BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Maryland Transit Administration says more training may be called for after three MTA officers detained a man for taking pictures at a light rail station.

Pat Warren has more on the incident.

According to the ACLU, this isn’t the first time MTA Police have overstepped their bounds.

In a YouTube posting, Christopher Fussell left the camera rolling when he was confronted by three MTA officers for taking pictures at the Baltimore Cultural Light Rail Station.

“It is my understanding that I am free to take pictures as long as it’s not for commercial purposes but for personal use,” Fussell said in the video.

“Not on state property, not without proper authorization,” an officer said.

Fussell:  “From who?”

Officer:  “Nobody’s allowed to take pictures.”

The MTA admits the officers were in error.

“They can most certainly take photos of our system,” Ralign Wells, the MTA Administrator, said.

In addition to being wrong about MTA and state policy, the officer incorrectly cites the Patriot Act.

“Listen, listen to what I’m saying.  The Patriot Act says that critical infrastructure, trains, train stations, all those things require certain oversight to take pictures, whether you say they are for personal use or whatever, that’s your story,” the officer said.

“So why don’t you have any signs posted to say I cannot take pictures?” Fussell said.

“Our officers have become very sensitive post 9/11 and we’re trying to see that they understand our passengers and citizens also have a right to take pictures,” Wells said.

The officer eventually threatened to take Fussell into custody.

“Do you have Maryland state identification on you?” the officer asked.

“I am not committing a crime,” Fussell said.

“Sir, I’m going to ask you one last time, then I’m going to take you into custody.  Do we understand each other?” the officer said.

The ACLU considers it harassment by the MTA.

“This is not South Africa under apartheid and in this country, police do not have the right to walk up to you and demand you produce identification to them,” said David Rocah, ACLU.

The MTA acknowledges that additional training is in order.

“We’ll look at our training processes, we’ll look at whether any administrative situations need to occur with those officers,” Wells said.

The ACLU says it’s been working with the MTA on this very issue for five years, with no satisfactory result.

Fussell was detained for more than 40 minutes before MTA Police finally let him go on his way.

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  1. Bad Police Officers says:

    Did anyone apologize to the detained man?

    1. lwlfnm says:

      Police believe they are our masters. Welcome to USSA

      1. Chet says:

        If this man was of Middle-Eastern extraction, we’d all be singing a different tune…and rightly so. You folks want to go back to a 9-10 world, but it exists only in your fantasies.

        Meanwhile, the more Muslims we allow to immigrate into America, the more terrorists and potential terrorists we will have to keep track of. Even if we buy into the narrative that only 1/10th of 1% of Muslims are violent jihadis, in a Muslim-American population estimated at between 2 and 6 million, that’s an army of between 2000 and 6000…and growing.

        Wake up, folks! Have we learned nothing from 9-11, Madrid, London, Mumbai, Beslan, Bali (1 &2), Nairobi & Dar es Salam, etc., etc., etc. (one could catalogue for pages).

        The soothing exhortations of our politicians and academics notwithstanding, Islam is anything but “peace”. Better wake up.

      2. Kitty says:

        Chet, It’s people like you that ALLOW your freedoms to be slowly ERASED by the system. You are NO more free by profiling some guy with a camera and questioning him. It’s designed to make you THINK you are safe because, well, you’ve got nothing to hide, right? WRONG. You have rights and freedoms in this country. And police cannot just go around locking you up for something that’s clearly NOT illegal.

        I don’t want YOUR police state.

      3. Joe America says:

        Chet, the reality is that you and I have a better chance of dying from a f****** BEE STING than from a terrorist attack, yet you choose to live in total fear and applaud the government that puts it’s hand down your (and your wife’s) pants in order to PROTECT you. Hmmm… maybe we ought to spend the billions of $$$ on making sure nobody in this country ever dies of a bee sting again; or goes to bed hungry again. Wake up Chet.

      4. Lionel says:

        @Chet we cannot ban photos, because when do we draw the line? Do you use a knife to cut your steak? there’s a potential weapon. What about a bag to carry your groceries? you could suffocate someone.

        I think you also forget about the gang violence INSIDE the USA, why don’t we just banish all blacks and 16 year old males? Keep the government the hell out of my life please.

        Millions of harmless photos are taken everyday, yet we don’t have millions of terrorist attacks everyday. Last time I checked I take a lot of pics, and yet crazily enough I’m still not a terrorist.

      5. T. R. Hickey says:

        Chet: Tell the people of Oklahoma City that they only need be concerned of men of Middle-Eastern extraction. Security is a vital concern that needs serious attention, not glib application of prejudice.
        I’ve personally been detailed by NJ Transit police for taking pictures of light rail trains from a public sidewalk as part of my job, WITH a photo ID issued by NJ Transit stating I was a contractor working on light rail (“it wasn’t issued by our department” was their response to the ID card).
        Go on-line and see what Google Streetview will show you—I can right now and I am writing this from Abu Dhabi.
        The threat of terrorism is real and needs to be confronted every day, but misquoting the Patriot Act to railfan photographers is just bad policing. The MTA needs to get serious.

      6. beedogs says:

        Hey, Chet. You’re a racist piece of garbage.

        And you’re also wrong.

        Just thought you should know.

      7. Dave says:

        Chet, you’re afraid of your own shadow. It’s a pity to see so many spineless, limp wrist “men” these days. Put on your sundress and go sashay around the town square, Chet.

      8. Thebes says:

        I’ve heard a new term for it recently.


        Unlike Pinochet’s Chili and others, the USSA provides the illusion of choice. But do something the Police or a Corporation doesn’t like and you get the smack down just the same. The Corporate news rarely covers it, and the power hungry leaders pretend its “necessary” for our “safety”.

        The truth is throughout world history GOVERNMENTS kill more of their own subjects than foreign enemies. Don’t let it happen here!

      9. Cohen says:

        @Chet. I see that you are a master in math. Shame you didn’t master common sense.

        You claim that you are able to catalogue many pages of terrorist acts by Muslims. How many volumes can you catalogue of terrorist acts by Christians or Jews? Or do you only have a biased view of the world that we live in?

        Did you know that ‘All terrorists are Muslims…except for the 94% that aren’t…”?


      10. Damon Emanuel Hicks says:

        if you think all police are terrible before you make a statement like that, try to imagine how terrible it would be with out police!

    2. lwlfnm says:

      It was a same policy in the former USSR. No pictures of bridges, factories, power stations, trains etc. Spies are everywhere.

      1. Hoot4RE says:

        Once upon a time, over 60 years ago, some innocent looking Japanese tourists took some innocent “personal” pictures at a place called Pearl Harbor. Not LONG after that, the BOMBS started falling….,

      2. MIchael says:

        @ Hoot4RE: Once upon a time, over 10 years ago, an innocent looking tourist took some innocent ‘personal’ pictures of a place called the World Trade Center. Not LONG after that, the PLANES came…

        Oh wait, millions of innocent people take billions of innocent pictures of important sites and events every day! It’s called tourism, not terrorism, and photography is protected by the Constitution.

      3. Nate says:

        @Hoot4RE Once upon a time, over 10 days ago, I stubbed my toe walking up a flight of stairs. Should we now ban the construction and use of stairs? Get a grip. This is still, for now, the USA.

      4. BobbyJ says:

        My family visited the former USSR in 1979 and we took hundreds of pictures and made several home movies. No one ever said a word to us. Come over sometime and I can bore you with several hours of home movies shot in Moscow.

    3. B American says:

      These officers DON”T NEED training. Fire them for GROSS incompetence. Their supervisor needs fired. These are the lowest 10% and need to lose their pensions, benefits and start over doing something else.

      1. Andrew says:

        I agree and would throw in gross arrogance and inflated self importance?

      2. Don says:

        2 days ago I pulled over on the road leading out of BWI (Rental car facility) the BWI police came and demanded photoID from me. I asked what was wrong, was i not allowed to stop, he said no. There are no signs saying no stopping or standing. I was running late for work, or else I would put up a challenge.

    4. fred says:

      The police involved should be forced to wear signs that say “Fascist” as punishment.

      1. Thomas says:

        Or shirts that say “I’m with STUPID” that point to one another!

      2. Chief Mojo says:

        Welcome to the Affirmative Action police state!

      3. John Patricio says:

        Actually the word “Fascist” doesn’t apply in this situation. Fascism has to do with economic power and control. The federal Reserve and big banks are more fascist than a cop incorrectly doing their job. I’m with you in your sentiments, but you just used the wrong word.

    5. Dale says:

      Did the news team need “permission” to videotape their story from the light rail station?

      1. hsmom says:

        That is such a great point! Probably not – mainstream media are in the privileged class in the USSR-oops USA

    6. Patrick says:

      I got the exact same treatment after trying to take a picture of the plane I flew back into the country on from England. Thank you Minneapolis TSA! This is a much bigger story than this isolated incident in Maryland.

      1. gkjos says:

        I had the same issue with Mpls TSA at airport light rail

    7. IraqVet says:

      They don’t have to…The unPatriot Act, Fear and this endless war on terrorism lets them do anything they want just ask DHS, TSA, BATF, FBI, DARPA, CON-gress, our judiciary et al…all paid for by the fearful…Boo!

    8. MGM4706 says:

      Apologize for what?? If he turned out to be a Bomber and killed hundreds on the trains you KNOW the medai would hang these officers for not doing their jobs. Shut-up and show the ID!!

      1. Thebes says:

        Apologise for taking a dump on the US Constitution.

      2. Peter says:

        @Thebes, Oh my word. So true.

    9. Matt Smolinski says:

      So call Station 30? Shhoooor! Thats what it sounded like to me.
      Sad you have to do stupid things like not show your ID to keep your freedom.
      Sad they bothered him so much about nothing, sad he had to do what he did. Most reasonable people just show their ID. But I understand his reasons. What would you do?

    10. Peachy Peach says:

      Bullies,if you don’t know what you’re talking about ,dont quote. It makes u look big and dumb.Now I can c y the drivers act so stupid. God help all of u.

  2. JackDaniels says:


    1. nic says:

      I am very against what the cops did but if they must stand around and appear to do nothing then that means there are no problems. I would rather have them there doing nothing than not being there at all, however they need to get off the power trip of arresting photographers and tasering innocent victims.

      1. beedogs says:

        I would rather not have them there at all.

  3. Jimmie Yates says:

    A similiar situation happened to me in Druid Hill Park near the swimming pool area on May 28, 2011. I was verbally assault by a female cop who made me and my wife leave the pool area. I was taking pictures as I always do. She never told me why I could not take pictures. I am a 63-year old retrired Combat Veteran, who fought in Vietnam to protect our freedom. Her attitude was agressive and domineerig. I was in 3 different hopitals back in January for a heart attack. They put a stent in my heart. I am also diabetic and take insulin everyday. I felt so bad, insulted and dehumaninzed by this female policewoman. My heart started pounding hard in my chest, my body started to shake, and I became very weak. I am a law abiding citizen and I love Baltimore. I am now afriad to leave my house, because I don’t know whats going to happen next. Policemans need to learn how to talk to citizens with more respect, in a peaceful mode. I am still shock and hurting from this insult. My name is Jimmie Yates, email is: What should I do at this point, let it pass?

    1. Ryan says:

      Fist off, thanks for your service. If what you are saying is true, then perhaps you have a right to be ticked, I would be too. However, you medical conditions have nothing to do with an officer doing their job. I’m just being honest when I say stick to the facts, and get away from the whining, because it discredts your complaint. Also, if you truly are a combat veteran (which I’ll take your word for), from one person who’s put it on the line for this country to another… I find it hard to believe that a female cop being an idiot makes you “afraid” to leave your house… get over it. Next time if you feel you are being mistreated, demand to get their name and badge number, and make a complaint. If you don’t, then that’s on you. If they don’t give it to you, remember the car # that they are using. It’s only assisgned to 1 or 2 police at a time. Go out and enjoy yourself my good man.

      1. nic says:

        Get over it??? I don’t think so. It would pi$$ me off also. Redneck power hungry cops can ki$$ my a$$.

      2. John Boy says:

        Ryan, not every issue involves a democratic subversive. What I am sure Jimmie is saying is that this cop ticked him off and he suffered a form of anxiety attack that he normally wouldn’t suffer on a day out in public. In combination with his physical condition, this anxiety was putting his life In DANGER. RUDE law enforcement personnel should find another job. IF COPS ALLOW THEMSELVES TO BE AFFECTED BY THEIR JOB AND THEY CAN’T MAINTAIN THEIR COMPOSURE, THEY DO NOT NEED TO BE IN THE LAW ENFORCEMENT FIELD. Both my father and my older brother were cops. Before he passed my father would make comments on how cops have become rude. This change in thought patterns on the part of cops is a symptom of a US vs. THEM mentality. We are the citizens. They are here to protect US. If they fear for their lives-GET ANOTHER JOB.

      3. Byzantine Ruins says:

        ***Next time if you feel you are being mistreated, demand to get their name and badge number, and make a complaint.***

        Write the complaint on a piece of toilet paper and flush it down the commode for equivalent results to complaining to the police about their own misconduct.

        Police in this country have been let to have far too much power for far too long.

      4. JoLene Litz says:

        Ryan, Although I agree with your advice to “get over it”, perhaps you do not understand how intimidating this kind of experience can be for some. There are few things worse than being innocent and then having a cop treat you as a criminal – threats and all. For those who respect authority (police), an incident like this CAN traumatize you. It turns your worldview on its head. It produces as much anxiety and stress as finding out that the beliefs you have based your whole life upon are false beliefs. I think the man would do well for himself if he at least called and filed a complaint against that woman bully cop. But I also do not think there is anything that can help this man get over his trauma other than changing his belief system and recognizing that MANY MANY cops are not from Mayberry, but are power tripping idiots.

      5. Vicky says:

        Ryan,I agree it would have behooved him to have stuck to his facts regarding the incident but I just wanted to give you a little insight into what I believe is happening with Mr. Yates. The problem he is having could be causing a lack of oxygen to the brain because the heart can not pump the blood sufficiently. Regardless of how brave you may have been in the past a couple of years of oxgyen deprivation really takes it out of you in a particularly slow and merciless way. It causes the body itself to be in an almost constant state of anxiety nearing panic depending upon how oxygen-deprived it is. It can be a particularly frightening time, like trying to breathe in a room with only a little oxgyen in it for months. It is exhausting and difficult for anyone who has never been there to understand. You can’t even debate without your body going into fight or flight mode and is very frustrating to say the least. You feel betrayed by your own body. Remember mercy, have grace. I was there at one time. It was freaky to say the least because I didn’t know understand what was going on. I went from being a strong, active and overcoming sort of woman to being afraid to answer my own door. Heart is better now and I’m getting back out there living a wonderful and full life. Also, to those who are asking why he was taking photos at a pool, I can’t speak for him but for myself, I could no longer work in my yards and gardens while I was ill so I took up photography again. It was therapeutic and gave me an outlet. It is easy to do and takes no toll on you physically for the most part. Water shots can be great. Catching the water droplets as they fly into the air, laughter upon childrens faces, sunlight across the water………lots of opportunities for wonderful photos.

      6. JQP says:

        Really? Wow, talk about people on a superiority trip….who do you folks think you are critiquing this guy’s post? I mean, seriously! What is wrong with you?

        Jimmie, some people are as inconsiderate of your feelings as that police officer was of the potential effect her puffed-up ego was on your health. Just plain self-centered and thoughtless. I am sorry that you and your wife had to endure such a scene.

        And, Jimmie, welcome home.

    2. Donnie Ricciardi says:

      They might have thought you were a pedophile taking pictures at a swimming area. If I had a daughter and you were taking pictures at a pool, I would probably throw your camera in the pool.

      1. Tom R. says:

        because everyone who takes pictures at a pool is a pedophile. What?
        Jimmie Yates has every right to feel nervous and threatened by police who have become even less friendly and more combative and paramilitary. I think everyone should take video as soon as they are confronted by police. Its the only leverage we have against them.

      2. jen says:

        right, because you have the right to take someone’s camera and do with it as you please without knowing ANYTHING about this person taking pictures? You must be part of the new Gestapo

      3. noe bodie says:

        because you are an idiot

      4. copssuck says:

        and if your aunt had balls she’d be your uncle, what’s your point? You weren’t there and obviously don’t have a daughter so why are you interjecting? Probably a cop. Only another cop would even attempt to defend what cops do.

      5. Billiam says:

        Another brilliant statement by one of MD’s finest citizens – get real! Yep – everyone who comes to a pool with a camera is a pedophile. I’m sure you are of the opinion that everyone who owns a gun is a criminal, too. Donnie – you sound like a loose cannon – think before you speak

      6. FEDUP1776 says:

        Wow Donnie, really? But you dont mind the T.S.A thugs groping your daughter at the airport no doubt. All in the name of security.It’s people like you and the others who tell others to get over it that are letting our country be over run by people like the MTA. Grow a spine and wake up before we have no freedoms left…like taking pictures in a public place!

      7. Carl says:

        And why does it matter if pedophiles take pictures? Do you want to turn into a fascist state because you are afraid that a pervert might be masturbating to pictures?

    3. thetruthshallsetyoufree says:

      Sorry about your harassment. Just one point: the US military has not defended our freedom or our country since the War of 1812. No offense intended – just a fact (and I served too, a fact that I am less proud of all the time).

      1. lee says:

        Are you an idiot? Do you not see the bombing of Pearl Habor as a direct attack on America. There were innocent people at that harbor too. I suppose you think as long as troops aren’t physically marching on continental US, that we’re not in any danger. Maybe you’d think differently if you were on the other side of an atom bomb dropping on your house, or if your daughter was killed in a drive by shooting from Mexican Mafia because it was a Tuesday.
        Get off your house you ungrateful slob. If you feel that way, I wish you never took up military service; you weren’t needed.

      2. ryan says:

        I want to respond to Lee who responded to this comment. I highly suggest you go look at the history of what led to our involvement in World War 2. Japan attacked pearl harbor because we attacked them first economically by locking them out of the oil and coal market. Since Japan is an island they rely on imports for power. And if you are locked out of the world market for coal and oil that you need, what options do you have? (Cuba anyone?) Japan attacked pearl harbor because of this. We then entered world war 2. True, there were innocent people killed at Pearl Harbor but the attack was not unprovoked. Thetruthshallsetyoufreeès statement is 100% true. Just because you canèt see behind the flag you wrapped yourself in does not mean that these things didnt happen. You get your own opinion but you dont get your own facts. And when you look at the facts of our history as a country, almost every war we have been in has been a war that we provoked ourselves (WW2), were lied into (Vietnam war, Iraq War 2, Afghanistan) or were to fulfill treaty obligations (WW1, Gulf War 1).

      3. lee says:

        So, if we’re in a disagreement. And I’m your supplier… and I stop selling to you and convince others to stop selling to you, you come and kill my daughter in her sleep.

        Do you have any idea what the Japanese did to the Chinese “unprovoked”. Or what they intended to eventually do? Do you have any idea that Hitler wasn’t just interested in Europe. He was working on intercontinental missiles.

        Wait, that’s right, the Jews provoked Hitler.

        You’re style of thinking would allow barbarians around to world to kill innocent people simply because they feel they were economically mistreated. So when Iran lands a nuke on your hometown, I’m led to believe you are prepared to bend over and take it, because apparently we provoked some evil dictator somewhere.

        That logic is failure. And it’s this pacifism mentality that’s setting a big fat target on America, not embargoes that we set against tyrannical governments.

      4. lee says:

        But wait… it gets better.

        By your logic WE NEVER DEFENDED America. 1812, American Revolution, French Indian war… You can look at all of that and “define” some group we “provoked”.

      5. colin says:

        you speak the truth. no credible occupying force has ever threatened the US. Even the war of 1812 was only a small expeditionary force in a land of 7.5 million. fought for our freedom is garbage.

        you have to go all the way back to the revolutionary war for a credible threat to our freedom.

        propaganda artists get mad and the spit drips down their face but they dont bring any arguments

      6. lee says:

        You don’t get it…. you have to maintain freedom. Sure no one’s threatened us in any single POINT in history. However, if we did NOTHING, eventually someone would gain enough ground. If someone slaps you in the face day after day, you lay them out…. you don’t wait until they bring a gun.

      7. Ha ha says:

        your comment is totally irrelevant.

      8. ProudToServe says:

        …and as one who has also served, proudly. you have no honor.

      9. tom343 says:

        You should have listened to the good people you served with instead of the snivelers who spend their golden years rationalizing their sniveling.

    4. scott says:

      never put the @ sign online….say”at”or something else……WebBots scan pages for emails and that’s how you get spam….)'(

    5. marc says:

      And some people scoff at resisting authorities and the government. You are a good example, for all those who think it is necessary, in a “post 9/11 world”, to trample on liberties and freedom, to realize that their freedoms are at threat too. Many think abusing freedom and liberty is OK as long as it is “them” that it’s happening to, but it will be too late when they come for you.

      I am going to show your story to my dad, because he is one of those guys that don’t realize the abstract dangers of these kinds of behaviors. As a student of dictatorships/authoritarian regimes and government in general; I know, unopposed, they always lead to oppression because the authorities cannot be trusted to self-regulate.

    6. Darrel says:

      Were you taking pics of the kids in the pool in swim wear? If so you are lucky a parent didn’t shove the camera up your azz.

      1. ProudToServe says:

        And they would be lucky if i didn’t press charges for assault, theft, and preventing me from exercisingmy rights as a free citizen. Idiot

    7. GIVEMEFREEDOM says:

      Jimmie, I’m sorry but years ago in an attempt to level the playing field for “disadvantaged blacks” in America, they lowered the standards to qualify to be a law enforcement officer so that the percentage of black officers would equal the national percentage of blacks in the general population. That directive came all the way from the Supreme Court.
      The long term affect was that over time, standards were lowered for ANY and ALL applicants and NOW enforcement agencies throughout the United States are filled with untrained, unqualified, and over zealous officers who don’t know where enjoyment ends and enforcement begins.

    8. Gote Sehks says:

      I think you have more problems than you are telling. The fact that you were taking pictures of scantily clothed kids, without bringing any kids of your own, freaked the soccer moms out, and they called the cops over. I applaud the officer admonishing you.

    9. Randall says:

      Jimmie, I live in Canada and wasn’t going to comment on this story because from where we are up here most Canadians think the USA has gone way over the top and is now a police state and commenting on it is futile, lost cause.. Security and the military industrial complex are the only real industries left in America. I’m 61 and remember what is was like not to live in fear. I feel sorry for you people down there and to a certain extent the people of Canada because they border your country. Also I’m not surprised at some of the insensitive comments from people who don’t understand diabetes. I have it as well. Diabetics are especially prone to strokes and heart attacks if under stress. It doesn’t take much stress compared to a person without diabetes. Stress can cause a rapid spike in blood sugar and blood pressure. The situation you faced was indeed life threatening while it would not be for the average person. It’s happened to me over little things and so i fully understand. You must also realize that most people in uniform, whether military, police or mall cops are, for the most part uneducated and morally challenged. Listen to Alex Jones and he will help you understand the tyranny we are all facing which is very similar to Germany in 1933. The Patriot Act is exactly what happened in Stalin’s Russia and Hitler’s Germany. Many people who have commented on this thread are woefully ignorant and uneducated, You can always identify these people by the fear in their lives that prompts them to fall into the hands of the tyrants and give up all their constitutionally given rights. Just remember to try to stay away from the pigs. It won’t be long before the USA is under total lock down. Best to leave it now if you are able. Most intelligent Germans left Germany in the early ’30s because they could see what was happening. Well, you know what happened to those who stayed.

      1. tom343 says:

        It happens my son and I are railroad fans; we view and photograph trains. After 9/11, New Jersey Transit (NJT) tried instituting such a policy. A local rail fan publication advised us to write to our politicians. A fury of letters and phone calls caused the ban to ignominiously end.
        All cops have a hard, sometimes even dangerous job. Some let it get the best of them or fall in love with the power or get entrapped in the we-vs-them syndrome. Once a famous steam engine ran on NJT tracks. People came from overseas to photograph it. As it pulled into a terminal crowded with people, NJT cops saw fit to drive their vehicles on each side of this locomotive, ‘pacing’ it as it were, and ruining the images these people wanted, Why? Probably because their scheme to save the system by running off the fans failed. Vindictive! Cops are trained that they must take charge first and foremost.

      2. Jimmie says:

        Thank You, someone understands whats happening to this country.

    10. James says:

      The policewoman was very loud, authoritative and would not give me time to answer her questions. Wait to it happens to you, and it probably will sooner or later. They need to change their behavior pattern before someone lose control on one of them. God bless America!!!!!

    11. James says:

      Small countries are being overthrown by the people, will this happen in the US.

    12. James says:

      I have already started a complaint, she will be notified. Gotta change her behavior toward the citizens of Baltimore. She was wrong, she needs a new job.

  4. David~ says:

    I in part agree with sheriff.
    Although I certainly think the Patriot Act intrudes on our rights, sometimes it saves lives.
    Why was this man taking pictures there and on such a hot day even? This was either staged to get attention for the man or ACLU, etc., OR maybe in the next days or weeks the same man will return to there or other locations he may have taken photos of and place a fake or even real bomb. Then if anyone dies, the ACLU will be guilty of murder! And the well intentioned officers who confronted the “photographer” will win awards for non-stupidity instead of at risk for losing their jobs.

    1. Frank says:

      Forgot to take you meds again did you. The Patriot Act is federal law, local law enforcement has no authority to act on federal law. Think not? Ask Arizona about enforcing illegal immigration.

      1. E. R. Gregg says:

        The Patriot Act is LAW. Be it local or Federal, police are required to enforce law. Arizona is well within its rights to enforce, or more to the point, HELP enforce Federal law. Obviously, the Feds need the assistance.
        As for the Patriot Act, you must consider that most laws are intentionally mislabeled. Erosion of rights and invasion of privacy is wrong no matter the reason. Get a court order before you try to take our rights away. That is the purpose of the courts. They are to make the government, whether FBI or School Officer, pursue “due process” BEFORE a citizen, or resident alien for that matter, has her rights revoked.
        Taking pictures CAN be a suspicious act, but the officer could’ve simply asked “Why.” Chances are strong that the citizen would’ve given a fantastic tale of how they were planning to destroy civilization as we know it by photographing beautiful architecture, converging rail lines or people for art’s sake.
        I am by no means a liberal. I am, however, an ardent supporter of FREEDOM no matter the cost.
        “Give me liberty or give me death.” — Patrick Henry (subversive terrorist)

      2. Joe American says:

        E.R. Gregg is an “ardent supporter of FREEDOM”????

        Get into your TSA line with your wife and let us pat you down and fondle you and her both… take off your shoes and hold your hands to your face so that we can pound you with radiation. No pictures allowed… show me your ID, and hey, let me have another crack at patting down your wife.. we like her. Enjoy your freedom you stupid f***** sheep.

      3. E. R. Gregg says:

        @Joe American:

        Did you bother to read anything before posting?
        I abhor the removal of the rights of the people at the hands of government without due process. Pat downs are included.

        Look before you leap, sir.

        Freedom means being able to do as I please, as long as, it does not interfere with others right to do the same. Freedom also means, taking the responsibility of accepting that bad things may happen due to that freedom. Unfortunately, that includes dealing with people who do read well.

      4. E. R. Gregg says:

        and bad typists like myself . . .

        dealing with people who do not read well.

    2. JohnnyRuss says:

      David, how many lives has the Patriot Act saved? Would you make the same excuses for “well intentioned” Gestapo during the 1930s who, while putting “undesirables” into camps, were telling the German people that it was for their own protection. Don’t be a sheep. These people are not saving you from anything – they’re more of a danger than any terrorist out there.

    3. MT says:

      Wow, are you wrong.
      Have you ever heard of a terrorist named Christopher?

      By law, we have the right to photograph anything we see as long as we are lawfully in a public place.

      I was wrongfully approached by TSA after taking pictures of them patting down one of my friends in the airport in 2002. It is embarrassing to get pulled aside by security in public when you are not committing any crime.

      The problem here isn’t citizens with cameras, it’s police that don’t even know the laws that they are supposed to be upholding. Its called incompetence.

      1. Dave says:

        Wake up America – your political correctness is sickening. And to jump from the Patriot act to the genocidal Gestapo is simply a weak-minded attempt to equate the biggest genocide in history vs. listening to terrorists discuss plits against America. And has the Patriot Act saved lives? Of course. Obama ran on platforms to shut down Gitmo, close the Patriot Act, try terrorists in open court – then what happened? He actually became President and understood the threat we actually face – thus, he kept EVERYTHING in place and amped up drone strikes in Pakistan.

        Wake up America – despite your best intentions, people will ALWAYS want you dead.

        Oh and terrorists named Christopher? Countless.

        Here’s a good one for you to review. Your ignorance is disturbing.

    4. Mike says:

      “Those who surrender liberty for security deserve neither.”

    5. Mark says:

      You show how little you know David. You want to live in a police state rob a bank and you will get all the security you desire. It is a camera not a gun. Plans for rail stations can be found very easy. When I was young and in school we were taught how bad Russia was because their way of thinking was if there is not a law allowing you do something it was not allowed. Where the USA was the opposite. Now it has become if we don’t tell you that you can do it, it is against the law. More people die every year in auto accidents than in all the terror deaths of the last 50 years. Sounds like we would do better to get rid of cars.

    6. Ryan says:

      “maybe in the next days or weeks the same man will return to there or other locations he may have taken photos of and place a fake or even real bomb”

      You seem to have thought this through a little too much. I think it’s time to have a police officer dig into your background, internet history, medical records, and phone records to ensure you’re not planning anything. I know it may intrude on your rights, but it’s just to keep us all save. I know you’ll understand.

    7. Jeff says:

      I take pictures of all kinds of things for the sake of taking pictures. I enjoy photography. Sometimes, I take pictures of buildings or vehicles or trains. I just like taking pictures.

      That’s all the reason I should need.

    8. cops are crazy says:

      wow, that’s some logic you got there. So if a cop shoots into a crowd of 1000 people randomly and happens to kill a guy who may be a murderer one day in the future than that action would be justified? MORONIC. Again, only a cop would try to justify the actions of another cop. The public knows cops are paranoid, angry, self-righteous and often dangerous. I fear cops more than criminals, at least with a criminal I have a chance to defend myself.

      1. GIVEMEFREEDOM says:

        Cops aren’t crazy. People who think all cops are there to take away your freedoms and harass the public are the crazy ones.
        But you go ahead and fear the cops and make friends with the criminals . . . . or maybe you already have???

      2. Thebes says:

        Why do imbeciles like the one below presume anyone against a Police State must be a criminal?

        Poor products of a failed public education system that no longer teaches about the history of tyranny.

    9. colin says:

      No one understands patriot act but everyone has an opinion. The patriot act was completely unnecessary because we already had the FISA court..

      That is why our FISA court judges staged a protest during the the bills passage. Have strong opinions about things you understand.

      Civil liberties and war are not something to have an ignorant opinion about.

    10. GIVEMEFREEDOM says:

      A well trained seasoned officer with a little common sense can tell the difference between a terrorist and a tourist. Asking a couple questions of the sight seer can reveal much about his obvious or not so obvious activities. And then IF there is reason for suspicion the officer has many technologies with which he enforces law every day that can help reveal whether or not this citizen is a threat or not.
      And finally, picture taking is NOT against the law unless there are signs posted. An officer CANNOT by himself decide pictures can’t be taken. His supervisors made THAT clear enough.

    11. tom343 says:

      We earn punishment and even incarceration for what we do, not what we could do. Prior restraint means rights denied. Laws should not be made to make cop’s jobs easier.

  5. David~ says:

    and it is sad that Baltimore City at least as portrayed in this wjz article thinks its ok to encourage terrorism and rogue bombers. try listening to police scanners in other juristictions. in some cases you will find that less serious incidents are taken seriously, as they should be. yet another reason to run for the suburbs… are they telling us its ok to be killed by a bus or light rail in baltimore city, but it is not ok for a citizen to be killed in D.C. or maryladn suburbs? how about they send a message stating a zero tolerance policy for our citizens being killed buy terrorists or rogue terrorists.

  6. JackT says:

    >>Why was this man taking pictures there and on such a hot day even?

    Because he WANTED TO. That’s the essence of a free country — you may do as you please without permission from anyone.

    1. Solid Citizen says:

      Agreed … the concept of civil liberty for the citizens of this nation is becoming quite foreign to law enforcement.

      Quo warranto, B.O.?

      1. David in Dallas says:

        And apparently to a lot of non-LEO folks….

    2. John Doe says:

      Yes, yes, yes! Exactly.

    3. MoKahuna says:

      I have no doubt that Jimmie had the legal right to take pictures at the pool, but I would still be concered about why he was doing so. Was he taking photos of his family at the pool? No problem. Otherwise, who was the subject of his picture taking. Little kids in swimsuits, or just underage girls (or boys)? It all sounds a little creepy to me, and as a parent I would remove my kids from the area if I saw some guy with a camera taking random photos.

      1. Rob says:

        It is none of your business to know why Jimmy was taking pictures. You have no more right to ask than the officers did.

      2. MoKahuna says:

        I’m not saying I have the right to know why someone is taking pictures. However, I do have the right to use common sense and remove my kids from a situation that I believe may be inappropriate, or dangerous. To be clear, I’m not defending the cops, just stating that as a parent I would be concerned about Jimmie’s actions, and would react accordingly, as is my right. Remember, we ALL have rights.

      3. lee says:

        You have the right to act in response to a situation however you want as long as you don’t infringe on the rights of others.

        In other words, take responsibility for your own actions and stop expecting the government to protect you from getting your feelings hurt. If you see a dangerous situation, leave quickly. However, you have no right to stop a person from taking pictures of a public area. If they were taking pictures of you, you could ask them to stop in a civil manner. If they continue to bother you, it’s harassment. However, you can’t physically assault the guy by removing his camera, or forcing him to leave.

        In short, protect yourself within the law. Don’t rely on others. And stop thinking you have the right to not have your feelings hurt.

      4. cops are crazy says:

        none of your f$#%^&%G business man, because he WANTED TO. Maybe he was taking pics of his family or grandkids. You’re so paranoid and presumptuous that you must be a cop too.

      5. Marbran says:

        Holding suspicions like yours isexactly how the ruling elite want us to think of each other. When we are paranoid of our neighbors and see malicious intent everywhere, we are more apt to report on our neighbors. Everyone at the pool is in open view of the public, and they consent to public observation simply by being there. That’s the difference between private versus public property. Yates could be photographing from the pool deck, or an adjacent apartment building – it doesn’t matter. He hasn’t committed any crime until he actually breaks a law. But in your paranoid mind, Yates must be a pedophile taking pictures of young children.

      6. MoKahuna says:

        Wow. I think some of you need to go back and read what I posted again. I did not suggest that the cops should get involved. I did not suggest that I or anyone else should be able to infringe on the rights of others. I did not say he should not be able to take picture of his family at the pool (in fact, I said the opposite). What I did say that I, personally, would not feel comfortable having a stranger take pictures of my kids at the pool, and I would remove them from that situation. I did not suggest that I would approach the photographer, or interfere with his/her rights to take photos in a public area. And to be absolutely clear, I did not suggest the photographer was a pedophile, or any other kind of criminal.

        However, as a parent, my primary responsibility is to protect my kids. If I think there is the slightest chance that they might be at risk, you can be sure that I will act to protect them, even though I may be wrong. I would rather be wrong, and have them be safe, than have been right but failed to act in the name of political correctness. Sorry, but I stand by my previous posts.

  7. jen says:

    move along – nothing to see here …keep your eyes down at all times like good sheep…um I men People.

    1. RAID 1600 PENNSYLVANIA AVE says:

  8. Rochesterwatch says:

    First of all, David, it’s better to be free than safe. Second, none of these abuses of our freedoms actually make you any more safe. There are plenty of places you can go if you prefer to live in a police state, but some of us are trying to keep America comfortable for those of us who have the courage to live free.

    1. lee says:

      The courage to live free sometimes involves being responsible for your own security. If that means leaving a public area, so be it. America provides protection from illegal activity, not from potentially embarrassing activity.

  9. Geno says:

    You know what is funny? You can Google Baltimore MTA and get THOUSANDS of pictures! LOL. And they are worried about a guy snapping some? Stupid!

  10. John Steele says:

    The terrorists have won; they have our government violating our constitution in the name of “protecting” us..

  11. Karl Fey says:

    For those not familiar with train fans, it is not uncommon to stand out in ALL kinds of weather to get a coveted photo. It may seem weird if it’s not your hobby, but the railroads are quite used to people standing trackside taking photos and video. Amtrak finally got the right idea when it realized that railfans – photographers in particular – knew more about their railroad then they did, and instead of locking them up, now has an online registration program which, in effect, deputizes the railfan/photographer. If such a program is good enough for Amtrak, it should certainly work for MTA. If something strange is going on, these are the people who will recognize it faster than anyone and report it promptly. Railroads should be grateful that they literally have armies of unpaid guardians watching their property.

  12. Tom says:

    I live in Laredo Texas, the largest port of entry for freight in the United States. I was taking pictures of a railroad bridge which crosses the Rio Grande. I was approached by US Border Patrol and told I could not take pictures of the bridge. I continued to do so, and told the agent that I was on public property and had every right to take photographs, which is what I do for a living. The agent did nothing but go on her way.

    I would have had no problem explaining to her what I was doing, and why, and even would have shown her ID or a passport. She did not ask for that.

    Photos taken from public property require NO permission. The only issue you may have is if recognizable people are in the photo and you publish it without proper releases.

    As a republican from Texas, I soy go ACLU.

    1. Marbran says:

      So, she told you that you couldn’t take the pictures, you countered by telling her your rights as a citizen in a public place, and she then walked away?? A complaint should have been filed! Does everyone see that this was a failed attempt by a government law enforcment official to get you to change your behavior based upon nothing but her own opinion of what you, the citizen, can and cannot do? Since you didn’t cave in, and you were aware of your rights, she had no choice but to move on – on to the next person where she probably made up some other rule violation. Report stuff like this every time!

  13. Chris says:

    What kind of society have we become when we just give the authorities a hard time? I can’t believe they are doing their job! This would not be a story if the guy just would have cooperated just for a second and talked to them like a normal human for christ sake.

    What would have happened if there WERE terrorists doing recon for a plot? These same security guards would have been absolutely blasted for not doing their job!

    With all that being said, this was clearly a plant from the ACLU, I have no doubt in my mind. Either they, or some other wacko group sent this guy in and told him to be as suspicious as possible, then give the authorities a really hard time. It’s sick.

    1. John Doe says:

      “What kind of society have we become when we just give the authorities a hard time?”

      We would then have become the kind of society where people value liberty and do not respect the authority of police who are in violation of the law. I’m pretty sure I’m wasting my time on you, badgelicker.

    2. Mark says:

      Chris they were not doing their job. they were abusing their power in that job. It is the right of everyperson to be a jerk if they are doing no harm. Someone wants to take pictures of anything it is not against the law. Someone wants to call a policeman a name it is not against the law. It is time to stop regulating personal habits. And by the way WHAT TERRORIST…. it must be sad to be you and fear everything you see.

    3. Mike Sarkisian says:

      They did their job incorrectly…that is the point! The ends do not justify the means!

    4. JQP says:

      Chris, do you read the news in this city daily? There is so much corruption in the Baltimore City police department it is sickening. Listen, my Mom, Dad & brother are all cops, and even I think it is important to question authority when you sincerely believe them to be wrong… and this was wrong.

      …and,by the way, you’re very mentality is why people on both sides of the fence are paranoid. THEY are all plotting some kind of terrorist attack….THEY are trying to oppress us…. you need a little freedom from your own fear.


  14. von Hemmingen says:

    Good thing he didn’t take a video of a State Trooper. He probably would have been jailed by the Maryland Gestapo. Maryland is a junior version of New York. I am so glad I moved back to Arizona. Here our only oppressor is the Federal government that sues our Sheriffs for doing their jobs. You guys North of VA should be a separate Peoples Republic and start your own stupid country. Your are too far in the toilet. And you let it happen to yourselves. Go back to sleep or wake up.

  15. Mac from Texas says:

    He should get an apology at the very least, and some assurance that the officers will have some training in the Patriot Act (despite the apparent unconstitutionality of some of it).

    David Rocah’s invocation of South Africa was unnecessary hyperbole and shows just how out of touch and politically manipulative the ACLU really is. Learn your history, David. The US is nothing like SA under apartheid, nor is it anything like Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia. If anything, it is like 1980s Britain – a once great country in socialist decline.

  16. John Grant says:

    Remember the phrase “Hey! Its a free country!”? Well that’s over.

  17. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    Fire them, sue them and try them for treason.

  18. Solid Citizen says:

    From my experience the MTA is not most trustworthy organization. I was stopped one evening for a “tail light” violation just outside the main MTA area of jurisdiction. The officer noted the location on the citation as being several miles away near a Beltway exit which was nowhere near where he first observed the burnout license plate bulb. If the MTA police will lie about simple stuff, I have little doubt they will pull out the stops to coverup any transgression of civil liberty

    Quo warranto, B.O.?

  19. ct redneck says:

    This is why I’ll be voting for Ron Paul. The system is corrupt from top to bottom it must stop now.

  20. md says:

    david and sheriff and idiots. You are the reason this country is going to hell in a handbasket. its not about race dummy, its about our right to freedom. I guess you guys also are for torture and all the illegal wars because you think its cool or something. educate yourselves with history. I bet you believe the official story of 9/11 also. When did taking pictures become terrorism. It’s your own fear that keeps you in a backwards thought process. You won’t be satisfied until this country is a complete police state will you?

  21. Miguel Saavadera says:

    Maryland and specifically Baltimore has a real problem with freedom of people to take pictures in PUBLIC. The state Police have numerous times, stopped, detained, warned people under the wire-tape law that taking pictures of them in public is a no-no.

    This needs to be worked up to the Supreme Court of the US … as a rule no one has a reasonable right of expectation of ‘privacy’ in a Public places such as the streets, roads, walks, or in public tansportation …

    And for David:

    “He who trades liberty for security deserves neither and will lose both.”
    — Thomas Jefferson

    1. Marbran says:

      -Ben Franklin, actually.

      Also quoted with many different variations, but esentially the same sentiment.

  22. Buck Ofama says:

    I don’t know why anyone is surprised. They don’t call that state the Soviet Socialist Republic of Maryland for nothing.

  23. peterkuck says:

    Please understand that when no law is broken the process is the punishment.

  24. Mike Harlow says:

    Of course more training is necessary. In this country the perp gets to blow things up and kill people first! That’s how the ACLU wants it.

  25. AbleCynic says:

    I suspect the MTA officers are union members and by definition are incompetent and ignorant. As a railfan I go through this all the time. Fortunately I have the wisdom and foresight to carry a copy of the laws relating to this kind of thing and except in urban areas with union thugs pretending to be police, I have no problems with taking photos. Now if I wore a rag on my head and carried a copy of the Koran, I could understand them being nervous, but I don’t do that.

  26. Carl says:

    Who takes photo’s of public transit anyway? The MTA should have questioned him, run his name through the system, and send him on his way!

    1. Mark says:

      Thank you commrade Carl you are a good citizen to turn in an evil person taking a picture of trains. And by the way let me see your ID no telling if you you are also an evil person. Can’t be to careful you know. I see you also own a camera. We better investigate more, come with us downtown. Still think taking a picture is bad.

    2. triplex shifter says:

      Anyone who wants to that’s who. What an ignorant comment. Maybe you like living in a police state but most of us don’t.

    3. tom343 says:

      Who takes pictures of public transit anyway? Read this forum! Pick up “Trains”, “Railpace” and any number of rail magazines at a news-stand. Literally hundreds of thousands of people take pictures of railroads. Go to the Norfolk Southern Museum in Roanoke. Many responsible academics deem the best of these pictures as art.

  27. JElliott says:

    Wow, von Hemmingen, you must have really had it bad in MD if you are overjoyed to be in AZ. AZ is a major toilet, ruined by illegal aliens and welfare. I’ve been here for five years and everyday I wake up in unbelief that I am still here. Of course, I do work for an institution of “higher education” and I’m surrounded by rabid liberal sheeple every day. I just shut my door. These people LOVE the ACLU — they are zealous for their Obama god and church of liberal lies.

    1. von Hemmingen says:

      There is more to Arizona than Academia and illegal immigration. Most academics live behind closed doors. Open the door and learn Spanish. It’s part of our culture and has been for several hundred years. I would rather be here with all our problems than be some place where the state and local government is the problem. Too bad your conservatives in Academia don’t open your doors and your mouths more and start taking back your world.

  28. Chris Morford says:

    The same thing happened to me in chicago. I am an amateur photographer and was taking a picture of the Chicago skyline from a Kennedy expressway overpass. A squad car screeched to a stop next to me and two officers jumped out, demanding to know what I was doing. I explained myself and showed them the digital camera and the pictures. At that point, seeing I had committed no crime you would think they would have apologized and let me go on my way right? Nope. They demanded to see my ID. They walked me back to my car, took down my plate number, all my DL info, name, address etc. entered it all onto a little form and then let me go with no apologies. I asked what they did with the little form they filled out. They said they have to keep a record of all “suspicious activities”. Total B.S. I felt my civil rights had been severely violated. I called the ACLU. They were of no help at all. Welcome to the new police state of America.

  29. Mike Sarkisian says:

    The only thing wrong this fellow did was to not show his ID. There is no expectation of privacy in public nor is there any valid law to record this event! While the officers were wrong about the law, interviewing him was also legally justifiable. I have a few similar experiences with law enforcement where the officers were “polite” but went beyond the limits of their authority. Unfortunately, there is no bright line of demarcation! One wonders what would have happened had this fellow just showed his ID!

    1. Mark says:

      If you are not breaking the law you don’t have to show id that is harrassment by the police. They stopped the person taking pictures which was not against the law and then made the case for the id. A common practice with the police. Stop them for anything you can. Then go for the id and all the other info they want. It was what they did in Germany in the 30’s

  30. BobNatlanta says:

    The ALCU needs to read up on the case of Dudley Hiibel. He lost an appeal to the supreme court regarding being forced to provide ID to the police. You are no longer safe in your person or papers from unreasonable search, been that way ofr years.

    1. Bob in Texas says:

      Hiibel was suspected of committing a crime of violence against the girl he was with. The Supreme Court said that if someone is suspected of a crime the police have a right to ask for ID, but only if there’s an articulatible crime involved. If the police detain you for “taking photographs” there’s no articulatible crime, therefore the Hiibel decision does not come into play and you may decline to provide ID.

  31. Police State says:

    The commindant said ‘Let me see you papers!’

  32. zoid says:

    lol the police are totally correct

    They can apply whichever law in any fashion way and form of personal interpretation they see fit, It is called being a law officer.

    You sheeple out there have to remember one thing and one thing only, the police and other armed officers work for and are paid by the politicians not by the people. And the politicians are paid by the federal reserve which collects all taxes. Hint, hint, the so called Federal Reserve is privately owned.

    Why and WHY does any of this surprise you?? This is normal and ordinary, the only unusual thing about this is that the corporate news had the guts to run the story.

    Ohh and by the way all the people that believe this fake story, you are all conspiracy theorists, you are all ridiculous and delusional.

  33. Ben Dover says:

    They were pigs in the 60’s and they are still pigs…hired capo’s of the Mafia in Washington

  34. Philip Hopkins says:

    my pops takes videos of trains, here is a vidoe of a cop being nice:

  35. Roze says:

    Black cops gettin’ the white man with a speech impediment. Local cops siting the Patriot act for some guy taking a photo of a train station? THANKS to the Dems AND Repubs for reinstating it!!! Oh and Obama, this ain’t change dude, it’s more of the same AND WORSE!

  36. Jo Woods says:

    And they wonder why people rejoice everytime some stupid cop gets clipped in the line of duty lol.

  37. BSERIUS says:


  38. A True Patriot says:

    It is time for the people to stand up to this type of oppression. Further, it is insulting to hear the idiocy in these “officers'” voices. Morons with bad attitudes are lethal to our freedom.

  39. Tom Walter says:

    This Is What Happens When A Niqqer Get A Little Authority & A Badge. Iz Be Da Man…..Don’t Yu Mezz Wit Da Man.

  40. AFloyd says:

    This doesn’t surprise me. A friend is serving 30 days in jail for failure to appear (he had moved and didn’t get the notice until after) in court on an MTA cop citation for eating an egg roll on the escalator to the station. Forget driving while black, in Baltimore you can’t even take the train or walk. I’m from the south – it’s said southerners are the most racist, but southern racists have nothing on Baltimore cops who are powerdrunk and mean with it.

  41. Robert says:

    All photographers should carry a copy of this – The Photographer’s Right – – by Attorney Bert Krages

  42. beblebrox says:

    This is absurd. If someone were up to no good they sure as heck would not do it out in the open. I grew up in a Pittsburgh suburb overlooking the Conway Rail Yards, which at the time was the largest rail yard i the country. I stood on my back porch for years and took photos of trains carrying interesting cargo; everything from cars to tanks from over a mile away with a long telephoto lens. I never had the feeling I was endangering national security or was sneaking pictures of things I shouldn’t. Bluntly put, if you are pointing a camera and not something like an RPG, it is none of the police’s business regardless of what they think their job or authority is, and no one should cooperate or compromise with them just on general principles. If you don’t stand up for your freedom, you have already lost it.

  43. Jimmie M says:

    There has to be some sort of government agreement with officers harassing citizens. It seems pretty obvious that government has little respect for its own citizens, even to the point that it seems to favor non citizens? Non citizens are more compliant? Non citizens are encouraged to vote, perhaps because they do not question government authority? We the natural born citizens of the United States of America are being, have been, pushed aside? You get a gun and a badge but no complete job description?

  44. tramky says:

    We do demand administrative action with these officers: they MUST be fired and must be banned from holding a similar job, in any organization, for the rest of their lives. They are a threat to Ameridcans and are themselves terrorists, issuing verbal threats in order to coerce an American citizen through lies and deceit.

  45. Buck says:

    He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security.
    Benjamin Franklin

  46. George says:

    Where is the link to the YouTube video?

  47. Mike Amedeo says:

    Additional training? These officers are not fit for purpose, and should all be fired.

    “the Constitution was written to keep the government off the people’s backs” and these officer should know that.

  48. TJ Risi says:

    Sorry, but I side with the police on this one. Railroads and other transportation systems are too tempting a terrorist target to allow photography. In Greece, it is illegal to photograph any transportation including a private automobile. RAIL PHOTOGRAPHY NEEDS TO BE BANNED. In addition, I’d require all cameras and their owners be licensed and registered.

    1. Scratch says:

      I believe we should also ban sketch books and pencils, just to be on the safe side.

  49. LeChat says:

    This is yet another example of why it’s a good idea to stay out of cities. The police in large cities probably take pills to reduce their judgment. One of these days, some citizen will decide “that’s enough”. When that happens, no policeman will be safe.

  50. James Woods says:

    Welcome to 1984.

  51. Peter says:

    The only ones allowed to take any pictures or video are our government and law enforcement…..of us.

    How long has it been since 9/11 and the “powers that be” still haven’t gotten a grip on the notion that, in spite of some politician signing off on the Patriot Act, none of us signed off on our Constitutional rights and they can NOT summarily usurpe them or take them away from us?

    What the f**k is going on in this country?

  52. RevolutionNow says:

    Hey AmeriKa, how’s that New World Order and Policed State working out for ya???

    The Fatherland- Nazi Germany
    The Motherland – Communist Russia
    The Homeland – An Unspeakable crossbreed of the two above!

    Velcome to za Homeland

  53. RevolutionNow says:

    In Hermann Göring’s own words:

    “The people can always be brought to the bidding of their leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way at any time and in any country. ”

    In an interview with Captain Gustave Gilbert in Göring’s jail cell during the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials (18 April 1946)

    1. kentex1146 says:

      Can anyone intellectually argue that this statement is not true?

  54. Scratch says:

    I’m a typical conservative white dude, and I tend to side with the police in most disputes that I read about, but I really, really think the police should understand the rules they are supposed to enforce. I’m tired of reading about cops who think it’s illegal to take photographs. The UK (or at least London) has undertaken a major PR/educational campaign to remind police that it’s not illegal to take photographs. We need the same thing here in the U.S.

    Don’t even get me started on the places (Maryland being one) that have decided that it’s illegal to videotape the police in a public place. That needs to be taken to the Supreme Court, who I am confident will strike it down once and for all.

  55. Just let it happen says:

    Cops, Please just leave all of us alone and when the bombs go off around the trains we can blame you for not doing enough to protect us. I am easily offended and you scare me please just leave me alone.

    1. lee says:

      Cops…. please arrest random innocent people instead of looking for actual terrorists….. When the bomb still goes off, then we can wonder why the TSA pat down the infant instead.

  56. The Deacon says:

    Couldn’t he still have been arrested based on recording the conversation? Unless I am reading this wrong… the website below appears to imply that consent *is* required to record a conversation in the state of Maryland. If so, then going further.. since it is then an illegal recording, he could then be charged with posting content obtained illegally. Yes???

    1. David Diaz says:


      Please read your own link. Click on Maryland.

      It says: “State courts have interpreted the laws to protect communications only when the parties have a reasonable expectation of privacy.”

      1. scratch says:

        Recently, charges were brought in Maryland against a man who videotaped a plainclothes cop getting out of an unmarked car (his own personal vehicle) and drawing his gun on a motorcyclist (the motorcyclist was also the man doing the videotaping.) No badge, no “I’m a police officer.” It sounds preposterous, but the DA evidently felt that the man needed the cop’s consent to tape.

    2. The Deacon says:

      I had read the link… both citations relate to private locations (home). Plus this citation appears to relate to ‘when the parties have a reasonable expectation of privacy.’ This is not the case here. So to me, logically, this does not relate to this incident.

  57. Chris says:

    Training?! These cops need to be terminated immediately. They say taking pictures isn’t “necessarily” illegal, then say it’s illegal according to state law, then when that doesn’t happen they fall back on the Patriot Act, then they keep talking about 9/11. Do they even know the laws that they are citing? Better training isn’t the answer. It’s hiring officers that can be bothered to know the laws that they are supposed to enforce.

    I hope that this guy wins a civil suit against all the cops and takes them to the cleaners. Set an example for the others so they don’t forget they work for us and shouldn’t be treating us like criminals for no reason.

  58. One thing that might be missed in this story is that it is okay to take pictures for personal, but not for commercial reasons. Why is this? Why can’t people take pictures for commercial reasons? Are we complete socialists, or what? We need to start rejecting this kind of anti-freedom, anti-capitalist mentality whenever and wherever we see it. The left is completely out-of-control in this country. Push back the horde, folks!

  59. Jack Winston says:

    In 1980, my relatives visited their pre-World War II hometown in Poland. My cousin was taking pictures of the town when they were arrested. The film was confiscated. He had unwittingly pointed the camera in the direction of the small town’s police station. At the time we thought this an example of a police state. Now, police state has arrived in the U.S.A.

  60. Gradofan says:

    Most of you people are “kooks and nuts.” Perhaps the best way to change your minds is for the Islamic Terrorists, or Urban Terrorists in their hip hop dress to blow up your train station, or release some sarin gas. Do we really need another “9/11” for you fools to finally “get it?”

    Anyone taking photos of any public place should be open to questioning by any security force, and they should be required to provide their identification to allow the security force to check them out to make sure they aren’t a threat. That is not an infringement on their personal rights. It’s common sense.

    Sure it would make for sense to “profile” them – and only check them out if they fit the image of Islamic Terrorists, or Urban Terrorists (Hip Hop Dress) – but, you fools have made “profiling” PC!

  61. Kevin Alexander says:

    Wrong Ryan, we didn’t “attack” them first. An embargo is far short of attaching another sovereign country. When they dropped bombs on Pearl Harbor, that was an attack and the United States responded in kind. Isn’t it great when we not only meet a challenge but make them pay for their actions !

  62. EasyEight says:

    Don’t you love how they ignore the woman crossing the tracks dangerously in front of a train s they can harass this guy over nothing?? Can’t these cops also learn the actual law instead of repeating a protective mantra??

  63. hip2b2 says:

    Nothing new, 45 years ago I was stopped by NYC transit police for taking pictures on a subway platform, told I needed a permit. also as recently as the 70’s there was a plaque on the Brooklyn bridge that stated photos were illegal, I believe this dated from the 2nd WW to prevent spy’s from taking pics of the Navy Yard.

    In bygone times people would accept that there were limits to personal freedoms for the good of the collective. Now all I hear are crybabies who believe this is new and part of some Obama inspired plot to “…take away my freeeeedoms”. Nonsense!!!

    1. Nick says:

      You’ve made an excellent point. However, I think many people are starting to feel that something other than the protection of the general public is at hand here.

      It feels like we are being cordoned off into some type of perverse security grid. The attitude of the police, right off the bat, illustrates that there is something very wrong happening around us. I think people are right to trust their gut. There is something wrong–very wrong.

      It’s not about one or two cops or security people telling other people that they can’t take photos. It’s about those incidents in the broader context of American life post 9-11. You see that, right?

      A trip to the train station, local public swimming pool or airport with a camera shouldn’t leave people with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder that incapacitates and makes them feel that they are too frightened to leave the house. Yet that is what we are seeing, and it should stop.

      Here is another incident, this one at the airport, that may provide a bit of context.

  64. Sean Delevan says:

    Folks, at what point will you realize that you are already in a Police State?

    Here we are yet again, if this man did not have video proof, he would have been arrested, jailed, and convicted, and there would not be a damn thing he could have done about it.

    Who do you think the Judge would have believed if he did not have the video?

    You think they would have believed him or the 3 officers who would say, he became belligerent, would not comply, and was acting suspicious.

  65. Traveler7 says:

    Here’s what we do. The next time any of us are on a jury when a cop gets shot or killed, we acquit the assailant. F* the cops. They don’t call them pigs for nothing!

  66. Michael Johnson says:

    I am extremely curious how the state thinks its all right to have over weight cops on the force. Do the citizens not pay for there equipment, training, benefits, pay?

    It seems to me that there should be a weight limit to being a police officer as this man looks like he will get diabetes or a heart attack later on or soon and all on the tax payers dime. He should be subjected to a physical, drug, and mental screening test quarterly to make sure tax payers money is not being wasted.

    I really think it would be better if Law enforcement acted and looked as professional as the city would like to portray itself to be and having slobs like this in uniform that consume more donuts than hours on the job at our expense…well..thats just wrong.

  67. Catch 22 says:

    It is my belief that Mr. Fussell at some point knew he would be stopped or questioned about his picture taking given the legal responses he provided to police. It is hard for people to understand a law enforcement perspective, it is always a Catch 22. If law enforcement would not have not attempted to confront him and he had terrorist ideas or a terrorist agenda then police aren’t doing their jobs. In this case the consensus is that the police aren’t doing their jobs right. It is not against the law to take pictures, and in the state where I live, unless you are driving you do not have to provide identification, these are all true facts. Given the sensitivity of what has taken place in the last couple of months and terrorists organizations claiming revenge for bin Laden’s death, why can’t Mr. Fussell understand and simply cooperate? In my experience as law enforcement this situation would have resolved in no less than 5 minutes had he just simply spoke to the police officers. It seems Mr. Fussell was taking pictures for pleasure, so instead of refusing to cooperate, comply, and what turned into 48 minutes could have been only a fraction of that time. The burden is always on law enforcement and despite what many of you think we are humans too. The last thing anyone wants on their conscience is public safety to be compromised because the police didn’t act. When terrorism takes place we want to blame everyone else, it was nothing personal against Mr. Fussell but if the transit system is compromised thousands of lives are at jeopardy and in the end it will be law enforcement who is blamed because they didn’t do enough. You may be a good person with good intentions, but we do not know that. We are lied to everyday and it criminals are becoming increasingly more clever in ways they can maneuver around the law. I am not calling Mr. Fussell a criminal, but most people cooperate with police whether they are right or wrong. When someone blatantly makes a point that they will not and then begins to cite the laws it becomes a red flag, whether you people like hearing that or not. The irony is that the people who complain the most about police are typically the first ones to call when things go bad.

    1. Joe Johnson says:

      Its very depressing to read that you are in law enforcement with that view of a citizens rights. Terrorists can use google satellite & street view to plan ANY and ALL events they desire, and our government gives Do you complain about Google?! You Should, but instead you side against a citizen’s picture of a rail station.

      1. Catch 22 says:

        I do not like the capabilities Google has allowed in order for everyone to see everything, i.e. Street View. You completely missed my point, probably because you do not want to understand what I am trying to say. The point is that nobody with bad intentions are just going to go out and try something without a dry run, they aren’t going to rely solely on Google or any other electronic means. People are on the ground testing the waters to see what they can and can’t get away with. Again I am not calling Mr. Fussell a terrorist or bad guy but the point is that any terrorist or jihadist will not being wearing a typical middle eastern attire. As on 9/11 they blended perfectly with everyone else. The liberal/ACLU mindset is leave me alone unless something bad happens, and when something bad happens why didn’t you do more? What if Mr. Fussell was on a terrorist watch list with ties to al Qaeda? Would you be complaining then if he were detained for “taking pictures,” or would police still not be allowed to talk to him because they would be harassing a terrorist? Open your mind a little to the bigger picture and stop bashing the police.

    2. David Diaz says:

      Why did the cops lie about state law?

      Or were these middle-aged cops just ignorant of the law they were trying to enforce?

      These cops seemed to be either mendacious or incompetent.

    3. cops are crazy says:

      So you do what all cops do and treat everyone like they’re criminals. You stomp all over people’s rights in the process and explain it away with “what if’s” and it’s B$&^%^&T. Cops are power-mad nutcases who feel a need to control society while saying “I’m just doing my job”, but it’s the job they CHOSE, and they deserve the apprehension people feel toward them. Most people fear cops, and that’s a big change over the past 25 years. Cops used to want to be a part of society, but police depts nationwide have adopted a more military style of interaction with the public. And they’re so scared of being wrong that they just look at everyone as criminals, and see what sticks. A stopped clock is right twice a day.You said it’s a “red flag” when someone starts citing laws when being harrassed by cops? Someone’s knowledge of the laws they’re supposed to live under and cops are supposed to enforce is a RED FLAG?!?! This says it all bud. NAZIS.

  68. Chris Bray says:

    If the MTA police can send three officers to react to a non-event that isn’t a crime, they can afford some layoffs. Clearly these are cops who have too much time on their hands.

  69. HarlanR says:

    I plan on taking some video of my ride in to show all my friends in Europe what it’s being on public transportation here in Baltimore. If you’ve ever taken public transportation in Holland and Germany, you know that there is a HUGE differecne in quality.

  70. Robert says:

    Wow, and to think that we recently took out-of-state guests visiting our home in PA down to Maryland for train spotting for my son’s birthday. We spent a lot of money at Maryland restaurants that day. I guess we won’t be doing that again any time soon. We’ll just keep our money here in PA, where train-spotters are encouraged and appreciated. And yes, we do make and upload many pictures of trains online.

  71. Wm says:

    Although I don’t think that this is what is going on here, but one must be wise to the fact that the liberals/fascist/communist bureaucrats among us are constantly ‘testing’ U.S. citizens to see how far they can push us and what they can get away with. Once they are allowed to cross a tested line, they then go to the next one. The most egregious ‘test’ of U.S. citizens of late is the communist judge in Indiana who without conscience ripped up the U.S. Constitution 14th amendment before Indiana residents.

  72. kentex1146 says:

    The Fourth Reich is Rising…………..the title of a book………or reality?

  73. Tony Rezko says:

    OBAMA’s Amerika.

  74. GD says:

    Why don’t the police just shoot anyone that offends them then we all will be safer? SATIRE!

    1. August Dunning says:


  75. fmc says:

    “Listen, listen to what I’m saying. The Patriot Act says that critical infrastructure, trains, train stations, all those things require certain oversight to take pictures, whether you say they are for personal use or whatever, that’s your story,”

    Say, isn’t the Patriot Act a Federal matter, which local cops aren’t supposed to enforce… or does that reluctance to enforce Federal law only apply when states like Arizona try to control illegal immigation? I guess it only kicks in when a bank is being robbed on a citizen is taking pictures of a train station.

    1. August Dunning says:

      tyrants wearing badges need to be taught a lesson.

  76. Allen says:

    Cops are here to protect us. Agreed. Civil liberties must be protected. Agreed. The main point here though is that these cops either didn’t know the law or intentionally misrepresented it. That is what is reprehensible. As for why Mr. Fussell put up a “fuss”, it’s because he is part of a photography community, as am I, that is fed up with this stuff. He was making a stand. And I happen to know for a fact that this event was not staged and that Chris is NOT an ACLU plant.

    1. August Dunning says:

      I think it would be cool to set these creeps up, and jump them, strip them out of their clothing, tie them to a light post and write grafitii on them

  77. August Dunning says:

    I would take each of the MTA officers into civil court and sue them for 100,000 each in violations of your constitutional rights. they were acting as tyrants and worse than that tyrants in uniforms… take them to court and the policy will change

  78. Pat S Ruleall says:

    Mr. Fussel was testing the cops and he got the reponse he needed to make a story. Unfortunately the cops were wrong but to tie this to some global problem with cops stepping on people’s rights is BS. Cops are responsible for the safety of the public and frankly I don’t have a problem with them stepping on people’s rights once in a awhile if the situation calls for it. With proper training issues like this fake one will be minimized.

    1. G says:

      You sound like a MTA officer. Wake up, dope!

  79. G says:

    TSA, MTA, both useless government-run fiascos that hire idiots and bullies. Why do they act like morons? Well, because they are morons.

  80. Nick says:

    This is ridiculous. The officers legally had ever right to stop the man (though patriot act has nothing to do with it(. It’s called Reasonable Suspicion…it’s what allows officers to make an investigative detention (aka a field interview). It’s not an arrest, it’s simply when you are held right where you are for a short period while they investigate to see if in fact a crime is or was taking place and to develop probable cause. With the times we live in where terrorist are still actively probing security measures and where Al-Qaeda has expressed interest in our rail systems, this is exactly what they officer should be doing to protect those who use the transit systems.

    1. August Dunning says:


    2. dopes says:

      Nick, enjoy the concentration camp you’ll be ushered off to because of your ignorance.

      1. 1776 says:

        dopes, thou hast rightly stated. The FEMA camps await (once martial law is declared following the next false-flag “attack” or the total financial meltdown).

    3. Robby says:

      ‘Israel did 911 all the proof in the world’.
      Look it up!
      You and the dumb transit cops are harassing the WRONG people.

  81. Doug says:

    Every time I read a story like this, I make another campaign contribution to Ron Paul. He is bar none, the only presidential candidate who will act to reign in the Police State.

    1. August Dunning says:

      amen to that brother…me too, so many of the people writing comments need a constitutionalist running things again. maybe they will realize what fools they are. ron paul is the last hope to change it back from the prison we are in constructed psychologically by the federal reserve bank of new york and their masters in london. we are under an attack called democracy, brought into our republic after the civil war by england. we are being treated like “subjects” by the police…george HW Bush was knighted by queen elizibeth…you know, that ‘new world order stooge” the police are a symptom of a broken system, I’d arm yourself if you want to survive the “freedom” that is coming….

    2. 1776 says:

      Ron Paul is the only Constitutionalist (barring the forthcoming CP candidate) running for POTUS in 2012.

  82. Michael Liberty says:

    And this is why we need Ron Paul 2012….

    As a supporter of REAL change, I support RON PAUL!!!

    Brief Overview of Congressman Paul’s Record:

    * He has never voted to raise taxes.
    * He has never voted for an unbalanced budget.
    * He has never voted for a federal restriction on gun ownership.
    * He has never voted to raise congressional pay.
    * He has never taken a government-paid junket.
    * He has never voted to increase the power of the executive branch.
    * He voted against the Patriot Act.
    * He voted against regulating the Internet.
    * He voted against the Iraq war.
    * He does not participate in the lucrative congressional pension program.
    * He returns a portion of his annual congressional office budget to the U.S. treasury every year.

    please take some time and check out

    1. Iraq Vet says:

      Right on brother!

  83. Scotsjock says:

    Let me tell you as a former Britsih cop I feel the standard of policing in the UK of a very poor standard.
    I think I can put this down to too many different departments (ie transit police etc etc) of police and too many police forces without a common standard of training.
    Over here cops have little respect for the citizens they are supposed to serve and have a total disrespect for the road traffic laws. Quick to ticket people for doing a couple of MPH over the limit yet they themselves speed and cut other motorists up. O yes and don’t know what a stop sign is.


    What’s this nonsense about “better training for the cops”? Forget that nonsense. Just fire these useless terrorists. People are not behaving badly for any other reason than they are being treated like criminals.


  85. Lex says:

    Loser power-tripping PoS

  86. Mike Benton says:

    This fool made a mountain out of a mole hill to be obnoxious. He succeeded. He should have given his ID and had a nice day.

  87. Ryan Mouk says:

    Wow, cops overstepping their boundaries. Citizens being treated as if they are guilty until they are proven innocent? Police Officers who think the Constitution is a dance move from the 60’s? Never, not in America.

  88. csc5502 says:

    ““This is not South Africa under apartheid and in this country, police do not have the right to walk up to you and demand you produce identification to them,” said David Rocah, ACLU.”

    Um, as usual the American Communist Liberals Union has it wrong.

    The police might not have the right to demand an ID card, but they can demand that you identify yourself, and they might hold you until they’re sure you’re not lying. Bet that goes faster if you carry ID, right? Here in liberal California, if the police stop you for ANY violation and you can’t produce ID they can arrest you The license form even said that you must show police your license on request.

    There might not be a legal “right” but in practice you’d better have one. There are “rights” and then there are practical responsibilities.

  89. JP says:

    Officers, stop over-reacting to photographers!

  90. Bill says:

    I left feedback to the MTA. Those of you who say “just show your ID when asked” need to realize the importance of Constitutional rights under the laws of this Republic. Hold tight to your rights! If you let misinformed, intimidating, power-hyped police (of any branch) push you around you will little by little lose those rights. I don’t want my children or grandchildren to one day look back and ask what happened to the Constitutional rights enjoyed by their parents and grandparents.
    Thankfully Maryland still grants citizens the right to resist false arrest with equal and opposite action. Police across Maryland need to be aware of this before they ignorantly and irresponsibly wield their “power” in the faces of law-abiding citizens!

  91. ALLSSS says:

    Your tax dollars at work.

  92. jordy2011 says:

    What’s ironic is that the ACLU have been undermining America for over 70 years…in the name of ”civil liberties”…..they are worse to America than those zealous cops ore even al qaeda

  93. Frank says:

    Welcome to the police state, America! Are we all enjoying being “free?”

  94. USA1 says:

    Let’s just hope we dont find out that the “Photographer ” was wearing Muslim Garb…

  95. Bobo says:

    The guy’s not as “hearing impaired” as he would have us believe. He understood every word the officers said. I’m pro-cop, but these officers were out of line and need to be disciplined for it.

  96. Tex Expatriate says:

    Those MTA officers quite likely reflect the attitude of most Maryland police officers. Certainly they reflect the attitude of most officers I have ever met in my life, except in once American City: Indianapolis, Indiana. Elsewhere, I have rarely met a cop who was not also a bully and a thug.

  97. James D says:

    Land of weak and home of the slaves !

  98. ahofrocknroll says:

    The man should have just shown his ID instead of creating the issue. Obama extended the patiot act and that gives the officers the right to question him. I think at most they can ask his intent and for his ID. He refused to give the ID and therefore the situation took longer.

    Wasn’t Obama supposed to change from the evil policies of Bush? I guess not.

    1. victor says:

      Obama wants a dictatorship with him in charge, and his black friends enforcing them,,,,these Black rent a cops prove what Obamas agenda is….DICTATORSHIP. That is why we have to get rid of him for good,,,hopfully he can be deported back to Kenya where he was born.

  99. 1776 says:

    Ah yeh….witness the continued rise of the Orwellian, totalitarian police state as our rights are eroded.

  100. WOB says:

    Some words of advice …

    Do what the officers say to do. Don’t argue … don’t question their heritage … don’t ridicual. Do what they say, period. THEN take action AFTERWARDS to correct what they may have done wrong. DON’T argue with someone who is caring a gun.


    1. cano says:

      yeah whatever sheep.

    2. cano says:

      it’s attitudes like yours that got us into this Police State USA. Why don’t you baa baa baa when you talk to a cop. Cowards, there’s too many of you in this nation.

    3. Iraq Vet says:

      I really hope you are being sarcastic.

  101. freedom_fighter says:

    That’s it. I’m carrying a camera on me at all times from now on. The most effective way to destroy tyranny is to trivialize it. Also, regularly use words like bomb, drug and Amerika (without specificity) when you make a phone call or send an e-mail. It’ll make the State collapse.

  102. S.S. says:

    Patriot Act = BAD!!!!
    That officer needs to be suspended without pay.

  103. Tom Davidson says:

    To be, or not to be, that is the question:
    Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
    The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
    Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
    And by opposing end them?

  104. Jasonn says:

    There should be something required beyond merely taking photos of infrastructure. Still, I think Fussell * may* have set those officers up.

  105. clem says:

    This guy looks like a typical Anglo-American and he is treated like a suspected terrorist. If it was Mohamed in full muslim regalia, he would have been left alone by the PC police. Welcome to the new stalinist liberal state of Amerika.

  106. Hershall says:

    Typical dumb black cops. Don’t even know the laws that they are supposed to enforce.

  107. victor says:

    this is Obamas idea of america,,,and that is why Obama needs to go,, he wants a dictatorship government. Who or why do we need an id from another state to go to another state…..and people have been taking pictures of subways for a long time, why is now different…These self-proclamed rent a cops think they own their jobs and they need to re-read the laws. I don`t know any president that AUTO PENED HIS SIGNATURE…so why is obama doing it now,,other than he doesn`t have to return to his job and sign anything to BOTHER HIM AND HIS VACATIONING…Obama is one of the lazist , I won`t say president…..person in office yet……

  108. Iraq Vet says:

    Don’t worry. The police will get what’s coming to them very soon.

  109. an80sreaganite says:

    My wife & I and our International student took MARTA in Atlanta downtown. As per usual our international student was snapping photos of everything along the way. As we walked up to pay for our ticket a MARTA employee said, “You can’t take picture here. Especially of me…” What a joke…… I guess he didn’t want pics of him leaning on his broom…

  110. Black Eagle says:

    Cut the budgets back to 1950s levels. Our parents and g-parents did pretty good with less government, fewer cops, etc.

  111. George ClueLessney says:

    A failed immigration policy cause 9/11 and 10 years later, nothing has been done about it. People flood over our southern border and people legally immigrate in, and the feds loose track of them. WHY?

  112. Riquin says:

    I think all cameras should be banned. All kinds no more cameras period. From phones to expensive cameras for jurnalist. Every thing should be reported in the internet and newspapes in plain English. Bye Bye Apple !!!

    1. Riquin says:

      As a reward to the police officers a nice brown shirt will do fine !!!

  113. solo_poke says:

    Police state Amerika.

  114. laughnmatter says:

    The terrorist have won. And I’m not talking about alQaede. I’m talking about the false-flag attack of 9/11 and the terrorists within our government.

  115. Peace through Strength says:

    The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor because we wouldn’t sell them Coal, Helium or metals…….OK, why did we embargo them? Because they were killing Chinese by the hundreds of thousands. I lived in Japan and there version of history is so wrong. The kids are taught that the Poor innocent Japanese were just siting around minding there own business and then BOOM we dropped a bomb on them. No mention of the rape of Nanking, Singapore, Manila…..the Million plus Civilian casualties, murder of prisoners, or truly evil medical experiments.
    The trend among self loathing Americans makes me ill. We are by any measure the good guys, we have freed more people and increased the standard of living in hundreds of countries. We waterboard, they decapitate, human bombs, human shields….
    I hope you all get a chance to spout off your high minded ideals as Abdul slits your throat.

  116. EN says:

    So let me get this straight. The local police will not enforce FEDERAL laws concerning illegals in the USA but when someone snaps a photo in a public place they will aggressively enforce FEDERAL law.

    What morons.

  117. ReadThe Wordman says:

    Is there anyone out there who is TIRED of the District of Criminals and the corrupt system that we live under? Do you long to be heard, do you long to wake people up and leave a lasting impression on our lost culture? Please come join a new Facebook page called “Proactive Patriots.” The goal there is to UNITE locally, then regionally, and finally Nationally. There your voice will be heard and you can find people nearby who are too ready peacefully gather and stand up to end this TYRANNY!!

  118. Leslie says:

    The end of this report is wrong. As described at the end of the YouTube video, the MTA police followed him to Baltimore Penn Station where he was immediately confronted by Amtrak police (even though he had put his camera away). Amtrak police demanded his ID also, and he relented because he would need to show it to get on the Amtrak train.

  119. John says:

    This is what happens when you do not want to allow profiling. It is the liberal choice to treat everyone equal. So get use to seeing your kids and wife patted down at the airport, and get use to being unlawfully detained when ever our beloved officials and federal government feel like doing it. If we allow extreme political correctness to continue, we will give up all of our rights. We are one step closer to guards armed with machine guns at our airports and public places. The USA a is being raped by socialism. WAKE UP! Stop letting the government run our lives!

    1. James says:

      Thanks John……

  120. Clint says:

    Typical over the top and heavy handed.
    Why these MTA officers aren’t sacked astounds me….. Good on the bloke for standing his ground and making a point of these stupid government employees… Glad I’m down under

  121. BikerJim says:

    You are ALL over reacting. Sure, the cops were wrong, it happens, they are human. However, I’d bet my last dollar, this was simply a couple cops who listened in on a role call and heard, “Terrorism is a major threat to rail systems, especially since Osama was killed, therefore, anyone taking pictures or ‘acting suspiciously’, needs our attention”.
    And this is what happened. The vague direct order of “keep an eye out for suspicious persons” is the problem. What does it mean? does each person have a different definition of suspicious person? yes.
    So, they questioned him, and let him go. His life was not in danger, he was released from questioning in under an hour and the problem resolved.
    At least now, the cops know he was not a terrorist, and had they let him go, not approached him, asked some questions, etc, they might not know………and if he was, everyone here would be jumping all over the next headline: “MTA terrorist was spotted a week prior by MTA police and not approached or spoken too”…………..then you’d be outraged and calling the cops inept.
    So, unless you’ve walked in the shoes of an officer who MUST be on the look out daily to protect our freedom and well being, always give the cops the benefit of the doubt, they deserve it. And maybe it would be prudent for this guy taking photos of trains and other vital infrastructure to have the forsight to plan, and perhaps write letters as a courtesy (and the create a paper trail) of his expected stops and reasons for taking the pics in the first place. (not that he has too, he does not, just might make sense, common sense to some, not so common to most)
    That’s my $.02, keep the change…….and don’t bite my head off about bad grammar and spelling errors, ultimately, I don’t care about that, and you got the point of my post anyway.
    God Bless America………and the ACLU needs to be replaced by realists, not those living in liberal la la land.

  122. DONBALTIMORE says:

    I only read some of the comments. I agree with Chet, and BikerJim.

  123. James says:

    I think we all need to read the constitution. Get your dictonary and law books, and take it apart.

  124. Jeff says:

    Whites need to read the Turner Diaries. It is your future under this regime.

  125. Crashlander says:

    Does anybody Really believe for a second that these Officers really thought this was illegal? They count on you not knowing they are “Making a mistake” when they quote law that doesn’t exist in order to bully someone a little bit. Something about this guy struck the first officer the wrong way and annoyed him so he stepped up for some “Who’s the Boss”. When his “Plausable Deniability Mistake” was corrected, the situation escalated to “Respect My Authorty” which brought a crowd of officers. Right or wrong doesn’t matter any contradiction will be seen as non compliance and need to be made an example of.
    These officers are professionals and it is their Only duty to know the law. Believe me when I tell you taht they DO know the law too. This type of “Mistake” is intentional.
    Would Any other specialist occupation requiring technical knowledge make the same mistake over and over again across the country and not correct the misperception of this technical knowledge among the members of the group?
    There would be articles written, and lectures given, and training updated until the message got out.
    In this case thre have been as well. All of those things have been done in the law enforcement community to address citizens taking pictures in public. They ALL know. But time after time there are no consequenses for “I didn’t know” and they know they can do this with impunity.
    They knew.
    They also believe they are in charge of us and they need for us to believe it too.

  126. Hank Warren says:

    Useless MTA, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  127. speedy says:

    the mta are high school dropouts with IQs <80 thats why higher authorities can't train them.

  128. Astralis says:

    You can even take pictures for commercial purposes.

  129. InTheBubble says:

    I took numerous photos of trains and train stations in East Germany and East Berlin in 1981, and though hundreds of Stasi and other cops passed me by, not one stopped me or harassed me. And these were SERIOUSLY bad a$$ cops who were dressed exactly like old Nazi cops except for the missing swastikas, and they were as nasty as you can imagine when you had to deal with them at border crossings and on the trains (no ID refusals there!). It’s unbelievable that this is happening in America now.

  130. Peter Griffin says:

    This lack of common sense, professionalism, and respect for constitutional law disgusts the hell out of me. When a cop gets this far out of line you should be well within your rights to kick his ass up and down the street without legal consequence, and I’m a cop! American freedom forever and Big Brother’s police state never!!!!

  131. No Sheep says:

    Big Brother is going to provoke the American people to our breaking point. Does anyone remember the Arab Spring?

  132. Dr. FedEvil says:

    everyone is missing the point…………..

    the terrorist can have Baltimore free of charge……….please take it…………..

  133. Abu Nudnik says:

    Terrorists don’t need cameras to scout out locations.

  134. Abu Nudnik says:

    I am shocked by the use “repetitively” instead of “repeatedly.”

  135. Abu Nudnik says:

    @das Aardvark: I am shocked by your use of “repetitively” instead of “repeatedly,”
    damnfool” instead of the correct “damned fool,” “sentende” instead of “sentence” and the omission of the word “you” between “apparently” and “lost.”


  136. Frank J says:

    Until we’re officially a Police State in which our “authorities” are allowed to UNLAWFULLY detain and/or terrorize us, what the officers did to the photographer is WRONG. We live in a country where one is innocent until proven guilty, not guilty until proven innocent. Before this incident ended in Baltimore, I believe 9 officers (public servants) were involved, and the photographer was again harassed in Penn Station by Amtrak cops when he arrived in NYC. One of the public servants in Baltimore didn’t know when to quit. This isn’t supposed to be like the former East Germany or USSR, but we seem to be moving in that direction. In some communities, what the photographer did would have resulted in a prompt beat down by public servants followed by an unlawful arrest and finally a release (with phony apology).

  137. Tattoomama says:

    Mr. Fussell needs to sue, in small claims court for the state maximum, each individual officer and the MTA. The only way people eventually learn is when you hit them in the wallet. Not only will he win, but he’ll get a small wind-fall from the cretins!

  138. Kelly says:

    There you go, liberals in action. They try to tell you what they think you need to hear. Wow….unbelievable…I guess freedom of speech is also inevitably on the chopping block, thanks Obama for injecting your Marxist views on America. NOT…you really need to be replaced, nothing you have done has made things better…nothing…

  139. Ajfrench says:

    You and the ACLU are the reason for lack of protection. Why do you think someone would take pictures of a transit station except that it might have historical value. If that’s not the case, what might a lawman think. Get your head out of your arse. Educate yourself. You should be more concerned at how some factions within this administration is trying to flip America into some European union. Then you will have no freedoms.

  140. ONTIME says:

    The authorities need to post a sign and if one chooses to phtograph these rails from across the street the public property isue is still in play if the patriot act is in play, thee is no place except for being sinside a private building photographing from a window that can be consisdered not breaking a law.

    Terrorism is stealing your freedoms and this guy was right to stand his ground.

  141. Can't Fix Stupid says:

    If these pictures had resulted in some type of terrorist activity after the fact, everyone would be saying “Where were the cops?” I know many TSA and MTA Police. These agencies are now part of Homeland Security. They are only doing their jobs. With the threat of railway disturbances, I’m sure everyone is on edge. Maybe if the photographer hadn’t jumped back at the cops and just showed his ID, things may have gone differently. Hopefully, the officers will receive additional training and something like this won’t happen again.

    1. Thebes says:

      Turning the nation into a fascisto Police State is “just doing their jobs”???

      Maybe you should move to China if want to live in one.
      My forefathers shed their blood to make this a FREE nation!

    2. Mark Matis says:

      Hopefully next time the pigs will rot in hell, since it’s obvious that the swill running this country will not prosecute them for their criminal acts.

  142. Kathy says:

    You know, I ride the MTA just about every day and ever since the report came out that Bin Laden was going to target our train system, I have been worried. I am glad we have vigilant police and I commend them for trying so hard to keep us safe. Some people want to stick their heads in the sand and pretend 9-11 never happened – but it did and almost 3,000 innocent people lost their lives just going to work.

    1. Matt says:

      these cops weren’t trying to keep anyone safe. they were throwing their weight around and harrassing this man. this has nothing to do with 9/11 or terrorism. the MTA went too far and they should have to pay for their crime

  143. Matt says:

    this gang of cops is no better than the gangs that roam most the big cities in Amerca. they harrass people and act like this guy was on their turf. everyone of these criminal cops should be charged with a felony of violating his civil rights. the criminals in this video are clearly the MTA

  144. omalleystinks says:

    MTA, Maryland Tax Army.

  145. Bill says:

    The MTA seriously needs to be disbanned, alot of what they do is illegal from trying to run a convertted pick-up truck off the road (while on Hattem bridge to the entrappment in catching speeders and people with no seat belts (all while hiding behind the tolls booths). They are a waste to the tax payer’s money (arond the clock sitting doing nothing while the hattem bridge was under construction, while there is 5 other police depts that can patrol the Hattem bridge not to mention the waste they are at anyother thing they patrol. they are the rudest dept i have ever seen, one of the most under trained dept i have ever seen and to call them police is a slap in the face to any other dept that wears a badge.. MTA is over indulging, a waste of taxpayer’s money and is a danger to the citizens & guests of MD..

    1. Bill says:

      And yes I watched first hand, MTA trying to run a 1 ton converted flatbed w/ dump off the road while on the Hattem bridge cutting in front of the pick-up ending up sideways in the lane in front of the truck causing him to slam on his brake to avoid hitting the accused officer, because he didn’t stop for the scales. But when it comes to the scales the signss say all trucks over 5 tons must stop, not 1 ton

      1. Bill says:

        here’s just 1 incident of how one of MTA’s finest at work cost tax payers millions, and beleive it or not, this is an everyday thing for MTA, it’s just someone decided to take action this time and it was caught on MTA’s own camera.

  146. Damon Emanuel Hicks says:

    although I understand about peoples freedoms had this man be part of a plot to do harm, everyone would be calling for the police heads for allowing them to take then, the nations defence and security is not some toy you can take out when you feel like, and but away when you want no bother, you either want protection or you don’t make up your minds, this isn’t the comic books folks cops and soldiers don’t have super hearing or any other super powers, they can’t just come out in the nick of time an divert a crime, they have to be there day in day out, an rather you care to admit it or not taking a picture of a rail station these days is gonna get you question, if your a train hobbist let someone know then snap away, how hard would that be.

    1. Brenda Cole says:

      ANOTHER SHEEP TO THE POLICE STATE SLAUGHTER. Snapping photos isn’t threatening. You can find detailed plans and photos of things easily online. Get real people. If you are a tourist, let someone know? “You done fell and bumped you head Damon.”

  147. jEFF says:

    This is not America anymore it is metromerica we have enough problems with all outsiders coming here and taking over everything we have and getting loans and grants and opening stores and resturaunts while we have to go through a bunch of red tape and also they don’t have to pay taxes for seven years while we have to pay every year. Our government is letting this happen i say send all outsiders back where the hell they come from .

  148. Brenda Cole says:

    snapping photos is a crime now? Then post a flippin sign. What serious high tech threat could have been in the making while the “security” was focused on a tourist with a camera. And I must address the ignorance again about Muslim. Being a Muslim does not make you a terrorist. You have been mislead. The terrorists are extremists. They come in every Religion. Protestant vs Catholics in Ireland. They come in every color. Black Panthers vs KKK, they come in the shape of women and men. Terrorists are extremists. STOP DRINKING THE US MEDIA PROPAGANDA KOOL AID.! Do some research, use your common sense. I know our education system has failed many of you, our media corporations have brainwashed you. Our low quality food resources have malnourished you. You can overcome these things, but first you have to recognize the problem. Like every addiction, the propaganda addict must WANT to be weaned from his misplaced Paranoia, Your government is suspect #1, when it comes to who you should be keeping an eye on and worrying about changing your way of life and threatening your illusions of freedom. YOU ARE NOT FREE.

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