BALTIMORE (AP) — A presidential historian charged in a conspiracy to steal documents from archives in several states will remain in federal custody while authorities search his New York City apartment again.

Barry Landau’s attorney says a hearing on Landau’s release will be postponed until Thursday while federal authorities return to his apartment.

Prosecutor James Warwick says investigators hope to gather more information to present to the judge considering Landau’s release.

He says prosecutors are looking at other charges and are concerned Landau may destroy evidence if he is released.

Landau, 63, and his 24-year-old assistant, Jason Savedoff, are charged with taking documents from the Maryland Historical Society and conspiring to take documents from other archives.

Savedoff was released to his mother on $250,000 bail last week.

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  1. Michael says:

    It would be dumb if they were let go like say on their own recognisance. So dumb of a thought or even a suggestion or hint as to let them go. Don’t play cops and robbers on my dime. They were found with hard evidence, arrest them throw them in prison and be done with them. Next Case!!!

  2. s says:

    The federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies need to be cut, that includes the FBI, DEA, CIA, NSA and DIA. They failed us before and continue to be a failure. Many of the employees that work for them create their own suspects and steal from them. They where using the treat of rendition to extort money.

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