BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Signs of a recovery. Weeks after falling from the Jones Falls Expressway, a city officer is making strides in her recovery.

Gigi Barnett reports Officer Teresa Rigby made her first public appearance Friday to thank some young well wishers.

For Officer Rigby, walking is a struggle. But on Friday she made a special journey to visit the children at Zion Baptist Church in East Baltimore.

“I just want to thank all of the children and everybody else for all of the prayers. All of the prayers really helped,” she said.

Earlier this month, Officer Rigby fell off of the Jones Falls Expressway, landing 25 feet below.

It happened as she was helping a stranded driver. Another car smashed into the disabled car Rigby was helping, and the chain reaction threw her over the jersey wall.

“I just think it’s a miracle that she made it,” said one attendee.

Children at the church’s summer camp wanted to reach out.

“One of our kids in the camp is a son of a police officer and it was his suggestion,” said Elvira Prentice, Zion Baptist Church.

They sent Rigby a banner.

“I wanted to say that she feels better, and I hope that she gets well,” said one camper.

“I hope it doesn’t happen to her again,” said another.

Now out of Shock Trauma, with a fractured hip, leg and shoulder, her broken jaw is wired.

But Rigby got the message.

“I just appreciate them taking out the time to make me the banner,” Rigby said while wiping away tears. “I’m going to put it up in my office. I’m going to think about it all the time, every day I see it. I just really appreciate it.”

As a special treat to the children of Zion Baptist Church, Rigby sponsored a pizza party.

  1. Walter Thomas says:

    i think it was wonderful that my son summer camp honor this police officer

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