With all of the focus on the NFL, some folks forgot that NCAA football got under way on Thursday night.

We have some really good match ups this weekend. Boise St. will be headed to Georgia for a little SEC action. This is a terrific match up and I applaud Boise for making the hike to play them. Also we had 3 teams surrounded by controversy and suspensions (Ohio St, LSU and Miami), and 2 of those teams have interesting games.

Monday night the Terps host the Hurricanes and they are actually favored. When is the last time that has happened?

Probably the most intriguing game of the weekend is LSU taking on Oregon. Now some of the hype has dwindled down because of LSU’s suspension after a bar brawl. It is very tough to go on the road and win in the SEC, but Boise and Oregon believe they can get it done. The speed the SEC offers is no joke, especially on the Defensive side of the ball.


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