BALTIMORE (WJZ/AP)– A 5.8 magnitude earthquake in Virginia is felt in Maryland.

It happened around 1:51 p.m. Tuesday.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the earthquake was half a mile deep. Shaking was felt at the White House and all over the East Coast, as far south as Chapel Hill, N.C. People also felt it in New York and Rhode Island. Parts of the Pentagon, White House and Capitol were evacuated. There were no immediate reports of injuries.

The quake was centered near Louisa, Va., in Louisa County, which is northwest of Richmond and south of Washington.

Fire department spokesman Chief Kevin Cartwright says there have been widespread evacuations throughout the city. He says since there hasn’t been any indication of damage to buildings, officials feel it’s safe for people to return to their homes.

Many people who fled downtown high-rises were trying to reach friends and family by cell phone, but service was interrupted.

There has been damage reported in Southeast Baltimore near Bank Street where a spire from a church collapsed onto the road. There are no reports of any injuries there.

“We have been in contact with all local jurisdictions and a number are reporting damage to some infrastructure,” said MEMA spokesperson Ed Hopkins.  “Fortunately, they’re not reporting any serious injuries.”

Even though there aren’t normally earthquakes in Maryland, Hopkins said that each jurisdiction does have its own plan.

Earthquake Hits Maryland:

Adam May reports in the WJZ newsroom, strong shaking was felt. People went under doorframes for safety and some people left the building.  Some lights and televisions went off during the shaking.

Kai Jackson reports many buildings and courthouses in the area were evacuated.

Hundreds of people stayed outside on the sidewalks in downtown Baltimore, not wanting to return to their high-rise buildings.

“I’ve never felt anything like it in Baltimore.  I lived in California and I felt one there but not here,” said Johns Hopkins employee Rafael Irizarry.

“I didn’t know what was going on,” said one woman.

“5.8, that’s big.  Maybe something else is coming we should be on the lookout for,” said Mark Richey.

“I was sitting on the marble ledge and the whole thing started shaking,” said a man.  “And then it got stronger and stronger and stronger.”

“I was in Mercy Hospital and the whole building started shaking,” said one man.  “Everyone got really scared and started running outside.”

“Everything started shaking and then it stopped and then it got really bad and I started screaming and ran out of the building,” said a woman.  “It was panic.”

Once people got outside and realized the worst was over, many of them started to feel a lot better.

Delays are reported in commuter service throughout Maryland.

In downtown Baltimore, the subway system was temporarily shut down and traffic is “a mess.”

All MARC train service was suspended.

Amtrak reports train service along the Northeast Corridor between Baltimore and Washington, D.C., is operating at reduced speeds.

Amtrak says its crews are inspecting stations and railroad infrastructure before returning to normal operation. The rail service says no injuries have been reported but passengers should expect delays.

Mayor Discusses Earthquake:

Weijia Jiang spoke with the mayor.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake activated the city’s Emergency Operations Center  Tuesday afternoon and is meeting with city agencies to assess any issues related to the earthquake. She announced that nonessential city employees are authorized to leave work early.

Rawlings-Blake has also sent people to check out all bridges around the city and ordered police officers to check the traffic patterns downtown and help people get home safely. 

There were no mandatory evacuations but many chose to leave the downtown area.

“There have been no reports of major injuries in Baltimore and 911 is fully operational and responding to all emergencies,” said Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. 

In the Washington area, Metro appears to have emerged from the earthquake unscathed. Dan Stessel, spokesman for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, says there are no immediate reports of injuries or damage to the area’s extensive metro rail system. But he says all trains have been slowed to 15 m.p.h. and officials are performing a system-wide track inspection.

Maryland state employees have returned to the statehouse after an evacuation lasting roughly 30 minutes due to the earthquake.

Raquel Guillory, a spokeswoman for Gov. Martin O’Malley, says staff in a meeting on the second floor thought something was falling off the building. She says the room she was meeting with other staffers was shaking.

Several staffers said they initially thought scaffolding around the statehouse dome, which is being repainted, had collapsed. One staffer hid under a desk, and others stood in a doorway before they left the building.

Rick Abbruzzese, a spokesman for O’Malley, says: “We really felt like it was going to come through the ceiling at any second.”

The East Coast gets earthquakes, but usually smaller ones.

The National Weather Service’s West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center said the location of the quake was far enough inland that it didn’t threaten to trigger a tsunami on the coast.

Director Paul Whitmore said the center has gauges up and down the East Coast and none of them were detecting tsunami activity.

Federal officials say two nuclear reactors at the North Anna Power Station in Louisa County, Va., were automatically taken off line by safety systems around the time of the earthquake. Nuclear Regulatory Commission spokesman Roger Hannah says the agency was not immediately aware of any damage at nuclear power plants in the southeast.

NRC officials are still assessing the situation.

The U.S. Park Service evacuated and closed all National Mall monuments and memorials.

At Reagan National Airport outside Washington, ceiling tiles fell during a few seconds of shaking. Authorities announced it was an earthquake and all flights were put on hold.

More than 12 million people live close enough to the quake’s epicenter to feel shaking, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The agency said this quake was in the yellow alert category for economic damage, meaning there was potential for local damage but it would add up to far less than 1 percent of the country’s gross domestic product.

East Coast earthquakes are far less common than in the West, but they tend to be felt over a broad area. That’s because the crust is not as mangled and fractured, allowing seismic waves to travel without interruption.

“The waves are able to reverberate and travel pretty happily out for miles,” said U.S. Geological Survey seismologist Susan Hough.

Click here for a slideshow of the damage.

Click here for closings.

Police are asking residents not to call 911 to report an earthquake unless there is an emergency.

More Eyewitness Accounts:

Mike Hellgren spoke to residents in Annapolis.

This was the equivalent of more than 10,000 tons of dynamite.  People panicked, unsure of what was happening.  Many evacuated buildings as the ground rumbled.

“Suddenly the house was moving this way and that way,” said a woman.

“Everything just started shaking and falling.  I thought I had knocked something down,” said one man.

“Chairs started to rumble a little and then all of a sudden, some trophies started to rattle.  We realized it was an earthquake,” said one woman. 

The State House in Annapolis doesn’t appear to have suffered any damage.

 “It startled me,” said one person. 

“Now I can say I’ve lived through an earthquake,” said another.

Stay with WJZ.COM for the latest in this developing story.

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  1. chris says:

    Felt moderate shaking all the way up in Providence, RI.

    1. Bj Rogers-Crouse says:

      Church Street at the county/city line got it.

      1. Anna Karpentiva says:

        Seems that earth is gambling with USA:

    2. TRACY says:


    3. dc says:

      Our house rocked in Bel Air, MD!

      1. papo swing says:

        My town home was shaking pretty good my dog was barking i was trying to go online when the whole roof was shaking ..Wow…………… Abingdon MD


    4. Jeaneen Andretta says:

      Felt in NJ. My husbands office sent everyone out jut in case, his whole building swayed. My house shook, the blinds moved. Would not want to be in a big one.

    5. Shameeka says:

      I didnt even know it was possible for us to get an earthquake. I was so scared, i thougt it was the end of the world, the computer and desk were shaking as if it wanted to fall over. Phone lines are down so its so scary right now. What shuld we do and will it get worse?

      1. Carl says:

        Shut up. You’re fine.

      2. Easy going says:

        Some people are more sensitive then others and different areas felt the earthquake to different degrees. I’m sorry Carl decided to be so rude

    6. Geo says:

      We felt the earth moving in our building in Columbus, OH. The 2 story building was “rolling” and everyone on the floor felt the movement.

    7. Hether says:

      Our house ROCKED in Arbutus, MD!

    8. Barbara Agel DeMay says:

      I live in Westminster Carroll Co. and it moved the windows in my house, and the dogs looked like they new it before i did.

    9. Theresa Trimilove says:

      Felt very moderate in Severna Park, clock almost fell from mantel; went to door. Whole house was swaying. Lights swinging, dogs, cat, and bird loudly barking, crying and squealing. Worst I have ever felt…hope it isn’t a fore-shock!

    10. Sada says:

      I am actually sitting in orientation for work in annapolis, MD and I started feeling my chair shake at first I thought someone was kicking me but then we heard loud movement in he halls so everyone went to see Wat had happen and the said we had a sligt tremor, but I kno better it was no bby shake

    11. Jackie Stapleton says:

      I live in Arnold, MD. My horses took off running and the dogs ran to the door. I told my daughter to go outside. Used to live in California and have felt many earth quakes. I knew it was an earth quake the moment it started.

    12. elizabeth says:

      we work at wine world in abingdon harford county and we watched the bottles teeter a bit and then it was over before we knew what happened!! it’s all good thankfully.


      1. KO says:

        I felt it in Whiteford MD my house was shaking

    13. Bruce says:

      Up here in New Hampshire too.

    14. WHAT A CROCK says:

      I guess this is Obama’s fault too!

      1. Dan says:

        hell yea it is. he was golfing roflmao

      2. Mike says:

        No, Obama will blame it on Bush of course or the Tea Party.

  2. A says:

    Felt in Towson, MD as well.

    1. KITTY says:


      1. teresa Howell says:

        We are in Baltimore, MD. In the Cherryhill area, It shook the whole house my speaker fell internet box fell my fish tank was shaking. I pray all is well with you and everyone.

      2. Dascil Lynn says:

        I’m in shower everything shaking. Very slipp, Dr Martin Luther King picture would not far but swing left to right in fast motion. i’m slide in the water, butt/ f/ n/ I thought it was next store thinking its him dogs, everything falling . I’m yelling for my daughter outside. Running around wet trying to get my clothes. I thought the world was coming to a end. Due to the sun out. It scared me to deaf. Please i hope that will never happen again. My husband under a car it felt the ground shaking so he got up in time. Sincilair Lane..Praying time….

    2. ~Geri~ says:

      ~We felt it up here in Stewartstown area~

    3. Tori Hunt says:

      felt it in Kent Island Queen Annes Co. MD things started falling off of the walls and shaking and then the whole house started shaking rapidly. It ended before i could do anything i was just sitting in the computer room upstairs and at first i was like this doesnt usually happen on the east coast, i was shocked.

    4. Rebecca Trapp says:

      Irmo, SC had waving water in cups.

    5. Dan says:

      It only lasted 15 seconds my first thought was it was a low flying helicopter in the Halethorpe area. Back in the 90’s I was in York PA it was around 5 am and was shook to the point of falling to the ground a lot more intense then this. This is becoming a Media hyperbol.

    6. Seth says:

      Verizon Wireless and Comcast phone are out, Internet access is operational as is power and water, earthquake felt in Edgewood MD.

      1. Jennifer Warwick says:

        Yeah I know phone lines or at least the Verizon Wireless service is and I hate that. My husband works for Amtrak and I can’t get ahold of him.

    7. Barb says:

      I was sitting on the toilet and my house shook so bad that it throw me off the toilet. we could see the roof tops of the houses shake

    8. Nicole says:

      felt it in Owings Mills left 2 big aXX cracks in middle of Reisterstown rd

  3. patti says:

    WE felt the earthquake here in Laurel, MD. Our whole office building shook like it was coming down to the ground. OMG! I can’t imagine how others felt to actually be in one of a magnatude size. THe whole street of bldgs. came out to the road to get out of the buildings.

    1. Sade says:

      Baltimore as well

    2. claire says:

      i was on the phone with my mom who lives in mineral va and she started yelling and screamed earth quake. i could hear everything shaking and she hung up on me. not 30 seconds later our house in cooksville md started shaking. crazy. i cant reach her now the phones are down.

      1. Kim says:

        hope all is well with her….

    3. mark canfield says:

      was felt in pasadena as well,while on the phone with relatives in ne. ohio who claimed they felt it there as well

    4. Sharon says:

      Felt in Southern Dorchester County Eastern Shore, MD – Whole house was ruumbling

    5. shirley furry says:

      we llive in Union Bridge and our whole house shook. it was something I never experienced in my life. Very scary

      1. Barbara Cordwell says:

        I know how you feel. I live in Union Bridge too!

  4. K.Kuhn says:

    Our office building – a historic home in Severna Park – shook like a house of cards! Papers and books came off shelves and everyone evacuated.

  5. Marsha says:

    OMG….I felt it in my classroom in Mitchellville. The windows, floor, and walls were shaking.

  6. Ne says:

    I thought I left Earthquakes in California!!! OMG!!!

    1. Kathy says:

      This was my first one! And hopefully the last! Westminster, MD

    2. Sara says:

      I felt it in federalsburg md the whole house was shaking

  7. Malynda says:

    We just felt it here in Union Mills Maryland!

  8. D A B says:

    We felt the Building shake in Woodlaw Social Security Complex.

  9. Ed Bennett says:

    I live in Sparks, MD and at 1:50 my entire house shook. It felt like a hurricane was hitting our house and moving it from side to side, but when I looked outside there was no wind. It lasted about 15-20 seconds. When it was over there was no actual damage, but it was an amazing feeling. I’ve never experienced anything like it before.

    1. Tom says:

      I’m in Monkton. I thought my stomach was growling until I saw the table shaking. They must be testing nukes at Aberdeen underground. The earthquake is a cover story. ha ha

  10. Dori Province says:

    we felt this in Marlborough MA as well

  11. Lorri Lechlinski says:

    Our office building felt the earthquake in Bel Air, Maryland.

  12. Ed says:

    I live in Essex and the whole house was shaking

  13. Karrie says:

    Felt it in darlington, md

    1. Karrie says:

      Also now i can not make calls from my cell phone

      1. Marsha says:

        me neither

      2. Kim says:

        Me 3rd it is so not good not being able to confirm family is ok

      3. jlc says:

        mine is out too in frederick maryland – landline and cell

    2. Britt says:

      We are in Bowleys Quarters…I live in an apartment there and I thought the building was falling down. I grabbed my kids and made one big leap to my bathroom doorway….all in one movement. The kids were screaming and crying really bad. I calmed them if I could only calm myself down lol

  14. Mel says:

    Felt the earth shaking in Elkton, MD at 1:50pm.

  15. Fay Kelly says:

    My condo building shook in Perry Hall, scared me.

  16. Kelly says:

    We felt the earthquake in Bel Air @ 1:55pm.

  17. Gary says:

    Thought the student behind me was kicking my seat. Then the overhead projector started shaking; then the whole classroom shook. University of Baltimore.

  18. EB says:

    Felt it in downtown Baltimore.

  19. Superior Distribution says:

    Shook our building here in West Annapolis realllll good.

  20. Barbara Euler Hutchison says:

    Earthquake – wow our whole building shook !!!! OUr beautiful chandelier is STILL swaying !!!!!! Hope everyone is ok !!!!!

  21. dmoore says:

    Wow pretty cool.thank god no one hurt.

      1. MommaD says:

        Brooklyn, MD is rocking too!

  22. RileyfromtheBoondocks says:

    We felt it in Northern Baltimore at Good Sam Hospital

  23. MiChelle Martz says:

    Felt it in Pikesville, MD as well… the entire building was swaying.

  24. j huey brown says:

    eastern shore shaking

  25. Bill says:

    Felt in Bel Air Md

  26. CeCe says:

    Felt it in Randallstown!

  27. bk says:

    I felt it in elkton maryland and husband is in harrington maryland he felt it there as well

  28. Gail says:

    Carroll County too…

  29. Danielle LeBrun says:

    Felt it up here in Cecil County, MD

  30. Roland Udich says:

    Rode the wave in middle river bmore reliabe auto car Baltimore Md

  31. KEM says:

    Felt at APG as well! And this time it wasn’t from a typical bomb test blast!

    1. Jessica says:

      I work on APG and that’s what I thought it was!

  32. paul says:

    Felt in Cambridge, MA

    1. Jennifer Hattenbach Reilly says:

      HOLY COW!

  33. keona jones says:

    caroline county felt shaking for about 10 seconds.

  34. shaaronie says:

    I felt it here in a car dealership in Essex. We have a small repair shop in the back and I thought the repair guys were banging on something really hard until the ground started to shake. I was first out the door! Scary as all get out!

  35. Rob Foote says:

    Shaking was felt in Cresaptown, Maryland. It last about 15 – 20 seconds.

  36. Wendy says:

    Felt it in Street MD

  37. Cindy Faya says:

    Felt in Stevensville MD.

  38. jaq says:

    We felt in in the Philadelphia area, my office chair was moving around.

  39. Cindy Lewis says:

    The earthquae was also felt in Baltimore City. My entire house in the Reisterstowns & Belevedere area was shaking very badly.

  40. ALS says:

    Felt in Dundalk. Power down for a moment.

    1. NiEsha says:

      I’m in Dundalk too. First thought it was a truck rumbling by, then thought it was the neighbors who have been working on the place next door (we share a wall). When all that was ruled out, I knew what it was. Talk about scary. My first and hopefully my last. Fortunately, I didn’t lose power. My house shook, but surprisingly, not a thing fell over.

  41. Jen says:

    In Frederick, MD & Felt It. My Chair & Computer Was Shaking. I Thought I Was Seeing Things At First.

  42. Bonnie Hayslup says:


    1. Skye says:

      Just north of you and felt it as well. I have lived here 30 years and never experienced anything like it! I couldn’t understand why my couch was moving around.

  43. CLG says:

    We felt it in Rockville. Shook internal office structures at work.

  44. B'more says:

    I felt it in North East Baltimore City. Was in the tub when the house began to shake 😛

    1. che says:

      you had a natural jacuzzi

  45. Our 9 story office building in NYC just swayed back and forth about 6 times!

  46. Cathy says:

    Wow! That was a big one!

  47. Ronda Stump says:

    1:50 pm, Virginia earthquake was also felt in Terra Alta, WV

    1. Ronda Stump says:

      Actually we felt it about 2:00pm

  48. B says:

    felt it in bel air, md!

  49. LS says:

    We felt moderate shaking in our building all the way in Indianapolis, IN. May be a result of quake in MD and the one in Colorado today, getting shook from different directions. Amazing.

  50. Bryanna Rivera says:

    Aberdeen Maryland felt the earthquake too!!!

  51. joann says:

    I am in Perry hall, things fell off walls and closet door opened,,,there are no cell or land line service

  52. MPD says:

    Felt it in the Inner Harbor!

  53. Suzanne Patterson Webster says:

    OMG! I was sitting in the house at my computer and the chair started to roll back and forth with me in it! Grabbed my Grand daughter and stood in the door jam of the lower level of the house. After all my neighbors were out in the street. Cabinets came open things shook in the house…cell phone not working….

  54. G says:

    Landline and cellphone service out…but internet working.

  55. Janice Fultz-Saunders says:

    i am in white marsh…and i was on the phone with someone in pennsyvania south of pittsburg and she felt it too

  56. debbie says:

    we felt the building shaking for about 3 minutes in newark, de.

  57. tn says:

    13 floor in a downtown building… we got a right good shake. Scared the living daylights out of many here.

  58. CHRISTY says:


  59. Terry Robertson says:

    Felt in Darlington, Md much shaking, dogs knew something was going on before we did, they jumped up and barked looking around not knowing what was going on. Then the dishes in the cubbard started rattling. Terry Robertson

  60. CAE says:

    Definitely felt my whole house shake in Timonium – scared me to pieces! Did not know what it was and thought a tractor trailer had driven inside!

  61. Melissa Ostroff says:

    I was watching a video of a car explosion on Huffington Post and just as the car exploded, the house started shaking. I was completely confused! Everyone ran out of the front of their homes! Intense.

  62. Andrea says:

    Thought there was something under my bed, until the walls started shaking too! Since when does the east coast have quakes???? Whats going on???

    1. Mitchell Gentry says:

      They are rare, but the East Coast does get a quake every 20 years or so. There is a inactive fault line along the East Coast.

  63. DJL says:

    23 story condo in Mount Vernon was shaking pretty bad

  64. Shannon says:

    Here in Rockvile was not “moderate” shaking. My desk, computers were shaking. Could feel it very strongly in the floor. Ceiling sounded like it was coming down any second. Everyone just flew out the door!

  65. Rhianon Gingerich says:

    here in baltimore city

  66. Pam says:

    It was strong in Glen Burnie. Our entire office building was shaking, and of course we did what we were not supposed to and ran in the street.

  67. Bob says:

    Friends in Rhode Island and Mass. felt it as well !

  68. Kim says:

    Felt it in Aberdeen!

  69. greg says:

    I was sitting on my couch watching tv and then I felt the shaking. A couple of pictures fell off my wall. Felt it in Nottingham MD

  70. Usman says:

    It was crazy felt in baltimore, MD

  71. Delite says:

    Felt it in WV as well.

  72. joyce says:

    Felt the lower unit of a condo building shaking for 1/2 minute or more. I thought I left the earthquakes in Alaska!

    1. joyce says:

      This was in Frederick Maryland

  73. Martha says:

    I felt my house shake in Lutherville Maryland. Very Scary! Luckily nothing broke or fell off the wallls. First experience with any earthquake. Very Scary!

  74. valmaria says:

    Felt it real good in Aberdeen, Md…..everything was shaking!

  75. Tina says:

    Felt in Joppa, MD as well shook the whole building

  76. Barb Johnson says:

    Port Deposit, and North East felt the quake, shook the whole house bad,

  77. TR says:

    Def. felt in Fells Point! And my niece in Lancaster County felt it as well

  78. EJ says:

    Forest Hill MD felt building shake ran out front Forest Hill Air Park.

  79. tyzahne says:

    well is it over

  80. machiel Mckinnon says:

    Felt the Building Shake at Cross Keys in Roland Park..

  81. J says:

    i felt it in towson MD and my cellphone stopped working?

  82. Lisa Westervelt says:

    Hampton Plaza in Towson was shaking! Scared me to death, we were all fighting over doorways to stand in!

  83. Adam says:

    We felt mild shaking in Elberton, GA.

  84. Dawnmarie Akers says:

    Felt here in Cecil County,,, I had no idea what was going on, but I ran thru my house.

  85. Kim Williams says:

    WOW we were rocked out of our building in Halethorpe MD My gog I pray I NEVER FEEL THAT EVER AGAIN IN MY LIFE !!!! VERY SCARY

  86. Victoria Reese says:

    I am here in Columbia maryland and it was scary

  87. Lisa says:

    Felt it here in Wake Forest, NC. My office chair was shaking and my desk was rattling.

  88. Diamond says:

    Felt it in Williamsburg Va. so scary

  89. Alex Wohlgemuth says:

    Wow! Felt it in downtown Baltimore, about 1 mile north of inner harbor. Had some bottles fall off from the top of the fridge, now my whole apartment smells like whiskey!

  90. TES says:

    WOW… I live/work in Glen Burnie and I thought our office building was going to come down around me. I could never live in CA, because that seriously freaked us all out!!!

  91. Nancy Compton says:

    Felt it in Johnstown PA

  92. Trina Lawrence says:

    it was felt in NY and NJ and definitely in VA n MD….friends in panic mode

  93. Toni Farver says:

    Wow what a strange feeling. I felt it in Union Bridge Md. My poor animals were running around wondering what was going on. A very scary feeling

  94. Pam Halso says:

    I live in Cecil County Maryland (north eastern part of Maryland) & about 15 minutes ago the whole house shook so bad the dogs came running.
    I checked your web-site & there it is earthquake. well it was felt in Cecil County Maryland.
    Pam Halso

  95. Dorothy Lang says:

    I thought truck or a bomb had hit the house, the whole building shook for a couple seconds. My chair actually jump up in the air…I went to check what happened and heard that it was a earthquake….scared the ##@@ out of me. I am still shaking.

  96. Teresa Faulhaber says:

    I knew it was an earthquake as I was in kitchen and cleaning fridge out, and the doors starting shaking, and dishes in cabinets started rattling , the door starting swinging to bedrooms-I was scared never felt an earthquake but knew it was one.

  97. Sharadon says:

    I felt that as I was standing up. The whole house shook. We just had a gas explosion next to our house and my mom and I thought that it was our house next to go.

  98. Cassie McIntyre says:

    Felt the quake here on Fort Meade MD. Felt the house shaking, thought maybe someone was on the roof. Went outside to see what all the ruckus was about because it sounded like several people were running on the roof. Saw our cars shaking, fell to the ground in terror, ran and grabbed my 3 year old son and went outside. Still shaking from being scared.

  99. RH says:

    OMG. i thought that i was going crazy or something. my house shook and i could feel the floor under me shaking. my windows were rocking back and forth and i live in York, PA.

  100. katya says:

    I am in Serverna Park, Md and we felt it

  101. Josh says:

    Baltimore City here, our entire shop felt like it was coming down and we all ran outside fast as hell!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. Erika says:

    We felt it in Gwynn Oak, MD!

  103. Carolina says:

    Right before the earthquake, my dad was playing around with his golf club and hit a metal box really hard and that’s when the earthquake happened and his workers all thought it was because of him!

    Thank goodness it was small here in Baltimore city!

  104. Jacqui says:

    Watched the chandelier sway and the walls shift. Very scary in Severn, Maryland.

  105. Cindy says:

    Felt it here in Wilkes-Barre, PA

  106. Reggie Greenberg says:

    My dog barked right before the rumbling sound, then the house started to shake enough where I bent to stand in the door way in case any trees fell into the house or furniture fell over.

  107. H says:

    shook the house in catonsville md for about 35 seconds.

  108. Elaine says:

    Aberdeen Maryland – Earthquake felt. Home addition shook and we could feel under our feet. Ceiling fixtures swayed, no visible damage. No landline or cell phone service.

  109. Diana Ray says:

    Felt the quake in Edgewood, MD

  110. Joseph Tolley says:

    We were watching a movie at home in pikesville md! Omg it shook our whole house!! No damage tho just really scary! Joe

  111. Arianna says:

    Yeah my sis and i ran out with the cat saving it, don’t forget the After shock though

  112. JYM says:

    In Georgetown in DC. Things were falling off my desk and the buildings outside were shaking also.

  113. Michele says:

    We felt the tremor here in Dundalk located in North Point Village. I was on my computer in my chair n felt the floor start to rumble and then my chair shook and my front window sounded like it was gonna break due to the rumbling. Wow…this was different…

  114. Tonja Bell says:

    Just talked to my mother who was visiting in the Union Hospital in Elkton, MD. She said the hospital shook badly, cards and pictures falling.

  115. Nan Brewington says:

    Pictures are down all over the house….

  116. Jonathan Bettle says:

    We felt the building shake in Baltimore. And no one’s cell phones work in the 21217 zip. Internet works through landlines.

  117. Carrie says:

    We felt it on the Eastern Shore in Denton. Our pictures,windows and telephone poles were all shaking. It even shook my fathers tractor trailer!

  118. Dawn says:

    I live in Glen Burnie……. It was felt pretty good here…….I’m on the third floor in my home and my walls started to move …..Geez…..

  119. Laura says:

    Felt in Woodberry on TV Hill. It was pretty awesome, to be honest. The whole building shook.

  120. kalynn fogler says:

    The house was shakeing so bad if felt like the roof was going to cave in. We where sitting in the living room watching a movie then out of nowhere the house started shaking wildly picture starting falling it was so scarry we had no idea what was going on. This is easton maryland!!!!

  121. Alice I. says:

    I live in Marriottsville, MD and I was in my basement when I heard what sounded like rolling thunder approaching quickly. The house began to shake at which time i ran up the stairs. By the time i got up there the shaking stopped. I lwas born and raised in So. Cal but it never fails to rattle my nerves!

  122. Robin says:

    we felt in in Dundalk. My china cabinet almost shook over. My mom and grand daughter were in our backyard and she said the whole yard shook including my grand-daughters swing/tree house

  123. Helen says:

    Felt it in Perry Hall, MD. Thought it was the dog under the desk until I saw the walls vibrating.

  124. Rafael says:

    We felt it here in Ewing,NJ

  125. Zachary Thomas Schweigman says:

    I was watching the Three Stooges our DVR and everything started shaking i thought it was my brother doing something but i found out it wasn’t. I felt it in Parkville, Maryland.

  126. Trish says:

    I felt it in my basement apartment. Was laying in bed watching TV with the cat and it shook so hard that both myself and the cat were so so scared and some pictures fell off my shelves! Trish Middle River

  127. MD says:

    Felt it in Ocean City 125th st

  128. Liz and Grece says:

    We are located on Roland and 41st. St. We had shaking and stuff falling over on the dining room table. All the dogs in the neighborhood started barking. Really scary!!!

  129. Cindy says:

    Our 3 story office building here in Annapolis was positively swaying, things falling off shelves! WOW I stood in a doorway and went outside when it was over, everyone was out there scared to death! Still can’t get a cell signal!

  130. Jennifer schell says:

    I live in catonsville maryland and i felt the earthquake. I was laying on my couch when couch started shaking. As i looked aroundmy entire house looked to be shaking. Kinda scary

  131. Bill Stanley says:

    I felt the house shake like a dollhouse @ 1:54 pm here in Hampstead, MD.
    Very strange!

  132. robert b. says:

    felt quake here too whole house shook n ground

  133. Bev says:

    Felt the walls of my brick rowhome swaying in Dundalk.

  134. Hilarie Jackson says:

    I felt the building moving in Laurel, things fell off the wall, very scary.

  135. Terry Robertson says:

    Quite a lot of shaking in Darlington, Md the dogs knew something was going on before it happened, they jumped up spinning around not knowing what to look for, then the shaking began. Dishes started rattling, we looked and could see it shakig, stood up and could definitely feel the floor shaking and heard the noise.

  136. JENN GUNTHER says:


  137. christina says:

    Felt in cecil county. No phone service on my cell…which is sprint.

  138. ktsmith says:

    Building rocked in Bel Air. Pictures moved off walls and furniture moved. Thought roof was hit by object from plane. Hearing that Harford Memorial evacuating due to fire?

  139. Angela Marshall-Baumbarger says:

    Felt it here in Elkton Maryland, shook nick nacks off ledges.. started slow then gained strenght

  140. Laine says:

    I live in Middle River, MD and before the earthquake hit, both of my dogs were alert and stiffened. The first waves felt were minor like someone was driving a Tractor Trailer by. But then the real thing hit, it felt like the house was being twisted apart. Things were falling from the walls, shelves and cabinets. The T.V. fell but i caught it. The whole time my dogs were freaking out, so i ran outside of the house because i was being hit by falling objects. And then as soon as it had started, it was gone.

  141. USMC*DAD says:

    Shake, Rattle and Roll in Smithsburg, Md. Sitting on the couch it felt like I was on a swing glider.

  142. LJ says:

    Hanover, PA Office building shock!!

  143. Kathy says:

    Felt in Rising Sun, MD.

  144. DeB says:

    We are just outside of Roanoke, VA.. OMG.. I was not prepared for that ..FELT LIKE A TRAIN WAS RUMBLING THROUGH OUR BASEMENT>

  145. Susan Gladhill says:

    Felt it here as well in Blue Ridge Summit, PA

  146. Cheryl says:

    sitting at work in ABERDEEN and felt it…. CRAZINESS… tell them to go back to CA

    1. Cheryl says:

      not too bad I guess that only one knic knac at home got broken…

  147. Jaeme says:

    Are all the landlines down because a lot of people don’t have service

  148. Allan says:

    live in Oliver Beach the hold house was shaking for about 3 to 5 seconds and things was knock to the floor

  149. michelle crowe says:

    felt here in Street,MD. everything was shaking. everything in our house was

  150. cailyn says:

    shook the whole house in ellicott city, md

  151. Krysia says:

    Felt it in Ellicott City. Our building is being renovated and at first I thought something horrible had gone wrong and something was about to collapse. That was my first earthquake. Scary!

  152. Adrienne says:

    We live in Mt Airy MD . The house felt like the house was going to fall down it was shaking so much.

  153. Dave Moran says:

    Winfield, Carroll County just felt like a delivery truck in the driveway except that it lasted too long.

  154. Laura says:

    We felt it in Pittsburgh. The whole building swayed. I’m only on the twelfth floor, I wonder what it felt like on the thirty-fifth!

  155. Kaydia says:

    I was soo scared !! Anyone know a cause of it ??? Some answers would be nice .

  156. Braden says:

    Felt it up here in Bel Air MD. The earthquake was so bad our refrigerator door swung open! My mother just tested me while she was at work and her building was swaying for 5m minutes and thy had to evacuate also a few pictures in the home fell and shattered

  157. Hilarie Jackson says:

    I felt the building moving, and things started to fall off the walls. Very scary.

  158. Adam says:

    We felt the shaking here in Rosedale, Maryland and White Marsh !

  159. Stella says:

    I felt it all the way up in Hunt Valley while I was at the dentist. One of the doctors exclaimed, “2012 IS HAPPENING!”.

  160. Gail says:

    Chestertown, MD (Maryland’s Eastern Shore) A LOT of shaking. Entire house shook, wind chimes ringing, pictures rattling, hanging plants swinging. Flet like the house was going to fall apart. Very unsettling.

  161. ray fogle says:

    i live in willamsport maryland i was sitting on my floor in my appt an felt the building start to shake

  162. Sharon Skoczynski says:

    We had pictures fall down and the brick arch over my fireplace came tumbling down. Looking around for more damage. My husband is on his way home from work. The whole house was actually swaying. It lasted about 20 seconds. How scarey!

  163. Kim Helms says:

    I live in Kannapolis Nc Dale Earnhart town and it shook our house her at 1:50 too! I didn’t know what it was… What has caused this and can it happen again?thanks Kim Helms!

  164. Cassie McIntyre says:

    Also Comcast phones out and Virgin Mobile service is out

  165. Kristi Weaver says:

    That had to be the biggest one in Pasadena MD. I also left my building and went outside and could feel and hear the ground shaking. Everyone one came out and we all just confirmed what had happened. My son, Mike, was driving and didn’t feel it in the car. He’s disappointment he missed it by about 2 minutes.

  166. Maleah Dennison says:

    OMG!A picture frame fell and me,my granny and some 1 else I know felt it and it was crazy we were so scared the bed and every thing else was moving and we were terriffiyed.

  167. Caressa says:

    We’re in Baltimore city (South Balto near Inner Harbor) and our whole house was shaking and items were flying out of cabinets that opened, pictures off of shelves, very scarry….God Help US All!!

  168. Cindy says:

    We felt it in West Baltimore city as well.

  169. Linda Hill says:

    I was really scary. The house shook like a rattle

  170. Jay says:

    Entire two story stone building in Thurmont, MD shook.Walls and floor felt like they weremoving. Really did not know what to do or what it was! Really scary feeling.

  171. Nicholas says:

    Felt in Cambridge, we shook for close to a minute.

  172. Lesa Craft says:

    I felt it here in Tilghman, MD. It made waves in our inground pool.

  173. Kathy says:

    I just happen to be working from home today in Elkridge and all of a sudden the house started rocking and the ground was rolling. I work in Alexandria and the folks at work were evacuated because of the earthquake being felt there.

  174. Sara says:

    my husband was in the bathroom and the shaking he felt almost knocked him off the pot here in elkton md. WOW!!!

  175. Lindsey says:

    We felt it here to in Huntingdon PA!!!

  176. ktsmith says:

    Land lines not working. I am getting wrong number calls.

  177. Constance Kihm says:

    I’m in Maryland Line. I was sitting on my screen porch working on my computer. I had just sent a page to my printer and I thought the printer was shaking the card table and the room! I stood up and realized that my footing wasn’t stable. It only lasted about 10 or 15 seconds.

  178. Linda says:


  179. timonium says:

    Felt it in Timonium!

  180. Jimmy Houser says:

    I live in Fallston and i was in the shower, i thought i was shaking my tube some how

    1. Jimmy Houser says:

      sorry i mean tub

  181. nayzha says:

    I am so scared right now wait where my mother

  182. Brandon says:

    Fairly intense shaking felt in Essex MD, for about 45 seconds to 1 minute.

  183. PESpence says:

    Felt in Sparrows Point as well. My entire house shook and things fell over and off of tables. My bed was shaking.
    I had no idea what was happening until I went outside to see power lines swaying and neighbors running out in their yards.

  184. megan sunderland says:

    i felt it in port deposit and now we have no phones . i am still shaking went and run outside! no phones at all! this is not good that was really scary !

  185. Ronnie says:

    Was in my car at a red light. Thought something was wrong with the car. Then a went down the street and everyone was outside their house. Stopped if they felt something. Haven’t felt one in 25 yrs. wow good one

  186. Jane says:

    My whole house was shaking for about 5-10 seconds. Got my dog and got under the table. I am still shaking. Live in Seaford, Del.

  187. police31 says:

    we felt it in baltimore county in rosesale md the buildings was shaking we at the library harried up out of the building this is the first i ever in my 47 yrs .this was very scarry the world is changing in VA it was 6.0 hit hope everybody is ok and well alive in this wake!

  188. Linda Carol Risso says:

    I’m from Maryland, but have a home in Myrtle Beach, SC…felt the shaking all the way down the coast!

  189. Johnny says:

    earthquake felt in Fallston, entire house shook, driveway shook.

  190. CHRIS says:


  191. Portia says:

    Felt down here in Charlotte, NC. I am originally from Baltimore and heard what happended. We didnt know what was going on down here!!

  192. Katie K. says:

    Was felt in Easton MD & Harrington DE

  193. Cat says:

    Felt it in Lancaster County, PA…..entire house was shaking!

  194. Donzi Princess Marine says:


  195. Louis Caputo says:

    felt it good in 21040 area and no cell phones house shook 5-7 sec

  196. Jeff Bundy Jr. says:

    i was sitting on my couch on my laptop and i thought my cat was shaking the couch then the walls started shaking the cable box and literally fell of the tv because of this 6.0 earthquake my whole apartment swayed to one side i thought it was going to collapse so i left immediately. i am still shaking

  197. Ariel DeAngelis says:

    Felt it in Pikesville!

  198. Marie says:

    i felt it in massachusetts… pretty crazy!

  199. charles says:

    i live in armstead gardens in northeast baltimoe. my phones are out. some things in my kitchen fell . i was on the couch and my whole house shook. im still shaking. we have never had a earthquake armistead gardens

  200. brittany says:

    we were in the car stopped at a red light and the car started shaking we thought it was the baby in the back we looked andd just freaked outt,i turned the car off and everything i thought it was the car bout to break down.

  201. mariah says:

    we heard our walls and ceiling creak then the ground and walls shook! we are in romney west virginia, in the mountains .

  202. Alicia Gonzalez says:

    I live in Reisterstown, Maryland and I was standing in my doorway waiting for the fedex man to drop off boxes in my garage and I heard this sound like door knobs hitting the wall or pictures hitting the wall. All the sudden I was rocking back and forth! My daughter was on the stairs and she was moving back and forth. My other daughter was in the bathroom and the towlet was moving back and forth. None of our phones work, cell or house phone. We have tv and internet. The fedex guy thought his truck was rolling he ran up from inside the truck and put on his brake! I was just amazed I couldn’t move except to lean against my door! I still feel dizzy!

  203. Paul D says:

    Felt it rock the house out in Frederick, MD. Shook the house hard enough that the couch and chairs were moving across the floor and could hear the house creak as it moved

  204. S. Robertson says:

    Shake, Rattle & Roll in COLUMBIA, MD. The whole house waved and bounced. My Australian Shephard bolted for safe cover in the bathroom, shaking more than the 6.0 quake. It was so scary that even I couldn’t understand for a moment what was happening. Thought a car accident went off on Route 108, or a gas main broke. This morning, the electricity went off to 1500 homes in our area. I hope this had nothing to do with this.
    I always knew we were on a fault and have earthquake insurance, which according to agent, is only good if the whole house caves in. Well, this was a doozy.
    Lets pray that there will be no more shocks, my neighborhood ladies and I hugged from the fear of what happened. Too much. Mother Nature needs to take a breather, and we are all waiting for Hurricane Irene. Keep safe. Y’all Hons.

  205. Janet says:

    Buildings shook in Baltimore. Houses shook on the Eastern Shore.

  206. Sarah says:

    Elkton MD, thought my townhouse was going to collapse

  207. Angie Humphreys says:

    i am in dundalk Md…my whole house was shaking bad.We didnt know what was going family and I ran outside and everyone in my neighborhood was was very scary and pretty powerful to have shaken my house the way it in a row home and all of ours shook.i hope everyone is ok

  208. swarnita says:

    I was busy watching movie , when suddenly everything started shaking, initially i ignored , but as soon as i realised i rushed outside my apartment.Baltimore Maryland

  209. Mary D. says:

    I felt it in Overla, i was sitting on my bed watching tv when all of a sudden the bed started to shake, items fell from my headboard. The the hold house started to shake it was very scarey.

  210. Kim and Chris says:

    Felt it in Gambrills MD very strong…Woke Daycare children up and shook shower doors, pictures, fixtures….Very Scary. All neighbors felt too. We checked on neighbors to make sure everyone was okay.

  211. Elisa McClain says:


  212. Chris Beard says:

    Shook my building down here at Pax River

  213. Shaleyia says:

    I was taking a nap and all of a sudden I felt the ground move and I thought it was a MTA bus or truck. But it shook more than a second and I stayed still in bed and my walls seem to caving in or turning. It felt as if my bedroom was titling as the ground shook. I wasn’t afraid but it felt very odd and we had a earthquake in Maryland months ago. Can’t get ahold of my dad at work on his mobile phone. Very worried.

  214. Antonio Taylor says:

    This is Tonio From DunDulk Maryland ,& I Walked Down Stairs and Felt My whole House Shaking, Things Falling Down , So I Ran Back Up Stair To My Mother And Her Whole Bed Was Constantly Shaking ,, I was In Deep Deep Shock ,,,

  215. Jenny says:

    Columbia, Md. Dog went crazy first, then furniture started bouncing, whole house shook.
    No damage, but things fell from shelves.still very shook up! No cell service and even house phone not working

  216. maggie says:

    my dog jumped off the couch and was running around in circles near the door 10 minutes before the earthquake, are whole house was shakeing

  217. B. Jane Smith says:

    Felt in Beltsville, MD . . . the overhead crane started shaking in the shop and everyone ran outside.

  218. edie b. says:


  219. sarah says:

    felt it in elkridge howard county, it felt like our house was going to fall down!!! We grabbed the kids and ran outside. Still cant make calls from my phone hope everyone is ok.

    1. sarah says:

      it was the scariest thing ive expierenced!!!!! I didnt even no what was going on at first i was so confused and then we started bouncing.

  220. Michele says:

    We felt it at Harbor Hospital. The WHOLE building shook twice. We are located in Baltimore City.

  221. BrIanna says:

    Hapmtead, MD, Felt it here.

  222. Diane Pruitt says:

    Felt like an explosion went off in our building – everyone was evacuated-
    Howard Park in Baltimore, MD

  223. Andrea says:

    We felt it here on merville Ave. Thought what is going on !!! I went out side and all the people on my row were standing out side. Wooo!!!!!

  224. RADgirl says:

    Luckily, Mineral is a very small rural community with more cows than cars–and no high rises.

  225. SSB says:

    Felt it in Lenoir, NC too!

  226. cindy says:

    We don’t usually get them here in Baltimore: This is not just hype.

  227. ELLICOTT CITY says:


  228. Amy says:

    Felt it in Centreville MD as well!!

  229. Anita says:

    Definitely in Joppa, MD. Neighbors coming out to greet each other and confirm the event. Very freaky.

  230. Harold More says:

    i LIVE IN WEST bALTIMORE ON dRUID hIL aVE, AND I HAVE NEVER, FELT SOMETHING SO POWERFUL, AS WHAT I FELT today at aprox, 2.05 pm. My birthday present, HC. Moore

  231. Slapaho says:

    im in Dallastown PA and we felt it too, 15-20 seconds, of wave like motion, felt more like a 2 to me, but i guess if your closer the waves would be higher. – being from CA thats nothing people!!!!!

  232. sara says:

    i live in harford county and i felt it!!

  233. Jennifer Hattenbach Reilly says:

    I felt it big in Edgewater (south of Annapolis)! What amazed me most was the SOUND! That’s what alerted me first. I had a couple of decorative items fall off of a narrow shelf. I’m not sure, but I feel like I am still feeling aftershocks.

  234. Charnice says:

    The earthquake was felt in Catonsville, MD. I was sitting in my dining room working on the computer and I began to feel shaking. My dogs bowl of water started to shake (as well as my glass of water on the table) and I did not know what was going on until the shaking didn’t stop. I knew then that it was an earthquake.

  235. Zachary Thomas Schweigman says:

    My grandmother lives in Rosedale, MD and she though Saton was coming up through the floor

  236. Amanda Torbit says:

    Felt in Jarrettsville, MD (Harford County) as well. I never thought I would feel my entire house shake!!!

  237. Shameeka Cosby says:

    I didnt even know it was possible for us to get an earthquake. I was so scared, i thougt it was the end of the world, the computer and desk were shaking as if it wanted to fall over. Phone lines are down so its so scary right now. What shuld we do and will it get worse?

  238. Bobby M says:

    I was woken up by my bed shaking around 2pm. Thought someone was rocking it! Here in Essex, down here on Turkey Point Road

  239. Pat says:

    Catonsville felt this violent shaking. Last time I felt this was in Greece.

  240. Prof3abc says:

    Where did you get your data? The epicenter was 1 km (about 0.6 miles) below surface; magnitude was 5.9 not 6.0. It’s a logarithmic scale, so the error is not trivial.

  241. Tina Bouchet says:

    Felt in Belcamp, Maryland. Whole house shook, pictures fell off the wall, flat screen rocking. land lines and cell phones knocked out. Kids in the back at playground reported they felt the earth shake. Can’t even imagine had it been the “Big One”

  242. Melinda says:

    I live in Woodlawn and me and my son felt it. Everything around us started to shake it was a rumbling and trembling sensation . This earthquake was brief, but scary. Our phone isn’t working properly. We never felt anything like it
    Neighbors was outside seeing what’s going on. Kids was going inside and parents was getting there kids from outside! It was scary!!!

  243. Kiante says:

    Im here in baltimore maryland , I could feel the whole house shaking & The sound of glass breaking woke me up . Im only 17 years old so i’m not really sure of what to do . Its over now but i’m still scared because i have chronic uncontrollable asthma and all the phones are out . Im wheezing now and if it was to get worse i don’t know what i would do !!!

  244. Alexander says:

    well. i dont have to poop anymore.

  245. Monique says:

    Felt it in Annapolis! SO scary and they evacuated us and put us back to work. Dont places need to be cleared before people go back in buildings?

    1. lazy ass says:

      anythign to get out of doing some actual work, huh monique…? SMH…..

  246. Jennifer Hattenbach Reilly says:

    I have phone and cell service in Edgewater, MD

  247. TEE says:


  248. Jean says:

    I was working at my desk in the Parish Office of All Saints’ Church in historic Reisterstown and I felt it! Since I’ve been through earthquakes in Central America, it was pretty obvious to me that this was one. Thankfully, it didn’t last too long. I didn’t even have to go outside (as we would have in Central America)!

  249. nancy says:

    Felt the aftershock in lower manhattan.

  250. tahlia says:

    i was washing my face when my cabnet shook and then the whole house i fell and hurt my leg really bad i was scared my first earth quwake im 10 but i dont watch the news

  251. Andre Hill says:

    My apartment complex in glen burnie shook at 1:46pm. At this present time, I am unable to make phone calls.

  252. Kate says:

    It was also felt in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio.

  253. Alice Isenbart says:

    I live in Marriottsville, MD and I was in my basement when I heard what sounded like rolling thunder approaching quickly. The house began to shake at which time i ran up the stairs. By the time i got up there the shaking stopped. I lwas born and raised in So. Cal but it never fails to rattle my nerves!

  254. naya turner says:

    i was on the computer andthe bed started to shake and me and my aunt started to run to find each other and i am 11 and scared and very shakey please tell me it is over

  255. Mary says:

    In Aberdeen, Maryland my house shook so much it sent me and my son running outside. Very scary!!!

  256. Steve says:

    I work in 4 story Historic Buildilding in Down Town Annapolis. We felt and heard something like someone dropping a Big box of paper. A few seconds later, the office felt like a shifting Fun House Floor!! There are Cracks in the Stair Wells and Walls. We all Evacuated… But They Sent Us Back In???? I don’t Like This! They said we could not go up one of the stairs because of the stairstep cracks on the concrete walls, but they said to use the ELEVATOR!!!!!! ARE THEY NUTS????

    1. Steve says:

      My Wife felt it in Ft. Meade and my Parents felt it in Crofton. This is All of our FIRST Experience with Earthquakes. I Hope we don’t get Aftershocks!!!

  257. chris says:

    colorado this morning now here good stuff
    almost felt left out

  258. Debbie says:

    we felt it in Clear Spring, MD…cats took off to basement, I grapped my dog and took to basement, things fell off stands ….very scare. Pray no one has gotten hurt

  259. Esme says:

    Sparrows Point Plants….our building shook violently side to side. I thought it was going to collapse. I hope we don’t get after shocks.

  260. Collen King says:

    Felt in Crofton, Md….more than a moderate one it felt like….

  261. Lu says:

    I felt it in Brooklyn Park, MD. I was working on my computer and the floor started shaking. Then the knickknacks on my hutch fell to the floor. My whole house shook!

  262. Evan Hurst says:

    me and my buddy carter were playin ps3 he thought i was shakin my tv but i wasnt movin since we were downstairs we imediatly went upstairs omg thats a first

  263. Mikki says:

    Felt it here in Columbia, shook our whole office building.

  264. MD says:

    Felt it strong in Rockville MD – Council office Building. All ran out.

  265. Matt says:


  266. Charlotte says:

    Timonium ,MD and Halethorpe MD, my office floor moved damn that was creepy
    at my Husbands Job Ware house shelfing fell over .

  267. Nancy Billings says:

    I was doing dishes when the house started to shake like crazy & my Rescued cats started running everywhere ~ My neighbor said she saw the left side of her house lift up ~ We live in Edgewood and hers is the end townhouse ! Scared us half to pieces !

  268. Tiffany says:

    Felt the earthquake in Anne Arundel County! My first one!

  269. deb says:

    felt here in newark de . we had to evac cancer ctr…..

  270. Tracey says:

    My son’s room shook like it was about to drop. Out of his window, the phone lines were shaking. Loud, rumbling noise and people hollering in the street.

  271. glenndb says:

    Felt the quake in Mount Airy (Frederick County) MD at 1:52 pm for about 10 seconds.

  272. Elle says:

    Omg ….I had JUST sat on the toilet and the enitire bathroom started to shake! I could SEE the floor rumbling! Scared me to death and I got out of there fast and then realized what was going on! that scared me lol

  273. chris foster says:

    We felt it here in MA. as well

  274. Joseph Travaglione says:

    Joe Travagline,We felt a large tremor here in Eastfield,on Church Rd.,alot of neighbors came outside,even I made it out in my wheelchair wow that was really something.My wife and I were sitting in the livingroom talking,I thought a car hit the front of my house,I talked to people outside and they all felt the samething.Just talked to my daughter in Harford County and they felt it out there.

  275. Maribel Budosh says:

    Was sitting at the computer in my home in West Towson and felt the earth move, the house shake, thundering sound in my ears, my teeth rattling. I really thought the house was going to come down around me! It lasted quite a long time–perhaps up to 2 minutes!

  276. wanda hundertmark says:

    it hit perry hall and dundalk

  277. Lia says:

    the quake was felt all the way up north to Westfield, Massachusetts.

  278. Willie says:

    felt my whole house shake and move up here in elkton md.

  279. che says:

    felt it and it was crazy!

  280. m says:

    St. Joes in Towson shook.

  281. Darlene says:

    I just got home from the grocery store and was putting ice cream in the freezer. The whole refridgerator shook and I just held on to it! The whole house shook and things started falling off the shelves. It lasted about 30 seconds I would say. It was scary!! I live in Crownsville, MD

  282. Bill says:

    I think there was an earthquake of this type back in the time of the Civil War. Seems there was damage back then if I remember correctly.

  283. PAM says:



  284. dawn says:

    Hi this is Dawn from fallston. Felt the tremor as I was lying on my sofa recouping.First thought was the dog was shaking my sofa scratching herself. Once my windows started rattling and house was making noise, new something was wrong. My kids were outside playing and got scared. The cuteset comment made was, Was that a ghost moving through the house?
    You just had to laugh!!! I think everyone needs to relax and stay calm there is nothing we can do but accept that it happen and get over it. Lets see if we get aftershocks!!!!

  285. C.R.N. says:

    Our whole apartment building here in Parkville, MD swayed like a huge wind was blowing it! My light fixtures were swaying and pictures I had on a table fell over, I was so shocked by it I didn’t even think to get out or to a doorframe or anything!

  286. Rose says:

    I felt it in Sparrows Point. I have never felt anything like it….

  287. Janice says:

    felt it in essex. Thought my mom was shaking the bed. She thought it was the train passing by. We realized it was an earthquake when the whole house started shaking! Scary!

  288. will says:

    i felt it brookle md

  289. Dave says:

    I’m kinda new at this earthquake stuff. When do we start looting?

  290. Valamarcat says:

    Not as bad here in Pasadena. House shook and a couple things in the china closet fell over is all. No one even came out of their houses! Still scary, though not as bad as tornados in Arkansas! Stay safe y’all, Irene’s coming next.

  291. Ann says:

    Cecil County shook – our whole building was swaying

  292. Robert Long says:

    Well it’s official. It’s a 5.9. I was sitting in my town home with my 3 kids. I started feeling the chair shake. Then started feeling the house shake. Then everything was shaking and going nuts. And heard loud sounds and i told the kid’s to get out of the house quick. And stop taking so long to get out the door. I live in dundalk maryland. And i was really scared this place would going to fall apart. Today is my son’s 6th birthday!. And he said to me. Wow daddy i never felt that before!. And i told him yea in my 30 year’s baby i never felt anything like that!

  293. Mandy says:


  294. CastleGreySkull says:

    I know we’ve had our differences, but I hope everyony is OK!!!

  295. patrick says:

    baltimore md working in a 3rd floor apartment whole apartment shook few things fell was pretty cool

  296. Robert Long says:

    Massive amount’s of rain can cause a mud slide inputted earth quake. They are very rare but they do happen Maryland Mom. So maybe you should check into that before you talk.

  297. Mike McMillan says:

    I live in Middle River, MD. We felt it hit and it shook the whole house for about 30 seconds. Very Scary….

  298. jd says:

    felt here in lothian maryland things fell of the walls and papers every where

  299. barb says:

    barb. i felt in waynesboro pa

  300. rob smith says:

    i was sitting on the toilet in rosedale i was really scared ….rob

    1. Tidybowl says:

      Hello Rob Smith,I too was on the commode and thought the laxative was the culprit.

  301. MEE-MEE says:

    I was in my bed because I’m not feeling well, the bed started shaking and things start falling down all over the place. I thought that my husband was shaking the bed, now I really don’t feel well, I’m still shaking. HELP!

  302. Marvin says:

    I work on Ashburton St. in the city. Our whole three-story building was shaking.

  303. Mel says:

    What are the chances of tsunami?

  304. Mandy says:

    I saw the wall go right and I went left then my sister and I were like “weeee ride the earthquakes!” It was fun, but scary fun.

  305. lorraine says:

    Today is the firrst time in my 79 years i had ever been in a house while it was dancing . This happened today in Essex,Md.

  306. Rochelle Moreau Flanigan says:

    Felt in Westminster MD, house shook, loud noise ran for the door frame. Lastest about 2 minutes…

  307. Jordan says:

    felt in randallstown. woke me out my sleep!

  308. terri says:

    Pittsburgh, PA–felt some shaking, bricks fallin off some of the older buildings downtown

  309. Chuck says:

    I felt it here in Albany, NY around 2pm. It was like you were sitting in a bowl of jello!!! NO damage, except my nerves!

  310. Peter says:

    if wjz can hear someone had died i think at arrundel county

  311. Shasho says:

    House shook like jelly.. didn’t know it was possible here..

  312. Justin says:

    Felt it in the Northeast. Crazy.

  313. FAITH CAMILLERI says:


    1. Cheryl says:

      exactly.. lived here for 54 years and never felt one in Aberdeen.. I live very near to APG and the tracks and use to hearing it all the time.. At first I thought it was a train but then I knew it wasn’t…. At work the whole building started shaking….

    2. Ellen B Cutler says:

      Me too. I was waiting for a boom or something that indicated that it was a Proving Ground event… Despite the fact I lived in so. Cal for a while, this is only my second experience of earthquake–the first was about 5 or 6 years ago about 6:30 am at my mother’s in Westborough MA.

  314. jonny says:

    Felt it @ the Natty Bow Tower in Canton. First time feeling anything like that.

  315. Ryan Sanders says:

    I felt in in Dundalk. A few mins before the quake, the dogs were barking like crazy. Then the table started shaking a little. I thought it was the cat or something until the entire house started shaking.I got 1 incoming call and made one outgoing call before I lost service.

  316. Anna Karpentiva says:

    Today COLORADU 5.3 now VIRGINA 5.9.


  317. NICOLE says:


  318. Kathy Merritt says:

    We felt it here in Cecil County! Frightening!!!

  319. A Child Of God says:

    Wow, If you do not know who God is. Now is the time. I am at work at one on the World leading Hosp and this place was rocking like crazy. Thank God no one was hurt on this end.

  320. Alexis says:

    It was felt in Columbia, MD. Our building was evalcuated

  321. Nancy Dobry says:

    John & Nancy,
    We Felt It all The Way To Keyser,West Virginia. It Had The Porch Shaking And Was Wondering What Was going On Until We Heard It On Our Scanner.

  322. sasha says:

    my mom is on vacation in va beach, im trying to figure out was there any damage in va.. or is everything okay? does nay one know?

  323. Robert Long says:

    My sons 6th birthday caused the quake. He told me that it was because he was being bad! LOL!

  324. linda says:

    live in sparrows point edgemere area we thought a gas line blew we ran out side all everyone was outside on my street i live on water the waves were whit capping then went clam i m still shakey

  325. Dean Smith Jr. says:

    I live in Hagerstown Md……..the ground was rumbling like a train was going by…

  326. Mary says:

    It is a rare event for us to feel an earthquake here in Maryland….seems that the anxiety level was higher than the quake. I never experienced anything like this before but can’t understand all of this drama…people leaving work early, I don’t think it is justified except if you work in an old high rise building in Baltimore. Some people are evacuating in buildings that are fairly new and a couple of stories high. That is stupid.

  327. Natalie says:

    in perry hall all of the wate rin our fish bowls came out on to the counter!!!!!!!!

  328. Mary says:

    Marms Mably …you are a riot. I am glad that I was not with you when that happened. LOL

  329. amandy says:

    I just got home from work when it hit. I was sitting down watching an update on Hurricane Irene. My dogs was going off when it hit. I am in Catonsville, Md. This is my 2nd time I have felt an earthquake. The one was a small one that was around UMBC area.

  330. Andy B says:

    Felt it on Charllotte, NC

  331. Tiffany says:

    Virginia Beach, Va–We are used to the rumble of the military jet noise but the earthquake caught us all off guard. Thought maybe the guys doing construction on our car dealership messed something up or a car wrecked until a manager said another of our dealerships in a different city felt it as well. Definitely different, im sure it will be talked about for a while. -Tiffany Va Beach, VA

  332. eaaarthquake lol says:

    lol welcome to california! grow some people!

  333. Mike O'Brien says:


  334. omg says:

    omg! my house went into the ground! omg omg !

  335. Suzan Kerpetenoglu says:

    I was parked on a parking lot with the engine running. I was getting ready to drive when my car rocked back and forth. I had gotten my car serviced earlier and I thought, what the ______ did they do to my car at the car dealer! I was getting ready to call them when I realilzed it was an earthquake! Very scary!

  336. Kelli says:

    Is this quake related to the 4.6 magnatude earthquake that Colorado experienced this morning? It was their largest since 1967….

  337. John Doe says:

    It will most likely be blamed on Bush…

  338. Tyler says:

    i was on the computer down stairs and the rest of my family was up stairs when the house was shaking i though my little brother and sister was running up stairs then i heard my mom scream “get out of the house”

  339. Marms Mably says:

    Thought I felt an aftershock. Much to my suprise it was the prune juice.

  340. Keysha in Reisterstown says:

    i was in the basement sleeping, i heard thumping upstairs and thought the kids were jumping around. then they ran into my room “mommy! the mirror is shaking!” i thought it was funny but it was just a little bed-shaking for me

  341. Jessica/Dj Divah says:

    I reside in Florida, My mother is Rosedale Md just called me panicking, her whole house was shaking, dogs barkingm my sister ran that was sun tanning outside and tried to get in and was not able to get the door open… My father was driving his tractor trailor started shaking needeless to say they are totally panicking up there!!! Hope everyone is okay.. Have a blessed rest of the day..

  342. Er says:

    What Happened Did Martin O’malley finally making make a decision.

  343. Looie Lippe says:

    Hey Maryland Mom, you’re too up tight. Try some of Mike’s laxative and count to ten before your shaking begins.

  344. WhatNow says:

    And people get to go home early, WHY???????

  345. wanda hundertmark says:

    it hit baltiomre county perry hall and dundalk it shook our house and we were scard

  346. John Cavanaugh says:

    I live in CA; a 5.9, while certainly attention-grabbing, isn’t THAT big of a deal. It would appear that most of you are/were clueless about temblors. Relax, folks…it could have been a LOT worse.

  347. Tamsen says:

    What about the tunnels in Baltimore? Are they designed to safely withstand a quake of this magnitude? Maybe I’ll take the topside of the Beltway… lol

  348. Ellen B Cutler says:

    Big tremor here in Aberdeen in Harford County. I was at my desk in the basement level and my husband was in the kitchen. Excitement but no damage. Harford County emergency robocall came in at 2:20; very efficient! My son called from his job at the B&O Brasserie in Baltimore and said there was a lot of nervousness but that all was okay and that he had found the whole experience kinda fun.

  349. Stanley says:

    Felt the earthquake here in my Baltimore City apartment while sitting at my computer then running to the doorway as it was the only thing I could think to do at the moment. The first thing I noticed was my feet vibrating, and then my computer moniter started rocked back and forth. The first thing I thought of was bomb due to recently watching the tv show Jericho just last weekon netflix, but since I figured im still alive I knew it was a earthquake, and a pretty strong one. One of my most frightening life experiences for sure.

  350. melissa says:

    now what?
    are we safe to go about our normal day?

  351. Hank Warren says:

    Climate change, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  352. Some mexican says:

    its obamas fault

  353. Loretta Vanderpool says:

    Loretta V. of Frederick, Maryland. I was napping and was awaken by my bed shaking.

  354. rastus simpleton says:

    earthquake, really??? I thought it was moochelle falling off of her bicycle!!!!

  355. rastus simpleton says:

    earthquake, really?? I thought it was MOOCHELLE FALLING OFF OF HER BICYCLE!!!

  356. Oliver Brown says:

    What’s with the “birther” nonsense? Its very disturbing to see this continuing. The racism behind this is very clear.

  357. Jenn says:

    My family in NH felt it as well.

  358. Francine says:

    Earthquake – we felt it in OM,MD , My hubby is in VA he felt is worst ,stronger, here the house starting to rumble and shake and the windows. My son and I and the dog ran to the basement. Then my hubby called on cell earthquake. It was an expierence.

  359. bill burns says:

    NAACP says Whitey is to blame. They say God hates all white people. Tim Stevens says all whiteys must feel God’s wrath. Tim’s great great great great grandaddy’s half cousin was a slave.

  360. april says:

    had no idea today would be the day i would experience my first earthquake while holding a baby and covering his head hoping nothing would fall. the whole house shook it was in 3 waves. so scary!

  361. carter says:

    was in high school when it happened, whole school was shaking and the teacher was screaming. felt it come on slow then a violent strike. the principle made a joke of it and said he was making shure everybody was awake. Easton,Md

  362. carter says:

    was in high school when it happened. i felt it come on slow and then one violent strike. everybody was scared and the principal made a joke of it. Easton,Md

  363. Tony says:

    I feel the earth move under my feet
    I feel the sky tumbling down
    I feel my heart start to trembling
    Whenever you’re around

  364. ROBERT says:

    another quake same place mineral springs 11 minutes ago 4.2 after shock

  365. Keysha Costley says:

    unless you’re from California, Maryland I don’t care how big your earthquakes are! Californians chose to live in earthquake central. We’re over here on the East Coast. I’d like to see how the West Coast would handle a “little” tornado



  367. Dooms Day says:


  368. chris says:

    i am so sick of hearing about this

  369. Sharon Goldstein says:

    I lived in MD for over 50 years. Moved to CA seven years ago where we have earthquakes very frequently. I’m visiting family in Pasadena and felt the biggest earthquake of my life! Now we are preparing for hurrican Irene! Thanks Marty from your old neighbor Sharon.

  370. Daisy says:

    For someone who has never been through an earthquake before, it was down right nerve-wracking. Our many of our West Coast friends need to be kinder about it, however. I’ve been chuckling over some of the clever Tweets, but some people have been down right nasty and scornful about our reaction to the quake. Just because they are experienced doesn’t mean we all are going to react the same as them to something we are not accustomed to. Dump two feet of snow on them and then the shoe will be on the other foot.

  371. Andrew HaHa says:

    I’m from Baltimore but with a client in Philadelphia when it happened. We felt it there and it was a pretty humbling experience

    Seo Expert & Consultant

  372. dylan torbit says:

    ya felt it weird right in Harford county jarrettsville

  373. psw says:

    Undeniably believe that that you said. Your favourite justification seemed to be on the web the easiest thing to take into account of. I say to you, I definitely get annoyed at the same time as other folks think about issues that they just don’t recognize about. You controlled to hit the nail upon the top and defined out the entire thing without having side effect , other folks can take a signal. Will probably be again to get more. Thank you