OCEAN CITY, Md. (WJZ)—Now that Memorial Day weekend is here, many people are hitting the road and heading to Ocean City.

If you’re planning a trip there this summer, Gigi Barnett shows us some of the new attractions worth checking out.

If the ferris wheel is part of Ocean City’s history, the 6D virtual roller coaster is a part of its future. It’s brand new to the Ocean City boardwalk.

Boardwalk businesses hope adding new attractions like the virtual roller coaster will boost summer sales and lure young visitors back year after year.

“I get lots of stories of grandparents riding the carousel with their grandchildren and talking about their grandparents taking them on the same rides,” said Brooker Trimper, of Trimper Amusements.

Trimper’s family owns Trimpers rides, a mainstay on the boardwalk since 1890. He’s featured in a QR code, which allows smart phone users to scan a bar code posted at historic Ocean City sites and then watch a recorded message. No tour guide needed.

“For parents and grandparents who want to take the downtown walking tour  and go and see the historic part of Ocean City and maybe their kids or grandkids can get a little more excitement out of the QR codes,” Trimper said.

The city says the newest things on the boardwalk are a beautiful blend of technology and tradition.

“People can put their smart phone right there and get the information,” said Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan. “I think it’s unique and it bridges technology with everybody.”

But for some, no matter how much technology is added to the boardwalk, it’s still all about tradition.

“They still have the same, you know, fries and popcorn and the hot dogs and popcorn and pizza,” said one Ocean City visitor.

The new 6D roller coaster opened two weeks ago. On busy days, as many as 1,000 people will ride it a day.

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