By Ron Matz

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — If you love fashion, you’ll enjoy the next four nights in Charm City.  The fourth annual Baltimore Fashion Week gets underway Thursday night.

As Ron Matz reports, everything is runway ready.   

The models are ready, and so are the paparazzi and designers like Bo Carter. Carter is all the way from England.

“It’s lovely.  I was in America last year for Virginia Fashion Week, so it’s really nice to be back here and doing another show,” said Carter.

June Monteiro is  a designer from Waldorf.

“I think it’s an amazing experience.  It’s a chance to showcase your work on a more professional stage than just your average fashion show, so I’m looking forward to showcasing,” said Monteiro.

It’s a slice of New York excitement at Fashion Week 2011.

“We’ll have 11 designers each night.  It will have a New York feel.  It’s important when you’re talking to people, especially buyers or investors, they need to see those images that go with a New York Fashion Week. You won’t know it’s in Baltimore. That’s what I am trying to give to the designers,” said Sharan Nixon, producer of Baltimore Fashion Week.

Karan Garalde has an eco-friendly coffee dress.

“The corset top is made out of coffee bags from Firehouse in Canton.  The bottom part is made from used coffee filters hand-sewn. I love texture and love the color and how organic it was so I played around with used coffee filters and came up with this design,” said Garalde, designer from Baltimore.

“The designers are from all over.  We have one designer traveling internationally.  Bo Carter is here from the United Kingdom.  Three years ago, we had Ann Walton from Okinawa, Japan,” said Nixon.

The models can’t wait to hit the runway.

“I actually love it. It’s a fantastic experience.  I like seeing all the different collections I get to wear. It’s quite exciting,” said Hanna Roche, model from Frederick County.

“Come out and see the designers.  They’ve worked really, really hard.  The models have been practicing exceptionally hard.  We’ve been through a lot of adversity the last couple of months but it’s going to be absolutely fabulous,” said Nixon.

Baltimore Fashion Week is being held at the Scottish Rite Masonic Center on North Charles Street.  It starts Thursday at 7 p.m.

For ticket information, click here.

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  2. Cat Reinheimer says:

    I am Cat Reinheimer fashion designer showing sat.aug.20th at Baltimore fashion week! I have a huge problem with WJZ. I was one of the 4 designers shown in yesterdays segment! Only I was the only designer cut from the interview, not introduced but they showed my dress taupe draped dressed on my beautiful model Dee Zhang from China! I believe I was not shown due to that I am a large woman. They interviewed all 4 designers and all 4 models….all were shown but me. For the record. I am talented, I am smart and I am a big woman. This is incredibly insulting and I want an appology!!!!!!! I would also like to add I am a handicaped woman with a severe spine injury and was bedridden for 2 1/2 yrs and then had reconstructive disc surgery….I am in pain all day everyday. I don’t eat a whole pizza, I take alot of medicine some that cause weight gain and furthermore I am not lazy…. I am disabled and therefore I have weight issues. WJZ you owe me an apology….if not for the simple fact you showed my art
    ( the dress) without giving me credit) -Cat Reinheimer

  3. female mannequin eve says:

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