Now that’s how you kickoff the season. I know I’m going to get destroyed on the air (I picked the under in last night’s game), but I can live with that. This game had 2 quarterbacks that looked like surgeons all night long, as 2 defenses got dissected for 4 quarters. You had a punt and a kickoff return that were amazing.

Even though this game was all offense it came down to 3 defensive plays that were all decided by the Packers defense. The 4th and 1 in the 3rd quarter, that the Saints tried to go play action pass with and were shut down. The great hit by Nick Collins in the 1st quarter, in which he put his helmet right on the ball when he was tackling Marques Colston. He forced the fumble and helped get the Pack off to a 14-0 start.

Lastly you can’t forget about the end of the game. One un-timed down to try and tie it from the 1 yard line. Ryan Pickett and BJ Raji cut down Mark Ingram and the LB’s clean up the mess.

An absolutely amazing game, even though I was on the wrong side of things.


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