BALTIMORE (WJZ) —  Heavy rains caused flooding in several parts of Baltimore. That led to a lot of problems for people out on the road.

But as Monique Griego reports, some people were also forced out of their homes.

Overnight, heavy rain turned Spelman Street into a small pond, submerging a car under five feet of water.

“My brother came and woke me up around 7 saying my car was being flooded. By the time I looked out my window, it was almost halfway up my car,” said Joshua Robinson.

Neighbors say the water came fast and pretty soon poured into the Cherry Hill homes.

“Oh my goodness, I’ve never seen it like this before. It’s flooded before but not like that,” said Monique Whisonac.

Whisonac had to evacuate her home after it filled with one foot of water.  The Housing Authority and Red Cross are now helping her and other neighbors clean up and pump out all of the water and mud.  Until that’s done, the Red Cross is providing the 14 families with shelter.

Until the people can get back into their houses, the Cherry Hill Community Center has become their temporary home.

Flooding was widespread throughout the city.  On Patapsco Avenue, several cars got stuck after firefighters say the drivers tried to go through four feet of water.

The water has since receded but residents in Cherry Hill still aren’t in the clear.  Every time the rain comes down, the water here rises. 

Firefighters say you should never try to drive through a street that has more than a foot of water on it.

Comments (3)
  1. MyAfroItches says:


  2. Wheres common sense when you need it says:

    Why do we continue to rescue the stupid. If you are dumb enough to drive through deep water, you should have to get out of it yourself or die. Either way is fine.

  3. nightwalker says:

    I have to say this and it may sound rude but if black folks stop throwing trash in the gutters, sidewalks, etc.,etc then the storm drains can do what they were build for. The really stupid thing about it all I live in the city and if folks would see the area’s were my people live who don’t even have enough smarts to try and call the city to clean the drains out or if you have to get a few good guys and do the damn thing your selves. The city in my mind after I have called time and time again for a few issues in my neighborhood do not give a damn. To those who think they can drive through deep waters are just stupid. I can’t say any thing more. Finally to those who know how water can raise why pay your car for it to be damaged. I would park my car on a hill some where so it wouldn’t be sinking like a ship at sea.

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