WASHINGTON (WJZ) — Officials in Aruba are looking for a missing Frederick woman.

Robyn Gardner, 35, was last seen on Tuesday, August 2, at the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino. 

Gardner is 5’5″ and 120 pounds.  She has blonde hair and brown eyes and tattoos on her left arm, rib cage and right bicep.

If you have any information, please call Aruban police at 011-297-597-5201.

Comments (2)
  1. Mary says:

    Why would any american woman travel to Aruba. After what happened to Natalie Holloway, I would never go there. The authorities let that evil Van der Sloot off and then the POS murdered someone in Peru. From what I have read, the sex slave business is a big operation. I would stay away from Aruba America.

  2. Lane says:

    I go to Aruba all the time, it is my favorite place in the world. What happened to Natalie is a horiffic tragedy and it was horrid that Van Der Sloot was not convicted as well. I am also sorry that this woman is now missing and my prayers go out for her to be found safe and alive. However, regardless of where you are traveling, be aware of your surroundings and be smart in your actions and decisions.

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