Not so fast my friend. I believe the Ravens will make a run at re-signing Todd Heap and Derrick Mason.  The Ravens also cut Willis McGahee and Kelly Gregg.  There have been rumors about Willis going to Denver and also rumors of Gregg headed to the Jets. I think everyone is overreacting a bit to the cuts.  These had to happen for the Ravens to be able to make moves during free agency this year.

There are people saying the Ravens will make a run at Nnamdi Asomugha, if they do somehow manage to get him to come to Baltimore, you can bet that Dominique Foxworth will be cut.  That will help them save about 5 million dollars.  I still believe they will make a run at bringing Mason and Heap back.  The ravens drafted 2 tight ends last season which will help them in the future, and they drafted a few WR’s this year. I believe the future is bright with those 2 positions, but the time to win is now.


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