I received a text message that kind of set me off. The sender tried to tell me the Ravens and Steelers weren’t a rivalry.  I don’t know what he was smoking, but what constitutes a great rivalry? Tradition? Wins and Losses? Maybe it’s a just strong dislike for your opponents.  Whatever you think it is, the Ravens and Steelers are not only a rivalry, it is the best rivalry in football.
I just had Chris Mortenson on the show and he said it was the best rivalry in football.  The point that was being brought up was the Ravens were only 3-7 in the games against the Steelers.  But how many of those games came down to the wire?  If that’s your only point of emphasis in the debate, then there is no debate.  Watch the games; hear what the players say after the game or even check out the injury report.

Have the Steelers had the upper hand in this match up? YES!!! But I don’t know any rivalry that is split 50-50.