BALTIMORE (WJZ)—August-like temperatures have a grip on Maryland. A heat advisory is in effect for much of the area, and we hit triple digits. 

Derek Valcourt has more on how people are coping in the torrid temperatures.

Heat so thick you can see it. Everyone’s got a word for it: humid, barbeque, sticky, deadly weather.

Deadly, indeed. Already two Marylanders have died in the severe temperatures. Many others are struggling to get by.

“This is balmy I’m not ready for this,” said one man. “This is a little too early. I’m expecting this around late June or August.”

“Everyone’s sweating just upon going outside, so it’s really bad– just  awful,” said one woman.

In southern Maryland, an outdoor field trip turned dangerous when several students became sick in the heat and humidity. At least eight students from Charles County were hospitalized.

Heat illness is such a concern that Baltimore City and Baltimore County schools decided to close early. Students rushed home to get inside.

“We barely even coming out now,” said one young man. “We usually outside all day.”

It’s even worse for firefighters–loaded up in heavy protective gear while battling smoke and flames.

And they aren’t the only ones suffering while working outside.

“It’s like being in hell,” said a concrete worker.

Lots of water and lots of frequent breaks–the only way concrete workers stay cool in the baking sun.

“We just poured this one load of concrete about 20 minutes ago and it’s hard already.  It usually take about three to four hours,” the concrete worker said.

Even fitness buffs say this heat is just too much for an outdoor workout.

“Stay cool. Stay in the shade,” said a fitness buff.  “You don’t want to be out running this time of the day in these temperatures, so run inside if you got a gym or something like that.”

“I think we need some cool air,” one person said.

“Hopefully in the next couple of days get some rain,” said another.

So far there have been no major problems, though there are reports of some outages in the Anne Arundel County area.

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  1. sheriff says:

    Where’s the white kids in this picture?…..How about a few Hispanics at least or are they all tired from swimming across the Rio Grande river into the U.S. illegally?

    1. MeLinda says:

      We use the city pools constantly. It costs $1.50 whether you are white or African American. We LOVE the city pools!

  2. eastside Nae Nae says:

    Why would yu say that. Them pools are in the city. Everybody got there but unlike sum white ppl not all black ppl have pools in their yard

  3. cms827 says:

    The white kids do not have any pools in their area. When riding out of the city I ride past Cherry Hill of course they have a lovely pool. White kids are not that fortunate.

    1. MeLinda says:

      If you are riding by, then pack a swimsuit and a $1.50. The pool is great and open to ANYONE, regardless of race. We LOVE city pools!!! And yes, the city should have many more.

  4. LaDasha says:

    Most white people have pools in their yard and don’t need community pools like inner city folks. I think it is time for us to get more benefits from the government. White kids are very fortunate and have everything they need.

    1. commonsense says:

      More benefits? Are you crazy.

      Here is an idea…if you want a pool for your house…get an education and a job that gives you the chance to purchase one.

      What more benefits should be given to ANY race in this country? We already feed, house, transport, educate, and give cell phones to “those in need”.

      And someone actually thinks people are entitled to POOLS?

      People like this is why the economy is tanked and why there will be no middle class in America left in 5 years…and oddly enough the middle class are who this country was built around.

      Stop leeching off you fellow citzens.

      1. lovecommonsense says:

        OMG I’m standing up applauding your comeback to LaDasha’s comment! How ignorant is she? I could not have said it better myself! Good Job!!!!

    2. sheriff says:

      That is the very essence of your problem. Your race has been on the dole & entitlement programs for so long it has become a way of life for Blacks. Welfare breeds a sense of “I want it & I want it now”. Sorry Spoonie, the world doesn’t work like that at least outside of Baltimore anyway. Try getting good grades & an education in college then a good job so you can afford to buy what you want & oh won’t you be surprised when you see your take home pay with all those deductions that will be paying for your cousins & other porch monkey friends. Lazy pig.

  5. Dundalkman says:

    The most spoiled and pampered race in history.

  6. cms827 says:

    Inner city folks really!!! I know alot of “white inner city folks” that do not have pools.
    I am sure if you inner city folk start crying to the government you will all be entitled to pools in your yard, would not surprise me you get everything else handed to you…..

  7. sheriff's mom says:

    Please disregard my son SHERIFF’S racist rants. The ceiling fan in our trailer is on the blink and it gets him upset. We’ll take the fanbelt off the tractor and get it going again. On top of that, he just found.d out his daddy is our neighbor’s black labrador.

  8. sheriff says:

    Sheriff’s remarks may be racist but they are accurate & true. You on the other hand probably live at the botton of that Pool. the GENE pool that is. Thugs blacks, the 12 to 35 yr olds with the sense of entitlement & the hapless momma’s like you are warped beyond help. The only think that can be done in your sake Coon head is to flush the pool & sanitize it completely. Whites unite, stamp out blight.

  9. sheriff says:

    The government gives pools, cell phones, welfare checks, free medical care, food stamps, education all in order that the natives won’t have an uprising in the summers like they did starting in L.A.Watts section, Detroit, Philly, Balto, D.C. & every major city in the country. It’s nothing but a great big con & buy off to keep the natives under control. Frankly, I’d like to see Marshal law with curfews & anyone caught out after dark without proper I.D. would be arrested. Those resisting, shot on site. I can guarantee you folks it would so quiet in east & west Balto, you could hear a mouse fart.

  10. Doug says:

    Well,that’s one way for the locals to both get their spring bath,
    and relieve themselves,all in one.
    One large yellow kiddie pool,by days’ end.

  11. Ruzz says:

    “We barely even coming out now,” said one young man.” We usually outside all day.”

    Maybe you should be in class studying grammar instead.

  12. Amanda Plaine says:

    for LaDasha, starting off by slapping your mother for name you LaDasha here’s an idea get off your rear end get and education, get a job & buy your own damn pool. Guess what I was born in the city got my self an education, good job and do you think I have money for a pool hell no & why is that it’s because of all the welfare & foodstamps I have to pay for. I’m sick of paying for your phone, food, rent & your 22 kids

  13. Reality Check says:

    To Sheriff

    You ignorant, dumb, racist pig. I work for a major social service agency. In case you did not know, there are more caucasian people on WELFARE in the U.S. There are more of them in this country. Get your facts straight. Oh, I forgot you barely made it out of the third grade. You probably don’t know how to read.

    1. sheriff says:

      Reality check,
      While Caucasians make up more than 2/3 more than Black spoonies, it would stand to reason there would be more of them on welfare just by sheer numbers. However, you need to dig a little deeper & exercise that pea for a brain & explain that in Baltimore the percentage of whites on welfare vs Blacks is overwhelmingly by blacks. Take an area that is say mostly white which is Columbia. How many on welfare? Not many, Take the section 8 clown who are there because of bleeding heart liberals like you. 99% on the system gaming it. Baltimore city which is 66% black & of that 66% 90% on some form of assistance paid for by Whitey .. So go eat cake & SMD!!

    2. bigbiz2 says:

      Reality check..yo ignant..of course there are more Caucasions on the dole cause they are more of them..

  14. sheriff's mom says:

    For all you idiots who are stupid enough to agree with my son, sheriff, who will never be in law enforcement because he’s the biggest p—y in our trailer park, I hope you wear protection when you’re having sex with your sibling because the world would be a better place without you and without you reproducing. I’ll bet birthdays are fun around your trailers, especially when you vet presents from your sons and nephews, who just happen to be the same person. NO sheriff, nothing you EVER say is true. You’re just a racist POS who hides behind the keyboard of a stolen computer while living in a trailer that still has an expired license plate on the rear.

  15. John Scoone says:

    Ya know, I’m white, and I’m against most things like welfare, illegal immigration, and all the endless handouts and government programs that we have to pay for, but I really some of these comments have gone too far. I mean, you’re against having a place kids can go to cool off in the summer? Most city homes are row houses, far too small for a pool. Many do not have A/C either, and it gets much hotter in the city than in the surrounding counties. The father is dead, in jail, or hooked up with another woman, and mom is on crack. These are kids, not adults. They need something to do, otherwise they’ll kill each other, which they do far too often anyway. This at least gives kids a place to go during the summer, instead of running the streets. I know it’s not the solution to the crime problem or anything, but jeez, put yourself in the place of these kids. They’re born into a very tough situation, and few make it out of poverty.

  16. sheriff says:

    Instead of opening the pools, why not open the schools with a/c & teach these kids some real life skills. Grammar, not ebonics. Dress codes for the real world, instead of lifeguards, volunteers & paid apprentice teachers looking to make their resumes better. A nice box lunch & later let them play under a cool mist shower much like you see at the amusement parks. I don’t know why Alonso the pepper belly can’t come up with some genius idea, he’s well paid & always has plenty to say about other stuff. Why? cause he doesn’t give a fat F…..K & will be gone soon. The police commissioner as well. You gotta get these kids at an early age & better yet, their Momma’s on birth control. More babies means more $$ for a flat screen t.v…..That’s the thinking that needs to stop.

  17. bigbiz2 says:

    Dont let Rham Emanuel of Chicago hear about that…He believes in keeping people from swimming when it gets too hot.Shut down beaches in Chicago over memeoriaol day ..said it was too hot. Liar ..he did it so the Blacks wouldnt tear up the town..

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