BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Who did it and how could they?  That’s the question family members are asking after two teenage girls were hit by a car and the driver sped off, leaving them to die.

Gigi Barnett explains no charges have been filed in this case.

Police are still searching for a piece of critical evidence, and this case adds to a  dangerous trend on Maryland roads.

Baltimore City police investigators and prosecutors in the State’s Attorney’s Office are building their case against an unnamed driver who they say ran over Emerald Smith, 17, and Courtney Angeles, 16, from Pigtown.

Distraught family members are now planning funerals after the teens were left for dead at the intersection of Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. and West Pratt Street.  The driver fled the scene.

A vigil was held Wednesday night.

“We don’t want revenge, we want justice,” said Trudy Black, Angeles’ grandmother.

“If you hit a dog, you stop.  You hit a deer, you stop.  But you hit two kids and you can’t stop?  Unbelievable,” said Mary Smith, Emerald’s mother.

Soon after the wreck, police stopped a car they suspected was involved in the accident near the airport.  Two occupants were questioned.

“Detectives are in the process of reconstructing the entire accident scene.  They’re talking to witnesses, checking to see if there are any cameras in the area,” said Detective Jeremy Silbert, Baltimore City Police.

That could be critical to the case, proving who had the right of way and if the teens were in the crosswalk.

A recent study revealed Maryland is the second deadliest state in the region for pedestrians, with pedestrian accidents accounting for more than 20 percent of traffic fatalities.  The nation’s average is 12 percent.

Emerald Smith’s mother and a school crossing guard who knew the girls say they were always safe.

“It’s sad that I guess I can find comfort that she didn’t die alone.  She died with one of her best friends,” Mary Smith said.

The viewing and funeral for Emerald Smith will be held at the Hubbard Funeral Home Thursday and Friday.  The viewing is Thursday at 3-5 p.m. and again from 7-9 p.m.  The funeral services will be Friday at 1 p.m.

Comments (23)
  1. kat says:

    I really hope they lock up the person responsible,and don’t let them out.My prayers go out to the families,you don’t deserve this.I

  2. Jennifer says:

    Our prayers are with you all. May God comfort you all in your time of need.

  3. maurice george says:

    Its sad to see what this city have become that u just can take two teens life that never did nothing wrong and you can just live with that, I work across the street from where it happen and I see a lot of kids dat cross there and I see cars that fly there traffic and there is a traffic camera there but there don’t can’t when they late for work smh just sick to see when people do that

  4. aa says:

    You have no idea what those girls were doing that night, they may have very well had there parenst premssion to be out. Its summer the kids are out of school and by the age, may have very well just graduated from high school, so until you know the facts dont point the finger the parents, I guess you were a perfect child and did no wrong either. Dont judge a book by its cover. I am sure that the parents are doing the best they can for there families and I give them credit. so keep you rnegative nasty comments to yourself unless you know the facts!!!! I dont know the families either, but are they going through enough right now, do you really think they need to hear or read your comments. What if the tables were turned, would you want someone saying something like this about you and your family.

  5. SPACE RANGER says:

    moleman or you related to sheriff and williejoe.

  6. Whipple says:

    There is also a curfew in Baltimore. I have a serious issue with you portraying yourself as being perfect or that other parts of the city are better than others. No matter what these kids were doing out gives no one an excuse for no only hitting them but leaving them there to die. It is a shame that you would post two comments filled with so much ignorance.

  7. john thomas says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss.
    But both of your little girls are in heaven with almighty GOD.I pray you will find peace in this assurence.

  8. chalkie says:

    Who ever this sorry S.O.B. was that killed these 2 young ladies. After they are caught and convicted, I feel the punishment should fit the crime. They should hit this P.O.S. with a car let he or she almost die, fix them up and heal 100%. And then run him or her over again and let them lie there and die. I want this person to know exactly what these 2 girls felt that night as they were dieing. We need to start making the punishments fit the crimes in this state. This is why we have the crime and murders that we do in this state, because going to prison here is like summer camp. What ever happen to hard labor and the gas chamber, we need it brought back and inforced. Judges time for you all to get off your butts and do your jobs, stop slapping people on the wrist. And maybe sensless crimes like this would stop happening to innocent people.

  9. moleman's mom says:

    Son, you are a TRUE IDIOT, just like your father. First off you sorry piece of s–t, school is out for high school juniors and seniors, and I’m assuming by their ages, these wonderful young ladies fell in that category. Secondly, dumb f–k, the17 year old doesn’t have a city enforced curfew and the 16 year old was within the law by walking with the other young lady. You, more than likely, don’t have any children, can’t afford to live in the communities you speak of so highly and finally, couldn’t get laid to make kids. Paying prostitutes doesn’t count, especially when they’re the same sex as you. STFU unless you have something intelligent to say.

    1. molemans daddy says:

      Moleman’s mom 1 Moleman 0

  10. justme says:

    It is indeed a terrible tragedy. I don’t want to be offensive toward the parents, rather this should show that parents should be extra vigilant about their children’s safety. It was amazing to me that the story following this one on the news was about the summer curfew. I read where the 16-year-old was only going into 10th grade, so it was indeed a school night for her. Not blaming the parents, but wish people would be a little more cautious!

  11. moleman's daddy says:

    lmao Moleman 1 Moleman’s mom 1 keep it going, very entertaining!

  12. williejoe says:

    Billiam,……..You STFU sissy, nobody asked for your biased opinion.

  13. Bert says:

    I FEEL THE POLICE ARE HIDING THE PERSON DRIVING THAT CAR…ON A NORMAL THEY WOULD AT THE LEAST RELEASE THE NAME OF THE DRIVER…I so recall 3 teens that were killed in Oct…the very next day the drivers name was released! What or who are they hiding….That drivers idenity surly should have been released! The parents deserve to know who is responsiable! RIP… Courtney and Emerald!

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