LINTHICUM, Md. (WJZ)– Terrifying moments on 295 spark an intense manhunt after a screaming man armed with a shotgun and hammer began attacking a speed camera vehicle parked on the side of the road.

Derek Valcourt has the latest on the incident and the search for the suspect.

Police spent hours and hours searching but the suspect who attacked a speed camera vehicle remains at large.

There was chaos as police helicopters and SWAT teams converged on the Baltimore Washington Parkway around 11:30 Wednesday morning.  The highway shut down for hours as police searched for a man carrying a hammer and shotgun who walked out of the woods along the highway and began to attack a speed camera vehicle while the contractor who drove it was still inside.

“He said the individual went to the rear window of the Jeep and began tapping on the window with the shotgun.  The witness was obviously frightened and at that point began honking his horn.  He said the individual then came around to the front of the truck and began striking the windshield with his hammer,” said Greg Shipley, Maryland State Police.

The shotgun was never fired but the car’s windshield was ruined.  The contractor sitting inside was unharmed.

When the suspect took off, police say he ran into the woods that run alongside the southbound lane of the Baltimore Washington Parkway.  Teams of officers searched the area for more than three hours before deciding it was safe to reopen the parkway.

Nearby businesses and hotels warned employees and guests.

“The hotel told us that they had locked all the doors,” said Kim Weber.

“Stay in the room, lock the door, go in your car, lock the door,” said Derick Thomas.  “I was like, `What’s going on?'”

The suspect is described as a 60- to 65-year-old white man, about 5’8″, 150 pounds.  He has gray hair and was wearing a red and blue plaid shirt and jeans.

Police say they don’t really have a motive for the attack.  The contractor in the car said he could hear the suspect yelling something but he couldn’t understand what the man was saying.

Police are asking anyone who may have seen the suspect or who may know him to call 410-761-5130.

Comments (66)
  1. Chris says:

    I’m sure conservative talk radio (WCBM 680), more specifically Sean & Frank, will rationalize this. Clearly it’s all the fault of the oppressive government putting in speed cameras.

    1. Suzanne Noel says:

      Duh, Chris, it is the fault of the oppressive government you voted for.

  2. tylerjake says:

    LMAO, what a bunch of whack liberals whining on here!

  3. e says:

    Your HELICOPTER feed made it to Fox News National

  4. Redwing says:

    My new hero! This whole camera scam is just that.

    1. metalpunk says:

      Yea, true American hero. When laws are used solely for the generation of revenue, the entire concept of law is tainted.

  5. rick says:

    what are these hill billies up to now. they going to blame this on obama too right. red necks what do you expect

    1. Kimberly Blackwell says:

      yeah there aint nuttn wrong w/us hillbilly rednecks were proud of who we are!!!

      1. your purty says:

        SLeeping with your brother or cousin aint nothing to be proud of ms. blackwell!!!

    2. Ray says:

      Yep… All Obama’s fault

  6. T says:

    I live near there and travel that route to work every day. I’ve been popped three damn times by that stupid camera car, when I was barley going over the speed limit, and when ZERO construction workers were even on site yet.

    Thanks dude for breaking it, lol. Now, turn yourself in.

    1. rick says:

      you need to slow down buddy, it only goes off when you are driving too fast

      1. Suzanne Noel says:

        Really? It only goes off when your speeding? How do you know that?

      2. Theresa says:

        Not necessarily true. There are law suits involved due to inaccurate tickets being generated. You can find the cases on the web.

    2. tate says:

      T, it takes a pic when you’re doing 12mph or more over the speed limit. It’s not Nascar, slow down.

      1. Simeon Owens says:

        The average highway speed in Maryland is 12 miles over the speed limit. Just raise the speed limit.

    3. Tom J says:

      You have to be going 12 miles an hour over the limit to get a ticket.

      1. Tony Diaz says:

        Not when they tweak the radar to make it look like you’re going faster. My cousin got clocked in doing 20 mph over when he was only FIVE over. This is nothing but a revenue-extraction scam from the plunderbund in Annapolis. It has nothing to do with keeping the roads safe. Speed and red light cameras have actually CAUSED more accidents than they were supposed to prevent (especially the red light cameras).

  7. Kelly says:

    Wow, you all think this has to do with the Speed Cameras or is political and you think its funny! What the hell?! This guy is shooting after people in their cars. He is a wackado and is very harmful! Glad you all see the humor in it! You all are some great citizens!

    1. T says:

      Now here in this story does it say that he’s shooting people in their cars.

    2. tate says:

      Kelly, look at the pic above. It is of the speed cam Jeep, and “he smashed out windows of a parked car” according to several sources.

    3. Billiam says:

      Kelly – relax – by the way, where in the world did you get the word “wackado? Is that some kind of new slang?

    4. Billiam says:

      Am I missing something, or are you getting this confused with the Young and the Restless? Ellen comes on at 3:00 so this should divert your attention for a while. Come on! Shooting windows out of cars???? Shooting people? Talk about sensationalism!

    5. Simeon Owens says:

      I didn’t read anything about shooting at cars. I think it’s quite possible the guy didn’t have a gun at all.

      Yes it is about Speed Cameras and intrusive government – this kind of thing was overdue.

  8. Kelly says:

    Why the HELL are people discussing Race now?????? You all are crazy!!!! Cant we all just forget race for once, damn!

    1. Billiam says:

      Because this is what people do, Kelly. Anyone who feels “offended” will bring the race card because they can. Everyone has to be politically correct today or he or she will be pegged as a racist. It’s freedom of speech – the Constitution guarantees that, much less than WJZ-TV who will pull your post in a heartbeat. Races of people are offended when they are “lumped” into the mass of their race instead of being looked at as individuals. It will never change.

  9. aggravated says:

    My husband has been popped 4 times from these cameras and I yelled at him to slow down but I have to say this. I was stuck in traffic and was only creeping along maybe going 15-20 miles per hour and as I passed it clocked all of us as if we were going 47. So I had to eat crow that night. I no longer believe in these cameras and wish that I would have thought to take a video of it !!!

  10. fraught says:

    I’ve said for over a year that these workzone speed cameras were going to rattle some of the unstable psycho’s out there. I can’t believe that the state would actually place a live human being in harm’s way like that. Hope they catch the guy and hope they find a good use for his hammer.

  11. you fools says:

    LOL you people are as racist as the baltimoresun site

  12. JJ says:

    Guess that Speed Vehicle will be out of service for a few days!!!

    1. omalley sucks says:

      Nope, already replaced and back up bringing in more $$$$ for Omalley!

      1. fraught says:

        Keep breaking the law,keep sending the money. It’s your choice, not omalleys. You might consider changing the law, oh, I forgot you don’t want to do things the american way,. Go back to your home country is probably the best solution

      2. Chris says:

        Well Who ever this guy is I would buy im a drink not one person was hurt just those camers…. and Leave us Red Necks alone

  13. Suzanne Noel says:

    These photo radar companies and states don’t think twice about the safety of the drivers. The drivers are doing a police man’s job but they aren’t given the training or protection they need – vests, guns, etc.

  14. Suzanne Noel says:

    There was a photo radar van driver killed here in Arizona.

  15. Dude!! says:

    I’m surprised the guy in the truck even seen anything. When I went by before it happened he was asleep with the vest hanging on the windshield keeping the light out. Waste of Tax money at its best.

    1. Simeon Owens says:

      That actually makes perfect sense as to why he honked the horn instead of driving away. They’re always asleep in there with the vest hanging in the windshield. What a waste!!!

  16. metalpunk says:

    When laws are used solely to generate revenue, the entire concept of law is tainted, and the citizens have a duty to rebel. This guy is a true american hero in my book.

    1. parrot says:

      How many times are you going to repeat yourself, punk? Jeez, we heard ya the first time, Rush limbaugh!

  17. Ben Dover says:

    modern day robin hood!

    These speed traps are nothing more than a tax on drivers. Whiny liberals who only use public transportation love them!

  18. Bob says:

    Somebody steps in front of my vehicle waving a hammer and pointing a shotgun, I run him over……..I don’t jump out of the vehicle and hide behind the guardrail.

  19. todd says:

    Wonderful. Where is this guy because I would like to thank him. Attack that bs tyrannical technology.

  20. 1st Responder says:

    Relax folks. We already have a person of interest in this case and will soon be placing Larry The Cable Guy under arrest.

  21. big truck says:

    Judging by the description I’d say Larry The Cable Guy did it. Git-r-done.

  22. Roger says:

    “Police raced to the BW Parkway near the airport.” Protect and Serve that revenue generation officer…

  23. KottaMan says:

    Start looking at posts in the German media where this equipment comes from. There are videos of the errors in speed and the wrong vehicle being ticketed. This program is about money that’s all. Millions of dollars to the state and many more than that to the private for-profit firm that gets a large piece of the action for every ticket written.. Same with the red light cam’s as well.

  24. Will says:

    So, what if this were to become a trend. Destroying traffic cameras as civil disobedience. He was probably armed so the technician wouldn’t interfere. Isn’t everyone sick of the cops picking your pocket for city hall.

    What about the bogus amount of parking and traffic tickets in the last week of every month? Safety? BA-loney the man wants to get in our pockets even deeper.

    Have you seen the parking meters that zero themselves when a car leaves the parking space; no more getting minutes from the previous driver.

    It’s about the money we see how the cops hauled a$$ to the scene; protecting the revenue stream.

    It’s all about and only about the money.

  25. Sinbad Da Nomad says:

    Now this is how you do it!!!

  26. Ray says:

    Here we have a state that has severe financial problems and look around you. The are installing cameras on every traffic light. This generates more money for Social programs. Omally just like Obama must go. This is NOT the Free State.

    This speed camera truck is parked in a specially designed place to entrap Maryland motorists. I for one am not surprised by today’s performance.

  27. KottaMan says:

    The whole speed cam program is bunk to begin with. Show me, SHA, the stats on “accident reduction” in ANY areas where these cams are operated. You can’t show them as the data will not support your argument.

    1. Simeon Owens says:

      I totally agree! Also if you want safer intersections make a longer yellow light to allow people to slow or go through. A Redlight Camera is only a tax ad doesn’t make an intersection safer at all.

  28. LMAO says:

    I’m sure if the vehicle was placed in the open and not backed up into the woods this incident would not have happened. I’ve driven passed this speed trap for months and I wondered if it was even legal to park a vehicle hidden from sight.

    I guess everyone knows now the speed trap is behind the trees.

  29. KCW says:

    THAT’S SO AWESOME!!!!! He should go get that jeep off of 95 north of the tunnel.

    you can go 71, driving in the left lane in LIGHT traffic at 7:30pm with NO ONE around working and still get your plate caught on camera, which is complete BULL. who the hell drives 55mph in the left lane when going too slow causes accidents? Maryland will do anything to make a buck off you.

    1. Todd says:

      I got a ticket from a speed camera for doing 65 on 695 at midnight !!! Freaking midnight !! No cones out, no workers around but I still got a ticket. O’Malley that POS and the rest of those Annapolis clowns have to go !! I’d like to take those cameras and stick them where the sun don’t shine to every one of those dummies in Annapolis. Also if you try to fight or anything they make you wait so long that you can’t renew your registration without paying. Grrr I loathe politicans!

  30. Ernie says:

    He did it all wrong. Should’ve destroyed the camera equipment on the front of the truck. Not the windshield.

  31. Simeon Owens says:

    I’m so glad this finally happened! It was bound to happen and I hope the next time this happens there is no gun involved (that is to say, if this guy actually had a gun!)

  32. Steve says:

    Hell yeah!!!! About time somebody got it done!!!
    Next time just shoot the camera!!!!!

  33. Eceles says:

    Ok 1st off it was no need for my comment to be removed! I dont need percentages and if you read my comment well I was making a point as to CRIME & VIOLENCE SEES NO COLOR! It can happen within any race! In a way yes Im glad he was a white man bacause it’s one less thing you have to blame a black person! I dont know anything about what goes on in the Supermax, I’ve never been as far as the Inner Harbor I dont do that either!

  34. DOCSRUS says:

    Damned drunks are at it again.

  35. DOCSRUS says:

    What? a white woman, 45 years old, 5 ft 10 inches tall driving a yellow hummer did this? I hope she didnt hurt your fking camera! Ussin taxpayers are runnin out of cash for fancy gadgets like that.

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