Hey everyone!

I hope that everyone got to enjoy their 4th of July holiday. It is definitely one of my favorite holidays … the summer, the weather, the cookouts and all. It is just a great time. I was a little sad that I wasn’t able to enjoy all those things this year, but we did have our own celebration here, mild as it may be! We got a speech from our commanding general and actually played a video, that my unit produced, highlighting the first six months of our tour here. We also celebrated with our Iraqi partners, who were in attendance.

On the bright side, at the very worst case, since EVERYONE has to be out of here by December 31, 2011, we know for certain we are past the mid-way point of the deployment. It’s a good feeling. When running a marathon like this, it’s good to know that you got to the top of the hill and now all we have to do is go down. Hopefully, we will be home sooner. Keep praying for that.

I got my first confirmed kill on this tour.  Okay, okay … it was just a rat that I accidentally ran over in my truck, but it still counts as a confirmed kill!! HAHA!  Yes, I included pictures below as well! Gross!

I continue to explore Iraq and see and do some great things. It’s bee fun and interesting. And of course, my love for radio and the media wouldn’t allow me to stay away all tour long. I made my AFN (Armed Forces Network) debut over the 4th of July weekend. I was a guest on a sports show that airs every Saturday. The brass at AFN was so happy with my appearance they offered me an open door to come back anytime I want. So I plan on making appearances as often as I can. It was an exciting day for me. I will try to get a podcast for everyone to listen to.

Lastly, I thank everyone again for their continued support. Every email, text message, Facebook message mean the world to me. You have no idea how much they help me when I’m not having a great day. I miss you all so much!

Coming home with a “W” …

My first AFN radio appearance!

the studio was small ... but we still had a good time!

and for the record, i would never wear these clothes to work if I didn't have to! HA!

I still love riding in helicopters!!!

Remember, as the Italians say, no one likes a rat!!! I took care of that little bastard! 🙂

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  1. annie durose says:

    omg the poor rat! lol lol what a gross pix. but at least you warned me. take care love you be careful

  2. ROGER says:

    i have well over a thousand kills,, beins i,m an exterminator.lol ROGER/ARBUTUS MD.

  3. Mom says:

    I am so glad that even in Iraq you got yourself on the radio. Good for you and I hope that you do many more shows while you are there…..as for the picture of your first “kill”…totally unnecessary, but knowing you the way I do .. I know you got your jollies!!!! Love you very much and miss you lots. Hurry home!

  4. Bruchey says:

    If your keeping score, I believe that’s Zinno 1 and Rats 0

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