It seems to be a pretty obvious statement that the offensive leader of any successful team must be the QB. In Baltimore Joe Flacco and the team are taking steps in that very direction. Opening Joe up to take more responsibility with play calls is one step, but maybe an even bigger step was the offseason addition of Pro Bowl full back Vonta Leach.

The 6 foot, 260 pound personal protector will add a dynamic in the backfield that did not exist the last few years in Baltimore. Leach has no aspirations of scoring individual touchdowns, just team TDs. He wants no part of carrying the load but to drop it instead. The fire that burns inside of him bursts out when another steps in his path. That fire needs to spread throughout the offense and most importantly to the QB Joe Flacco, and I think it will. I hope Vonta’s inferno catches on like wildfire and gives Flacco the fire he needs to be the flame throwing, touchdown scoring, team leading QB the Ravens drafted in the 1st round in April 2008.

The fourth year of any starters career needs to be a step forward and having Vonta Leach step by step next to Joe should help pave the way for exactly that. The confidence that festers and grows when the biggest bully on the block lives in your house and will do anything to protect it is a powerful thing. “A powerful thing” yet another way to describe the fullback that will not only drag Joe Flacco to the next step in his career, but also assist in patching any holes in the o-line along with complementing the skills of Ray Rice.

All told, I think it’s pretty clear I feel Vonta Leach was a huge addition to the Ravens and the dividends of his addition and hard work will be seen early and often, both on and off the football field. It’s yet another reason the hopes are high in 2011 for the Baltimore Ravens. They’ll have a tough road to hoe, but Vonta’s Inferno is ready willing and able to carry the torch.

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  1. Hal Schelling says:

    Love your Blog–Vanta Leach is a fantastic acquisition. I am glad that Houston didn’t have the vision to keep. It’s great to have another Ravens fan on 1057.
    –Hal in Houston

    1. Shridhar says:

      The two great defenses tetrpy much balance each other out, both are likely to cause turnovers and make big plays. The Ravens have a better 0-line, a better kicker, and they have Ray Rice .I’ll take the Ravens in a close game for those 3 reasons.

  2. Kitty says:

    Tommorrow will be the last game for the Ravens. I just don’t see Flacco beating the Steelers. He doesn’t have a ettebr record against them because he can’t pick them apart. We all know that when Flacco goes against the Bengals and Steelers, he is not the so called Cool Joe for some reason. Ray Rice can be the game changer for the Ravens but I’m certain he will get shut off. The Steelers are good in stopping the run. What about the Ravens passing game? Hmm, let me think, well, their passing game sucks and my Island brother #43 and Co won’t Flacco throw effectively.On the Pittsburgh side, they have a more patient runner and then Big Ben is just good with his feet and also with the passing and doesn’t take unnecessary shots downfield.He protects the football well.Their Defense will keep giving Ben opportunities to score points and finally towrds the final 10mins you’ll start to see the Ravens defense get tired oh no, this bad for the Ravens.Steelers win!Steelers 23 Ravens 13

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