By Mike Hellgren

 BALTIMORE (WJZ)—The crime made headlines across the region. A woman attacked by a man following a fender bender on Interstate 83. Now that man is in custody.

Mike Hellgren has more on the suspect.

The manhunt is over for Michael Henshaw, who police say viciously attacked a woman after hitting her car with his jeep last Friday night on I-83 near the Maryland Pennsylvania line.

“This arrest is very important to police because there are a lot of motorist who probably were troubled when they heard this story,” said Elena Russo, Maryland State Police.

Tips flooded Maryland State Police.  The arrest was made at Henshaw’s home located about a half hour north in York, Pa. No one at his home wanted to speak about the investigation.

Neighbor Wayne Dull knew something was wrong.

“I just saw a police car in the street, another car kind of blocking the driveway, blocking the two cars in the driving– including the jeep,” Dull said.

“At this point we don’t know what his motivation was for assaulting the woman on 83,” Russo said.

“It doesn’t fit what I know of him,” Dull said. “But then again you never know. But he always seemed very nice and friendly to myself and my wife.”

Many neighbors said they simply did not want to get involved, but say that Henshaw did not seem capable of this type of violence.

Police say Henshaw begged the victim not to call police about the accident. When she did, investigators say he grabbed the phone and punched her in the face and dragged her toward the trees near the interstate–threatening her life before she finally managed to get away.

“They checked his records and found his license was suspended in Pennsylvania,” Russo said.

Henshaw faces charges, including second-degree assault, reckless endangerment and robbery.

Police say the arrest happened without incident.

Henshaw is being held in a jail in Pennsylvania. Police want to extradite him here to Maryland to face charges.

Henshaw is 30 years old and neighbors tell WJZ he recently became a father.

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  1. Raven X says:

    Good job. Of couse, innocent until!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. If he is guilty I hope he gets a prison sentence.

  2. MsBmore says:

    Glad they caught this punk. What a piece of work.

  3. who cares says:

    why did they take the reporters picture off that was funny

  4. Really? says:

    Not necessary to post hate mail, Oh wait, it’s what you live for. Sorry, Hate away.

  5. Really! says:

    Too bad they did not charge him with kidnapping also.

  6. Does It Matter says:

    Stop sending HATE mail. Its not nice

  7. Joe Schmoe says:

    They got the wrong man. Obviously Mike Hellgren did it. He looks more like the police sketch.

    1. craig says:

      thats funny. the best post all day

      1. Cateyes7 says:

        I totally agree.

    2. Haha says:

      I heard on the radio this morning that this story became international news becasue the reporter looked so much like the sketch. Very true. lol

  8. greatful citizen says:

    Good final report tonight.
    MD State Police did an outstanding job getting this information out to the public.
    The public did a great job responding.
    This is how justice should work.
    I hope Henshaw receives the fullest measure of punishment by our judicial system.

    Greatful citizen.

  9. whos yo daddy says:

    just makes you wonder what this guy did behind closed doors….probably smacked his old lady around all the time!!! his neighbors probably knew about it and the guilt that they didnt speak up is probably whey they were afraid to go on camera……..

    nice house…..they wont be able to afford that much longer……i hope his wife has a good job because she’s gonna need it while he’s serving his sentence with 2 hots in a cot!!!!

    1. anonymous says:

      he has no wife!! was with someone for a long time n has changed. he has serious anger problems and hasnt had a job in a long time. neighbors wont go on camera cuz they know the truth about him dating a much younger person in the neighborhood. i hope he gets help n can turn his life around

  10. Angel says:

    Throw him under the cell and put a rock on Top, Low Life!

  11. help7799 says:

    ck out 21 news in pa ,there more to the story ,search on 21 news in pa, than search,,,,man beat woman on 83,,look at there comments,double life

  12. David says:

    Awsome report!
    Next report should be: PIMP DADDIES who like to keep their caddies park at the pump to make the people behind them angry and then he looks back to tempt them to try and do something.

    People like that are low class trash and need to drive back to their ghetto hood.