black people, the race-hustlers are great mind readers. Outside of that, they’re too stupid to find a bass drum in a broom closet.

    45. hugh jassol says:

      ohhhh palease, Wlliam cooper show me the stats that show the increased crime rate when the NFL season is over. People will move on and get tired of these over paid idiots, that think because they can run, catch or throw that their word is the gospel. They need to get over themselves and you need to stop drinking their koolaid

    46. Pete says:

      Crimes like having one of your boys kill someone, Ray?

    47. Mario says:

      Nothing to do on Sundays??? Maybe everyone should go back to church and “Change your evil ways….baby” Santana

      1. HarlanR says:

        There’s these things called books and you can ever eat pizza and drink beer while you read them.

    48. J Harbaugh says:

      Board? Really. You do stupid things.

    49. mgee says:

      Fix the black American family, they have become unruly out of control animals.

    50. tsandco says:

      Forget Football and the spoiled children (owners/players) of the NFL, real men play Rugby, Rugby is back in the 2016 Olympics!

    51. Bobby says:

      Lewis is correct- If they’re not occupied with playing football, a great number of NFL players will be out committing crimes. Fact.

    52. mrgenius says:

      Ray really meant that “Black People” will riot and commit crime …but they do that anyway ..perhaps a small uptick …..ain’t gonna be no white people using the NFL as an excuse to go out and strongarm old ladies or “flash-pack-rob” your local wal-mart.

    53. mrgenius says:

      Ray was speaking about what black people are gonna do ….no white people are gonna go out and strong-arm grandma or flash-pack-rob Walmart cause the football game is cancelled ….black people need no excuse for crime and violence but will use any excuse …

    54. spike says:

      ray lewis knows a thing or two about violent crime…it’s one of his hobbies

    55. Jchron says:

      Ray Lewis may have that kind of mentality because he comes from trash and is trash but categorizing the entire NFL audience as a bunch of thugs who will run rampant if they aren’t throwing a leather ball to each other once a week is insulting. Some people are still decent. Ray Lewis is a simple minded fool.

    56. katie says:

      Yes, every educated person knows that “board” people do bad things…lol!!! knucklehead!
      After reading the headline I thought that the players would have more time to do stupid things like gamble, drink and drive, deal drugs and get into bar fights. 🙂

    57. LLinLa says:

      With entertainment, people do stupider things. Actually, I understand what he meant. Without football, the NFL players would be on the streets and we know how they’re magnets for off-field violent associations, right, Ray?

    58. kat38 says:

      board? and you say Lewis made an “educated” prediction?

    59. kat says:

      board?? and you say he made an “educated” prediction?

    60. Layla says:

      Ray Lewis made a stupid comment. THIS is the type of individuals Americans revere as their idols, and you wonder what’s causing the downfall of America? Pay your stupid jocks millions and the average teacher minimum wage. Familiies cannot even afford to attend these games anymore, only corporate America.

    61. Real American 1776 says:

      Blacks will be the ones causing trouble. They always are – stats prove that! It must be the liberal policies of Hussein Obama that allow this. And they wonder why they’re called n-words. Buncha of no good blacks. Get out of my country!!!

    62. JimCT says:

      He made a statement that is not supported by any empirical study at all. There is NO evidence that the absence of football games increases violence due to lack of alternative entertainment or any other reason.

      Complete and utter nonsense. Indefensible and irresponsible.

    63. 10-8 says:

      Working as an officer in a large city our calls for service drastically drop on the weekends during the football season. Even bad guys watch football.

    64. Stormbringer says:

      This from a person who does not know the difference between board and bored.

    65. Matt says:

      speaking of educated, the word is “b-o-r-e-d”.

    66. dave stolp says:

      There is already proof that crime goes up when the NFL is not playing, look at all the NFL players involved in criminal behavior this off-season.

    67. Plaxico Buress says:

      Yea!!! Imagine the rampant rise in criminal activity with hundreds of unemployed NFL players with no training camp, practice, scrimmages or season to keep them occupied!! SCARY!!!

    68. Hoot4RE says:

      Hmmm, Ray MIGHT be right, considering the brawls that have been happening in fast-food resturants lately…..,

    69. jay murphy says:

      Ray Lewis is such a moron that he thinks the only things people can find to do on Sunday is watch football. Blackmail does not work on most of us. Maybe its time for Ray to retire.

      More crime? More guns for the police seems like a reasonable response.

    70. Mike Higgins says:

      I’m wondering if he means more black people will be stealing stuff brcause there’s no football ??

    71. Popeye says:

      First ever I heard someone use “educated” and “Ray Lewis”in the same sentence. Amazing!!!

    72. Ron Langevin says:

      I have several guns and know how to shoot. I can hit a running deer at 100 yards every time and damm sure can shoot a pimp or a louis (murderer) trying to run and holding his pants up. I am waiting to send another one to jail or a box.

    73. Will says:

      I’m pretty sure that Ray was talking about the likelihood that, left to his own devices during a strike season, he would probably be committing, errr, covering up, a lot of crimes.


    74. TravlnTexan says:

      Like they need an excuse to break the law in Baltimore

    75. jdogg33 says:

      When I read that statement by Mr. Lewis, I assumed he meant the crime rate among NFL players will skyrocket. In all serious though, there probably are some statistics out there either back this up or refute it. Anyone know of such a study? As outrageous as his statement sounds at first glance, there may be some credibility to it, maybe more along the line of sports/entertainment in general.

    76. JustFollowing says:

      I’m sure the two of us can sit down over a beer and figure out a more responsible way of talking.

    77. DOUG says:

      Is he calling football fans criminals, or is he saying the football players will have more time to get in jail?

    78. Justice League of America says:


    79. John says:

      Just like the Romans – BHO will step in and make sure we have gladiators in the coliseums.

    80. Beerman says:

      How is it that people get board? I always was taught that a BOARD is something you use to build something. Maybe when someone gets board it’s just like when William Cooper’s daddy beat him. Getting bored is no excuse for criminal behavior. Go grill out with the framily on Sundays or play a dang game. I heard you can find a few for the computer that teach grammar.

    81. berrnard says:

      Educated? Does Ray Lewis have a criminal record?

    82. Early Ardmore says:

      Since Peter Gabriel hasn’t toured for years I guess there will be more white collar crime going down until he’s back on the road. Stop the madness! Tour so the crime will stop.

      See how stupid and degenerate this sounds? Almost as lame as Ray Lewis comments that could only come from a mental deficient. say stop listening to morons

    83. lorenzi says:

      It seems as if your trying to sound smart and educated…’s bored, not board…..a 2×4 is a board……

    84. Ben Gunn says:

      LOL I am thinking there will be more crime because the players are on the streets able to perpetrate and not training

    85. Ric says:

      I’m not “entertained” at the moment – and the only crime I’m committing is wasting 30 seconds of my life reading William Cooper’s drivel about Ray Lewis’ “educated prediction,” and replying to it. Oh wait…. you mean there’s a 7-11 I could be sticking up instead? Well day-um! I bes git mah lazy azz outchair an do whut a man need ta do dat ain’t gots no entertainment….. seem sane?”

    86. b-fuss says:

      That’s spelled “bored.” A “board” is a plank of wood, like the one that must have hit you in the head and caused you to come to idiot conclusions like this one.

    87. angel wilson says:

      He is talking about his self-he killed my newphew and his friend-jason baker and richard lollart. money will get you off in this world but not forever-GOD is the one who will judge. God is the one you have to face. All the people who knew what he did will be judged – Funny how the world will indorse somebody who is evil and even looks it in his commercials-but forgot about the victims. What has this world come too.

  2. George Mouring says:

    Criminals are going to be criminals, with, or without football. The only increase I think would be seen is petty stuff, troubled kids getting into mischief. Both sides of this controversey need to get over there greed and get on with it. In my opinion there all grossly overpaid, for what they do, making 50 times what the President of the US does, to say the least. They make more than doctors, lawyers, and hollywood stars for Gods sake, only because the fans around the country are addicted to a stupid game. That kind of money would serve better, for the poor of this country.

    1. cris says:

      look thats the owners fault for paying these guys the way they do. the owner are making billions by rasing pricing all around the stadium so i dont feel bad for them. i could care less if its a season or not.

      1. kevintheelder says:

        It’s certainly not the owner’s fault, nor the player’s fault. If you want to place blame then look no farther than into the mirror, for as long as we support and watch the sport, WE are paying.

    2. uncle-grumpy says:

      And a great big “AMEN” to kevin! When we “stupid people” stop shelling out our hard-earned money for the garbage Holly-weird pumps out, as well as throwing money at grown-up children playing children’s games,maybe guys like Ray Lewis will cease making idiotic statements and find productive employment. Lewis is like one of the other overpaid babies in the NFL crying that there is a strike, he won’t be able to pay for his family’s health care. After all, his contract only paid him $16 million. Boo hoo. Used to be pro athletes behaved like men on and off the field. Now they’re like the “elites” of Holly-weird, somebody needs to tell them what to say so they don’t sound like complete morons.

    3. Tom D. says:

      And exactly what does the POTUS DO?
      BTW, what happens during the off season, is there a crime spree then.

      Pitiful self important leeches.

      1. Spanky says:

        “And exactly what does the POTUS DO?”

        Reads from teleprompters.
        Takes vacations.
        Destroys America.
        etc., etc., etc..

      2. Russ says:

        What Spanky said.

    4. Jake says:

      Yeah right George…these players should be payed WAY less for the hits they take. Instead they should take a huge paycut and give it to their owners so they can give it to the needy…since they are so kind hearted and all. I mean, most of these players don’t have needy families, you know…since they come from such well-to-do families. GIVE ME A BREAK…do you even know what the hell you’re talking about???

      1. Spanky says:

        paid not “payed.”

    5. OBAMA = FRAUD says:

      You’re right. Many of the criminals prefer Basketball -

  3. X-Fan says:

    I agree with Ray BUCK-KNIFE Lewis, he and his co-players will have more time to committ Murder, DUI’s, Assults, Thefts, and Drug distrubution.

    NFL= National Felony League

    1. cris says:

      and you are the one screaming and hollering for ray lewis and the ravens on sundays. fare weather fans like you we dont need. get a life idiot

      1. RufusVonDufus says:

        You know the one about pot meet kettle, right! Well in your case it must be Idiot, meet Idiot!

    2. RufusVonDufus says:

      X-Fan, you forgot rapes, pillaging, and many others. Too bad they don’t all overdose and be done with it. Ray Lewis is a trashbag of a person who knows all about killing. He would be in prison except for the NFL.

  4. sheriff says:

    The NFL owners & players are already committing crimes by charging us the prices they do to watch a game. Parking, food, PSL seats, unwanted preseason games. The prices are for greedy owners & to pay a lot of otherwise mediocre players their salaries & retirement fund. They don’t pay mine!…..So, Ray Lewis says there will be more crime because no football? Possibly but the hard criminal will still be out there doing their thing & I think this will mostly be domestic violence, drinking abuses etc due to the people being bored. Either way, I really don’t care. Football is not my God on Sunday.

    1. Eroneous says:

      THEN DON”T GO!!!! This is how supply and demand works. They wil charge you the most they can for whatever fills the seats. Ironically you probably feal entitled to go to games as if it is a right so you continue to go and complain about the price…save your breath!

      1. Spanky says:

        You’re forgetting that evil businesses should not be allowed to make any money on things we like. Congress should regulate all businesses because they can do a much better job than free enterprise.


    2. Spanky says:

      It’s clear that Congress needs to more closely regulate football to prevent owners from making too much money. Selected Democrat Senators should have direct lines to the helmets of every QB during every game so they could tell them what plays to run. It’s time The People took control of our national sport!


      1. Russ says:

        And there should be no scores, because fans with disappointed or hurt feelings often justifiably act-out, starting fires, beating up fans of other teams, and other things. Just play to a zero-zero tie and everyone go home happy!



  6. Homer says:

    I guess crime increases dramatically during non-football seasons?

    1. Spanky says:

      Well, we spectators have curling and badminton to take up the slack during those non-football times..

  7. Bob says:

    Does this mean that he will go out and kill again?

    1. Jesse says:

      Hahaha thats one idea on how to get the lockout canceled! Threaten to kill one person a day untill he gets to play football. Could that be what he is implying?

    2. Chris says:

      I think you’re right. We should keep a close eye on this man.

  8. Hank Warren says:

    This is all about Free Speech. After all, censorship is everywhere. The gov’t (and their big business cronies) censor free speech, shut down dissent and ban the book “America Deceived II”. Free speech for all.
    Last link (before Google Books bans it also]:

  9. cj says:

    I have to agree, with all the free time they will get when they strike, the players of the “national felons league” will wreck havoc on society. Keep these criminals working and off our streets

  10. RufusVonDufus says:

    Sounds to me like Ray has spent every penny he ever earned on; probably on ho’s, drugs, gambling, drinking and any other perversion one can thiink of and knows he cannot afford a couple of months w/o a payday. That’s all right, Ray, you know how to get money without working. There is money in every little quick shop and minimart in Baltimore.

  11. Joe says:

    A silly comment from a man who sees the world through a football “lens.” The reality is it’s not all that important.

    1. Barry A Kenyan says:

      Well remember this is the guy that SHOT someone at the superbowl in Atlanta and got away with it!!

      1. shannon says:

        get it right

  12. reaganredux says:

    those thug football players are just one torn ligament from being drug dealers.

    1. Barry A Kenyan says:

      LOL………… Very true

  13. Greggers says:

    People will just have another excuse as to why it’s someone else’s fault they commit crime. There, fixed it for you, Ray.

  14. John says:

    INstead of pillaging and looting, people could, oh, I don’t know, go to church and thank their God for the many blessings!

  15. Crazyhorse says:

    Ray Lewis, what are you thinking? Did you think before you spoke or is this really you. I guess the crime will increase because of all the football players won’t have anything to do. IThe players and the owners are both at fault here. The game is not what it used to be. There is too much in your face chatting and too much fighting. Not enough respect out there. Can’t believe your stupid remarks – you need to apologize.

  16. Prorkba says:

    Yep, he’s right. If these thug football players are left to wander the streets, they’ll commit crimes wherever they are. I say jail them now to prevent crime! I mean, c’mon. Stop making terrorist threats and start acting like a human being Lewis!

  17. Fallon says:

    Biden/Lewis 2012!

  18. Barry A Kenyan says:

    Well of course if they let the football players run around unattended!!

  19. T. Michael Barclay says:

    Just maybe Ray is afraid they will find something else to do!

  20. Bill says:

    Is this geneltman suggesting a relationship between thugs and criminals and the NFL?

  21. Trueblueroo says:

    Watch real football instead! You know, the one being played by the feet.

    1. whodat1 says:

      Okay, that’s enough! Back to Europe with you!

    2. GoOrange says:

      I’d rather be a victim of the crime Ray is talking about than have to watch soccer all weekend…

      1. Deskboy says:

        Or the Canadian Football League. Up next Toronto vs. Montreal, eh? , and on the West Coast, Regina vs. Vancouver this Thursday night online.

  22. Prog.Journalism101 says:

    Maybe he is on to something. Look at the crimes he committed when there was NO Lockout!

    I wonder why this fact is neglected (kept from the readers)?????

  23. WDC says:

    It isn’t clear if he means crimes among NFL players or society as a whole becuase we will miss football. If he means players then he is saying that everyone in the NFL is inherently criminal and only football is keeping them from committing crimes. If he means all of society then he is sorely misguided on just how popular football is. Not everyone watches football and not everyone that watches football is going to committ crimes out of boardom this fall.

  24. Rog says:

    Just another treat from a union thug. Ignor him.

  25. Doug Glass says:

    So this cretin believes all NFL fans are latent criminals unable to control their criminal tendencies unless placated by watching games? And you fans actually pay your good money to support this type of lunacy?

  26. J Rtree says:

    The crime is already being committed with what they pay these people.

  27. Pete says:

    Pro athletes are WAY overpaid. I’d gladly give up a season or two of football (there are other sports, ya know) to bring this issue into better alignment.

    These players are as lucky as lottery winners. Very few of them would be prosperous in the “real world” – most would be on welfare or in prison, let’s be honest.

    And the owners? They’re proven businessmen, billionaires mostly. Guys with money make money, that’s how capitalism works.

    1. Jake says:

      Pete, have you ever taken a hit from a 265 lb…probably not. As for being lucky, get a grip, all of these players are physically superior than 99% of the population. They work very hard for their bodies and their pay. Probably a lot harder than some of the owners who probably inherited their money. AND what does capitalism have to do with this YOU IDIOT?

  28. tara says:

    Crime will increase if you let 46,000 prisoners out of the CA jails. Oh wait the Supreme Court just did that. And there are 3 football team in CA all hell is going to break loose!!

  29. GMan says:

    Clearly a criminal himself, Ray is expressing his behavior and assuming he is the norm. If truth be told and law enforcement were applied to NFL players as it is most citizens, a good number of players would either be banned from the NFL or in jail.

    1. Diane King says:

      This was my thought exactly. His comment speaks volumes about his criminal tendencies. What a twisted point of view.

  30. BossManD says:

    It will just be another excuse for our black brethren….

  31. taxtheentertainers says:

    OK, “let’s raise taxes,” on the players incomes. I would like to propose a 90% special “progressive” income tax rate on all entertainers earning more than $1.5 million. They don’t generally generate jobs themselves (their employers do) and make a lot of money. This would, of course, be the Democratic thing to do and I can’t imagine any professional players, musicians or movie stars who would object. This would ensure that they do their part to save the world and provide the money for the apparent need for more law enforcement (thanks ray). Let us all know if you support the proposition and we will submit it to our legislators immediately, if enough agree.

  32. HansJurgen says:

    Of course crime will increase since so many “pro” football players these days come from and have a gangsta mentality. They will encourage and continue to fuel the fire or racism.

  33. Bobarian says:

    $150 for a ticket, $9 for a hotdog, $12 for a beer…how do these “people without jobs” afford to go to a game anyway?

  34. ED says:


  35. Dave says:

    Considering the NFL is about 85% black he is probably correct.

  36. Dave says:

    As Charlie Murphy said about Rick James…

  37. Run2 Daylight says:

    Ray Lewis has a point. Another point is that the players, who routinely now get arrested for things like being on the scene of a murder outside a “gentleman’s club,” will have even more time to spend committing (or abetting) violence outside gentleman’s clubs.

  38. Samuel says:

    You suppose the police will be asking: did you commit this crime because of this or that and release the statistics?

    I’d love to see that stat, most lie and will prob say: yeah it’s because of the NFL lockout, it had nothing to do with my addiction, or my wife cheating on me, or I’m unemployed, or I’m rising up cause I hate the baby boomers and what they have done to the US.

    Go talk to Francis Fox Piven about how she has been hoping to see something like the Spain protests. They young workers get with the unemployed and student then they have mass protests.

    If there is violence there will be more gang joining them for other reasons. It is called chaos…everyone joins in.

    So yeah, bookem and give a statistical break out Danno.

  39. Eroneous says:

    News Flash, the world does not revolve around the NFL, and if boardum leads to crime, then show them some jail cell. I see this as a wonderful thing… maybe more Americans will be happier as they actually do something stimulating on a Sunday afternoon. I mean stuffing their fat face with grease and beer is cool and all, but about some Play 60 in stead of your recliner could be a good thing…or is that just crazy?!?!?!?!

  40. Garth says:

    Let’s face it: He’s probably right. If young black males are not watching games then they’re most likely out engaged in “mishcief.”

  41. satch says:

    Yeh,and a good many of the NFL players are on probation as it is.

  42. Tom Genin says:

    What’s Ray Lewis going to do, stab somebody else?

  43. Jason says:

    Ray is exactly right. All those football players that would be playing football throughout the season will instead be committing crime instead. Football blogs like profootballtalk keep up with arrests made by players, and they keep a count of days since the last time an NFL player was arrested. In over 7 years of keeping the arrest-o-meter, it has rarely ever seen double digits, and its always worse in the football off season.

  44. tjc says:

    That’s funny! Ray was playing football when he was tied to a murder. Lucky for all of us there was football or he might have murdered more people. Once an idiot…always an idiot!

  45. Matt says:

    When did so many people forget how to spell?
    Is it no longer important?

  46. northshorepaul says:

    If fans will be in such a state of despair because of no football, maybe they should look to real athletes who love the game and do it for no money. Go watch and support high school football not the thugs of the NFL…by thugs I mean the owners and players. For too long the owners have sung the same song that cities benefit from having an NFL franchise….in spite of the taxpayer outlay for stadiums, extra police on game days, traffic congestion, etc. It is all BS, we the taxpayers wind up subsidizing much of this….and the ticket holders? Well they are the ones who are really raped by the NFL. It is time America says to hell with it and find something productive to do on Sunday afternoon.

  47. Paolo says:

    Thank god a black guy said this as he knows firsthand what the blacks will do if they don’t get what they want when they want it. If a white guy had said this he would drummed out of the league and called a racist.

    1. dennis is fed up in Atlanta says:

      No. If a white player had made the same statement he would have been made to go to a love a black man training course and made to be more PC. Remember when that basket ball player made the statement that he hated gays? He was fried on all sports shows and radio talk shows. Ray needs to have his head check for concussions.

  48. jabusse says:

    The supreme court is doing a good job increasing crime anyway so who cares.
    use a gun go to college and live in dorms for free seems to be their motto.

  49. chuck taylor says:

    Just Ray talking about what he will be doing if the season is cancelled… you know, skrait stabbin some foos.

  50. nick says:

    lewis should know, since he’s the biggest thug of them all

  51. gene says:

    Moral Decay… That the Progressive lib left has created

  52. Ar Amytas says:

    so is that what they do in the nigg neighborhoods when they are not betting on footballt games

  53. ronjon says:

    60-70 guys per team trying to make a team, 32 teams, = 2000 guys give or take with nothing to do….1000 of them thugs………… yeah I would say crime will increase, not from the fans, but from the players

  54. Ed says:

    If thats the truth, then why dont we just start arresting all the players. We’ll start with Ray Lewis who has already committed murder.

  55. Freddy says:

    Well I guess RAY RAY should know, as he wasn’t in the Super Bowl in 2000 and someone in his Posse killed a guy with a knife. So Mack I mean Ray The Knife might be right, or was he just speaking for himself from past experience.

  56. Deadbolt says:

    Dude kills 2 people and now he considers himself an expert on what motivates criminals

  57. dennis is fed up in Atlanta says:

    If anyone should know about violent crime it is Ray Lewis. Remember what happened with him at a Buckhead bar here in Atlanta? What was the crime increase last time these folks had a lock out? I don’t remember any flashing headlines about increased crime because there was no football. We just found other ways to spend time with our families. The one statement he did make that was true. the venders will take a hit if there is no football.

  58. Kyle says:

    If anyone would know he would being that he was involved in a murder investigation 10 years ago.

  59. Jeff Wahlen says:

    Author Charles Einstein wrote in “Willie’s Time”, his virtual biography of Mays and that era in baseball as it related to America, televised games reduced crime out in the streets. If the Giants were on TV, more folks were glued to their TV sets instead of out on their stoops or roaming from bar to bar. So, if Lewis was inferring this kind of public distraction will prevent crime, I’d have to say he is correct.

    1. Jake says:

      Jeff, amen to you. You seem to be one of a very few level headed people on this blog. Amazing how people take a persons statement and then show their true colors isn’t it?

  60. Jeff Sherman says:

    Preposterous…then let those who commit crimes because of the Numerous Felon League (NFL) does not happen become the stars of the new movie “The Longest Yard” part three. When laws are not obeyed for such pettiness then let the Second Amendment be justified. If there is one.

  61. New Orleans 29 says:

    Ray Lewis made a true statement. Crime during NFL games decreases. Studies have shown an increase in crime during the bye week and during offseason.

    He was referencing society, not the players themselves, despite 63 of the 65 commenters hilariously pointing out that it would be an increase in crime from the players (that sure didn’t get old, let’s get another 50 or so).

    1. northshorepaul says:

      The problem is too many children look upon sports as a viable goal to strive for instead of academics. The percentage who actually play pro sports compared to those that aspire to do so is very small. Let’s instill academics as a goal in life and not glorify the other goal (basketball or any other pro sport). Or are we only concerned with keeping the people occupied with games as the Romans did so they will not care as society crumbles about them!

  62. AAA says:

    ray lewis talkin about crime and evil, lol! The biggest 2-faced phony on the planet.

  63. TomS says:

    bread & circuses

  64. Centcom says:

    Hey Ray, nobody cares what you think. Just shup up and play.

  65. speedy says:

    of course crime will increase. women will be beaten by drunken husbands and boyfriebds because of no football. football is a ganster sport supported by criminals. football is a disgusting criminal and murderous enterprise.

  66. Mike says:

    Shut it down, people sit on the couch all weekend long watching football. Maybe they will have time for their kids and family. Now that’s a idea!!

  67. Noahfingwhey says:

    Why does it seem that the only decent black people or republicans?

  68. Deskboy says:

    Listen to him. He should know because he will be the first one to offend.

  69. Can't Fix Stupid says:

    Ray Lewis is nothing but a loud mouth has been. The Ravens had nothing to do during the Super Bowl. Did they go out and commit crimes?

    But on the other hand, I can see where he is coming from. Raven fans are about the WORST I’ve ever seen.

  70. sean patriot says:

    Well, I guess we’re gonna need more bullets then. What he’s saying is that black are going to act like bigger babboons than usual. May be time for a good old fashioned ethnic cleansing.

  71. maynardb61 says:

    I think he means football players will be committing more crimes than usual,
    not the fans.

  72. Greg Miller says:

    Crime even occurs during the Super Bowl…even murder…oh I forgot…Ray Lewis knows all about that, doesn’t he????

  73. Guest says:

    Football games never stop those who are evil from doing bad things… it just changes the time they come out from under their rock to either before or after the game.and I could care less if they hurt themselves on purpose (ie drugs). Society will have one less evil doer if they try and hurt a person who carries a concealed handgun.

  74. DELORES says:


  75. Kyle says:

    this comment coming from someone implicated in someone’s murder

  76. Jthompson says:

    Sounds like he was inciting a riot…

  77. Tex says:

    I would think crime would decrease – fewer drunks running around after the game.

  78. Archy Cary says:

    What a certified jerk.

  79. teaj says:

    youths won’t be able to control themselves if they can’t watch they EN EF EL.

  80. Magnaflux says:

    Just lockup all the black thugs until they can be sent back to Africa if they can’t behave. Problem solved.

  81. Albert Escarcega says:

    How about going to church on Sunday?

  82. NotDeadYet says:

    Watch how much crime increases if they take away “our” game. Well, Ray… you still need “us” to buy tickets for the game to even exist. I quit several years ago. I think you’ve priced yourself out of a job. And no amount of extortion is going to change that.

  83. Superpower says:

    That’s like saying once you outlaw guns that the criminals won’t have access to them. Extortion doesn’t become you Mr. Lewis. I supported you when you were implicated in a murder case, but now suddenly I’m not so much a fan of yours.

  84. MA Jack says:

    Listen, a moron is speaking!

  85. joe says:

    What do you expect coming from an alleged murderer?

  86. Ron Zaks says:

    I did not read all the comments, so if this is a repeat I am sorry. With all those NFL players on the loose I can understand the validity of Mr Lewis’s comments.

  87. sandiego1969 says:

    Ray Ray is right. All the felons in the NFL will be on the loose instead of taking out their aggression on each other. Did you hear Plaxico Burris will likely end up with Michael Vick? You can’t make this stuff up.

  88. Doctor says:

    At least he’s honest. His jive ass gang member bros will be out thievin if they arent on the couch watchin ball. It’s simple mathematics…

  89. paladin says:

    actually the grand theft called nfl tickets won’t occur so those statistics will drop!

  90. Brian says:

    There is sound and consistent statistical data that shows that the crime rate in many cities drops during the Superbowl. So is it completely rational to ask the question-Would there be a corresponding increase in crime if there were no NFL football? Ray Lewis may be a gangster thug-but he raises a valid point.

  91. Thomas says:

    A topic Lewis is most likely quite aware and involved in, eh?

  92. jeff Sheaffer says:

    GReat Ray Lewis, a, thug who stabbed soembody and got off the hook is giving us lectures on the NFL. He’s the reason I don’t watch ANY professional sport!

  93. Steve Elmore says:

    Let’s keep the criminals on the field and off the streets!

  94. Jead says:

    People used to go to church on Sunday. Maybe, without football, families will start going again. Watch crime go down.

  95. liz says:

    Crime will go up? Only because the NFL criminals themselves will have nothing to do and will increase crime all by themselves. Sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy, if you will.
    Too bad most are from “da hood”, carry guns, prey on women and in the infamous case of Michael Vick, participate in illegal dog fighting.

    So yes, if the NFL continues its strike, crime will go up because none of the “playas” have anything to do.

  96. alanwillingham says:

    Is Ray Lewis saying the players will start robbing stores and mugging and raping people if they can’t play football, or is he saying that football fans are mostly criminals who only pause during games?

  97. Overpaid Crooks says:

    He just meant that there will be more felonious NFL athletes on the street with extra time on their hands.

  98. LaneyB says:

    I think what Ray meant was that football is a community rallying point, and it produces a solidarity between people. Communal good spirits tend to dampen “evil” doings. Give #52 a break.

  99. manlyva says:

    Here is how I will handle a NFL lockout…don’t support the idiots. It used to be that players played because of the love of the game. Now, it is more about what their agent can get for them. The owners are no better…Dan Snyder is the most losingest owner and makes millions on his team. How can that be? Anyway, if there is no NFL season, and I don’t care the reason, there will be more Football in my home, nor will one penny be spent in support of the NFL. Just ask the baseball idiots after their strike…they are still having troubles. I won’t support them either.

  100. JoeHoliday says:

    Ray may have to put another cap in someone like the last time he got off for attempted murder.

  101. Randy Davis says:

    Maybe he is referring to himself. He was involved in two murders after the Atlanta Superbowl, but the witnesses were afraid to show up to court.

  102. Sugarfoot says:

    Is Ray Lewis refering to the crime that NFL players will be commiting?

  103. RetiredFed says:

    Hey Ray does this mean you are going to be complicit in the murder of two people again? A thug is a thug is a thug! Buy guns, buy plenty of ammo!

  104. JFast says:

    Lets higher more cops and put the criminals in jail. This is a KIDs game!!! Shut down all the so called pro sports.

  105. Brad says:

    Is football nothing more than a cryptofascist metaphor for nuclear war?

  106. FedUp! says:

    You know he’s talking about his own kind!!!! Freakin’ animals don’t know how to act!!!

  107. Forecheck says:

    More crime because the NFL players have nothing to do?

  108. jdog777 says:

    No Ray… crime will increase because California is releasing 50k criminals in the streets by order of the Lefties on the SCOTUS. It has nothing to do with football.

  109. Daniel Anderson says:

    Stuck on stupid concealed carry will stop alot of that bull—-.

  110. Paul says:

    It would appear Mr Lewis realizes him and his fellow players will have more time for raping, robbing and murder than in a normal fall and winter. I won’t miss the steroid punks on the weekends.

  111. Anne says:

    Perhaps it takes a criminal to recognize one. Ray Lewis, we all remember your sordid past.

  112. stechatte says:

    The criminal (play-stealing cheater) is right. “Bud Light and NFL” is America’s version of Bread and Circuses. Take away our gratuitous violent spectacles or our mind-numbing consumables, and we will recognize the boot of our oppressors on our necks. America is no different than any other empire. We’re coddled into believing in this farce called Democracy and/or Constitutional Republic, but we’re ruled by a very few people who make all our rules and abide by none themselves. We work…they confiscate the first four months of our labor. They start wars for their own greed…we fight and die in them. But phew, we have beer and football, so no biggie! Life is grand when you are a well-fed slave.

  113. fl says:

    So NFL fans are generally criminals?

    1. jb80538 says:

      Maybe the players are.

  114. Michael Weiner says:

    During the New Orleans Saints 2009 playoff run, crime was down 80% from the previous year in the city of New Orleans. So dont dismiss what he is saying.

  115. mc says:

    How bout getting a REAL job, Ray? Could you handle that?
    BTW, pull up your pants, people. You look ridiculous.

  116. Iraq Vet says:

    More crime because the monkey Obama supporters will be bored.

  117. johnmpls says:

    Biggest increase in crime will be from NFL Players. Jails are cheaper to build than stadiums.

    The good news is that the NBA won’t be on strike. Not sure we could build prisions fast enough.

  118. whatanazzzz says:

    Ray please stay blood free during your time off.

  119. R P Foster says:

    Guess it takes a criminal to recognize the possibility of criminal behavior. Mr Lewis skated on murder charges in Atlanta. Also, I think it is a rather inflated view of the importance of the NFL. The world is not going to end if we don’t have a football season

  120. V R says:

    haha Coming from a man arraigned for double murder! The NFL has become such a classy institution!

  121. Bob A says:

    Thats what negro urban terrorists do best.

  122. MC says:

    I think he’s talking about the players, not the fans.

  123. anonaoman says:

    Takes a criminal to know a criminal. Hey Ray why did you throw that blood soaked shirt in the dumpster?

  124. TroyG says:

    Gosh, he might be right. After all, all those Players and Coaches won’t have anything to do. They’ll be out buying drugs, and beating their wives and girlfriends. Yep, I can see his point…..

    One last observation on the article, instead of the article saying he speaks his mind… ought to say he speaks his “Alleged Mind”.

  125. Baracka says:

    Lewis is just another stupid spook

  126. George Dolan says:

    He is so correct, when you have no outlet, and you have this big vacuum, something has to give…humans need an outlet, to let their energy release…its real social problem…humans created this monster of sports, now you have to feed an addiction to sports…how does one undo it…how does one detach from an addiction, like the alcoholic, or drug addicts…American society is its best creating such ventures, however where are the antidotes…we are an addictive society, based on commercialism, race and culture…we exploit humans like a commodity, we are loosing our value systems…football seems to be a religion in America…like other sports, follow the money…

    1. Jason Burnstein says:

      George, You sound like a ghetto fool……

    2. david smith says:

      Give me a break, you,re giving us the typical Liberal pretzel logic…he sounds more like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharptan then a NFL linebacker. Since when does the NFL need to race bait to get their way? Does he really mean it? Or, does he think it sounds intellectual since the news media and black caucus uses it as their favorite ploy for sympathy all the time.

  127. KenInIowa says:

    That is the most absurd statement I have heard in some time. And self serving at that. To think that Football in general, and specifically this man can maintain order in our country, by it’s mere presence? How sad.

  128. Koni says:

    Come on! Crime won’t increase. But there will be a lot of guys having to check off things on their “Honey Do List.” LOL! There’s always College Football.

  129. No1uKnow says:

    What a stupid remark, Mr. Lewis. Well then Mr. Lewis, if you and your privilaged millionaire football player union buddies don’t start comprimising then the blood with be on YOUR hands…BELIEVE!

  130. Red says:

    Yep, he’s right about Baltimore. With all the criminals in that city crime is rampant, ballgame or not. Tough about those poor underpaid NFL players as I know it’s very difficult to get along on annual million dollar salaries.

  131. Andrew j says:

    Thugs like Ray and the people he is talking about are going to commit crimes regardless if there is football. To blame it on the absence of a sport is plain irresponsible !

  132. Danzigman says:

    If anyone knows about crime its Ray Lewis….

  133. spRaiderfan says:

    NFL meet NBA. What’s next, scab games where Ray shows up and stabs people in the stands for not supporting his union negtiations. This is classic rich arguing with the richer at the priceof the people who emlploy them. Us the fans are going to quit paying your salaries and healthcare. That goes from a walk on at spring training to big Jerry Jones’ Gulfstream’s fuel. Sounds alot like politics. Who would have a fight about million dollar union salaries in a recesion like this when the people who pay your bills are abandoning you. Love the game, hate the players. Isn’t that some street cred Ray might understand. Still smells like politcs.

  134. Jason Burnstein says:

    What an ignoramus ! These overpaid,steroid chomping goons that play professional sports are negative role models for the youth of America. What a looser. !

  135. BigBoa says:

    Is ANYONE getting tired of the O’Bozo blackmail tactics?

    If THIS stimulus bill isn’t passed IMMEDIATELY,,, doom…… if THAT legislation isn’t passed immediately……. doom…. and NOW? GIVE those spoiled athletes EVERYTHING they demand as thugs…… OR?? ,,,,,,DOOM!!!!!!

    Go to he77………. Let’s take our chances……

  136. Jim 44 says:

    I have not watched a Pro Football for over 30 years. During that time I have had one speeding ticket. Is that the crime way he was talking about. However when I was watching football I considered it a crime that no one on the team could put more than three words together at one time without the “ you know.” The only place that has more criminals than the NFL is the US House and Senate.

  137. Fnerd Zorba Fribnitz says:

    So, what kind of crime will Ray Lewis commit if there’s an NFL lockout?

  138. David Smith says:

    He sounds more like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharptan then a NFL linebacker. Since when does the NFL need to race baiting to get their way? Does he really mean it? Or, does think it sounds intellectual since the news media and black caucus uses it as their favorite ploy for sympathy.

  139. glenp says:

    after the football season wasn’t RAY LEWIS INVOLVED IN A MURDER IN ATLANTA?? he should know the CRIMINAL ELEMENT

  140. glenp says:

    well let’s get MIDNIGHT BASKETBALL back in as an URGENT NEED !!!!

    that was an IDEA BEFORE ITS TIME!!!! WE NEED IT NOW!!!

  141. Gregory G. Graham says:

    What a pathetic statement . Truly our country is doomed .

  142. BigBoa says:

    Literally MILLIONS of Americans face losing THEIR pitiful little jobs,,,,,, REGULARLY!!

    Let these overpaid gangsta thugs try hitting the unemployment line a time or two,,,,,,,, see what it’s like to be part of the REAL world………. no longer making more per year than most people make in 10 lifetimes……..

    Don’t forget the recent comment by an NFL player once again calling working for the NFL comparable to “slavery”…….. Let them try being slaves to the government like most people…….

  143. jocko says:

    Oh, I thought all the NFL thugs would be out on the streets doing the crime. He means the fans..oh.

  144. vigvee says:

    Should be interesting to see how that all turns out.

  145. atl_dude says:

    i could not agree more. I’m from Atlanta and i could not imagine how dangerous atlanta would be if alll a sudden all the falcons players where roming the streets unemployed!?! The horror, there would be dog fights, hit and runs, rapes, ect… and this would take place every Sunday. We really need an NFL season to keep these guys off the street.

    …in other news…. 95% of all NFL players are functionally illiterate.

  146. JohnRalph says:

    If necessary we will sacrifice our children on the altar of the football God, as American Christians we cannot allow the season to be canceled!

  147. Anthony says:

    His ignorant comments mean that we must entertain the thugs to prevent crime. Real Third World.

  148. spRaiderfan says:

    Hey keep Lucky my pittbul out of this

  149. Sleazy says:

    You people really are slow what he’s talking about are the thousands of underemployed people who usually work at the 32 stadiums across the country unskilled under educated young and frustrated. Football is a 40 hour work week for thousands of people you never hear about cleaning up the facility isn’t ray’s job and it doesn’t pay well think how many people are counting on those paychecks, now face the fact that stealing is preferable to starving and realize reality people do not commit crimes of enrichment because they are evil but because they are hungry. Only someone who has never wanted for anything can’t understand that and we all know they are usually also the first victims of a crimewave … The poor and helpless that is so don’t worry you turn is a few more industry failures away

    1. BigBoa says:

      But,,,,but,,,, but wait….

      According to “union” people…. the gangsta playas are supposed to make as much as the owners right? Nevermind that they don’t incur the risk the owners do financially…….

      But then, doesn’t it stand to reason that the people cleaning up the stadiums should make JUST AS MUCH AS THE PLAYERS??????

      AH HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Bet you won’t see the players striking for THAT anytime soon……

      To he77 with the whole bunch of them,,,,,,,

  150. Bubba says:

    This shows you why he plays football. With him on the field, he won’t be in Atlanta [look it up]

  151. Rocketman says:

    On the UP side …
    Maybe Ray’s bros will burn down Detroit – again. It would be an improvement.

  152. The Uglystck says:

    Just goes to show you what kind of idiot Ray Lewis really is. No football! Poor baby!!! He is right about one thing. Pro football players (not all) will be on the
    streets increasing crime in their hoods. What a bozo. No wonder the idiot is
    playing football, can’t get a real job in the workforce.

  153. Scott Owen says:

    Wow, chips, beer, game! How about read, math, science, music, art, garden. A neighborhood game at the park. More to life than a big screen and pro sports. Meanwhile the public is getting closer to the population on the ship in Wall-E.

  154. Bifozz says:

    Why doesn’t he tell his “bruthers” to do something good, like maybr volunteering, instead of committing a crime? You’re a total jerk.

  155. P Dirt says:

    Is nobody going to call Ray Lewis out for accusing NFL fans of being a bunch of criminals?

    1. ha ha says:

      Sorry, I think he is just trying to get people to grasp how important putting aside your ego is because these ball players and managers and owners, etc… seem to think that the game is about them and this is where American Football teams and teams like the ones in the UK differ… it is ALL about the fans. If you alienate the fans, you have no job. I say that all the displaced fans should boycott the NFL for messing with the great distraction from the everyday grind football is meant to provide. WITHOUT US YOU HAVE EMPTY POCKETS!

  156. Spencer says:

    There is a segment of the population (around 12%) that is nothing but a drain on this country – Always has been, always will be.
    I read articles about them and all I can say is – Figgers.

  157. Stephen says:


    That is why God made Sundays… how anyone can deny God and spend ALL days wasting their time watching a meaningless violent sport of criminals beating the snot out of each other is beyond me.

    Must be public school educated.

  158. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    When you turn off your TV these mental deficient thugs magically go away.

    Turn off your TV. —

  159. jimmy mean says:

    Come on who cares, They’s just niggas and they do that all the time” Sooner or later they revert back to the trees.

  160. Don L says:

    A threat?This is far too close to Jesse and Al’s talk about “Long hot Summer”s ” if we didn’t get what they wanted. Violence has replace rational reason – no matter how subtly disguised.

  161. mark says:

    Ray Lewis as Crime czar. Police state on the way.

    1. Spanky says:

      It’s clear that you need to spend some time in an Obama Re-education camp to get your attitude fixed!


  162. WeThePeople says:

    Does this mean that out of work Football players are criminals?

    Perhaps we can send these players to the Border of Mexico to protect our Freedom.
    Perhaps these ‘Out of work Football Players” need to learn a little humility by performing Public Service. No Pay. To protect us from Crime!

  163. CK says:

    The only increase in crime will be from the out of work thugs who would otherwise be playing football.

  164. joecool says:

    Last time I was in Baltimore, a street fight broke out between a UPS driver and the driver of a car in broad daylight over a parking space. Could happen anywhere, but it’s such a pretty harbor city, and it was marred very quickly for me.

  165. John B. says:

    and ray ought to know. if he’s not playing football, he’s out killing people. go get ’em killer!

  166. sean says:

    Lewis painted a grim picture across America of people without jobs and nothing to do on Sundays.

    What are people doing now on Sundays without jobs, looting and stealing. Using Ray’s logic football decrases crime, therefore is there more crime in the off season?

  167. James says:

    At first I thought he ment if he and other’s like him had nothing to do this season there would be more crime. ;OP


  168. Chris says:

    Perhaps they could go to church on Sunday or volunteer in their community.

  169. Jay Bronie says:

    ray Lewis, an authority on getting away with murder commenting on crime…
    Hey jerk-weed, I know about 1,000,000 troops that could use a hand and a well deserved break. Instead of show us how tough you are on the football field, grab a rifle and get in on the real fight….

  170. StandingO says:

    I heard the audio of those statements–he was strident and trying to appeal to somebody’s emotions. Whose emotions? Does he really think people will blame all the “crime” on NFL owners who refuse to empty their pockets to the players? Or was he telling this to his fellow players–to quit being so greedy–and take some social responsibility themselves–and accept the generous compensation they are offered for playing a game? I really couldn’t tell.

    But he’s right on one account. If there’s no season, there will be about 70 potential criminals on the streets on Sundays in each NFL city that would otherwise be suited up on the football field.

  171. Doug says:

    The criminals won’t be playing football so they will have all that extra time on their hands…of course the crime rate will increase.

  172. MrsFudd says:

    Then Mr. Lewis and all the other players listening to their union reps better get it together. Unions are the bane of society right now instead of being a help to the common worker like they were 100 years ago. Athletes get paid obscene amounts of money these days. Ticket prices are sky high and the average person cannot afford them. So quit yer belly-aching about more money, accept the millions you make that most of us will never achieve in our life time, and work with the owners. Problem solved.

    1. spRaiderfan says:

      You hit right on

  173. spRaiderfan says:

    Hey he wasn’t a muderer, he was aqcuitted. how do you speell I quitted?He was just at the party and forgot to tell anyone about the weapon and the scene he saw. Ooops! Gosh darn! Gee wiz! Get me an esplinade so I can go to another party…

  174. Leslie says:

    Maybe Ray thinks he will get bored and kill someone else. Or maybe he and Vick can get together and find some dogs to torture . Bunch of losers.

  175. Mitch says:

    That sounds a bit racist Raymond. No faith in your brotherhood of men? He’s probably more concerned about his side tails BMW payment in Atlanta…

  176. spRaiderfan says:

    Agian leave my super awsome dog out of this

  177. R Bryan says:

    He might be right, It takes a criminal to know a criminal.

  178. Yeti says:

    The crime will spike above expected levels only on Sundays when the NFL players are left to their own devices.

  179. Bob says:

    If Ray didn’t have football, he’d probably be in prison.

  180. sheilaL says:


  181. Jetdriver says:

    Ray may need a new helmet.

  182. ted says:

    Let me get this straight. Lewis is threatening to go on a crime spree if he is not playing football? I guess he has a few liquor stores lined up already, maybe a little old lady he can knock down and steal her purse.

  183. Danbury says:

    RACIST NEGRO. He just ain’t edjumacated.

  184. slc says:

    Slavery was a horrible thing that should never have occourred. If it had never happened we would not have to deal with the Black population that is destroying America from within. They are like a cancer eating away at the very fabric of America! I curse those slave owners that brought this problem to our shores!!!!

  185. Real American says:

    NFL Players will commit even more crimes if Lockout continues!

  186. lock him up says:

    Lewis needs to be locked up for enticing criminal activity. Bar fights happen all the time because of football and drunks. Just because there isn’t a game on for Sunday doesn’t mean that there will be more criminal acts committed. What are the statistics to show that and what about during off season?

    Without football on Sunday for a season, maybe families will take the time to spend more time together doing outdoor activities. It would be good for the kids as most of them sit around the house and get fat due to not being active.

    There are so many benefits that can be listed by not having a season of football, this post would be too long to read.

  187. Paul says:

    The problem with so many pro athletes is they think that there is nothing else going on in the world except what they are doing. A reminder Ray that you did stand trial for murder. A lot of people also use Sundays to do things with their children. How many does he have and where do they live?

  188. nugy says:

    with people like ray lewis to look up too no wonder there will be crime.ray STFU

  189. ancientemplar says:

    that’s for sure, these thugs won’t have anybody to beat up on Sunday afternoon sao they’ll beat on the public.

  190. Diogenes says:

    Let’s face it. Ray is right. Those NFL criminals won’t have anything else to keep them off the streets. Street basketball obviously never helped.

  191. Illini Steve says:

    I think Ray was referring to himself. Like say, if Ray doesn’t have anything to do, who knows, he might stab someone.

  192. Avery Burns says:

    I don’t watch millionaires play ball.

  193. Deb says:

    The price for NFL tickets is rediculously high; now that’s criminal!

  194. southcst1 says:

    I heard on a sports radio show, don’t remember which one, that crime statistics actually went down during previous strikes. Every category was lower and murder was down 3%. On the other hand, the only crime rate that went up during these periods was within NFL players.

  195. Geepa says:

    Don’t be killin’ anyone again, Ray!

  196. Wayne Wonder says:

    this turkey is just andother example of what is wrong with pro football and basketball……..self absorbed..with little concern for others…
    What a stupid statement!

  197. Sara says:

    I am very confused. So for a 16 week season with 4 weeks of playoffs we will see significantly more crime. It equates to somewhere around 50 days (Th, Sa, Su, Mo) that there will be NFL football played during that season.
    How does Ray-Ray think that playing 50 days out of 153 reduce crime. What about the time during those days when football is not on?

    I bet it would net out. Betting is a crime, Public Intoxication is a crime, scalping tickets is against the law.

    I guess my rationale is not rational. I learn something new everyday.

  198. MIKEM says:

    Is Ray Lewis concerned about crime increasing by the fans or crime increasing among football players???

  199. TheStomper says:

    Rays right, without the football season to lure them away from temptation, many NFL players would find themselves committing crimes!


  200. Dennis in Ohio says:

    What a joke. For me, NOT having an NFL season should mean more attending high school and college games where you can see REAL football being played – for the love of the game and for pride. Watching the Bengals, our local loser, I see preening prima-donnas, greedy owners, overpriced food, parking and whatever else they are hawking and players who could care less about the game, their city, their franchise, etc, all living in mansions they own around our city and elsewhere across this great country. Perhaps a loss of season, and paychecks, might open some eyes – not only in the NFL but across the entire professional sports spectrum

  201. Kaboom! says:

    Given some recent headlines, I think it would be safe to assume a good percentage of the pick up on crime would stem from the criminal activities of idle pro football players.

  202. Art Modell says:

    That’s it. I’m going back to Cleveland.

  203. Michael says:

    Shame on WJZ TV for not giving the whole context of the interview. Ray was not talking about the average fan watching the game going out to commit crime because there is a six hour lag time in our Sunday afternoons. He was talking about the independent vendors who make money outside the stadium selling homemade bags of peanuts, water bottles, the 13-18 year old kids in the inner city that help you find a parking space, the people who clean up after the game for $50 bucks, etc. People HE meets and talks to in his offtime. The people you and I probably pass by without giving them a thought as to how they live day to day. WJZ TV has caused this controversy by not doing their job. Shamefull reporting to the whole Eye Team.

  204. G-Dogg says:

    Crime will only go up if Lewis goes back to murdering people!

  205. Ubadee says:

    I agree. All the players will be committing crimes at strip clubs.

  206. The savage nation says:

    ron paul said basically the same thing ray said and is continually labeled a racist so that some black people won’t even consider him as a candidate.

  207. Dennis says:

    Is that Ray “the Thug” Lewis talking…,. you mean the guy who didnt want to say he was from Kathleen, Florida.. Look out Ray’s got a knife, ya that the guy. What a un professional football player we have here. And by the way we have enough jails. Just dont bring thatknife to a gun fight

  208. J_32 says:

    Multimillionaires fighting multimillionaires. Wow, let the NFL fold up and die.

  209. WORKINMAN says:

    BULLY! BULLY! BULLY! IT’S ONE THING TO BE IGNORANT BUT IT’S A CRIME TO STAY THAT WAY! There’s not enough rooms to build to incarcerate the stupidity that flows form their lips. Dude, EDUCATE YOURSELF! Suit up and show up! All this guy does is encourage the hate on hate crimes that exist. YOU’RE A FOOTBALL player not a philosopher or a preacher. How does the Players Assc. allow this lunatic to speak? CLOSE DOWN THE NFL and all the owners will be fine, on their boats, at the beach drinking pina coladas. Close it down and crime will go up because in 2 years RL will be broke and on the street!

  210. cj says:

    did he mean more crime among the general population or more crime being committed by bored, broke NFLers?

    the latter, i understand, but the NFL preventing crime in general is a bit of a stretch, Ray.

    regular people have more than enough to occupy their time. i know i could find more constructive things to do on a pleasant fall afternoon than stay glued to my TV for 9+hours drinking beer and eating whatever animal i threw on the grill at halftime. not that i’d prefer that, just sayin…

  211. Brett says:

    This coming from a member of the National Felony League!

  212. lamchops says:

    We are the NFL: We suck evil out of Sundays!

  213. Kevin says:

    Yeah it will go up, because murders, rapists and thieves, will not be at practice during the week or playing games on Sunday.

  214. Lars says:

    Lewis is certainly an expert on crime, considering he covered up his first-hand knowledge of the deaths of two people in Atlanta during the 2000 Super Bowl week.

  215. WhoCares says:

    Just think Ray, people might discover they can live without football.

  216. Don says:

    I am sure the members of the National Felons League do know a great deal about crimnal behavior. With all of them out of work and no big paychecks coming in, I agree with Mr Lewis, the players will return to their usual criminal activites. Who needs them or their unjustified sense of self-worth, shut the whole NFL down now and forever.

  217. The Truth says:

    I really hope the NFL has a lockout with other useless sport’s that are all rigged , I feel bad for all sport fanatic’s lol it’s all rigged fella’s – read the fix is in it shed’s some light!

    They should take all those multi million dollar contract’s & give them to people who deserve them Our brave warrior’s in the US Military!

  218. nequelquepart says:

    Thug! And you wonder why none of us watch professional sports anymore. Just shut your mouth thug and try to respect your country for once.

  219. KETTLES and POTS says:

    Hey Ray hows everything in Atlanta……and do you mean European-American or African-American

  220. Don says:

    No one said he was the brightest bulb in the pack.

  221. mcleod says:

    i do not like watching football, I love playing it, I feel as a watcher of football your just a cheerleader and most guys i know who are die hard watchers were the one in high school wishing they could play

    1. P. Hertz says:

      and your point it?

  222. peterwoohoo says:

    No wonder Welfare/Medicaid recipients watch the NFL games on a bigger better flat screen TV(than taxpayers) with the complete NFL football package…..besides who will increase in criminal activity?? The Fans or the Players???……… lol

  223. J. Smith says:

    Ray Lewis will be out committing crimes just like he has before, but will walk because of who he is.

  224. James says:

    You heard the uneducated murderer. We MUSt meet all of hthe players demands and have a NFL season or we will all be vicimized. Thank you Ray, you saved all of us. I am so happy you know this to be a fact, because none of the Sociologist, Political Scientist, or Criminolgist were able to see what will happen if there is no NFL.

    1. Terry says:

      Gosh you the mentality of these people. You don’t have a game to watch, well we will just hit the streets and rob you. Oh, how quaint.

  225. Steve says:

    Rich, he was never convicted…do ur research..those witnessess were deemed to be uncrediable in a court of law and the trial was dismissed…nuff said, get over it!

    1. P. Hertz says:

      Doesn’t matter…he didn’t get caught that time. Still more opportunities.

  226. Louis says:

    I am not sure I want to find out what it would be like “WITHOUT” all the jails we currently have, do you?

  227. bmore4life says:

    to all you haters. don’t be jealous of our ray. yall just mad you don’t have a motivational guy like OUR RAY playing for yall. 52 all day, 52 all theway!!!!

    1. P. Hertz says:

      Typical for Baltimore. Bet you think “The Wire” was a positive portrayal.

  228. chas says:

    Wow. Ray Lewis- (who should be in jail) says that if you don’t give the brothers a game to watch- they turn to crime… If a white guy said that- he’d be run out of foodball forever. How is that not a racist statement?

  229. winston Galt says:

    Ray knows a thing or two about crime, since he’s a criminal himself.

  230. P. Hertz says:

    Crime will go up…cause Ray is on the street.

  231. On_Wisconsin says:

    . Maybe Ray Lewis means the NFL players will commit more crimes if they don’t have enough to keep them busy plus they’ll be broke. He should know he’s been the defendant before and I assume again someday. Raven would be better off without him. Do you guys realize the rest of the world laugh’s at you when you wear his jersey or let your children wear it. He’ll always be a thug. Ray Knows Crime. Save face and send your kids to school in Orioles jersey.

  232. Courage says:

    Ray is right! The boys in the hood get restless when they ain’t got no futbol or baksetball to keep them off the street corner stylin an profilin, pimpin an perpetratin an dealin.

  233. Mike Kane says:

    Ray should know all about crime. Remember Atlanta and the Super Bowl.
    I Totally agree with Rich.

  234. Pover T. Pimpin says:

    Don’t worry Ray baby, most of us are willing to step up and shoot the criminals so we’ll do our part to keep it real out there. Word.

  235. P. Hertz says:

    Ray’s just looking out for his future. He’s about done in the NFL. ‘Course this lockout and his comments might just end his career now. So, he’s just warning us to be on the lookout for him since he’ll be bankrupt in a year and will need to make some money. Your money.

  236. jules says:

    Already considering ways to replace your lost revenue, eh?

  237. keith says:

    so crime will increase because all of the black players will have nothing better to do than steal from wh!tey!!

  238. Macksfield says:

    Well little Ray if anyone knows about crime, its you dawwwwwg.
    Come on, do you really think anyone cares what this guy says, he has been hit in the head far too many times. Trust me Ray we can live without NFL football and this is coming from a fan for over 20 years.

  239. Zeneger says:

    Ray Lewis is another ‘great mind’ like Barrack Obama. ‘Great mind’ as in those who excuse the evils of their socialist fascism by claiming racial victim-hood.

  240. Baltimore Resident says:

    Seems that everyone has something to say about Ray Lewis’ comment, but we tend to forget that even our parents START us in little league just to keep us off the streets and DON’T get involved with gangs, drugs and other forms of violence! What exactly is wrong with his comment?

    1. minfxb says:

      Baltimore Resident: So what you are saying is the NFL is another START team designed to keep potential adult hoodlums from doing drugs,, getting involved with gangs, etc., and if the NFL session does not happen, the players will revert to a gangster life form?

    2. Former Footballler says:

      They are adults. They should know better.

  241. Alvin Marcott says:

    Ray Lewis for President!

    1. Former Footballler says:

      Yes he has the dumb Obama mentality…

  242. Mark Carlton says:

    You can take the boy out of the ghetto, but…

  243. Debbies21 says:

    How about something radical they do what you’re supposed to do on Sunday. Go to church, visit family and plan for the coming week

  244. minfxbg says:

    wow…what a moron…guess he is not too observant:
    The country got along just fine when the NHL session was canceled; the US got along just fine during the baseball walkout.
    What makes this assclown think that America is going to care about the NFL circus if they can’t afford the insanely overpriced tickets?

  245. TDollar says:

    Yep. If Ray doesn’t have anything to keep him busy, we’re likely to see another stabbing or two.

  246. Kayhla says:

    Ray Lewis is my favorite football player. Now he is on my list as a well-spoken man of truth. Well said, Ray.

  247. oakley says:

    Ray Lewis ought to know about crime! he came down here to Atlanta and killed some local kids and nothing happened to him

  248. Counter Mypoint says:

    Without jobs to go to, NFL football players will fill their days and nights with crime. What’s a player to do?

  249. Chief Pontiac says:

    So does this mean that the the thugs of the NFL like Ray Lewis are going to go on a looting and murderous rampage if the season is canceled? That would be the only crime that I would see happening. This shows how disconnected this mental midget is. Insulting the very fan base that pays his salary. Hey Ray, maybe you should keep your mouth shut and let people assume you’re an idiot instead of opening it and removing all doubt. All of the other 10 graduates of the U. of Miami, Fla should be very proud of you that you put that degree in Physical (Assault) Education to good use.

  250. sailor says:

    He is correct – there will be more crime on the streets. The responsible players will find other endeavours. But all the criminals that get paid too much in the NFL will have nothing to do – and THEY will be out there committing crimes!!

  251. Gary says:

    Maybe if they cancel the NFL this fall we could all go to church on Sundays

  252. JimCT says:

    What utter nonsense. I defy anyone to find ANY study performed that showed an increase of violence due to the unavailability of football as a spectator sport. The guy is obviously not paid for his keen intellectual analysis and insight.

  253. dunedin says:

    My question is: Who wihose crime rate will go up NFL players?

  254. Bluehorsewildcat says:

    I know who you is–you da one who killed and got off.

    Board wiffout payed.

  255. Ken says:

    Without football as a release, Ray may just need to shot up a night club.

  256. A. Nony Mouse says:

    Hmmm. Is the NFL’s Most Valualble Felon making a threat about what havoc he will wreak if he doesn’t get to play his game?

  257. sneakypete says:

    The nice thing about being white in this country is if they stop showing multi-millionaire punks beating each other in the NBA and NFL, we still have NASCAR and plenty of cheap ammununition! Trash culture in this country has really grown since those folks got beat up in the freedom rides of the early 1960’s for this? LOL, there is no brotherhood, sisterhood, or black culture, there’s just ‘ embrace incarceration’.

  258. Redz says:

    More likely, crime will increase because the number of criminal felons playing for the NFL teams will not have anything to do, so they will be out raping, robbing and murdering people, because they are bored and don’t have anything to do.

  259. Ron says:

    Comments from a guy who pleaded guilty to “obstruction of justice” in a murder case he was involved in. A real “pillar” of society.

  260. Only in America says:

    Throw all of the low-life thugs in prison; break the unions; and cancel the NFL season.

  261. Radioman777 says:

    Considering Ray Lewis’ personal history, he might be making a prediction for himself. Nightclubbers beware!

  262. Andrew Stevens says:

    Ray Lewis might be right, but it’s unfortunate that we are so pessimistic about the people of our country. Maybe folks will pick up a second job, volunteer at a charity, play their own backyard football games? Or, whatever happened to spending time at church and with your family on Sundays? There was a time when there were other things to do on Sundays except watching Football…

    Though, I’ll miss it too 😉

  263. JoeAstroturf says:

    Ray I’m a teapartier and Eddie George is my friend ahole.
    Please Check out song called teapartiers I can’t hear you at

    Here’s a verse

    The real teabaggers are Barnie and the safe school czar
    Your kids aren’t safe in a bus or car
    Jennings might not report it if their molested at a bus station
    lets hope he don’t have Nambla take them on vacation

  264. RICHARDBONNET says:


  265. King says:

    Oh my… “watch how much evil”…

    All because there is no football on Sundays???

    With a lockout, people might have to go to church, to deal with Evil???

  266. BillyBob117 says:

    So those who do the crimes, because of no football, should be forgiven by Society. Ray just gave minorities the ok to loot and burn.

  267. Texgal1 says:

    Maybe that’s what they do in his ‘hood when they’re bored, but not mine. I love NFL football, but if I need to find something else to do on Sundays in the fall, I expect it will be something wholesome with my family and friends, not committing a crime.

  268. ONTIME says:

    So Ray, now your given to social commentary and I have to guess your basing this on your own first hand experience, No football, no piece or something like that.

    Personally, I would hate to see the season be wasted on silly negatiations between rich people but if it comes to that then maybe i can take the money I saved and go but a new gun to rob gas stations for fun and profit…..don’t give up your fotball career, Ray.

  269. Me says:

    It’s pretty sad that we think we need entertainment to keep adults in line. They are teaching this to kids in school by pushing sports programs. If everyone read a book instead of watching tv we would all be better off! It doesn’t seem like there are many deep thinkers left in this country. People need to read books made of paper, not on a device and ponder life’s purpose. Find God. Help your fellow man. Teach a child how to do something useful and to respect himself, instead of to love money and riot if he doesn’t get it. Work on something instead of going to the gym. We live so unnaturally. I am not spitting environmentalist bs, but talking about what we are actually built for. The human race is meant to work land and work together. Sheesh! Sports should be an afterthought.

  270. yomomma says:

    black and stupid. big surprise

  271. Kathleen says:

    Is this what America has been reduced to: sports players threatening anarchy, illegal aliens creating anarchy by marching through out tax paid streets demanding rights to which they are not entitled and certainly do not deserve, and a Congress that is 99.9% corrupt threatening the demise of our country if we do not allow them to spend a few trillion more.

    And all this time I thought bullying was a tactic used only by children and young adults.

  272. Savage says:

    Idle hands are the devils workshop, so if it’s not cheering for a touchdown, it’s cheering for a beat down. And the folks we are talking about do not resonate to the cheerful community activities that the city officials are talking about. NFL = Less Crime, I don’t have the stats in front of me, but I’m willing to bet Ray is correct.

  273. Jerome says:

    Ray isn’t known for high brain function. He is, however, known for being a punk-a$$ gangster and a thug, and for leaving dead people behind when he and his gang of sycophant hangers-on go out clubbing (and knifing).

    Great role model for race-victim Baltimore ghetto people. I’m thinking that normal humans should stay out of the gas stations, McDonald’s, and Dunkin Donuts after dark for the next year or so.

  274. andy says:

    Rich & others, Nothing wrong with the system, it’s the people who run it starting with the Supreme court of a…..holes who make law instead of interpreting it. On the matter of Ray Lewis, if Joe Flacco or another white athlete on any team made this same remark, it would be called racism by all the Blackie porch monkeys.

  275. Calhoun says:

    I think what Ray is referring to is all the convicted and unconvicted felons in the NFL (National Felons League) will be back on the streets.

  276. Former Footballler says:

    So Ray Lewis is saying, if they play no football, who will commit the crimes? Football players themselves? I believe it..

  277. DB says:

    I guess Ray Lewis is gonna stab somebody if the season is cancelled

  278. rob says:

    Considering the dude’s a killer himself, he would know what crime is. It’s time the black man quits blaming others for what happens in his own life….

  279. BluEidDvl says:

    Just more TNB!. Go ahead you mindless drones, keep supporting these worthless savages!..Fools all!.

  280. G-Man says:

    Really??? Crime will go up huh. So does that mean crime rates jump right after the superbowl? Oh wait Mr Lewis weren’t you involved in a shooting or stabbing or something like that. Oh sorry you were cleared, must be nice to hire the bigtime lawyers. No I understand now… YOU will be the one on a crime spree, you know not playing football and all. A little advise Ray, Just shut up and play football!

  281. Andy says:

    “Controversial comments. Ravens star Ray Lewis, *who killed a man and got away with murder,* issues a stern warning. He says if there is no football, crime will increase across the country.”

    There, I fixed it for you.

  282. Ron says:

    I’m not worried, most of the players are not really criminals.

  283. NCMike says:

    Ray Lewis is ignorant to believe that without NFL football, civilized behavior will devolve into crime. Whether it’s football, American Idol, Hollywood garbage, or video games, the elimination of these time-wasting pursuits, would be a spur to human beings to do something constructive, instead of mind-numbing. Try reading a book or going to church, instead of frittering your life away. To claim that the elimination of these childish circuses would result in criminal behavior is an insult to any thinking adult. What a moron!

  284. slg says:

    The fact that these comments are causing such a sensation is rather ridiculous. Contrary to what seems to be popular belief, crime is influenced by all sorts of factors one would prefer to think are irrelevant – including weather (heat actually causes an uptick/ blizzards brought the rate down) and, yes, BOREDOM. There have been a number of scholarly studies on crime/criminology and boredom. Crime may affect us profoundly – but the criminal sometimes acts on the mundane. Ray was speculating and his remarks aren’t foolish – they are his sociological speculation. Those of you who claim to have a more educated point of view, or who continue to malign NFL players’ as a collective group – stay comfortable in your glass houses.

  285. fred says:

    Does he mean HE is going to be committing crimes if he has nothing to do on Sundays?

  286. Will says:

    If it weren’t for football I would be stealing stuff all year long! I’m stealing something right now… Please save us from ourselves NFL!

  287. suzy says:

    With all the problems in the world, who cares about a football game?

  288. Harold E Vincent says:

    Simple solution for that. Take all the money that would be paid to these overwight, overpaid primadonns and hold contests for who can be the stupidest a-holes around.
    What would be the difference except that more people would be getting some exercise?
    Shut down prosports of all kinds for a period of years and maybe reality would intrude into these jerk’s lives.

  289. John K says:

    This comment coming from a thug who, on a Super Bowl weekend, with the NFL’s greatest game upon him to witness, is in the company of those who stab a guy to death. Lewis is lucky and blessed to not only HAVE the life he has, but to CONTINUE to have the life he has. Jerk.

  290. wildbill6996 says:

    Thought they were in the ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS ????? They quit playing football years ago…….

  291. John K says:

    BTW, Ray-Ray, even tho’ there won’t be NFL football, there will still be the NCAA, baseball playoffs and World Series, the NHL, the NBA (more likely the appeal of the thugs you stereotype), and even the CFL to occupy peoples’ attention. Moreso, people might — gasp!!! — spend time with family, friends, find new hobbies, et al. in place of your playoff-choking arse. As an NFL fan in general and Seahawk fan in particular, I would enjoy see the NFL implode for a year, if just to see these buffoons try to find a *real* job.

  292. Courage says:

    I did a fact check and found out that Al Capone was NOT convicted of murder either!!
    They were only able to get him on income tax evasion so he was NEVER found guilty of murder in a court of law.

  293. 312capri says:

    Deport them to Mexico

  294. txdfwjdf says:

    Ray Lewis is an IDIOT! Big Surprise…

    He plays in the National Felon’s League and if not for a plea bargain, he’d likely be sitting in prison as a felon convicted as an accessory to murder. Instead, he pleaded down from a charge of accessory to murder to Obstruction of justice by rolling on his peeps. I’ll give Ray this, If anyone knows how mindless fools act with too much time on their hands, it is him. The very same peeps whosa gonna be on da streets beatin and a robbin caus dey got know ball to distract em from dey namal routine ya see.

  295. Brasoo says:

    And Ray Lewis knows a little bit about crime in the off season….

  296. glenp says:

    RAY LEWIS WAS convicted of OBSTRUCTION of a MURDER INVESTIGATION in which he was involved with his THUG PALS

    The guy got his heart cut out and the buffoon for a county prosecutor blew the entire case (Paul Howard) since he couldn’t find his a$$ with either hand. Guess what his heritage is also.
    Go read “THE BELL CURVE” and tell me stupidity doesn’t run in certain groups

  297. EnjoyTheParadox says:

    Hmmmmm…. it’s Sunday. Do I vedge out in front of the bube tube, slack-jawed and drooling, watching football all day and stuff myself with greasy, processed foods? Or do I get together with my homies and go a-gang-bangin’ and a-rapin’ and a-pillagin’?

    And everybody sits and scratches their heads, wondering what happened to America.

  298. JerrP says:

    Lewis should be fined $100,000.00 for those comments.

  299. John Kvasner says:

    Ray Lewis is further evidence that steroid use erodes brain capacity.

  300. Lee says:

    With NFL players loose on the street crime probably will result in more crime. They don’t call it the negro felon league for nothing.

  301. redstaterepub says:

    Ray Lewis is a dirt bag punk who belong in a prison or ghetto. Who cares what he has to say.

  302. Lee says:

    This guy has nothing on the football players at University of Iowa. Two rape a girl, she gets the run around by the school, the guys get a slap on the wrist. Would you believe she had to go to the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action!? Guess what race the football players were and what race the victim was.

  303. ray beyonce says:

    Ray Lewis is making millions of dollars yet he still went out and killed another human being. Why do we care what this buffoon has to say.

  304. Abe Lincoln says:

    “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

  305. Jon in Atlanta says:

    Comments like this from a man who paid his friend to do HIS jail time when he murdered someone on a weekend getaway to Atlanta. Any reason to the the thuggery isn’t going to happen?

  306. Haywood Jablomie says:

    Maybe Stabber Lewis should do us all a favor and convince his cohorts that they are already making enough money and end the strike/lockout now. Please Stabber the nation is counting on you.

  307. misdemeanor says:

    hey dips**t (aka glenP), he’s not a convicted felon you moron….obstruction of justice is misdemeanor, not a felony….if you knew the difference between the two then you’d know that means he’s not a felon… before you open up your ignorant uneducated piehole, get your s**t straight so you dont get on a public website and look like a total idiot!!!

    Why are you so jealous of Ray? because he’s talented? makes millions of dollars? because millions of people love him and cheer for him on sunday? Because he made a mistake, did his time and is a changed man who preaches the good word? why Glen, why are you so jealous of Ray?

    1. angel wilson says:

      And you are a stupid fool that must be part of the click. That was my newphew Jason Baker he murdered. I think people know the difference you clown. It was a misdemeanor because the courts were paid off-yo are the one who is ignorant and look stupid the family knows who are you the LAWYER the one who messed with the crime scene. No one is Jelouse of Ray Lewis. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT MISTAKE-HE PREACHES HELL THWY ARE YOU STUPD MISDEMEANOR-IT WAS NOT OUR SON OR DAUGHTER OR MOTHER!!!!!

  308. Vinny says:

    The face of the NFL, Ray Lewis, should be rotting in jail, his only saving grace was the “no snitching” culture.

  309. john says:

    all sports beget crimes, why do yo think people riot after sporting events? if their team wins or loses a national championship they burn down buildings,overturn cars,loot liquor stores and such… my solution BAN all sporting events or require all venues to post a 5 million dollar bond to defray the cost of cleaning up after useless bottom feeders that attend these events

  310. jasperddbgghost says:

    I can only think of one type of minority that would make crime shoot up….

    Hmmm……I’m vexed.

  311. Tom C says:

    Football is for idiots, so he might be right

  312. dhbarr says:

    I agree with Ray – and the biggest crime is that a bunch of players making millions of dollars for playing a game are on strike while a large portion of this country is just fighting to make ends meet.

  313. John says:

    If anyone should know about crime, it’s Ray Lewis, the murderer.

  314. the truth says:

    Ray Lewis is a nitwit.

  315. Duhhhh says:

    No, how’s this for a warning: You’ll have to get REAL jobs like everybody else. That’s that means.

  316. JoeDoe says:

    Few in the NFL know better about criminal violence than Ray Lewis.

  317. geronimo says:

    Of course crime will increase. All of the members of the National Felons Leaque won’t be supervised on Sunday.

  318. R.S. Jones says:

    Hey Ray, all that crime you’re talking about happening, is that IN ADDITION to the wave of crime already being perpetrated across the country now by your ” flash mobbin’ ” bruthers and sistahs or does that INCLUDE the crimes being perpetrated across the country now by your bruthers and sistahs?

  319. Blueoyster57 says:

    Lewis is a pure gang punk…….he is the reason the NFL is not called the National Football League……..he is a showboat clown who has ruined the game……..anyone who listens to this pile of trash needs help

  320. george says:

    If there is no pro football on Sundays and Monday night on TV, then I will watch the college games that are moved to replace them.

  321. G says:

    Ray Lewis mouthin’ off makes Charles Barkley look like an “A” student.

  322. Mike says:

    I see that Ray wears his IQ on his jersey.

  323. theblackelvis says:

    Why is that Ray? because all your black buddies wont be at home watching FB on sunday. they will be out doing what blacks do best

  324. harry says:

    idiot. if we made it through a two month ps3 netwwork halt we can handle yr little foos ball.

  325. Joe Mama says:

    Hey Ray, I guess you know this because it takes one to know one huh?

  326. Kala says:

    Lewis ought to know about crime. What nonsense. Does crime go up when it’s not football season. What an idiot.

  327. Meez says:

    Oh Noes!!! Whatever will be do with ourselves after the steroid induced idiots stop playing!!! Why cancel for only this year? Let’s try for 5 years and come back and see how things go.

  328. Hahaha says:

    This homie has taken to many hits to the head.Who cares as long as they keep it in the ghetto?

  329. dr_rick says:

    It takes a thug to truly know the mind of a thug.

  330. Jonathan Hilton says:

    Well only where out of work NFL players hang out..Right Ray??

  331. Bob Wood says:

    The worry about an increase in criminal activity is unfounded. The NFL needs to learn from professional soccer. They have made great strides in bringing crime and criminals into the sport of soccer. Now you can take your family to see world class soccer matches and also enjoy crime and criminals all in the same afternoon and at no additional cost to the consumer.

  332. MichaelEdits says:

    I can’t find the “controversial comments” in this. I guess your headline generated some clicks, though.

  333. Buduter says:

    His comments surprise me none. This is how black people think.

  334. jbspry says:

    Ad 45: “Bread and Circuses”.
    AD 2011: “Food Stamps and Football”.
    Gotta keep that mobile vulgus pacified, right?

  335. Ben Gunn says:

    LOL I am thinking there will be more crime because the players are on the streets able to perpetrate and not training

  336. MIKE says:

    of course there will be more crime FROM THE BLACK COMMUNITY it’s all they know…………..

  337. Courage says:

    When the complexion (and character) of the players changed the complexion of sports in America changed.

  338. TiredofProfessionalSports says:

    Why? Because these overpaid thugs will be robbing the fans in the streets instead of in the seats. Need to do away with professional sports and start all over. Whatever happened to playing for the love of the sport and getting a living wage instead of raping the communites theare in?

  339. happyharry says:

    Ray just being the dumb n****r that he is.

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