BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Getting a heads-up on traffic conditions just got easier. Starting Thursday, Maryland has opened phone and internet service for a 511 system.

Alex DeMetrick reports, those three little numbers put you in the know before you go.

If you want to know if construction zones are idle and wide open, or if work is underway on your route, and the commute is paying the price, you can now dial 511 on any phone and find out before you leave home.

“Which would allow you to look at camera views, weather information, the message signs that we’re putting out to the public,” said Glen McLaughlin of the State Highways Administration.

The 511 system pulls information from state highways’ network of cameras and sensors. Real time updates are also posted on a 511 website.

If you don’t want to walk or talk through the menu, you can register with 511 for customized shortcuts.

“You just enter your preferred route, say home to work or home to beach or home to lake house,” said Valerie Burnette Edgar of the State Highways Administration. “You just register the routes that you want to know about and it will already tell you when you call. It’ll know who you are.”

There is no charge for the 511 service, which is also up and running in Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Besides dialing 511 for the traffic news service, you can also log on to their website by clicking here.

Alex DeMetrick

Comments (3)
  1. Mike says:

    STOP looking for ways to spend more money and ways to save it.
    This is a waste and I guess you can use this to justify the large toll increases!!

  2. KottaMan says:

    Well, another fabulous article. You failed to say how to call the 5411 service or access it online. Duh! Who proofreads this stuff?

  3. Joe Hollingshead says:


    Uhhhh… You dial 511 on your phone by pressing 5-1-1?

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