BALTIMORE (AP) — A Baltimore judge has sentenced a 37-year-old Catonsville man to five life terms, plus 80 years in prison for firing on police officers during a traffic stop.

Judge Edward R.K. Hargadon sentenced Bradrick Green on Monday to five life terms plus 80 years to be served consecutively and six life terms plus 38 years to be served concurrently. The first 65 years are to be served without the possibility of parole.

When officers pulled over an unlicensed cab in November 2009, prosecutors say Green got out and fired at the 11 officers there as he fled on foot. Officers pursued Green and shot him. No officers were hit.

A Baltimore jury convicted Green in April of 11 counts of attempted first-degree murder and multiple weapons offenses.
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  1. T J says:

    A Baltimore city police officer Kills a unarmed UNITED STATES MARINE and gets 15 years , this guy gets 5 life terms. what are they smoking

  2. RAUCHEL says:

    Judges are not fair, and balanced, ”not even close””…. The Baltimore city police department are selling drugs, making money off drugs, and riding past crime, and drug corners ”’how else can i put it???

  3. CITY GIRL says:

    We the tax payers are being taken. The judges are on the take, along with the Baltimore City Police. This past year Baltimore City Police fired over A hundre rounds at there own men and unarmed men, kill there own and by standers. WHERE IS JUSTICE????

    1. Real Police work is not CSI says:

      When did city police fire “over a hundred rounds” at their own men and an unarmed man???? your spreading lies.

      To the many upstanding police officers in BPD, thank you for your service and bravery. This is one more dangerous criminal off the city streets of Baltimore.

      To anyone that thinks they can do a better job, BPD is always recruiting police officers.

  4. DAVE BAURER says:

    Baltimore city Police is the biggest joke going. The trouble inside the ranks of the BALTIMORE CITY POLICE have cost the city MILLIONS$$$$……. These cops are worse then the thugs on the street

  5. ThisGuy says:

    This so called Judge and his defense lawyer (who probably has a boat load amount of cases) just open the door to a whole list of appeals and retrials at we, the taxpayers expense, due to his 8th amendment rights (believe it or not). he could of sentenced him to 25 years on 10 counts and life without parole for the 11th. WOW….

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