UPPER MARLBORO, Md.(AP) — A jury has awarded a black man $1.65 million, saying he had been fired from his job at the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission because of race discrimination.

The Prince George’s County Circuit Court jury on Tuesday awarded Allen W. Cartwright Jr. $359,000 in lost wages and back pay. The rest was for non-economic damages.

The Daily Record of Baltimore reports that Cartwright had been chief of customer care overseeing the maintenance of the agency’s infrastructure and customer services and had worked at the WSSC for six years. He was asked in 2005 to take a demotion. When Cartwright refused, he was fired.

A lawyer with WSSC did not respond to a request for comment from The Daily Record.



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  1. JackDaniels says:


    1. stone says:

      You jealous!! lol

    2. Mark says:

      Being a fool that happens to be white must be even greater than being a minority……….you are privileged even though your words suggest that you should have been extinguished long ago!!!!!!!!

  2. sunshine12 says:

    Oh give me a break. I’m so sick & tired of the blacks crying discrimination it makes me sick. I am WHITE & I have been discriminated several times in the work force nobody wants to pay me.

    1. 1uniquemonique says:

      Dye your skin black.

    2. johnsonj3 says:

      So that ‘s your problem not black people.

  3. keri says:

    I think it is tacky the way this article is written….so 1950s!!! but glad he won!

    1. stone says:

      I am too!

  4. What Are You Saying? says:

    I had to read your comment several times, and I am still not entirely sure of what you are saying. Your poor writing skills leaves much to question.
    It occurs to me, that perhaps Cartwrght did not have the skills he needed to perform his job as well as those around him. If he lacked basic writing skills(as you do) his supervisor may have needed to proof-read and/or have another worker rewrite his job-related reports before they could be filed or submitted to upper management. If this were the case, it would have been justified to ask Cartwright to accept a pay-reduction until he was able to communicate in a satisfactory manner. Being black, does not justify a lack of education, nor does it justify a company having to pay two workers for the productivity of one.

  5. j says:

    Glad about it needs to stop using his ancestors slavery as an excuse. Find me a slave who is still alive and I’d be glad to reimburse him/her lost wages. The rest of you need to earn your way. And for the record, I do not believe in discrimination, but it goes BOTH ways!

    1. ben says:

      Go to Africa. There are still plenty there.

  6. antoinette shorter says:

    @ What are you saying….what are YOU saying? If he lacked this that or the other the article doesn’t give the details and your assumption is just that an assumption He obviously had evidence of maltreatment or he would not have won such a huge victory. Stop hating on the black man….lol

    1. Look at Yourself says:

      @ antoinette Shorter:My comment was a Reply to Glad About It.
      I included very few “statements” in my comment. The rest were “questions”.
      Perhaps you should reread it. You may find that the assumptions are yours.
      I never said that I was hating on the black man. In fact, I don’t see where it is important. Just because he won a huge sum of money in court does not mean he had a huge amount of evidence. That is your assumption as well, since the article did not relay this.

  7. Sheila Flanigan says:

    soon the white working minority can claim racial discrimination and turn the tides after all we are supporting them

  8. Shay says:

    It’s Called REVERSE discrimination and it’s as real as slavery was… Blacks don’t want to face it because then what would they cry if not the D word??? If anyone regraless of thier race can prove they have been discriminated against then they should get compinsated… Grow up people… FYI I am a black woman…

  9. matthew says:

    Why is it man’s best ideas always back fire? Slavery computers fossil fuels money…did I say slavery

  10. wdy801 says:

    I’m a white man living in a black man’s world ~ total shame!!!

    1. johnsonj3 says:

      I’m a black women living and working inthe white man ‘s world. thisis a total shame.

      1. Can't Fix Stupid says:

        You have a job don’t you? Stop moaning about it!

  11. Stop the Hate says:

    I get tired of these racist comments by idiots who never and will never have to deal with being black in America. You try to say it’s a lack of education for the way we are treated. You say it’s because of our “Black Attitude” is the reason we are mistreated. When are you going to stop making excuses for the treatment and try to treat people the way you would want to be treated. Racism is still alive in this country and until you racist idiots stop mistreating us, we are going to continue to fight and seek justice when we are wronged. Nobody that made a comment really knows what that man did or didn’t go through and for people to make the comments they did, explains why racism is still alive and kicking. These are the reasons why we fight for what we believe in and will never stop. I’ve been mistreated cause I am black and it’s not a good feeling. Until others get to feel what it’s like to be treated in that manner, they will never learn. I don’t want to be treated better, just equal.

    1. Can't Fix Stupid says:

      Maybe if people like you would quit crying about being mistreated (while you are driving away in your Lexus after just getting your nails and hair did), you would be treated differently. The Blacks are the ones keeping racism alive and well and thriving in this Country. Your race is always wanting everything handed to them on a silver platter and yelling about slavery, etc. Get over yourselves!

      1. ben says:

        Exactly! Blacks threaten and intimidate me 90% of the time I am in their presence. I do nothing but offer them my total respect. 95% of their perceived “racism” is in their heads.

  12. State Employee says:

    sick about it

    I work for department of social service and their is more whites getting check and food stamps then blacks. So stop judging.

  13. not doin it any more says:

    It’s simple, just don’t hire them – i don’t and I won’t.

  14. jimmy says:

    In the San Francisco Bay Area corrupt FBI and DEA where selling information (names, addresses, etc) about former DoD personnel and contractors to Chinese Intelligence officials. The DoD personnel and contractors coincidentally where under DoJ investigations for unrelated low priority matters.

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