BALTIMORE (WJZ)– There’s disturbing new information in the murder of North Carolina teenager Phylicia Barnes.

Barnes disappeared in Baltimore just after Christmas. Investigators found her body at the Conowingo Dam in April.

Court records show that Barnes’ older sister applied for a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend Michael Johnson– the last person to see Barnes alive.

Barnes’ murder is still unsolved.

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  1. Cherise Batteredbypd Rogers says:

    And it took 8 months for that to come out???? Smh

  2. Reba says:

    The wheels of justice are moving waytoo slowly on this. They need to just get heavy handed and beat a confesssion out. They KNOW who’s responible- just arrest him already!!!

  3. rhonda says:

    I agree with you Cherise.. 2 mos for that piece of evidence. I hope they find this person soon..

  4. Melissa says:

    If this was a white girl it would have been more than 3 paragraphs long.

    1. Tim says:

      Wow Melissa lets make this racial and totally disregard the real story.

      This is a horrible situation and I hope the family is able to find some resolve.

    2. HR says:

      Always a racial issue. We’ve been hearing about this horrible tragedy since she disappeared in December. This is just an update to the case, that’s why it’s only 3 paragraphs long. Know the facts before you speak such ignorance!

      RIP Phylicia!

  5. Mary says:

    The sister put out a restraining order and yet left her there at the apartment by herself while boyfriend was suppose to be moving his stuff out. Where was the supervision Deena? You should have taken Phylicia with you to work or maybe had Phylicia stay with other relatives during the time you were at work. Plain stupid on the sisters’ part knowing her boyfriend was a threat.

  6. Mace says:

    I have no clue why they haven’t arrested Michael Johnson *(Deena’s ex BF)* he was the last person to see Phylicia alive. I am 110% sure it was him. He was with Deena for 10yrs, and angry over the break up. He murdered this girl out of spite! Deena applied for the restraining order, thinking he would just go away, instead he and his brother did this girl in.

    1. Reba says:

      Mace, I totally agree with you!

    2. fam35 says:

      How about looking further back sweetheart they were together for 11 years. How about maybe Deena got the restraining order because she found out someone else was pregnant and it was not her! Maybe even the fact that these two women had been fighting and going back and forth for years over mike. We do spiteful things as women when we are hurt….I wont say what people are and are not capable of…but all the years I told Deena discreatly about where abouts of him and the other chick she had it set in her head that he was faithful. I dont know what happened because I was not there….but if you dont have proof stop pointing fingers….family or not I pray justice will be served no matter who it is because I have a daughter as well and I cant imagine the pain everyone is feeling. I never knew Deena and Kelly had a little sister until about 2 years ago. Naming people without having proof is considered slander. Be careful what you say….no matter who hurt this child I pray that justice will be served!

  7. flabbergastesd says:

    so when does restraining order equal murderer…did it really take months to find something that’s listed in public record. Complete b.s.

  8. Mary says:

    According to another news source, Deena took out the restraining order just over four months ago after Phylicia’s body was found. She broke up with this guy around the time Phylicia came to visit. That was a risky move on Deena leaving her sister home alone while boyfriend is moving out. We all know that in some cases, jealousy and violence can occur in break ups due to domestic split. Deena should have made arrangements for someone, another relative to take Phylicia for the day if Phylicia could not go to work with her. Very bad move on Deena’s part.

  9. Nick says:

    Actually the other news source reported the order was rejected by a judge 6 weeks before Phylicia’s body was found.

  10. VWGirl says:

    melissa- pull ur head outta ur a$$! U r racist as they come arent you? The report was probably only 3 paragraphs long so that they werent putting too much information init so that the ex bf could trace their “Footsteps” idiot! When they are trying to nail down evidence about one person, more times then not, they withold a lot of info from the public eye so it doesnt blow their cover. think before you post something that everyone can see…half whit! I hate racist black people. If you are going to be that way….than I cant stand “you people” and you need to go back to where the he// you came from.

  11. Tony Bonura says:

    Hey if it was a speeder or making a traffic violation the police would get you in MD but if its to solve a murder police cant do it! SMH! by the way it has nothing to do with race.

    1. JB says:

      You sound stupid…you and so many think major crimes are as easy as CSI and tv make them out to be. Do you realize people dont have to talk and alot of times lawyer up and dont. So then your left with physical evidence which is not easy to always get. Esp when you dont even know where the crime scene is. If police think hes the guy they need more evidence before charging him and cant do it based on “i’m pretty sure he did”. If they did, States Atty would be pretty upset

  12. D says:

    I guess the media has very little to report because what they didn’t tell you was the sister (deena) didn’t file the restaining order until she was taken to court by M. Johnson for non payment of rent where the judge denied her restaining order and she lost the case. she left her sister in the drug infested neighborhood alone while her exboyfriend moved out; but only started to give the police information (days after her disappearance )after she found out he was moving in with another woman

  13. Don't Let Stupidity Breed says:

    Shame on those who quickly make up their minds about this case.

    It is a good thing that we have judges that do not share the logic flaws that some have shown on this page.

    What an ironic twist of fate it would be, if some of these “flawed” thinkers were to be charged with murder in the future, and their own stupid style of thinking was employed by jurors to find them guilty!

    We have a legal system that (although not perfect) seeks to weed-out stupidity, false allegations, and partiality, in an effort to “serve justice”. This is the American way.

    If you do not agree with our American justice process, or are too stupid to think in a rational manner…I suggest that you get the (adjective) out of this country, and go to Russia, China, or the Middle East, where your primitive lack of intelligence will “fit right in”.

    If this option does not suit you, perhaps you might just “shut up” and let the authorities do their job as best they can, because it is clear that you could do no better.

    I hope someone discovers evidence that links “you” with the crime. Lets see what attitude you adopt “from the other side of the fence”.


    1. JB says:

      So refreshing to read a intelligent post on this board…thank you

    2. Mace says:

      Michael…Is this U or ur attorney? If so please confess to the murder and TURN urself in. GOD will try and get u privately, and if that don’t work, GOD will get U publicly!!!! TRUST ME! Ur days are NUMBERED! The last one seen with the victim knows the truth.

  14. deena knows says:

    Deena seems like the snobish sneaky type met her @ a party recently that wench knows more then she says she does a fat wench.her n the wanna b important brother

  15. tictac says:

    Don’t Let Stupidity Breed you rightfully signed your comments “Moron”. You are one saying you hope someone on this post is charged with the crime. What kind of lame brain comment is that. If you look back over most cases through the years – the last person to see the victim alive is nearly 95% ALWAYS the one that either brought about the harm/death or was involved in some way. I have worked in law enforcement and I have seen it time and time again.

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