BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It’s opening night for Cirque du Soleil.

Gone is the show’s big top, but as Gigi Barnett explains, that’s all part of the circus’ plan to travel light.

At the First Mariner Arena, it’s hours before the show and practice is in full swing.  Cirque du Soleil returns to Baltimore this week with a new show in a different venue.  This time, Cirque performers did away with the big top.  It means fewer trucks, less equipment and quick travel.

“We shrunk down to 15 trucks and 100 people and we can move every single week,” said Jessica LeBoeuf.

The show is called Quidam, which is Latin for “journey.”  For the audience, the two-hour performance is magical.

“It’s Cirque du Soleil.  The energy’s amazing,” said Christy Shelper.

Shelper is a trapeze artist from Australia.  Hers is one of 23 counties represented in the show.  She says with a smaller cast, the show can visit smaller cities and that’s a chance for cast members to explore cities like Baltimore.

Quidam is one of four shows that has been taken out of the Big Top and placed in an arena so more people can enjoy.

Cirque du Soleil leaves town on Sunday.


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