BALTIMORE (WJZ)—An elderly woman mauled by a dog on her front porch. The elderly victim is hospitalized and Animal Control has seized the dog from its owner.

Alex DeMetrick has the details on the conflicting stories from neighbors and the dog’s owner.

That pit bull is under observation while a woman believed to be in her 80s struggles to recover from the attack.  A woman neighbors say is named Athena Neofitou has lived for decades in a rowhouse on Ponca Street.

Now her blood stains the front walk.

Some neighborhood accounts have her getting mail on her front porch Friday evening when the dog attacked.

“She’s an elderly woman and when she came out to get her mail, a dog across the street, a pit bull is what we heard, ran across the street and bit her,” said Sam Kosmas, neighbor.

“We take full responsibility because it was our dog,” said Henriett Rouzer, the dog owner.

Rouzer owns the 1-year-old pit bull named Blue. She says she normally keeps it chained up inside the house, but her children let it loose to play with it. When they ran outside, the dog followed.

Rouzer says the dog encountered the elderly woman on the front walk.

“The lady must have thought he was running after her,” Rouzer said. “So she started screaming and he jumped on her and started licking her, because he thought she wanted to play.  She started smacking him.  I would too, if a dog jumped on me, and I would have been trying to defend myself.  But she was smacking him. He bit her.”

The woman was rushed to Johns Hopkins Bayview Hospital.

Rouzer says she tried to stop the woman’s bleeding until the ambulance arrived.

The extent of her injuries is unknown, although in the Greektown neighborhood, there is worry they are severe.

“One of the neighbors that I spoke to that’s only fluent in Greek said she couldn’t sleep last night because the image was so vivid in her head,” said Marianna Lerakis, neighbor.

“Me and my family, we been up all night long,” Rouzer said. “We want to know how the lady is doing.”

“She’s a very nice woman and she didn’t deserve this,” Kosmas said.

A hearing by Animal Control will likely determine the dog’s fate.

WJZ is still waiting for more information from police and Animal Control about the woman’s condition.

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  1. Kim Halligan says:

    “normally chained up in the house” yes, thats exactly how to properly care for a dog. Chalk one up to another moron giving the breed a bad name…. It’s a shame that a humans stupidity can cause such a death sentence for an animal. I hope that lady recovers, and I hope the owner of the dog never owns another animal in the future.

    1. russell wood says:

      you go kimmie stick up for your nieces breed

    2. Kim Halligan says:

      How about if you don’t know the owners of the dog don’t make comment like this. especially if you never have had a pit. And we as the owner of the dog are taking full responsibility of our dogs actions, like other we are responable people. and to let everyone know that made a commit about the dog he didn’t maul the ladies face off he just bit her lip, and he didn’t attack her to attack he jump up to her to play and she started smacking him. The news alway make more out of it then it really is but the lady is ging to be fine and we are going to pay her doctors bills. So if you don’t know us then please don’t make a commit about us. We the owners of the dog was the only one who help the lady while everyone else was standing there looking at her as the lady was talking to us. So how about that but who cares about that right all people can do is judge people how about if everyone got along this world would be a better place.

      1. Trina says:

        The comment above is To Kim Halligan

      2. josh b says:

        all pit bulls and their owners should be euthanized.

      3. Sandra Perdue says:

        So Josh B you are telling that because i one a pit bull i should be put down and so should my dog. You just showed how ingrate you a bout the breed. Yes i own a pit and a rottie neither of my dogs have ever gone after anyone.But any one coming to my house is is told that is the breed i own. Remember there are always 3 sides to every story his hers and the truth. No dog should ever have to be kept chained in the house ( to me that means you already no that the dog in mean) . And i hate to tell you that the only reason that the breed has such a bad name is because of the news only reporting about them attacking but you never hear about all the other breeds that are doing more of the attacking then pits. they have strong jaws yes but you also need to remember that most people don’t know what to do if a dog is coming at them.

      4. SallyG says:

        Sorry, people….you don’t keep a dog chained up IN THE HOUSE! Why anyone in their right mind would do that is beyond me. I don’t hear you giving any explanations for THAT, but I’ll bet you will be doing some explaining to Animal Control. If people can’t care for an animal properly, they have no business having one. If the dog is young and is kept chained up IN THE HOUSE it has a huge amount of energy pent up inside. No wonder it got out of the house and jumped on the first person it saw! It probably was never exercised outdoors, nor properly trained. The dog will probably be destroyed…this never would have happened if the animal was properly cared for and trained. God only knows what will happen to the poor lady who was the victim! I hope the owners face not only fines and legal charges, but a lawsuit from the victim as well….and also have to pay all her medical bills!!! This whole situation would never have happened if the owners had enough sense to know how to care for an animal…..and I said CARE…not chain it to a wall inside the house!

      5. Mary Sweat says:

        I praying for both u and the women! I just wish people would stop sensalizing pit bull stories media just makes it worse, I do not from reading the story think it was your dogs fault and I Pray you get your beloved family pet back , and your neighbor makes a speedy recovery and tocks it up to education on what not to do when a dog just Wants to play
        Best wishes

      6. Ric says:

        What does one have to “know” about anybody that keeps their dog “chained” INSIDE the house? I don’t have to be Cesar Millan to figure this train wreck out. Please….

    3. John Doe says:

      Once again,

      Another “stupid” pit bull owner blaming the another owner not the breed.

      Myth: It’s the owner not the breed

      The outdated debate, “It’s the owner, not the breed,” has caused the pit bull problem to grow into a 30-year old problem.1 Designed to protect pit bull breeders and owners, the slogan ignores the genetic history of the breed and blames these horrific maulings — inflicted by the pit bull’s genetic “hold and shake” bite style — on environmental factors. While environment plays a role in a pit bull’s behavior, it is genetics that leaves pit bull victims with permanent and disfiguring injury.

      The pit bull’s genetic traits are not in dispute. Many U.S. courts agree that pit bulls pose a significant danger to society and can be regulated accordingly. Some of the genetic traits courts have identified include: unpredictability of aggression, tenacity (“gameness” the refusal to give up a fight), high pain tolerance and the pit bull’s “hold and shake” bite style.2 According to forensic medical studies, similar injuries have only been found elsewhere on victims of shark attacks.

      Perpetuators of this myth also cannot account for the many instances in which pit bull owners and family members are victimized by their pet dogs. From 2005 to 2009, pit bulls killed 82 Americans, about one citizen every 22 days. 44% (36) of these attacks involved a family member and the family pit bull.4 As demonstrated by the 2009 fatal pit bull mauling of Carter Delaney, who had been the dogs’ caretaker, the genetic trait of “pit bull dog-aggression” caused his horrific death.


      1. Robert Long says:

        You are nothing but a total idiot. I own a pit bull and she is a huge baby. And also you want to look at record’s? What about black people huh? They are killing each other off and causing all kinds of crimes. So should we kill them off like the pit bull? I dont think so. Because just like judging a race by the action’s of a group of them is wrong. Judging a breed of dog based on a group of them is wrong also.

        These owners train these pit’s to attack anything that moves. And this lady beat the pit bull and made him attack her. I would have ripped her to pieces also if she started hitting me after licking her!. So really you people need to move to another country that dont allow pit’s then if you dont like it. I will stay in america where i can enjoy the love of my pit!

      2. annoyed with the media says:

        people kill…. who should we really be putting down….

      3. Dion says:

        To Robert Long – SHE DIDN’T BEAT THE DOG, SHE DIDN’T PLAY WITH THE DOG, SHE GOT AMBUSHED BY THE DOG!!!!! That is a fact!!!!!

      4. Robert Long says:

        From what was said on another webpage with a video recording of a Witness. The dog wanted to play. She flipped out and starting hitting the dog. He was trying to play. So its all her. And her lip was messed up. So big deal. Thats what she gets for attacking the dog. Self defense.

      5. Diane King says:

        You know some people are afraid of dogs and to have a pit bull jump up on them, no matter what the dog’s intentions were, is frightening. Can’t you dog people understand that this elderly woman was frightened? Of course she hit the dog, that was her natural reaction to being scared. But any dog that bites after being hit by a little old lady is a danger. I think it was just a matter of time before this dog bit someone, especially since it wasn’t being cared for properly being chained up in the house and all.

      6. Dion says:

        To Robert Long – meet me at Bayview TODAY!! YOU name the time and I will meet you – I will come out of the intensive care unit – and I will show you some pictures!!! Then I want you to look me in the eyes and tell me this is what she deserves. She was ambushed on the front porch!!!! I can be at the front entrance at whatever time you want to arrive. I want you to tell me “big deal” after viewing the pictures.

    4. Sam K says:

      Henriett Rouzer is no pillar of ANY community. Go to

      and check out this WINNER. Lets just say that anything that comes out of her mouth is questionable at best. The real criminals here are the OWNERS. Take them to the vet and have them EUTHANIZED.

      Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Athina Neofitou.

      1. Sam K says:

        Henriett Rouzer is no pillar of ANY community. Go to

        and check out this WINNER. Lets just say that anything that comes out of her mouth is questionable at best. The real criminals here are the OWNERS. Take them to the vet and have them EUTHANIZED.

        Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Athina Neofitou

  2. Ramarro L. Smith says:

    The ” breed ” has a bad name because they are vicious natured animals that should NOT be allowed in any community. CHECK THIER RECORD!!

    1. Shane Cooper says:

      i bet my next paycheck that its some mix breed thats not even full pit! nobody down the city can afford to own a true american pit bull terrier! i have a three month old son who’s best friend is my three year old full bred pit! i have babied my dog from birth and he hasnt so much as torn up a stuffed animal! and ramarro, your a moron the people make the dog what it is! if you met me and talked that propaganda, you would have more to fear from me than from my pit bull!

      1. John Doe says:

        Hey Mr. Cooper,

        I suggest you read paragraph three again:

        “That pit bull is under observation while a woman believed to be in her 80s struggles to recover from the attack. A woman neighbors say is named Athena Neofitou has lived for decades in a row house on Ponca Street.

        I bet you my paycheck this “pos” dog was not one of these breeds: Bealge, Labrador Retriever, French Poodle.

        I suggest you visit this website and learn a lot more about this breed (Pit bull terrier) –

      2. andy says:

        Your next welfare check you mean Shane Cooper & it’s only for $79 cause you done advanced your a$$ too much.

      3. jimdom says:

        Hey Shane Cooper, say bye bye to that pay check. There is no such thing as a Pit Bull breed. This is just a dog that share the same traits and characteristics such as American Staffordshire, American Pit bull Terrier, American bulldog to name a few.
        Don’t have too much faith in that dog always being safe arfound your son.

        Please don’t let another child be a statistic over other people’s stupidity.

    2. Jennifer Warwick says:

      Not all Pit Bulls are vicious animals. The only ones that attack and seriously hurt people are the ones that are bread to fight, teased etc.

      I have friends that have pit bulls and they are beautiful and sweet and good natured animals. These animals were not bread for this, it is just the way that people raise them.

      Any animal could be like this and be considered vicious by people, its just all based on how you raise them.

    3. Lara Allen Cooper says:

      I encourage you to check the facts youself. The breed is a working breed, and if you don’t know what the means, it means they work for people, including the blind, the police, and therapists.

      I’ve had this argument with WBAL before on their irresponsible reporting. Not every attack is a Pit. I’m willing to bet my pay check (and it’s pretty hefty) that this dog was mixed with something and it’s NOT Pit at all.

      I really hope you aren’t an animal owner. You don’t deserve to be loved by an animal like this.

    4. Sandra Perdue says:

      another stupid person that know nothing about the breed. If you look at the record you will see that you are wrong. there are more small do attacks then any other breed.

    5. ed says:

      Robert Long, Comparing Blacks to dogs is apples & oranges, errr maybe bananas & grapefruits. As much as I disdain Blacks moral behavior towards their own kind & other races, I’m not sure we should just put them all down. They do have some redeeming value as opposed to Pit Bulls. How do you propose to get your car washed or shoes shinned?….Get a pit bull to do it?????

    6. Mary Sweat says:

      WTG Robert my pitties are my world and you’d have to go thru me to get any of them!

  3. Kim Halligan says:

    How about we check the record of how the dog was treated and cared for prior to an incident… You can do the same thing to a Labrador and get the same result… “Vicious natured” no, more physically cabaple yes, I can agree… But I’m pretty sure my 140 lb great Dane is pretty capable too but he is socialized and not “chained up” in/outside.

  4. marie says:

    These dogs were uised as fight dogs in the old days. They are born with the instinct to attack. It doesn’t matter how nice you are to them or how they are rasised. We had a Kerry Blue when I was a child. You knew to be careful around that dog. He was used in Ireland as a fight dog.

    1. Jennifer Warwick says:

      I have friends that have these dogs and their dogs have never ever attacked anybody. It is all on how you raise and treat these animals. They aren’t born with the instinct to attack.

    2. Jennifer Warwick says:

      So what if they were used as fight dogs in the old days its all based on how they are raised and treated.

    3. Christina says:

      no Marie they are used as fight dogs today “back in the old days” they were used as nanny dogs to care for children. Know your facts before condemning a breed you know nothing about!

  5. Deb says:

    When will people learn? 2 of these pit bulls ran down and killed my sister’s dog 2 weeks ago. How much more? These dogs should be banned forever. There are too many irresponsible owners who are intent on perpetuating the fallicy that these dogs are “sweet” and “good” just to prove a point. Why would you want to walk such a dog with a studded and spiked collar around it’s neck? What message does that send? You can NEVER breed that gene out of them, no matter what. When your child’s face is forn off, then we’ll see how quickly you take up for the breed.

    1. Drew says:

      All those people that walk theses dogs with those collars are the people that shouldn’t have any dog in the first place. They have them for the intimidation and want them as “guard dogs”. They are encouraged to be fearful and aggressive, labs in the same situation are just as likely to bite a person or another dog. People keep putting the blame on the breed, its like saying if your whatever race or from where ever your more likely to kill or rob someone. Its all in their background, how they were raised and the experiences they had. A dogs brain works on association, not logic. Once they make those associations it is very hard to change them. And by the way I personally had my face chewed on by a dog as a child.

    2. Christina says:

      Deb give me a break my sister’s Chihuahua is 4 lbs and he wears a studded spiked collar should he be put down too. I am sorry for the loss of your sisters dog but to ban a breed based on a select few is ridiculous. You probably one of those people that thinks people chose their lifestyles as well right, too bad people like you can’t have the ignorant gene “bred out of you”.

  6. Kandice Ruff Brune says:

    These dogs were actually used at one time as protectors of children. My heart goes out to the elderly woman involved. It’s a sad situation- despite the breed of the dog.

  7. jimdom says:

    My son was almost killed 4 years ago by a pit bull type. Ptit bulls are not a breed but a group of dogs taht have the same characteristics in body build, etc. If you want to have the right to olwn any dog you want, then don’t make me a victim to your right. Take full accountability fo the actions of your dog. Don’t just walk away, never apologize and then file bankruptcy like this dumb ass dog owner did.

    1. Jennifer Warwick says:

      I really feal bad for you that your son was almost killed. And you are right people should take full accountability of the actions of what their dog did. But a couple weeks ago a dog attacked some children on a school bus, and that dog was not a pit bull it was a different breed of dog. So it just goes to show that any dog depending on how they are treated or raised has the temperment to do what the pit bulls do when they aren’t raised or treated right.

  8. bree says:

    It is the owners not the dog.. There is to many irresponsible people out there that own pits and this poor lady was the victim of a bad owner… I own 2 pits and they are both the best dogs I have ever had… Everyone has their own opinion on the breed but I have raised 2 from the time they came to this world and they have never given any signs of being vicious pits are the american dog once used as military dogs and also “nanny dogs” any dog if you were to train to fight would do it dogs are “mans best friends” for a reason they are here to please they do what the owner wants them to do my opinion pit bulls are not vicious they are amazing dogs that have a terrible rep. If there were more responsible people out there that owned them people would soon see the good they have. What if a lab would attack someone would we hear that? No probably not I really hope for a speedy recovery for this lady and hope these owners now understand what they did to this dog was not right and hope they serve the consequences.

    1. Brian says:

      No matter how you raise them it’s still in there blood to be attack dogs. That is their evolution of how they were bread and you can never take it out. END OF STORY!!!!

  9. Dr. Bob says:

    1 Year old. That’s pretty much still a puppy.

    Must have been a slow news day.

    1. Lila Kay says:

      ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? This woman is dying and you dont think its worth mentioning this on the news??

      1. Christina says:

        She is NOT dying the media played that up, she has a small hole in her lip. I doubt it even took stitches stop being such a drama queen. Yeah it sucks she got bit, but it was a puppy it was nothing more than a harmless nibble, because if it wanted as all dogs can it could have bit off her lip, or tore out her throat.

      2. snoopydoop03 says:

        The Woman is not dying she got bit on the lip, make sure you know really what your talking about.

      3. snoopydoop03 says:

        I am the owner of the dog that bit the woman and if your were not on the seen of the accident then you really need not apply. I am so sick of everyone saying the woman is dying, she is not dying and get the truth about the situation. We were good owners of out dog blue but no one has to worry about this dog anymore because he has payed with his life to this woman and now everyone can shut the hell up about my family’s dog.
        Maybe everyone should make a big deal about the little girl who got her face completely ripped off.

      4. Dion says:

        To Christina, I have been with mom in the ICU since Friday. For you to comment that it was a “harmless nibble” and that she probably took “no stiches,” says a lot about you. I’m not even going to go into details in regards to her arm that is broken into two places, her mauled left ear, and her crushed hand. As a result of the “harmless nibble”, the doctors had to reconstruct her face. That took 6 hours to do. They had to create a new mouth for her, as that was their number one objective. They had to cut skin around the creases of her nose, and draw it down her face and under her chin. She now has a “microstoma,” which means she has a small mouth. It is half the size that it was, prior to Friday’s vicious attack. She has a feeding tube in her stomach, as well as a tracheotomy. It will be 2 – 3 months before she can eat solid food, and she will have to relearn how to swallow, and to eat solid food. The dog went for her throat. He was trying to kill her. At this time, she is in high risk for pneumonia and for infection. It will be weeks before she will be able to come out of the hospital, and at 78 years of age, rehab is going to be difficult. Lila Kay is not being “a drama queen.” Mom is also a diabetic, and she has high blood pressure. God forbid that she dies.

        To the dog’s owner: I know it was you son’s dog. You have said plenty. Keep talking, keep putting yourself in the media, and all over the news. The only VICTIM here is my mother. HOW DARE YOU MINIMIZE HER INJURIES!!!! HOW DARE YOU SAY IT WAS A “SPLIT LIP AND A HAND BITE?????? All the letters you want to write, all the things you want to say, make no difference to me. The letter you gave to Jason, I have no interest in reading, as you have said plenty. No one feels sorry for the dog. I am not mad at the dog. The dog had to be put down, because it almost killed a human being. He was going for her throat!!! Another 2 inches and she would have been DEAD! And you had the nerve to file papers Friday night!!! You couldn’t wait to get him back!!! The nerve of you!!!! You were no doubt MOTIVATED to put him down. And no, she is not going to FEEL better as a result of it. You are damn lucky you spared my family the hearing to show that it was a vicious attack. I am not mad at the dog. As a good citizen, I couldn’t bear the thought of releasing the dog back out to the public, where he could maul another innocent person, perhaps a child the next time. And you know it was unprovoked. The only way mom would have hit a dog would be DEFENSIVELY. We own a dog, and she wants nothing to do with it. She is scared of dogs. A huge dog like yours – I’ve been told he was 60 pounds plus – would have terrified her upon sight!!!! She punched the dog!!!PLEASE!! The only way she would have done that would be to KEEP HIM OFF OF HER THROAT. Going forward, be responsible as to what you say, and at a minimum – UNDERSTAND THE EXTENT OF HER INJURIES, AND DON’T YOU DARE MINIMIZE THEM!!! Any reasonable person, realizes that mom wouldn’t be in the INTENSIVE CARE UNIT this long, if it was a simple bite on the lip. It is really sad that you were there, you saw first hand the injuries. Perhaps through the massive amount of blood she was losing, perhaps through the massive amount of blood on her face, you couldn’t see how devastating the injury was. You didn’t see her lip on the ground!!!! They couldn’t even reattach it!!! The dog had her face in his mouth!!!

        Now you know clearly the extent of her injuries. I have no agenda to over dramatize how severe they are. But I sure as hell am not going to sit here on the sideline, and allow you to minimize the severity of her condition. I pray she makes it out of this hospital.

  10. Tracy S. says:

    A puppy that is normally kept chained up in the house? Yeah, that’s being responsible. I truly wish that stupid people would stop getting animals, regardless of the breed. It makes us responsible pit bull owners have to fight even harder for our dogs. I hope and pray that this poor woman’s injuries heal and recover well and that these owners never have another animal again. And I have to add to everyone who thinks pit bulls should be banned – especially the person who believes this because too many irresponsible people are drawn to them – if not the pit bull, it would be another breed, and has been in the past (German Shepherds, Dobermans, Rottweilers, etc). If we followed that rule, eventually, every breed would be banned. Pit Bulls are not born mean, vicious or to be attack dogs. They are victims of poor leadership and ownership and abuse, and unfortunately innocent people become victims as a result of ignorant and irresponsible PEOPLE. Stricter laws and consequences as well as humane education for all children is the only way to begin to combat this problem.

    1. williejoe says:

      Dion, You need a vacation. This s…..t is getting too personal! Both of the owners should get rid of the P.B. They are bred for one reason only.

      1. Dion says:

        Willie Joe, what if this was YOUR mother? Tell me, how would YOU feel??? And you are right. I do need a vacation. Unfortunately, I am spending mine in the Intensive Care Unit, and have been since last Friday when our 78 year old mother got mauled.

      2. williejoe says:

        Dion, I’m sorry that your mom has to go through this. I sincerely hope she has a full recovery.

      3. Dion says:

        Thank you for understanding, and for the well wishes. Our family appreciates it.

  11. Robert Long says:

    I am so sick of stupid people owning pit bull’s to give them a bad name. They mess up there kid’s lives then they mess up the dog’s life also. There kid’s grow up to be drug dealers and killer’s and there pit’s grow up to be killer’s. But the pit bull’s keep the rep of a killer but the kids dont. I do not see that as fair.

    Because i have a pit and she is the biggest baby in the world. She would only eat a fly LOL. She is like a little kid. Always wanting to sleep under the covers and in bed with you. And cuddling up to you all the time and always giving you kiss’s. And always smile’s and is just such a sweet dog.

    She has never hurt anyone or even thought about it. If someone ran up to her and started beating her up she would just submit and take it because thats how she is…

    Then you got these people who train them to attack everything on sight… It’s not the breed. It’s the dog. It’s not ok to judge people by race why is it ok to judge by breed? The owner is responsible for the dog being a killer. And i think they should make a new law that gives stiff punishment to the owner of the dog for the attack. And jail time even and i bet you it would happen alot less. Because dog specialists can tell if a dog is a fighting dog or it was a random weird thing that happened. or self defense or something like that…. And if its found that the dog is trained as an attack dog. It should be put down right away regardless of breed. And the owner should face jail time and be banned to own any dog ever again. And if they are found to own one.. They are jailed again.

    Why is this so hard? Just think about it and it will not happen any more! Man these law makers need to focus on this stuff and not how to charge 4 dollar’s more for the tunnel use and key bridge and how to charge 6 dollar’s more for the bay bridge. Man!

    1. Dion says:

      I’m not mad at the dog. I have no pity or malice towards it. It needs to be put down and it is going to be put down. I own a dog, and I love animals. I put 100% of the blame on the owners of the dog. He made a beeline from his porch, his crossed Ponca Street, he climbed two sets of concrete steps and ambushed Mrs. Neofitou!!! He never tried to lick or play with her. He was HOT when he left his porch. THESE ARE THE FACTS!!!! The dog’s owner has changed her story half a dozen times. HER INITIAL ACCOUNT WAS THAT MRS. NEOFITOU FELL DOWN HER STEPS, AND SHE RAN OVER TO “HELP HER”. THEN SHE SAID THE DOG FOLLOWED HER, GOT CONFUSED, AND ATTACKED. THE BUS STOP SHE SAID HER KIDS WERE GOING TO, WERE ON THE SAME SIDE OF THE STREET AS HER HOUSE. THEY NEVER CROSSED OVER!!! THE DOG HAD NO BUSINESS CROSSING THE STREET – BY HIMSELF – AND DOING WHAT HE DID.

  12. TJN72 says:

    The city needs to make the owners put up a cash liability bond and if found with out one put owner in jail. It is amasing that most of the owners are on welfare and collect food stamps. Meaning that they cannot feed and cloth there children but own a pitbull.

    1. Brian says:

      ain’t that the truth

  13. Cathy says:

    I feell bad for the lady but as with any person and dog if you hit an animal or kick him they will retaliate,.what I read was first the dog started licking the lady and then she got scared,the dog is only 1 yr old and most likely I agree it was a mixed.I have pleanty of dogs in my neighborhood that looks like pits because of there face and large head,for one thing why chain the dog inside,I guess I am sticking up for both,putting people dow because they on food stamos or whatever is wrong,I am on food stanps and I live in a really good neighbor hood,I lost my job and my employer refused benefits so I had no money coming in,so that has nothing to do with this,As far as the breed before they get adopted out the owners need to be checked,where they live,how are they going to be kept,if out side do they have a dog house etc,I am just saying you cannot always blame the dog,watch pit boss you will understand.

    1. Lila Kay says:

      She did not hit the animal that was a big fat lie! The lady came out to get her mail and before she could turn around at her fragile age, her head was in the dogs mouth! ! the lady is in an induced coma and her jaw was picked up the sidewalk.. really?? the dog just bit her lip uh?? WOW great remorse! She will be lucky to live as she is getting worse and worse!

  14. pigeon says:

    Okay let’s do this bit by bit.
    1. The lady’s mailbox is attached to the front of her house and you have to go onto the porch to gain access to it. The initial report/article said the dog dragged her onto the sidewalk. I believe the dog did drag her off the porch since it’s evident a “part” of the attack occurred on the sidewalk. I do not believe the owner’s allegation that the dog “encountered” the victim on the sidewalk. Bet she lies for her kids wrong doings also!
    2. The dog is a friendly dog. Then why did the owner say she “kept it CHAINED in the house? Friendly my butt!
    3. “The lady must have thought he was running after her,” Rouzer said. “So she started screaming and he jumped on her and started licking her, because he thought she wanted to play. She started smacking him. I would too, if a dog jumped on me, and I would have been trying to defend myself. But she was smacking him. He bit her.” Total BS – anyone stupid enough to believe this “bull” story will believe anything.
    4. Having a history of being a “working dog” doesn’t mean squat. There are at least 100 breeds of “working dogs” and you don’t hear anything about them attacking people for no known reason.
    5. You can say Pit Bulls (and American Bull Dogs) are good pets, but 90% of the owners don’t have them or train them to be “family pets”; much the opposite. Owners have caused their own problems with public outrage and hatred for these animals.
    6. Remember back in the days when the public felt the same about Doberman’s?
    7. The dog has attacked – needs to be put down so it doesn’t attacked again.
    8. Oh yeah – the dog ran out of the house, across the street, to “play” with and lick the lady?!
    9. The owner can lie ’til the cows come home – no one in their right mind will believe her.

    1. andy says:

      Pigeon, You bore the s……t outa us. Don’t pigeons belong on bridges or taking a s…..t somewhere?

      1. pigeon says:

        Pound sand. And you know what we pigeons do to idiots like you who are standing around and do nothing. Plop Plop! Got ya! So now you know where I took that s–t!
        And, if you don’t like reading my comments, to which I am entitled to “air”, DO NOT READ THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Ridiculous says:

      I know one of the owners of this dog. and as she said if that dog was in attack mode they would not have been able to get the dog off of this woman! The dog was not CHAINED up to a damn pillar in the house, the dog was chasing 2 girls that lived in the house across the street. All of you people lying make me sick. The breed is not vicious unless trained that way, in this case it takes more than a year to make a pitbull vicious! So shut up and ya’ll mind your business!

      1. Andy says:

        Pigeon, Heh heh, You’re showing your age. “Pound sand”? That is sooooo yesterday grammar school…….SMD!

  15. Amber Asimenios says:

    This was a nice quiet neighborhood where elderly women could go out and get their mail and be safe. I grew up in this neighborhood for 35 years. I have passed by this woman my entire life. I hope she is going to be alright physically and mentally. A dog playing or not could really do harm to an 80 yr old. Weather it be a child’s mistake or adults this should not have happened. All of the “I’m sorry’s” in the world are never going to make this situation right. Stay focused people an elderly woman could have lost her life, or broke a hip and been disabled for the rest of her life. I don’t really care about the breed of the dog, the fact that it happened is enough.

    1. snoopydoop03 says:

      and ill the im sorry will never bring my family dog back either.

      1. Dion says:

        No one is sorry the dog got put down. No reasonable human being would ever agree that it would be good idea to introduce this dog back into society, where it could maul another human being. Unregistered, no veterinary care, no shots, and it goes on and on. The dog’s death is a consequence of many things, none which are his fault. The ONLY victim here is mom.

      2. Diane King says:

        Your family dog? You cared so much for that family dog that it wasn’t registered, didn’t have it’s shots or vet care, and wasn’t trained on how to behave properly. The 1st chance it gets it runs out in the street and attacks your neighbor. Yeah, you really loved that dog. Get a clue. Responsible dog owners who love their dog invest time and money in their animal, unlike yourself.

  16. DaRedNeckKing says:

    When are you people gonna wake up, this breed of dog should be renamed “The Gatlin Gun”, because they tear down everything in their path!!!!!!! You won’t be happy until it’s either you or someone in your family!!!!! DO YOU PEOPLE KNOW THAT THEY USE THESE DOGS TO CAPTURE WILD HOGS IN THE DARK.. HUMANS DON’T STAND A CHANCE AGAINST THEM!!!!!

    1. Ridiculous says:

      ITS NOT THE DOG ITS THE OWNER! I have a friend who owned 3 pitbulls and she has a son who climbed and pulled at these dogs to his little hearts content, them dogs NEVER EVER once attempted to even snap at him. So read up on your information because I know many people who own pitbulls and have young children and they’ve never attempted to hurt their kids. If your going to own a pitbull you first have to know how to raise one. Have a good day.

  17. Brian says:

    They should be illegal to own, 90% of the time when you hear about a dog attack it’s because of a pitt bull. THEY ARE BREAD TO BE THAT WAY NO MATTER HOW YOU RAISE THE DOG IT’S THERE INSTINCT TO ATTACK. There is no if ans or butts about it. The whole damn species shoudl be wiped out.

  18. What? says:

    I own a Boston Terrier. Sweetest dog in the world. Doesn’t bark, smart as a whip, and friendly as can be. However, back in the day, Boston Terriers were bred as fighting dogs too. There is a part of me that believes you can breed the fight out of any dog since it was done with the Boston. Irresponsible breeding and the ghetto mentality with pits is why the fight will never be bred out of them.

  19. Georgia says:

    I have known Ms. Athena for most of my life. I can guarantee you she did not want to play with this dog or even be licked by it. Quite simply. this dog attacked her.
    My thoughts and prayers are with Ms. Athena and her family. I pray for her speedy recovery

    1. JQP says:

      oh right, Georgia, and the baby pit bull should have known that.

      1. Georgia says:

        Yeah, it should have known that because this lady did nothing to attract the dogs attention…baby or not.

  20. Megan says:

    Are you serious?! What the owner failed to mention was that her heartless children sat there and watched it all happen and didn’t help the elderly women. These people need some serious help. They can’t even handle themselves properly what makes them think they are capable of handling a dog that has instincts to kill. I hope the dog is euthanized and the owners and her kids are put away for a long long time for letting this happen.

    1. snoopydoop03 says:

      dont bring my children in this, because our child is the one who took the dog from the lady, we were the only ones to help the lady because your neighbors did nothing but sat there just looking at her instead of helping her, about the towel that was used was from us the owners of the pit. this situation is not just about the pit its about us being black and a bi racial family in this community. Like that was said to our faces, (the greek dont want trash ass people like us in there community) honey we all bleed the same color if i last not checked.

  21. Darrius says:

    I have a 16 month old red nose pit bull terrier that’s not aggresive in any way. I tought my dog not to bark at ppl or run after anyone. I play with my pitt everyday and he knows the difference between us playing and someone attacking. Overall he’s still a baby but very protective and obediant to me. I can even take him to the park and unleash him and he won’t bother no one.

  22. Darrius says:

    A lot of yall should really be ashamed of yourselves to actually keep trynna ban this dog and lock us owners up. What about when the news say it was a pitbull when its really not. Example/ someone from dundalk was attacked a couple months ago reported to be a pit bull when it really wasn’t even a pit. Pit bulls are very friendly dogs as long as you raise and treat them right.

  23. jane doe says:

    If the owner of the dog is so concerned why did she sit on the front porch yesterday having a great timewith her friends or family?

    1. Crystal says:

      That Is NONE Of Your Buisness !

  24. Ross says:

    Ok lets get it stright….for every bad dog theres a good one….I don’t believe there are any bad pits…I do believe the breed can and shou;d be trained by its master…If only the news people would report on the good dogs as well as the bad ones it may even up…..why not blame the kids in this family for letting the dog out….and this woman hit the dog for licking her??One last thing does anyone know that german sheperds kill more people that pitties….when was the last time you heard about any shepard killings? I do hope this old woman gets better but I also hope this dog is shown mercy ….

  25. Joe says:

    Call all the hospitals and find out how many people are clinging to life twist weekend after beig attacked by a lab. You idiots that claim it’s the media make me sick.

    To the owner of this animal, when you claim you are taking full responsibility for this attack, the ambulance ride is going to cost someone about 400 dollars and the bills add up from there. Get your check book out and orepareto take “responsibility”.

  26. Can't Fix Stupid says:

    Sandra Perdue did you go to school? WOW! I’ve never seen such spelling. If you can’t spell or know proper grammar don’t post your worthless comments people.

    To the rest of the Pit Bull owners, get over yourselves. Your dogs are a danger and you know it.

  27. love pit bulls says:

    Anyone who loves animals and cares for life should completely avoid reading any of these comments….

    a dog acts mostly on instinct, human beings know better and yet they SEEK TO HARM intentionally… you “people” who want to kill these dogs because the media only reports on pit bull attacks are the ones who are dangerous and sociopathic.

  28. JQP says:

    exactly, sandra, they said all that was necessary about this dog’s life…”we usually keep him chained up in the house”… nice. I love pits. they are great. I know a zillion of them and have never seen them attack… but then, all the owners I know are compassionate, disciplined people who treat their dogs like part of the family, not a piece of furniture.

  29. Mary Sweat says:

    Why everytime theirs a bite story the only ones that get sensationalized are the pitties? big news story , breaking news, bla bla bla! Its so ridiculous not all pitties are vicious and not all other breeds of dog are nice lovey puppies either…
    You have to take on a case by case basis and stop all pitty bashing for crying out loud’

  30. Angel says:

    Our Prayers are with you M’s Athena. Who in the hell keep a dog chain in a house, the kids let the dog out BS. Now Lets stop talking about the dog, because We people train dogs they don’t train us. Now days there are a lot of dog owners that don’t give a damn about their dogs. Most get dogs when they are a puppy because they think oh so cute. Wake up People, do not get a dog if you are not willing to train and respect the dog. I have founded many dogs on the street in Maryland, because low life owner let them go once they get older because their don’t want the responsibly anymore. To all you so called dog owners that really don’t have time for a dog., PLEASE DO NOT GET ONE BECAUSE THEY ARE CUTE!!!

  31. Dion says:

    You all need to know the facts, and here they are:
    1. The dog’s owner is a liar, as she has changed her story at least a half a dozen times. Her initial story was that Athina fell down the steps, and as she ran over to “help her,” the dog followed and got confused and attacked her. The notion that the dog “licked” Athina is far from the truth. Athina did not like dogs, did not like to play with dogs, did not like to be licked by dogs. Her son has a 7 pound Maltese, and she doesnt like to be around it. She doesn’t hold it, and she doesn’t play with it.
    2. She was conscious throughout the whole attack, she never passed out, she never blacked out. Her ACCURATE account was that she came out on her front porch to get her mail, when this dog CLAMPED her left arm!!!! Her left arm is broken in two places above the wrist!!! She then said that he dragged her down two flights of steps, and took her to the ground. At that point he dragged her towards the mailbox at the corner of Ponca and Fait. He mauled her face, knocked the bottom of her dentures out of her mouth, when he clamped his jaws against her lower lip, and RIPPED her lip and a huge chuck of flesh off of her face. He then bit her left ear, and also crushed the fingers on her left hand.
    3. She doesn’t know how the dog got off of her. She was left ALONE wailing that “the dog ate me, the dog ate me” , until some neighbors came. The dog’s owner and her family stood on the porch across the street WATCHING the entire episode. When the ambulance got there, her teeth, her necklace, her lower lip with the flesh hanging off of it where all on the pavement. Her face and arms were a bloody mess.
    4. As of this email, she is being kept alive by a breathing machine, under a medically induced coma. Intense reconstructive facial surgery was a success, as the surgeons had to reconstruct a functional mouth for her! Her left arm is in a cast, with pins holding it together. She has a breathing tube in her mouth, and another tube in her nose!
    5. The family is not mad a the dog. Their feeling is that the dog did was it was trained to do. He made a beeline from him porch, down two flights of steps, across Ponca street, climbed two flights of steps, and took her down!! This was an unprovoked attack!!!! The dog was HOT when he left his house!
    6. The dog will be quarantined for 10 days. The dog’s owners filed a petition on the night of the incident, to get the dog back. Athina’s family will have to go to a hearing to show that this is a vicious dog, and should not be allowed the opportunity to do this again. They are dog owners as well, the love animals, but this animal is now a menace to society, and needs to be euthanized.. I stress again, they are not mad at the dog. They have no pity or malice on it, but the right thing to do is to put it down.
    7. Athina’s family was mortified when they saw that the dog was CHAINED to a pilar inside the house. That is not how you treat an animal!!! The police thought the dog to be in the 80 pound range. How can anyone keep a dog that size chained up all day inside a house???
    8. Athina has to beat pneumonia, beat the risk of infection, and at 79 years old has a long road back to recovery. Her mouth has been reconstructed, and is now half the size it was before this vicious attack. All of the prayers, love and support from everyone are really appreciated.
    9. Those accountable will be brought to justice, to fullest letter of the law.

    1. williejoe says:

      How come you Spoonies always have a story or an excuse for your abhorrent behavior?

  32. Dewey says:

    And so the story goes…. “someone attacked” by a dog, let alone a pit bull. Really people?? Dogs in general are mans best friends. Again it goes back to those who own them and how they treat the; but also those who fears animals and how they interpret an attack.. What is an attack to some, is truly a friend approach.

    1. Dion says:

      THIS WAS NOT A FRIENDLY APPROACH!!!! WHEN THE FACTS COME OUT, YOU WILL SEE THAT THIS DOG AMBUSHED ATHINA!!!! She is a 79 year old woman who got blindsided by a pit bull!!!!! Although she feared dogs, she had NO TIME TO REACT!!!! The dog’s owner is a liar, as it will come out that she has changed her story several times!!! The blame is not towards the dog!!! The problem with this breed is that it bites 3 times as hard as a German Shepherd!!! Consequently the potential damage they inflict is devastating!!! I agree with that it goes back to the owner and how it treats the dog. What would your viewpoint be if you knew for a fact that this dog was a trained attack dog, and it was given an ATTACK order by it’s owners??? The fact that the owners watched the attack from their porch and DID NOTHING TO HELP HER AS SHE SAT BLEEDING TO DEATH TELLS YOU ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE OWNERS!!!!!! Now they are trying to gain sympathy for themselves and for the dog???????

      1. Diane King says:

        Put the dog down and bring charges against the owners. They sound like pathetic excuses for human beings and negligent in every way with regard to this incident.

    2. jimdom says:

      Huh? Yeah, I can see how almost getting your face almost ripped off, enduring 6 hrs. surgery, etc. can be considered a friendly approach.

  33. Dion says:

    The dog was also unregistered, and had not received any shots whatsover. Athina took a series of shots for rabies at each bite point. The majority of the shots she took around her mouth, in every puncture wound on her arm, and on her ear. Even though she was shot up full of morphine, she screamed in pain every time the needle went in her.

  34. Frankie says:

    It is very socking that people care more about a dog or a breed then actually a human life. Even after the last writer gave us what I believe to be accurate information about the victim ( and o referring to tue lady that lost her face) not the owner of the dog that some see as a victim. People are still defending this animal. This is a close community with many children Playing outside. This animal should never come back and if it does and hurts anyone else after the facts are given at the hearing then city hall should be held responsible and neglegent charges should be filed against the city.
    As far as “playing” this animals own family did not trust the dog. I mean I do not keep lab chained up on my house. Again fact she said on her interview they kept it
    1. Animal needs to be put down.
    2. Investigation needs to be concluded.
    3. Owners need to be investigated to see if this dog was a “protector” of illegal activity.
    4. People of Baltimore need to care more about people then dogs and trees.

    1. Dion says:

      The information I’ve provided is 100% accurate. Channel 2 this morning will update Athena’s medical condition. I went balistic last night when I saw the dog’s owner say on TV that the dog “split Athena’s lip and bit her arm.” Really??? That is why the woman is in intensive care on a breathing machine this morning. That is why she had to endure 6 hours of surgery so far. You have got to be kidding me. I am as close to this as one can get. Athena is getting two procedures today. A tracheostomy, and then they are going to insert a feeding tube in her stomach, that she will have for the next 2 – 3 months.

      1. What? says:

        Dion, I pray for the recovery of Athena. She didn’t deserve what happened to her. I pray that she will be mentally strong enough to cope with this horrific attack while she is on the road to recovery.

  35. whatnow says:

    This all comes back to dog fighting. It is a culture that we will never be able to change. Some people are idiots and will always be idiots. Can you imagine having children and having a vicious dog in your house chained up? That is barbaric.

  36. marian says:

    could someone explain to wjz what the meaning of the word “maul” is. if this lady had been mauled she would have had dozens of bites. but if only her lip was bit then she was bitten. please use the proper word when doing a story. and as for the dog being a pit you all need to go back in the 50’s and 60’s and read ALL the stories of attacks by german sheperds and dobermins. they too were at one time the “killer” breed. i did a paper on attack dogs for college and the research taught me alot about dogs and in breeding. the pits doing the attacking and bitting and mauling today are in breds and not true pits.

    1. Dion says:


      1. Dion says:


  37. athina says:

    Hey Robert Long. I hope that someday you know what its like to see your sweet little grandmother struggle to talk to you bc she doesn’t have a lip as she hangs on for her life. I hope you cry all night long and I hope she didn’t deserve it. I hope she’s 78 and weak and fears dogs. I hope you’re her name sake and love her more than your right arm. I hope her sister died a month ago and she’s too upset to deal with this too. I hope your pit bull is chained inside your house with your children. I hope that it plays the way this one “played.” My six pound maltese doesn’t play this way. and I hope the only thing that keeps your sanity is watchong her next breath. you. ignorant. animal. keep your mouth shut is my only advice because you are the most uneducated idiot I know of.

  38. A Friend says:

    Athina (name sake) – Well said Athina. Don’t spend time responding to ignorant people, (meant truly for the the people who know not what are talking about). Your friends/family know what a horrible struggle this is for you all. We are all praying for your grandmother and praying for you, your mother, and family to have strength in this time.

  39. Harry says:

    Having your entire bottom lip torn while even more facial damages and more damage to her broke arm is not anything light. This is a problem.

  40. Tina says:

    This event is a terrible tragedy. The owner of the dog needs to realize that this attack could easily have happened to one of her own children. EXCEPT, a small child may have been mortally wounded by this attack! I don’t understand why this woman is choosing to defend this dog, she witnessed his aggressive attack on another human being. She should be mortified and scared to be around that animal. I love my dogs, but if they ever attacked a person in that way, I would NOT want them back in my house. I would always fear the dog would try to “play” again, AND would he kill next time? Please, no more excuses for this dog’s violent act!
    Respect that there is a Mother, Grandmother in the ICU tonight fighting to survive this terrible incident. Respect the family, please!!!

  41. jimdom says:

    It’s the dog. Yes, the owner can make it worse but not all dogs maul even with the worst of owners.

  42. anon says:

    christina- yes. there might be a tiny hole in her lip. we wouldnt know what her lip looks like bc it isn’t attached to her FACE.

    everybody who doesn’t know what’s going on JUST SHUT UP.

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