Inserting the word “breezy” into the forecast for this afternoon as there is a decent north to northeast gradient and winds have already reached the 10-20 mph range at midmorning. It is even windier at the shore so not really the greatest of days there despite the sunshine and comfortable temperatures. No other changes at this time.

A shower and thunderstorm DID OCCUR yesterday as an impulse of energy dropped southward out of the Great Lakes region, but there should be some dry weather over the next few days (including today). Temperatures should be mostly in the mid and upper-80s today and tomorrow, but the dewpoint temperatures will be in the 50s. At BWI, the dewpoint dropped from a sticky 71 at around 9 p.m. last night to a much more comfortable 52 early this morning, so folks will notice the changes the minute they step outside.

Moving forward, we’ll be on the lookout for a good uptick in both our daytime temperatures and the humidity in the longer range. This weekend, dewpoint temperatures will only increase slightly, so there shouldn’t be a “noticeable change” in the comfort level. By and large, as along as the core of the high pressure system is sitting atop the Northeast and mid-Atlantic states and it doesn’t move into a position over the western Atlantic, the won’t be much of an influx of moisture. High temperatures close to 90 are pretty common for this time of year, but if there’s a series of at least three bright and sunny days, it’ll become warmer as time wears on.

We need to address the possibility of a shower and thunderstorm early next week, especially later on Monday, or Monday night into Tuesday. On the back side of the high pressure system, which will eventually move off the Eastern Seaboard, there will be an increase in both temperatures and the humidity. While the focal point of a corridor of showers and thunderstorms may be on the spine of the Appalachians early next week, it isn’t entirely out of the question that something could stray into the coastal plain.

 Have a good day !!!


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