HANCOCK, Md. (AP) — A black-and-white poodle named Mona is going home to Oklahoma after spending six weeks lost in the western Maryland mountains.

Rancher Mike Miller of Waurika, Okla., tells The Herald-Mail of Hagerstown that the dog was found near Hancock on Tuesday, six weeks after she disappeared.

Miller had contracted with an animal-transportation company to ship the dog to his mother’s home in Pennsylvania. He says Mona escaped at the Sideling Hill rest stop on Interstate 68.

The big break came last weekend when a local resident spotted Mona and called the phone number Miller had posted on fliers in the area.

He says Mona is in good health but he’s changed his mind about sending her away. He’s keeping the dog and giving his mom another pet.

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  1. Melissa says:

    Thank you for reporting such happy news!

  2. Virginia Peiffer says:

    THIS IS A SIGN THAT THIS DOG WANTED TO GO BACK HOME TO “TO GOOD OLD OKLAHOMA”, AND AS A NATIVE OKLAHOMAN I DONT BLAME MONA NOT ONE BIT¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One has to experience one month there with good old folks
    They make you feel wanted and needed. You go man give mom something young and new she’ll LOVE YOU ALL THE MORE. I KNOW CAUSE I GOT MYSELF A NEW PET AND I WOULD’NT TRADE HER OR GIVE HER TO ANYONE. KEEP MONA CLOSE SHE LOVES YOU MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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