BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Fifteen years. That’s how long a Baltimore police officer will spend behind bars for shooting a Marine outside a nightclub.  A judge handed down the sentence after emotional words from both families.

Meghan McCorkell was inside the courtroom and has reaction from the families.

Gahiji Tshamba served as a police officer for 17 years. But on Tuesday a judge told him when he pulled out his gun and shot  an unarmed Marine, he wasn’t protecting anyone.

Tshamba, 37, was convicted of manslaughter and a handgun violation. On Tuesday, for the first time, he apologized to the family of Tyrone Brown, 32. 

Twelve bullets. That’s how many shots Tshamba fired into Brown– a Marine.

“If you’re backing away with your hands in the air and you get shot 12 times,” said Sgt. Ken Johnson, Brown’s co-worker, “who’s going to protect us from people like that?”

On Tuesday, friends and family of Brown pleaded for justice.

“I just wish that throughout this entire trial that they would just tell the truth. Tell the truth,” said Chantay Kangalee, victim’s sister.

Kangalee was there when her brother got into an altercation with Tshamba—an off-duty Baltimore police officer—outside a Mount Vernon nightclub.

Tshamba used his service weapon to kill Brown– a father of two.

“No sentence is harsh enough. My kids don’t have a father,” said Loren Dean-Brown, victim’s wife.

Tshamba is sentenced to seven years for manslaughter and another 10 for a handgun violation. Two of those years are suspended.

“The defendant’s repeated lies even today about what happened and his attempts to minimize and justify his conduct exhibit a total lack of remorse,” said Gregg Bernstein, Baltimore City State’s Attorney.

Tshamba himself addressed the Brown family in court Tuesday telling them he’s sorry for the tragic event.

“There’s not a day that has gone by that I haven’t gone back to that night and wished things turned out differently,” he said.

Brown’s family says they don’t believe Tshamba’s apology was sincere, but say it’s time to get past this.

“In order for me to move on and I know my brother would want me to move on, I have to forgive him,” Kangalee said.

Defense attorney’s estimate that with good behavior Tshamba could be released in about nine years.  They plan to appeal Tuesday’s sentence.

Tshamba won’t be eligible for parole for five years.

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  1. Karen says:

    That Judge needs to fired. The Mayor of Baltimore has got to know this is an unfair ruling. This makes its ok for everyone to shoot at anymore that just grabs one of our friends. If I knew this family I would be outfront of the court house protesting. I cant believe a Judge is getting away with this. I would like to know WHO paid them off!!!!! Brown was unarmed and they thought it was ok that a dozen shots were fired at an unarmed man and that not murder. I pray the family gets everything they can cuz 15 yrs is JUST WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT COP WAS WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. common says:

    man i know this cop and he is a punk, majority of the police are punks with guns and they think they are above the law.
    thats okay because he will be balls smacking in jail with his cell mate

  3. dont be so quick to judge says:

    karen—-his family should be thankful he got that….he could have gotten a slap on the wrist (5 years or less) or even worse, he could have walked! His sentence is probably stiffer than what you or I would have gotten, we would have gotten 10 years, with all but 5-7 suspended…..he got 15 because he’s a cop…just something about before you get on your horn and start calling for the torches n pitchforks!

    Common….this officer may be a punk but your comment that the majority are punks with guns and are above the law is incorrect and wrong…i have many friends and family members who are police and they are far from punks with guns but actually outstanding men and women who have families and put their pants on the same way as you and I..your name “common” speaks worlds about your intelligence level and mindset
    ……and about your jail comment…he will probably remain in protective custody his entire sentence…..

  4. then he said says:

    15 years for 12 bullets?! Thats it?! He murdered an innocent man. SUCH BS!

  5. Bill Tough says:

    If this guy Tyrone Brown was such an innocent dude, what’s he doing at the nightclub. He should have been home with his wife and kids! You want to talk about truth, its a no brainer, you had an altercation with a guy with a gun at the club when you should have been home with your wife and two kids….nuff said.

  6. what says:

    Want to get away with murder???????become a police officer for baltimore city!!!!

  7. Savage RIp says:

    Bill shut up, why can’t a man go out and celebrate with his sister. And to the Anonymous person if a civilian murdered another civilian we would get life not 15 years.

    1. Bill Tough says:

      Savage, how bout I go up to your mom after a night of drinking and slap her in her ass…but guys like u don’t do anything about it. You celebrate with your sister over lunch or dinner at a restaurant and then you go home to your family. You act like this cop was just sitting in the parking lot looking for someone to gun down. Casey Anthony got away with murdering her child so what’s the problem!

      1. idiot bill says:

        youre an idiot. the cop shouldnt have been carringy a gun while hes out drinking. the marine was out having a good time. you cant justify killing a man over slapping some womans ass. all he needed was a good old fashion ass kicking.

  8. JACK FENWICK says:

    As a former marine , there is no question this marine knows the use of deadly force. He was on a night out on leave blowing off staem, and some punk, idiot, rookie, good for nothing cop shot him, not once but many times. sue the living sh@##$@ out of this city. Killing marines unarmed can start a war in this city. The brotherhood is deeper then any can imagine. If it were United States Marines patroling the streets of the city not only would they get respect back for the city, but put a postive spin in everthing we do. The city police are unorgranized, bad leadership, and we the people suffer

    1. Bill Tough says:

      Hey jack off, if marines are verse in the use of force, well you shoot until the threat is incapacitated. It seems like the cop was getting his ass handed to him and thought his life was in danger. As far as your brother marines, there are former marines in the department and private pile let me tell you, the city PD is still unorganized as you say. War in the city, brother you can’t even win the war in Iraq or afghanistan, how are you suppose to win the war in city private snowball. I don’t justify what the cop did, nor do I justify the death of the victim military or not, so stop the labels. It was a bad situation on both ends and poor decisions by both men that ended in one person loosing a life.

  9. Bill Tough says:

    Hey buddy, there’s nothing in the policy that states the cop can’t carry his weapon while he is out drinking…and from what I gather a police officer is required to carry his weapon within city limits. As far as justifying the killing of another man over a slapping a woman’s ass, I can’t justify the military dropping bombs and killing innocent civilians to include men woman and children in Iraq and Afghanistan but hey poop happens my friend. The point is guy gets drunk, slaps some ass, got confronted by an off duty drunk cop, gets into a fight and got shot and killed. As far as a good old fashion ass kicking…that’s pretty rare these days unless you’re in the UFC. You can get into a confrontation with a regular Joe Blow for something small and you will never know if that could be your last day on Earth!

  10. moderator #9 says:

    i love how when i “leave a comment below” afterwards it says “your comment is awaiting moderation” and then a short time later….POOF, its gone!!!! So much for freedom of speech …….WJZ this website is really starting to suck!

  11. chalkie says:

    Its not a written rule, but its a common sense thing. Alcohol and guns don’t mix. I worked in a couple bars and we use to take our regular cops weapons and lock them in our safe. But cops are told by thier uppers not to carry when going out and drinking. I know alot of cops and then never ever take thier weapons with them when going out for a night of drinking. Now on to the judge to rule shotting someone 12 times is not exessive force when the man was unarmed, its a complete joke. This ex cop should have a needle jammed in his arm and be put down, this isn’t the first problems out of him, but it would be the last. I hope bubba takes care of him. As a cop in jail he has a short life expectancy, unless they keep him away from gen pop.. But this judge should be disbarred for stupidity. If he is making a bad call in this case, then imagine what other bad calls he is making in lesser profile cases. If they applied full punishment to every crime, thier would be less crime. Right now its a glory thing for someone to do time, since our jail system is a joke on rehabilation of a criminal. We need to put capital punishment back in to our laws, and make our criminals actually do things to rehabilate themselves and not want to go back to prison like the use of chain gangs and hard labor. Make them earn thier keeps in prison to lower the cost to the tax payers. Sorry to say our prisons are getting to be like a hotel, 3 square meals, free health care, free education for the ones who take advantage of it, T.V., air conditioning, etc etc etc. Thier are people out here that don’t have them luxarys and they bust thier rumps at a job everyday, and keep out of trouble. What is wrong with this picture. I like what that sheriff out in Arizona does to his prisoners, it should be done his way nation wide.

  12. ravenmaniac881 says:

    Chalkie…if you worked in the bar business then obviously it was far above your intelligence level. first off…why are you taking guns from people who are allowed to carry them….and then locking them away for them while they drink….and then giving them back after they are done drinking.

    Did you think about taking their keys from them when they were leaving the bar?

    Did you think about calling the Baltimore City Police Department and tell them about officers giving their issued duty guns to civilians to LOCK up for them while they drank?

    I am quite sure that the departmental rules clearly say that officers are not permitted to carry loaded firearms when consuming alcohol. Each officer would have been justified for not carrying their gun into the city since they were there for the sole purpose of drinking.

    The last issue is the jury. They found him guilty of manslaughter. It carries a mandatory 10 year sentence. He got 7. The punishment for the handgun charge carried 5-20 years…He got 10.

    don’t blame the system…..blame the jury for letting him off with the lesser penalty of manslaughter. A typical Baltimore vity jury thing.

  13. me says:

    Let go n let God is all I can say. Who r we to judge he have to answer to a higher Judge n the courts.jury or his lawyer won’t b able to help him then…

  14. Dude says:

    You should learn some grammer, spelling, and punctuation skills.

    I am not one for judging others, but damn, even God would judge you to be stupid, based on your writing skills.

    Go back to school.

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