BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Family and friends of the youngest victim of a quadruple shooting gathered to say farewell Saturday as the search for 12-year-old Sean Johnson’s killer continues. 

Gigi Barnett takes a look at how the boy is helping others, even in death.

Johnson was sitting on a friend’s porch last week, watching a basketball game on television, when someone opened fire.  One of the bullets hit Johnson, piercing his head and leaving him brain dead.

As police search for the gunman, his family and friends gathered at the First Apostolic Faith Church in East Baltimore to say goodbye.

“He’ll never get to graduate from high school, walk across that stage, to go to prom, to even fill out college applications.  It’s just so sad and senseless that we have to go through this,” said Sean’s aunt, Dionne Knight.

Sean’s family and friends believe he would have done it all.  The 12-year-old was a model student at Montebello Elementary/Middle School.

“He was not a troublemaker.  He was an A student in school, always helping somebody,” said his aunt, Delores Brown.

Even helping in death.  Sean was an organ donor.

“He would have wanted to help somebody, even in this situation. We look at it like he died so somebody may have another chance at life,” Brown said.

“This needs to be a change moment in Baltimore City,” said Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke.

Clarke has kept close contact with Johnson’s family.  She’s also keeping a close eye on the police investigation to find Johnson’s killer, but information is slow.

“I think things will get solved,” she said.

Detectives have few leads and, as they search for suspects, they’re also looking for witnesses who can provide a break in the case.

City detectives say anyone with information can call Metro Crime Stoppers at 1-866-7-LOCKUP.

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  1. RB says:

    If you have the killer and its 100% positive I still do not understand why and this is a general comment, but why life in prison is even an option. Should they not understand the torture a family is going through? So let’s water board them, or give a placebo lethal injection and make them understand your life can end at any moment. I understand how a family may forgive someone who took a loved one as it will eat at you the rest of your life. Heck, just someone dying of natural causes or a disease is hard enough let alone some “jerk” doing this to a individual family member.

    If they want to hurt and kill so much maybe they should be taken to a war zone and have them fight for the US and if they live maybe they go free.

  2. Sheilah She-She Harden says:

    LET’S PRAY 4 OUR BABY’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE CHANGE 1TH START WITH US THEN THE CHANG BEGAIN N THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Billiam says:


  3. G Modlin says:

    It is just unbelievable to me that anyone can have no feelings about the value of life and why the death of a 12 yr old innocent boy is bearable for the killer to tolerate at all.
    Exterminate these things that have no soul.

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