ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ)—Hit-and-run. Anne Arundel County Police need your help finding the driver who hit a bicyclist and then took off.

Weijia Jiang reports a quick-thinking driver could help crack this case.

That cyclist remains at Shock Trauma in stable but critical condition, and police urge you to take a close look at the picture of the car involved to find the driver.

Evidence markers, medical saline solution and personal items remain at the scene where police say a car hit Steven Seigel of Annapolis from behind, and then fled, leaving the 59-year-old who was riding a bicycle fighting for his life.

“The person who struck the cyclist was operating a vehicle we believe to be a 2007 to 2009 Hyundai Elantra,” said Lt. Glenn Shanahan, Anne Arundel County Police.

One witness took a picture of the car involved.

Police say the impact was so severe that a light blew out and the right side of the windshield was shattered.  It happened 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday where East College Parkway and Bay Head Road intersect.

East College Parkway is the stretch that runs parallel to Route 50. Signs asking drivers to share the road with cyclists pop up about every half mile.

“There’s not room for both,” said Phillip Scott.

Scott is Seigel’s next door neighbor. Scott cycles 50 miles a day for his work commute and says despite the signs, every trip is risky.

“Bicyclists are invisible to the drivers in the automobiles,” Scott said. “It only takes one that doesn’t give that bicyclist any space.”

Another neighbor says that is often unintentional.

“It’s hard to see them because they go in and out of the shade and you don’t catch it,” said Bob Schneck, neighbor.

Anne Arundel County Police say this marks the third hit-and-run involving a cyclist in July alone.

In addition to this car, officers are looking for a woman they say struck and killed another victim.

Seigel is in critical yet stable condition. He was less than 1.5 miles away from his home when the car struck him.

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  2. andy botwin says:

    what the hell are you saying ?

    1. steve jameson says:

      lmao I believe he was trying to say that you should always stop when you hit someone. also that if you go to court it will help more than hurt???…lol and lastly that accidents happen. haha but i had to read it like 3 times to put it together. If I’m right i agree you should always stop..less of a charge.

  3. Jenn says:

    Just because bikes are legally allowed to be there doesn’t make it safe. I feel bad for the driver who hit the biker, it’s gotta be traumatic if the biker was hidden in the shadows and he didn’t see him till the last minute. Of course he shouldn’t have driven off and left him there. On some of the twisty roads near me, I’m surprised bikers don’t get him more often.

  4. Pat says:

    My son got hit in the army riding a bycycle and that was a hit and run.The driver never came forward and left my son to die. He had to learn to talk and walk all over again. He also has short term memory loss. No one knows how the parent feels until it happens to you. I feel bad for the family that has to go through this more than the one that hit him.

  5. Pat says:

    Oops sorry I missed spelled bicycle.

  6. leo retrossi says:

    so a person hits the guy he’s badly injured and keeps trucking, what a world
    we live in my guess he or she was drinking . i hope when their busted the court
    throws the book at them , and the injured person , takes every penny they
    have why ? simple you dont do that to another human hell if i hit an animal
    id stop and try to find help but a person , ill keep a eye on the news to see
    how this ends it should be interesting and hope the guy in the hospital gets well..

  7. Ryan says:

    How can someone feel sorry for the driver? This person is a souless and heartless criminal that should be put away. I don’t care if they were nervous, to leave someone on the side of the road to die, it was obviously a serious impact and to drive off is just sick. I hope they find this idiot and throw the book at the driver.

  8. Honesty says:

    This needs to happen more often. The way bikers ride on the streets slowing down traffic, and causing drivers to have to swerve over the double yellow to avoid hitting them, I will never feel sorry for any cyclist who gets pancaked.

    You risk a deadly situation for innocent people just because you want to “get a workout”, then you deserve to become road kill.

    1. Rob says:

      Honestly…you are a moron!

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