By Mike Schuh

SPARKS, Md. (WJZ)– Orioles fans are still in disbelief. One of the most popular pitchers in team history, who helped guide the Birds to their last World Series championship, is found dead near his Baltimore County home.

Police tell Mike Schuh, he committed suicide.

What happened way up on York Road in Sparks, mystifies friends and fans alike. Police confirm the worst.

“Mrs. Alex Flanagan last spoke to her husband at 1 o’clock in the morning yesterday (Wednesday),” said Elise Armacost, Baltimore County. “She said that he sounded upset.”

She was out of town, and didn’t hear from him. So the next day, she asked a neighbor to check. That neighbor couldn’t find him. Police arrived and found his body 250 feet behind his house.

“The investigation showed that Mr. Flanagan had communicated that was upset about financial issues,” Armacost said.

For those who knew Mike Flanagan personally, talking about his death and the way that he died is a very hard thing to do.

“I’m sorry for people who knew him because this is part of being my age, and having a chance to be with guys who were this special,” said Jim Palmer, Baltimore Orioles announcer and former pitcher for the team. “So, it’s pretty much all I have to say. It’s devastating.”

“One of the strongest ball players I ever played with. He was a tough guy, he just emulated what the team was all about. It’s a tremendous loss,” Orioles legend Rick Dempsey said.

“He impacted so many lives, including mine. Sitting in my office drinking coffee with him. It’s tough,” said Orioles Manager Buck Showalter.

“That is mystifying, isn’t it? Anybody could take their life. Human beings are fragile. We’re all fragile, and something got to Mike,” said Mike Gibbons of the Sports Legends Museum.

At Sports Legends, a special tribute is being affixed to the museum walls.

In the end, it’s perhaps better to remember him when he was at the top.

Flanagan did not leave a suicide note. His friends say that he was down after being removed as an Oriole executive, but they downplay earlier reports that he felt personally responsible for the team’s lack of success.

Flanagan was a key player on the Baltimore Orioles 1983 World Series Championship team.

Comments (13)
  1. DJ says:

    I always thought of this man as a person of great moral values and character, and as a great representative of the Orioles and The City of Baltimore. Now I will remember him as a coward.

    1. Susan says:

      DJ did you ever think that perhaps his family, including his children might read these posts? Perhaps if you think that you should keep it to yourself.. Comments that ignorant are not needed on here

    2. gabi says:

      if you remember him as a coward, I hope you think of yourself as a terrible person. Mental illness is very hard to cope with and even harder to seek help for, especially when people like yourself can be so harsh on someone who didn’t get the help they needed.

  2. bonnie rolek says:

    I took my son to his first basenall games when mike was playing for the O’s Stood for hrs after the game to have hime and other team mate sign a ball caught during the gay me.
    My heart and prayers go out to his family and the O’s for this freat lost.

  3. kim says:

    Mike was a great ballplayer and a great person. I met him early in his carrerat Memorial Stadium. I feel very sad for the grief his family is going through. Clearly he thought he had no other options but to take his life. To the person named DJ you are an idot and a fool. I hope you and your family never have to endure a tradgey like this because they won’t be able to count on you.

  4. Craig F Copple Sr says:

    We are all so caught up in our daily lives that we sometimes miss the signals that a family member , close friend may be sending us quietlly askig for help. How often do we ask one another ” how are you feeling today” , is there anything that I can help with or do just want to talk”, sometimes even a hug helps. I am not sure if this is the case here but just think of how many lives we could save !!.if we just took a moment to ask . may you rest in peace Mr Flanagan, my thoughts and prayers to the Flanagan famiily.

  5. Dan says:

    I just wanted to say that growing up during the 1960’s and following the Orioles over the decades Mike Flanagan was absolutely without a doubt one of the greats. He will be sorely missed by many fans that never had the chance to ever meet him but admired him. Prayers to the family, thanks for all the great memories Mike.

  6. Jeana Anderson says:

    Thank U Mike for always being nice to me . Your kindness was priceless. I’m so sorry that U felt Ur problems were urs to bear alone. Let the serve ad a lesson to us all money, prestige, power etc can cure depression. Please stop bickering on this site and saying mean things to each other. Never know if one day U may b the one needing a kind word.
    To the family my deepest and heartfelt condolences. May Mikes memory help to make the burden easier to bear.

  7. Jeana Anderson says:

    Before the grammar police eat me alive my touch screen picked up the wrong words. Forgive me.

  8. mary says:

    Mike Flanagan was a soft spoken gentle man and a great pitcher. he will always be one of my favorite players.Even in our darkest moments we do not wished to be judged, so be kind to everyone. You never know when you may walk the same path as Mr. Flanagan. Rest in Peace Mike.

  9. gigi says:

    Mike Flanagan provided hours of entertainment at the old Memorial Stadium. We were season ticket holders and I always was happy when he was on the mound. I had the opportunity to meet him once and he was gracious to his fans. It is always incomprehensible that he felt he had no one to turn to when life challenges made his vision so cloudy.
    Rest in Peace. I will include you in my prayers and your family.

  10. gabi says:

    This is truly a heart breaking moment for Baltimore. Mr. Flanagan was a fabulous ball player, but an even better man. There are no words to express how badly I feel for his family (my family has suffered the loss of a loved one due to suicide and the pain never goes away). All I can hope is that his wife, daughters, family and friends can all find comfort and that Flanny has found the peace that he so desperately needed.

  11. Val says:

    What a sad thing to feel responsible for. I’m a teacher, and I feel responsible for my own students. I can’t take on all of the flaws in the eductions system. Not only are they overwhelming, but they are out of my control. Maybe he should have shot Angelos instead. Then maybe the Orioles could move forward. Flanny meant a lot to me during my childhood, and it was great to see him on the recent Os broadcasts. He will be sorely missed 😦

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