TEMPLE HILLS, Md. (AP) — The Prince George’s County Council has passed an emergency bill designed to shut down dance venues that have a reputation for violent crime.

The legislation, which passed by a unanimous vote on Tuesday, is intended to make owners, promoters and others involved with security at music venues in the county more responsible for violence occurring around them.

Police say 61 deaths have occurred at or been linked to county dance halls since 2005 and at least six homicides have been directly related to county dance halls.

Doc Hayes, who owns the Club Elite in Temple Hills, tells The Washington Examiner that county officials didn’t work with business owners on how to make nightclubs and the surrounding neighborhoods safer.

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  1. ninelives58 says:

    Temple Hills?! Yeah, good luck with making that neighborhood, and any dance clubs in it, safer.

  2. Steven Cville says:

    Like the local Roller rink had to close because all the hoods from the Ghetto rolled in! PG County what would you expect?

  3. Shut them down says:

    Look, I’m Black and this is reality. Any place that attracts large groups of blacks 14-28 can expect to be violent and unsafe. Political correctness prevents us from saying this terrible truth. Look at what happened at Skateworks in Woodlawn. A 12-year old girl got gang raped by hip hop thug gansta’s. Look at the Inner Harbor. It was like the monkey cage had been opened down there. I never go to black clubs or dances anymore. I was at one three years ago when a huge fight broke out. N— are just worthless trash. Especially in the Baltimore/ D/C area.

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