BALTIMORE (WJZ)– While the nation honors the memory of Sept. 11, so too did the state of Maryland by unveiling a brand new memorial in the heart of the Inner Harbor at Baltimore’s World Trade Center.

Derek Valcourt has more on the memorial.

Three steel beams from the World Trade Center and limestone pieces from the Pentagon’s west wall are all incorporated into this memorial.

In the shadow of Maryland’s World Trade Center, the names of the 68 Marylanders who died when the planes struck the World Trade Center and the Pentagon are now immortalized in a memorial unveiled in front of hundreds in special ceremony Sunday afternoon.

Bent and twisted 22-foot long steel beams from the Twin Towers are intended to invoke the memory of that tragic day 10 years ago.

“This brings tears to my eyes. I’m in awe, I’m at a loss for words right now.”

“I feel so bad for all the people who suffered for it.”

“It’s very moving. I think it’s a beautiful tribute.”

“There really aren’t any right words. It’s heavy on the heart, I think.”

While some chose to spend the 10-year anniversary in quiet, internal reflection, others chose to mark the occasion at large gatherings, like football games, motorcycle rallies and road races.

Thousands hit the streets of Baltimore for the 10th Annual Run To Remember, honoring the fallen, especially first responders.

Runner Josh Schumer facepainted his tribute to the 343 New York firefighters killed in the towers.

“Just a small way we can commemorate their lives,” Schumer said.

“We lost 340 brothers in New York,” Baltimore City Fire Chief Jim Clack said.

For Clack and Baltimore Police Commissioner Fred Bealefeld, it’s a day with special meaning.

“On this incredibly tragic day, it’s a great opportunity for us to remind ourselves of the valuable contribution of volunteers and first responders across America,” Bealefeld said. “I’ll never forget that day. I’ll never forget where I was when I saw those planes hit the towers and I’ll never forget thinking about those firefighters.”

Ten years later, Marylanders are remembering together.

Also part of the memorial, a museum exhibit in the top floor of the World Trade Center with more artifacts from the disaster sites, and photos and stories of all of the Maryland victims of 9/11.

The Maryland memorial was designed by Baltimore architecture firm Ziger/Snead and paid for by donations.