PARKVILLE, Md. (WJZ)—So how many miles do you have on your car? This may be hard to believe, but there’s a Baltimore County woman whose trusty old Honda has just reached an amazing milestone.

Ron Matz has more on the road in Parkville.

For Maria Rose and husband Danny Elswick, Willie Nelson’s hit song “On the Road Again” takes on a whole new meaning. Their 1990 Honda Civic has just hit the 500,000 mile mark.

“This is such a big deal to me because it’s been so long to get to this point,” said Rose. “I’ve waited years and years just to see how far this car would go. She’s just so dependable. We just breeze along on the highway.”

“I cried when it hit 500,000 miles,” Rose added. “I’m really sentimental with the car. It’s our friend. It travels with us and never lets us down.”

As entertainers Rose and Elswick travel the country. The musicians have been to New Orleans 40 times.

“We’re on the road a lot,” Rose said. “In September, we’re going back to Minnesota. In the fall we going to Branson. Next year we’ve already got bookings in Mississippi and Michigan and probably a couple of trips to New Orleans in between. We’ve been to New Orleans about 40 times.”

Rose says she’s loved this Honda from the start.

“We bought the car in 1992,” Rose recalled. “I had a car that was getting bad. I kept seeing the car and researched it and found one in Annapolis.  It had 48,000 miles on it. I would love to find the original owner and say thank you for selling your car.”

The car has never been re-painted, although some rust was removed. The windows are manual, and Rose still has the original timing belt.

“Anything that has to come off of it, any original Honda part I started saving,” she said. “I’ve got a couple of rotors and sensors and the timing belt.”

Recently a woman made them an offer.

“We’ve been stopped more than once by people who want to buy the car,” said Danny Elswick, Rose’s husband. “Recently, we were coming out of a shopping center and a lady stopped us. She said ‘I love this car. Do you want to sell it?’ Of course it’s not for sale. That car will be with us forever. There’s no stopping it.” 

You may think 500,000 miles are a lot, but there’s more to come.

“First of all, I’m married to a crazy woman,” Elswick said. “Not a whole lot of things have gone wrong with this car. We’re not pushing it to get all these miles. Usually something starts dollaring you to death, but it hasn’t given us that at all.”

Rose says she hasn’t had a car payment in 16 years.

“I’m going to keep going and going,” Rose said. “I nicknamed her Husky. She’s like one of the Alaskan sled dogs. We’ve seen them up in Alaska many times. They just want to keep going and going, and she’s ready for the next 100,000.”

To read more about Rose and Elswick’s car, click here.

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  1. George Jones says:

    Maybe one day they’ll register the car in MD. I noticed the Louisiana tags in a video clip.

  2. just saying says:

    Boring.. Useless news

  3. Gary Briggs says:

    Ahhh the good ole liberal media PRAISING A FOREIGN CAR WHAT A SURPRISE

    1. Ralph Tillery says:

      My Dodge Caravan is going strong at 510,000. I expect to hit 1,000,000. I was a little bummed that it flipped back to 0 when it hit 500,000. I really wanted to see it flip 1,000,000.

  4. S. Scott says:

    Just goes to show how much American cars and their lazy builders suck.

    1. Joe Hill says:

      no if you take care of any car it can last that long

      1. Amy says:

        Not really, I replaced my transmission twice on my Saturn before 80k and I don’t drive hard, I just go to and from work. My dads Mishibishi (sp?) had over 400k before the seals around the doors and windows failed and the car flooded out and molded. The major thing he had to fix was a clutch cable.

      2. Don'tLie says:

        Who replaces a transmission twice before 80k miles and swears that they don’t drive hard!!!!

    2. Richard H says:

      Tell that to the guy with a million miles on his Chevy truck. He’s got the Honda beat by double and it’s his work truck, not just transportation. 🙂

  5. kristi says:

    gooo HONDA!!! I loved my 92 Accord, and recently upgraded to a 2010 Accord. My 92 had over 300,000 miles on it, but it was requiring repairs a bit more each year so I chose to upgrade! Congrats!!! I myself cried when I sold the 92 accord, Poseidon was his name cause he survived several floods,so I understand having that connection to your car.

  6. Phil Ferrera says:

    Who cares! What about the Chevy truck driven daily to deliver fish in NYC that turned 1million miles. Now that actually is impressive. Something that sees snow and salt actually surviving that long.

  7. Lucky says:

    My guess is that that would be a timing CHAIN, not a belt?

    1. Brian says:

      Lucky, Foreign cars have timing belts, which are prone to break, not timing chains.

  8. stupid news storeis are stupid says:

    Wow, slow news day much?

    1. a23613451 says:

      yeah man where’s all the crime and celebrity storeis, they are so much better.

  9. Joe Hill says:

    their is a old lady that had a car that hit 1 million mark this is bull if you search you will find that a lot of American cars hit 1 million mark

  10. Tom says:

    She needs to replace that timing belt. If it breaks the engine is toast. It is not something you can replace after.

    1. Wes says:

      Did you actually read the article dummy? She kept the old timing belt.

  11. joseph kuba says:

    im still holding to my 1996 toyota camry and it has 431000 miles .

  12. Mike Stevenson says:

    Gee, I wonder if it had problems with a defective upper rear control arm like thousands of 2006 and 2007 Honda Civics, you know, the one Honda issued a TSB for but doesn’t tell customers until they’ve eaten a set or two of tires! Hundreds of complaints on the NTHSA site but nobody’s died, yet, so why act? Sorry Honda, your cars and you attitude toward your customers aren’t what they used to be and it shows in your new products. There are seven Hondas in my immediate and extended family, and no one plans on buying another one! You lose, jerks!

  13. Mike says:

    OMG…what is wrong with you people? They love their car. It made it to a half million miles. End of story. Why the hate? Take it for what it is and move on. Spend your time and energy on something more constructive. Otherwise, you just look like a bunch of primates throwing poo at each other. How bout a hearty “congrads” to the owners, and move the hell on! With so much “bad” in the world, why not see the positive? As small as it might seem. You haters got way too much time on your hands. So, anyway, I congratulate the owners of this Honda. Good job. Keep it running, and enjoy.

  14. Antonio says:

    Honda is NO1

  15. dave says:

    My 90 Dodge Dakota has 550,000 miles with original powertrain. 500,000 miles isn’t a big deal. Why give Japan free advertising? Find an American with 500,000 + miles on their Buick, Dodge, Ford, etc and promote this.

  16. Clint Woodworth says:

    I know a man that sells binders and he routinely puts this mileage on his cars. As a matter of a fact how many miles do you think the average taxi cab has on it. If all you do is drive on highways 500k isn’t that hard to reach while your cars too new to break down. I know he has had a dodge dakota and a Geo metro both well over 500k.

  17. mostafa says:

    my first car was a firebird and it was junk , burn so much gas , i had saturn and the engine light on and off all time , it was a nightmare , so many mechanical problems , i had 3 civics and they were alll great and i got a great mpgs , now for the patriotic people with their stupid american cars , first a dodge never reaches 100 k without problems , dodge are not known for their electrical and transmission problems , as for the chevy : your truck burns so much gas , you can never compare an american junk to a japanese car especially honda or toyota

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