TOWSON, Md. (WJZ) — Both Baltimore County and Baltimore City police are trying to track down the person who murdered a mother and her young daughter.

WJZ has learned the woman was under witness protection, but that may not be the motive.

Kelly McPherson has reaction from the woman’s family.

A mother and her 4-year-old daughter have been murdered. They were found in their temporary apartment in Parkville Monday afternoon.

“We can’t for the life of us figure out who would want to do anything to them this terrible,” said a member of the victim’s family.

The family of Alicia Avery, 25, and her little girl, Darry’el Parker are asking for justice.

The two were living in Baltimore County under the Witness Protection Program. Avery was helping city police in an on-going murder investigation.

“Again the system has let us down.  They were supposed to protect them and they didn’t. And now two lovely people are gone.  And it’s really hurting our family, having a large impact on our family,” said a family member.

“If you knew them you couldn’t do anything but love them,” said another.

WJZ found Baltimore City and County police officers working together, looking for evidence in the double homicide investigation.

Their bodies were discovered after family and friends hadn’t heard from them in a few days. Police are not saying how the two were killed.

“She can never be replaced.  She’s a precious little child that can never be replaced,” said a family member about Darry’el.

City police say the case that Avery was cooperating with was not one that was going to trial anytime soon. They say they have no motive and no suspects in the case. Anyone with information on this domestic homicide is asked to call Baltimore County police.

Comments (7)
  1. KottaMan says:

    A motive? Witness in a City murder case? Sounds like retribution to me……

  2. Worthless says:

    How did the Murderers know that she was the witness???? I bet the Defense Lawyer put her name out there!!!!!!! Same thing happened to a witness in Cherry hill, the defense lawyer put the guy’s name out there and he was killed…

  3. still white still care says:

    i have witness protection! its called a 12 g shotgun.
    how can the family say i dont know who would do this!
    try looking at the people she was hideing from.
    and for you cops nice job!

  4. more problems says:

    May god be with this womans family how could anyone do something this mean to anybody and the poor little girl life hasn’t even begun for her she was just an innocent baby how sad! This is why people won’t come forward to help the police all because of this type of stuff so many unsolved crimes! murders drug dealers gang bangers etc… Just get away scott free! Same thing with the dodson family tired of drug deals going down in their neighbor they alert the police what happen someone bomb their home and killed 5people who live their how sad!

  5. Leigh Ann Erdman says:

    …and they wonder why people won’t testify. Baltimore City Police you let this family down. There is no one else to blame. You placed this family in witness protecction and then neglected to protect. On top ot that you put them in a substandard area near an interstate with easy access. You might as well have put a sign on the door that said “here they are.” Is there any wonder why people are leaving the city in droves, tax revenues are dropping and the city is rated #8 in the nation in murders, #8 in the nation for new HIV cases, #6 in the nation for filth and trash and #3 in the nation for inconsiderate and reckless drivers? These are distinctions I don’t think you will ever overcome. I will be leaving within the next year and I will happily never look back. Ms Mayor… have serious problems. Don’t let Baltimore become like Chicago, Detroit and Philadelphia. Places where lawllessness abounds. My prayers for the family of this courageous woman and her child.

  6. Veronica Wheeler says:

    hoping they find this HEARTLESS PERSON!lord i ask u to make away out of no way for this family to have some Peace!

  7. LON says:

    That don’t make no sense at all. It’s funny how the news media knew where the victoms were and NOT the DAMN Police. Just like the last comment STEPANIE get on your job and search, search, search. Put the cue cards down talk from the heart, Oh and while searching look for Philcia’s KILLER as Well. As for that Comiss,, PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

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