BALTIMORE (WJZ)— He escaped persecution in Southeast Asia only to be gunned down in Baltimore. Nine days after a South Asian refugee was fatally shot, police still don’t have anyone in custody.

Andrea Fujii explains they’re hoping someone will come forward with information.

Big Bahadur Gurung, 20, thought he’d found safety in the United States, having spent most his life in a Bhutanese refugee camp.

But on Aug. 23, Gurung and his 17-year-old nephew were walking down Bowleys Lane in Northeast Baltimore when they encountered an armed robber.

“He was in the wrong place at the wrong time,” said Holly Leon-Lierman, International Rescue Committee.

Police say the suspect shot the 17-year-old, and Gurung then tried to wrestle the gun away but was shot in the chest and later died.

The Baltimore International Rescue Committee helps refugees like Gurung assimilate into society.

“They were seeking freedom. They were seeking safety here. This was a chance for them to start their life anew,” said Leon-Lierman.

From a small South Asian country near Nepal, he lived most of his life in a tent.

The center teaches refugees how to stay safe.

“Walking in lighted areas, making sure that you have some kind of buddy system, not travelling alone,” said Leon-Lierman.

And their innocence may be why police say South Asian refugees are being targeted.

“From what we understand, they’re being targeted by some of the locals,” said Det. Donny Moses, Baltimore Police Department. “This is not the first incident that’s happened.”

Dreams have been cut short. Gurung was killed the day before he was about to start a new job.

The United States had granted Gurung sanctuary here two months ago. If you have any information on his killer, please call police.

Comments (10)
  1. charles riley says:

    start a new job they give people that dont belong here jobs and what ever they want im sorry he got killed but come on stop catering to forene people what about people here!!!

    1. T says:

      He wasn’t here illegally, so what’s the problem? And it’s spelled – F-O-R-E-I-G-N.

  2. ninelives58 says:

    That detail is what you took away from this story? Ignoramus. and what the heck are “forene” people?

  3. ninelives58 says:

    Sounds like the ghetto thugs have identified easy targets in the South Asian refugees and are exploiting it. What a shame for this young man who has clearly struggled his whole life.

  4. ha ha says:

    WOO-HOO! Cowardly little sissies with guns targeting, robbing and murdering people who have nothing to give up in a robbery! So add “stupid” to “cowardly sissies”. I am so sorry that these kids were victims of our lovely State’s stance on violent criminals.

  5. PAUL E. MICELLI says:

    Only in America!!!!

  6. Maryland - born and raised says:

    Walk in lighted areas? Have a buddy with you? Wrong answer, international Rescue Committee. These thugs today DO NOT CARE, in fact, I think they would prefer you be in the light so they can see what they’re stealing from you. When will we, the people of this state, become tired of being VICTIMS before we arm ourselves with real self-defense tools? Shall Issue concealed firearm licensing SAVES LIVES. Maryland needs to stop turning its citizenry into perfect victims. Real self defense needs to be placed into the hands of law-abiding citizens, not just in the hands of thugs.

  7. Jeff Adamson says:

    This story MUST be a fabrication. Since concealed carry permits are IMPOSSIBLE to come by in Maryland, the murderer couldnt possibly have been carrying a gun. The law forbids carrying illegally, so this crrok couldnt have been carrying illegally. The insane gun laws in Maryland “protect” the citizens from this kind of behaviour.

  8. J. Lassiter says:

    This story has touched my heart for more than one reason. My husband was also shot on Bowleys Lane 10 years ago with a sawed off shotgun. He as well tried to wrestle the gun away and they put the gun to his chest and pulled the trigger. I heard the shot, because we live off of bowleys lane, he almost made it home. They even waited to see if he was going to get up, thank god my grandfather scared them. I carried my husband to our house and I thank god everyday he survived. It saddens my heart that this young man did not. I still live there and can say the neighborhood is getting worse and worse. Senseless crime.

  9. wagonman says:

    The gun laws in Maryland are a small part of the problem . A MAJOR problem is the LACK OF SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES. Suspended sentences, probation, Stereo and plea bargains should not be a part of any trial brought on handgun charges. LOCK THE ANIMALS UP AND MELT THE KEY.

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