BALTIMORE (WJZ) –Peace on Baltimore streets.  That’s what residents of Waverly want as they planted a garden Friday in memory of a young woman shot to death more than two months ago.

Andrea Fujii has more. 

Tanise Ervin, 19, is supposed to be in nursing school fulfilling her dreams.  Instead residents of the Better Waverly Community are now planting a garden in her memory.

“I think it’ll help to know that her death wasn’t just another death in Baltimore,” said Juanita Brown, Tanise Ervin’s mother.

In mid-March, Ervin was shot along with the two young men she was with.  She died and the others survived. Police say she was not the intended target.

The shooting was on Gorsuch Avenue. It was a block away from the Marian House, transitional housing for homeless women. It’s where Ervin and her mom lived.

Now neighbors are hoping the garden outside Marian House will help sprout peace.

“We want her to be remembered and we want this community to see flowers and remember her that way because that’s what she was like,” said Mary Pat Clarke, city councilwoman.

“I hope it’d stop the violence, if not in the community then on this block,” said Brown.

The garden adds new life where a young life was taken.

“She’d probably say, ‘You all did all that for me?'” said Brown.

In April, police arrested a 21-year-old man in Ervin’s murder.

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  1. BLK Social Worker Praying says:

    A great way to spread peace in the world…..we need more examples of this all over baltimore!!!

  2. the truth says:

    It will be full of weeds in a few years & her memory erased like snow in the rain to all but her family. Memorials are cheap, Life is not!

  3. Lbwilliams says:

    My prayers are still with the family …….Truth you are so negative all i can say to you is everyone gets a turn no I’m not wishing any harm on you and I know everyone haves right to speak their mind something you can just keep to yourself if its helping the family so be it…..If it grow weeds how about you pulled them out

  4. vugvee says:

    Wow, I think that is pretty awesome, says a lot for the community.

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