BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Mosquito season has just begin but Maryland is already taking aggressive action to control the nuisance bugs. 

Tim Williams has more on how the Department of Agriculture is trying to stop mosquito-related health issues before they start.

The summer mosquito season is underway, and it doesn’t take long for a problem to develop.

“This time of year when it’s pretty hot, they can go from egg to adult in about a week,” said Jeannine Dorothy.

So the Maryland Department of Agriculture is studying the state’s mosquito problem and battling it one backyard puddle at a time.

“A lot of times we look behind a shed because that’s where people throw their stuff that they forget about,” Dorothy said.

There are a lot of forgotten items in people’s backyards.

“Clean your bird bath once a week.  If you don’t, you will have mosquitos lay their eggs in here and you will have larvae in your bird bath,” Dorothy said.

Tires are another issue.

“Leaves collect in there, water collects in there and then the eggs hatch,” Dorothy said.

And why the emphasis on standing water?

“These tiger mosquitos can breed in as little as a half-teaspoon full of water,” she said.

This is the 55th year for mosquito control services in Maryland.  Spring showers caused the season to start busier than most.  Recent rains are expected to boost mosquito numbers.  About 88% of the community spraying has already been done, so protecting yourself and your pets is the main thing experts say you can do.

For additional information, about MDA’s mosquito control program, click here.

Tim Williams

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  1. George Helm says:

    Stopping the mosquito from taking our blood is akin to the Maryland Politicians from taking our miney!

  2. Erika says:

    I heard your news report on Mosquitos and at the end of the story, you mentioned that we could go to your website for more information. I went on your website hoping to see a schedule of mosquito spraying, or something else useful. All there is on your website is the SAME THINGS that are on your broadcast. How disappointing and pointless.

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