BALTIMORE (AP) — In what Baltimore is calling its first computer hacking case, a judge has sentenced a Maryland man for hacking the computer system of his former employer after he was fired and displaying pornography during the nonprofit’s presentation to its board of directors.

Baltimore prosecutors said in a news release that Walter Powell, 52, pleaded guilty to two counts of unlawful access to a computer causing a malfunction and a count of possessing a pass code without authorization.

The judge on Tuesday sentenced the former director of management information systems at Baltimore Substance Abuse Systems Inc. to two years in prison but suspended all but time served from the incident. He also was sentenced to three years of probation and must perform 100 hours of community service.

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  1. Good One says:

    Lacking the back story of what he did to get fired but on the surface I’d say, Go Walter! I’m glad the time was suspended. All he did was embarass the people he felt wronged him. He could have wiped out their data.
    And the way this is worded it would seem this is technically not a hack, they were just too stupid to change the codes after they fired him. I’m not sure that the term malfunction is correct either, as it functioned exactly the way the person in control wanted it to. OK, I guess that’s picky but…
    If I were on the board of directors I would fire the goofs who let it happen and rehire Walter.
    But again, details are lacking so there may be a lot more to this that would change my mind.

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