BALTIMORE (WJZ)— A bicyclist struck by a car back in February died from his injuries Wednesday morning.  Now Nathan Krasnopoler’s family is speaking out, hoping something comes from their loss. 

Meghan McCorkell spoke with his family.

Krasnopoler was riding in a bike lane when a car turning right hit him.  Krasnopoler, an avid bicyclist, was following the rules of the road.  Now his family hopes his death sparks change.

Mitchell Krasnopoler will never see his son Nathan graduate from college.

“Nothing can comfort your loss, this worst loss,” he said.

A car hit the 20-year-old Hopkins student while he was on his bike February 26.  The 83-year-old driver told police she saw him but turned anyway.

“She realized he was there and then she forgot all about him.  You know, she just was not paying attention,” Mitchell Krasnopoler said.

“I try not to bike through here, but I thought today it would be appropriate to,” said Venkatesh Srinvas.

Srinvas took an emotional ride Wednesday to honor his friend.

“He was a fun guy, really, really bright.  Pretty much everyone I knew really liked him,” he said.

A ghost bike remains at the scene where Krasnopoler was hit.  His family is now hoping his death enacts change.  They’d like older drivers re-tested by the DMV.

“I mean, you get a driver’s license when you’re 16, and you’re really never tested again.  That just doesn’t seem right to us and that may have prevented Nathan’s tragedy,” Mitchell Krasnopoler said.

Marshall Troutner, whose mother held a special ride for Nathan, thinks it’s a good idea.

“I don’t see why not.  People change over time, and things can happen.  I wouldn’t think it’s unreasonable,” he said.

The driver who hit Nathan permanently gave up her license as part of a settlement.

“It does help that she is not driving anymore,” Mitchell Krasnopoler said.

His family has established The Nathan Krasnopoler Memorial Fund at the Whiting School of Engineering, which will benefit the student chapter of Association for Computing Machinery. Click here to donate.

Krasnopoler’s funeral will be held Friday.

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  1. RileyfromtheBoondocks says:

    Very, very sad.

  2. susan says:

    RIP Nathan and may your family find peace.

  3. Sylvan Finkelstein says:


  4. kara harris says:

    Is there any reason that Jeannette Marie Walke is not mentioned in this article?
    She was driving the car that killed this young man. She paid a $220 fine.

    1. Josh Seipp says:


    2. Shibbj says:

      They also forgot to mention his family suing the elderly lady for 10 MILLION dollars to make things O.K. again.

      1. Erik W says:

        which they should, so that insurance companies DEMAND retesting of drivers that are senile and lethal to the rest of us. They should spend the 10mil on a campaign focused on getting drivers over 65 tested for reflexes, vision, and cognition every 3 years.

      2. KottaMan says:

        Ten million will never get paid…. nobody carries ten million in liability coverage. So, her insurance carrier will pay policy limits (maybe $300,000 if the guy’s family is lucky) and then walk away from it. If the family wants more, they will have to hope that the woman car owner has some assets worth sending the Sheriff after. That’s what happens when someone is responsible for a serious accident.

    3. L says:

      I am praying for her too!! What a sad case all around.

      1. Michael says:

        Hers comes AARP to their rescue.

    4. j says:

      actually she is mentioned, although not her name. She gave up her license permanently as part of a settlement. Doesn’t mention the whole settlement but I guess that’s not our business as long as the family is satisfied. I do agree older people should be retested. But what makes me angrier are the drivers who hit and run. My condolences to this family

      1. Kara Harris says:

        the article was heavily edited since I left my comment

    5. ttrexxx says:

      83 time to be put to sleep for manslaughter

  5. MDBrowngirl says:

    This should be a wake up call to Maryland lawmakers! We need better protection for bike riders and elderly drivers should be required to renew their driver’s licenses yearly. If the families of elderly drivers do not have the nerve to discuss relinquishment of driver’s licenses, the state should step in and monitor the process.

    May this young man’s soul rest in peace.

  6. Chris Scott says:

    RIP, bro. You were a fighter. This black man says peace be with you in the kingdom of the God almighty.

  7. BKeyser says:

    Odd headline.

    1. BmoreSafe says:

      I agree…

  8. Cathy says:

    He is now in piece and resting

  9. Mi Letz says:

    It’ is time for more protection for Bicyclist. Hey City Hall, guess how many students ride bikes?

  10. Kimberly Schlee Stephens says:

    I, too, strongly believe that the elderly should be re-tested in order to remain vehicle motorists. They should be tested every 2 years once they hit 70.

    There are some very young 70 persons, but for the safety of all on the roads… they would not mind.


    1. mg says:

      It’s just not the elderly! What about the folks who still are on the phone when driving, texting, putting on mascara and even guys shaving!! Yes at a certain edge one should be retested but lets really cracked down on the phone abusers!!

  11. T J says:

    Why crime,Drugs are so rampid in Baltimore City. I Tried to become a police Informant for Baltimore City Poilice Dept, and was denied because of my race. I’am A United States Marine Combat Veteran, and returning to my home town, and free of charge , accept all danger of the job, would be making Baltimore safer in some area’s. anyone who is interested in there neighborhood that is infested with drugs and they are tired about it and want the dealers off the street please comment, .

  12. Ernie says:

    The state and the DMV need to step up. I’ve been hit by and been injured and had two vehicles totaled because of people that were too old to drive.

  13. Erik W says:

    You can focus on the elderly, and yes, they are deadly, but bicyclists face a lot of risks: people who are drunk, people who are texting, people who like to pass you 1.4 inches from your left elbow while they are going 70mph. There are just a lot of morons. Spending the money to build greenways (multiuse paths) can make it possible to cut out long sections of road travel and avoid stuff like this. Might not work in downtown Baltimore, but even there, it’s sometimes a possibility.

    1. whatnow says:

      A lot of people in their cars are morons. But anyone on a bike in the middle of the road, especially where people are driving 70 mph are bigger morons. GET OFF THE ROAD – the road is for cars. We don’t test our elderly and should. It should not be left up to the families to take away their elder relatives license. I look at this young man’s beautiful face and it breaks my heart. His family is in my prayers.

      1. Motorist says:

        I agree…roads are for cars, trails are for bikes. Bikes need to be kept off Maryland roads, especially the busy ones. If you can’t afford a car, then take the bus or lightrail. I agree that the elderly should be periodically tested to insure they are still capable of operating a motor vehicle but those who ride bikes also need to be more aware when in traffic. This is sad that this gentleman was in a BIKE LANE and still got hit, that is unacceptable, but I see many, many bikes that are on roads that are too narrow for a bike and car to ride on comfortably and safely, there needs to be more limits on when and where bikes are allowed to ride to prevent accidents such as these. And there should be better transportation options for students as they should not risk their lives trying to commute on busy roads on bikes during rush hour traffic.

      2. Not surprised! says:

        Talk about contradictory! “Anyone on a bike in the middle of the road, especially where people are driving 70 mph(?) are bigger morons,” and then you say “I look at this young man’s beautiful face and it breaks my heart?” You and Motorist” want it both ways and it can’t be done. Bicycles have been around for years and will continue to be; I believe a bicyclist HAS to pay attention a lot more than the driver of an automobile. We’re not talking about the other bicyclists – we’re talking about the one who has lost his life.

  14. Tripweaver says:

    This is such a sad story of loss. My heart goes out to the family. When I clicked on the link, all I saw was, “JHU Student Struck By Car In February…” I don’t know why, after clicking the link to the page, I expected, “…and miraculously jumps up and asks for something to eat.” The news just doesn’t work that way, does it.

    I lost a nephew last year, and I see how the loss of a child effects parents. I do truly grieve for you. – Jim

  15. RAUCHEL says:

    me neither don’t care really don’t care , this means nothing to me

    1. j says:

      but yet you spent time reading and replying….what a sorry excuse for a human being

      1. Tony says:

        no more sorry then you and your black Heart

    2. KottaMan says:

      Don’t ever have kids. You would be an unfit parent.

  16. says:

    does anyone really? care is this really news?

    1. Troll watcher says:

      Troll – that would be you.

  17. whatnow says:

    To anyone who doesn’t care or give an eff – why did you click on this article? I do go on articles I don’t care about. You cared enough to come on here and make a nasty comment to what – just hurt other people’s feelings. If you don’t care that a bright young light was snuffed out, what do you care about? Anything? I guess your attitudes explain why the morals of this country are sliding downhill. Being unempathetic is one step from a psychopath. Think about it.

  18. whatnow says:

    To not surprised – the 70 mph comment was in response to what Erik W said about people passing him 1 1/4 inches from him when they were doing 70. I stand by my statement that it is moronic to be on a road on a bike where cars are doing 70. This boy was in a bike lane, so I can look at that lovely face and have my heart broken. Sorry you cannot understand more than one conversation at a time.

  19. X R says:

    “This boy”, Nathan, was riding in a bike lane on a road with a speed limit of 25 mph. He was struck where it met a ramp from a parking area, maximum reasonable speed of 10 mph.

    If you take anything from this, __please__ just be a bit more attentive while driving.

  20. est 1988 says:

    so the driver said she saw him but turned anyway…smh.I dont even know what to say about that.When i drive and theres a biker’s lane on the road, I drive more cautiously.Sometimes it is hard to see bikers especially at night but if she saw the kid she should have made her turn a little more safely since he was following the rules of the road.May he rest in peace.very sad

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