I have been talking about the Ravens picking up the best fullback in football.  The Ravens were ranked 27th in yards per carry last year.  That’s uncommon for this organization to be that bad.  The success they have had on the offensive side of the ball is predicated on running the football.  Last year Leach was the lead back for the top rusher in the league.  Arian Foster was an undrafted free agent that blew up last year with the help of Leach.  I cant give Leach all the credit for that running game, but he is a monster and really let Foster see the field with the holes he opened up.

Just think about what this guy can do for Ray Rice and for Joe Flacco.  I feel like an effective running game can be a QB’s best friend.  It can make the play action passing so effective and he can pick up blitz’s better than most in the league.  So welcome Vonta Leach as the newest Raven.  I absolutely love, love, love this signing for the Ravens.


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