WORTON, Md. (AP) — The Kent County Sheriff’s Office says a tanker truck containing more than 3,000 gallons of gasoline has been stolen.

The 10-wheel truck with an Alger Oil logo on the tank was stolen from Commerce Lane in Worton late Monday or early Tuesday.

Alger services the upper Eastern Shore and Harford County in Maryland, northern Delaware and southern Pennsylvania. Officials say the delivery trucks aren’t usually seen outside the areas they serve. The truck has Maryland license plates: 310E03.

Sgt. Glenn Owens says the FBI has been alerted and is assisting with the search for the tanker. He says nothing about the investigation points to terrorism, but in light of a possible terror threat linked to the 9/11 anniversary and the proximity to Washington, they are taking precautions.

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Comments (3)
  1. Not to Worry says:

    The theves won’t get very far. How far can they drive a tanker truck?

    EErrr….wait a minute. 3000 gallons fo gas; truck gets 6 miles to the gallon;

    On second thought, better post a lookout at the Mexican boarder.

    1. Spell-Check? says:

      My humble apologies for the spelling error.

      Dang gasoline fumes are strong.

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