Vonta Leach: Three rushing attempts in eight years, and only eight receptions for 91 yards in 2010.

As you can tell by his stats Vonta isn’t a runner or a receiver; he is a hammer. His sole purpose is to open holes for Ray Rice. I watched film on Leach from games against the Giants and Jets, the seventh and third ranked defenses in 2010, and this is what I saw.

Strengths: Standing 6 feet tall and weighing 255 pounds, Vonta has that thick, powerful upper and lower body true fullbacks are known for. He runs well for his size and has some quickness, so he can run some short routes. Leach has a good base and balance in pass blocking – attacking defenders and possessing the punch and power to get movement, especially against DBs. As a run blocker he attacks the hole with purpose, looking to hit and smash. Leach simply dominates anyone smaller than he is. Vonta has shear, brute power in his lower half, rolling his hips to drive defenders and always looking to finish blocks.

Weaknesses: Leach has adequate hands, and likes to catch with his body. He doesn’t always adapt well on the move to adjust to defenders and has the tendency to come in high at times.

In summary, Vonta Leach is a thick, strong, powerful man that loves to block and plays with an attitude. I love his passion and the way he attacks defenders, trying to explode on every man. Leach is an asset at fullback, bringing that nasty attitude to the running game, and will be an upgrade.


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