BALTIMORE (WJZ)—A frightening scene. An out-of-control car causes chaos on Liberty Heights Avenue.

Weijia Jiang talked to neighbors who saw the scary crash.

Just after 11 a.m. Saturday, emergency crews rushed to a horrific scene in Northwest Baltimore and found the driver of a black Infiniti truck dead.

The vehicle was on its side, shattered into pieces, completely wrapped around a light pole at Liberty Heights and Eldorado Avenues. Police say before crashing, the driver struck a pedestrian in his 40s, who has been treated for a broken leg.

Witnesses watched it unfold.

“I didn’t hear the gunshots. All I seen was the car coming down the street, I say about a good 50, 60 miles per hour and he hit the pole,” said Corey, witness.

Now investigators are looking at a twist in the case. When medics cut the victim out of the truck, they saw he had been shot multiple times in the upper body and legs.

“It’s like watching a horror movie, you know? You see brains, gore and guts. It was like that,” said Mike, witness.

Police say witnesses tell them the chaos started at the intersection of Liberty Heights and Hillsdale, just a few blocks north of the scene.

“A vehicle pulled alongside the black Infiniti,” said Det. Donnie Moses, Baltimore City Police. “The driver got out, opened fire on the driver of the truck. Then that shooter got back into his vehicle and sped off.”

Police are still looking for the gunman as the crash team pieces together the gruesome accident.

“I never seen nothing like that ever happen before, so it’s got me shook up ’cause I never seen anything like that. It’s sad,” said Vera Stern, witness.

Police are waiting for the autopsy report to determine what caused the victim’s death. They have not released his identity.

Police are asking for the public’s help to find the gunman. You can report tips anonymously.

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  1. tarsha says:

    it’s a shame another person had to lose their life on the streets of baltimore,the city that used to read is now the city that bleeds. how many people have to their lives before change happens? where’s the unity people?

  2. cringle says:

    the people that’s in charge of the city needs to stop lying about the murder rate,cause people are still being killed everyday!!! so you say the murder rate has gone down? stop lying to yourself and the people of this city!

  3. outkasts says:

    Another bites the dust

  4. joan says:

    If all people no matter what your race my be, don’t stop being so evil . I fear that the almighty God Jehovah will intervene and cause an unusual event to take place, where there would be many deaths because people refuse to listen to God and not repent of their evil ways. God is trying to tell all people to repent so that they will not have to be destroyed. Remember, God always give the human race a warning before any correction take place. the power is in having strong faith in God and repent, prey for his help in all things. honor his commandments. what else is to happen before people will be willing to accept and respect God’s truth of the events of bible prophecies are very real.

    1. Billiam says:

      It can’t be any more unusual than reading your post. Never ask what else could happen, Joan, because you won’t like the answer, no matter what you believe.

  5. Ms. G says:

    Another murder, another family has to bury their loved one. Homicidies in this city will continue to happen daily if parents, guardians and caregivers do not correct the children and give punishemnt for bad behavior. Family values and self worth need to be taught at any early age not at the age of 12 by then it’s too late to correct the problem. Police and law makers cannot raise our children, IT’S the PARENTS DUTY TO TEACH CHILDREN RIGHT FROM WRONG!!

  6. Brilliant! says:

    Forest Gump said it best….

    “Stupid is, as Stupid does.”

  7. KiBaby says:

    I grew up with this man. I think people should start looking at their lives and seeing what they can do to change. My prayers go out ot his family.

  8. Never Stops says:

    and it never will, I tell you what though, the guy who just jumps out of his vehicle and just shoots another driver in plain sight and no one knows anything? All these people that were interviewed and none of them saw the license plate of the shooter….BUll….!

  9. Larry says:

    People have to start helping themselves to solve this problem. Like the previous commenter said– report what you see. Call the non emergency number to report anything suspicious (vehicles, people, drugs, dogs, etc.). That number should be ringing off the hook every day. You can’t stay in your house and pray it away. In order to make a change in ANYTHING you have to make the first step. Then God will make 2. These days nobody wants to get involved.

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