The recent addition of o-lineman Bryant McKinnie may be a huge clue into the savvy or desperation of the Ravens 2011 team. Before McKinnie the holes may have been too many to count if you tried playing “plug the hole”.  A popular sports talk radio game of switching one players ailments for another, hoping a change of position will cover all flaws. Which generally ends with trading the worst option for the lesser but never really results in a full solution.

So does the addition of a man who was said to be 400 lbs just a few short weeks ago remedy the ailments of the line that protects the future of the season? We may not know till December, but if it works it will be yet another in a line of savvy moves from the Ozzie Newsome & Eric DeCosta lead front office. From the looks of it now though it smacks of a desperate last resort move.

Let’s hope this hail marry gets answered because if it does it may just pave the way to victory and many of them. If it’s not the panacea the team is looking for, the next step may be grandma’s patchwork quilt. It may not look pretty but it keeps warm in the winter. Which is exactly what the Ravens will need, an ugly patchwork line to protect Joe Flacco when the weather gets cold. Let’s just hope they make it that far because the Hall of Fame defense gets older by the game.

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