BALTIMORE (WJZ)– A crackdown on immigration scams. Investigators say thousands of immigrants are getting bilked by people who pretend to be able to help them stay in the United States.

Pat Warren reports on a case in Baltimore.

Praying and preyed upon. For years, immigrants desperate for help with legal status have paid sometimes hundreds of dollars to unscrupulous operators who claim they can help.

According to the building directory, Loma International Business Group operated on the 7th floor of N. Calvert Street. According to the Federal Trade Commission, the group’s operators were running an immigration scam. Federal judges have ordered them to stop.

“They’re taking this money that they give them and then they don’t produce any results,” said Maryland Attorney General Douglas Gansler. “Of course the victims feel like, ‘We can’t go to police because our immigration status may be in  question.’”

Federal agencies are now cracking down on those scams.

“Regardless of which side of the issue you’re on over immigration, nobody thinks people ought to be scammed and have their money stolen from them,” Gansler said.

While immigration remains a hot button issue in Maryland and the rest of the country, law enforcement is not ignoring unauthorized people who accept money for services.

“We’re trying to do an enforcement piece against the institutions that do this but also educate the public,” Gansler said.

No criminal charges have been filed against the operators of the alleged Baltimore scam.

The Federal Trade Commission has launched a public service campaign warning against immigration scams.

Comments (13)
  1. andy says:

    How about investigating the illegals in this country period!. Those tunnel rats @ Casa De Maryland could cough up a few thousand for starters. Let them stand in line like my Father had to & say Hello instead of Hola .

  2. Can't Fix Stupid says:

    Steeling money from illegals? How about all the money these illegals have stolen from legal, tax paying citizens? Now our tax dollars are paying for an investigation? Investigate the illegals and praise those who stole from them…This Country and State is a laughing stock…Casa de Maryland is the biggest laughing stock…

  3. brian murphy says:

    Alabama Governor signs new law to “check all brown people” who are stopped. A bit racist? Maybe, Ignorant? Maybe you decide

  4. Taxed OUT says:

    They are not here legally? Nice place for the government to set up, a round up. I also wonder how many bleeding hearts that scream racism in this area actually pay taxes? Americans go to Mexico and get shot? We at least deport intact?

  5. whatnow says:

    WHAT!!!!!!! Do NOT waste my tax money on this lunacy. Send the illegals back then let them come here legally or not at all. So many things wrong with this state and this country, we are so in debt, and we are wasting money defending illegals????? Every single politician holding office today needs to be voted out. Let’s start with a whole new crop. Inexperience cannot be as ineffectual as the feeding at the trough polliticians we have today in both parties.

  6. bmoregyrl says:

    First off let just say this. I am not for illegals but I am not for Americans to take money from illegals and bring them in the US. Get mad at the jerk offs that took the money and brought them in here thinking that they can here legally. I am against giving illegals any benefits at all. This case makes me mad because these people brought the illegals here and making them think that they are coming here. Put yourself in their shoes. I hope they put away the jerks that did this.

  7. Robert Long says:

    oh and again maryland is being dumb and wasting tax money to help out the illegal law breaking taco’s. why…. why do these people seem to not care that they are wasting money to help people who do not belong here in the 1st place? really. how about they worry more about sending them home then trying to help them.

    they need to start a real scam. that attracts the illegal’s and then sends them back! LOL that would be great. i know ice is working on something like that right now but i dont know when it will start in maryland LOL. they just deported a family below me. I called ice and they took them all away. they where trying to sneak in more family. a whole bunch of them lived in a one bed room apartment. all using a new born anchor baby. that will show them.

    they threatened to take the baby and put it up for adoption or they could take the baby and go back to mexico haha. they left with the baby. im really glad they are starting to do that now. so much for anchor babies keeping them safe anymore =) loose your anchor or go back to where you came from =) i love it!



  9. Wrong says:

    I disagree with Atty General Gansler. These people shouldn’t be here, so I feel no sympathy. The illegals need to be investigated!

  10. josecanuc says:

    whoever is scamming them .Keep up the good work

  11. Cdngrlinus says:

    Some of you might be interested to know that once you legally immigrate your dealings with Immigration officials continue and many times there are legal immigrants who get caught up in these scams. Immigration takes years and lots of paperwork even after you arrive. Many of these scams revolve around helping you fill out paperwork and they charge a fortune and often don’t send it in at all or after filing dates etc.

    1. Williejoe says:

      Cdngrlinus,……I have a solution to that dilema, It’s called ….STAY THE F…..K HOME!!

  12. wampum says:

    williejoe…….your ancestors did not stay the f… home,,,,,or…..are you native American Indian?