TOWSON, Md. (WJZ) –It was a scandalous hate crime caught on camera that grabbed national headlines. Now one of the two young women accused of beating a transgender woman at a McDonald’s learns her punishment.

Derek Valcourt has details on the sentencing.

Teonna Brown was convicted of a hate crime and first-degree assault. She will spend five years in prison.

Over and over again, two teenage girls attack and beat Chrissy Polis inside a Baltimore County McDonald’s until she goes into a seizure — all while a laughing McDonald’s employee records the vicious attack on his cell phone.

The YouTube video sparked community outrage and landed Brown, 19, and her 14-year-old accomplice in jail.  Brown is now sentenced to five years in prison.

Polis, who is transgender, chose not to appear in court for the sentencing. But her hero Vicki Thoms was.

“I just wanted to make sure that justice was served,” Thoms said.

She can be seen in the video trying to stop the attack on Polis. She ending up punched in the eye herself.

“I thought she was going to die,” Thoms said.

In court, Brown tearfully offered remorse saying “I’m sorry.  My mother did not raise me like this. I would really like to apologize to the victim, Miss Chrissy Polis.”

But that apology was not accepted, according to a letter Polis wrote to the judge.

“I felt like I was going to die that day,” the letter reads. “I continue to suffer seizures, bouts of crying, mental anguish and anxiety. I fear being alone. I have flashbacks about the attacks. I do not forgive them for what they did to me. ”

Prosecutors say hate was clearly the motivation for the attack.

“I don’t really care who the victim is,” said Scott Shellenberger, Baltimore County State’s Attorney. “This wasn’t about a political statement. This was about prosecuting people for a heinous crime that they committed.”

“I just wish that there was more love in this world than hate,” Thoms said. “That’s what I keep saying every time you guys talk to me, and that’s what I hope she learns out of this whole thing, and everybody learns the same thing.”

The criminal case is over, but the civil case is just beginning. Polis is pursuing a claim against McDonald’s for failing to stop the beating and because it was its employee who video taped the incident while laughing about it. So far a settlement has not been reached.

The other suspect in the case already made an admission to the beating and remains locked up in juvenile detention.

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  1. rB says:

    Good, go to jail, was this really worth loosing 5 years of your freedom and adding a criminal record. Put that anger to positive use and who knows what good you can do.

    I hope the person who was attacked is doing ok as much as possible..

    1. snouts says:

      criminal records can also be badges to be proud of in some circles

      1. Rick G says:

        What’s your point?

      2. Htos1 says:

        Snouts,you’re correct,ignore the other bigoted response to your factual post.We NEED to setup a prison island as was done for over 500 years in the west.Here,inmates will never return,grow their own food and have their own justice system and government.We NEED another Devil’s island

      3. Bud Keyes says:

        snouts point is taken well. Black leaders will have fundraisers for those going to prison or those who just got out of prison. But they won’t do fundraisers for blacks going to college. Instead, they tolerate black peers calling those successful blacks “trying to be white” and “oreo cookies.” It is cooler to be in a black gang or a black thug than a black college professor.

      4. woodeded says:

        So true…SO TRUE

      5. JeddMcHead says:

        snouts, you are absolutely right — and it’s a sad reality. Nothing says “loser” like aspiring to have a rap sheet.

      6. harold says:

        A badge for what, you stupid moron. These two idiots will never be able to get a job that requires no criminal activity. OH! they can create there own business if they can get a loan. Or, they can go to college and become a lawyer, the next a Judge. But one thing for sure unless they are 6ft plus and 200 lbs, they both will become someone girl friend in jail.

      7. Barbara says:

        ANYBODY who is proud to have a criminal record needs therapy very badly.

    2. sam says:

      Remember dems want to add criminals as a protected class. These animals have no remorse, the balcks now a days are out of control becasue they see our leader stand above the law.

      1. iconico62 says:

        You are such a Teadiot, Sam. Only you would have this stupid idea that anyone would condone criminals and criminal acts. Reading the Teadiot manual again?

      2. John Moser says:

        iconico62 Obviously, any criminal would condone “criminals and criminal acts”. As well as certain sheep and media personalities.

        Oh yeah. You write poorly, and you’re dumb.

      3. nifongnation says:

        That is because we have an illegal alien in the White House.

      4. kinindiana says:


        You are such a Teadiot, Sam. Only you would have this stupid idea that anyone would condone criminals and criminal acts. Reading the Teadiot manual again?
        careful there iconiwannabe – your liberal slip is showing – there is a lot of truth in what Sam is saying – there’s this little thing called Common Sense you might want to look into.

      5. lj says:


        You ever listen to Hip Hop?


      6. Vito Andolini says:

        I’m pretty sure you mean the congress that the corporations own are above the law. learn to spell btw, you’re idiocy may make your spurious point make sense. but probably not, idiot.

      7. matthew says:

        There is no doubt that the black leadership, from Sharpton to Walters, benefit greatly by surppressing the blacks in this country, If Blacks become great parents, provided a safe environment for their kids, and contributed to their community it would all but eliminate these so called black leaders. The black leadership only prospers if the blacks in this country fail.

      8. REFRESHTHETREE says:

        Vito Andolini:

        You comment is funny since you accused someone of needing to learn to spell but neglect to double space after the period in your first sentence followed by failing to capitalize the first word in the next. You then use the acronym BTW in a non-text comment. How hard is it to type by the way, by the way? Lastly the final sentence was not double spaced or capitalized like the first. But your right, that guy can’t spell. HAHA, idiot. Any argument follow up is invalid, but your congress comment is true.

      9. Retired SOF guy says:

        Sam, you are spot on that black culture and the black demographic in this country is broken. From out of wedlock birthrate to illiteracy rates to arrest and incarceration rates, until folks are willing to say admit that the culture is broken, things will only get worse. It’s not a genetics thing, it’s a culture thing. Perhaps blacks, as a group, need to stop playing the victim and society, laws, court rulings, etc need to stop treating them as victims. Martin Luther King’s dream wasn’t black culture today, nor was it set asides, quotas and special treatment.

      10. demsvoteblindly says:

        iconico62 = no brain-0….

        You do know in California the libs are trying to make criminals a protected class right??? So while you try to call someone an idiot but just not sure how to spell it, you yourself looks like an idiot. Look it up, California is trying to pass a law that will prevent employeers from asking you if you have a criminal history. They are trying to make them a protected class and you have no right to know if the person you are hiring was arrested for rape, child molestation, murder, car theft, or any other crimes liberals enjoy committing.

      11. djh says:

        It bugs me when posters have nothing constructive to add to a conversation but focus on correcting others’ spelling and grammar. Typically, I find that those who do this are liberals who, for some reason, are predispositioned to think they are more intelligent than the common folk. In nearly every case, the “enlightened one” makes mistakes in their own snarky post. You, for instance, used “your” when you should have used “you’re”. It’s a common mistake for bathroom wall commentators. Perhaps you should go find an empty stall and let the posting for people who have ideas and opinions.

      12. hey simple sam says:

        You neanderthal racists are the ones out of control now a days. There has been a big spike in hate crime murder since our current leader was elected.

      13. nosracg3 says:

        Sam be careful saying all Blacks are out of control we all are not! I see what you see however I do have a choice to be a part of the problem or ramain a responsible person that I am who is a veteran,homeowner and a man of color.

      14. katty1 says:

        Although your statement could have been written a little better, the facts remain. There is no way in this world you can make me believe those girls are sorry for what they did. And the mere fact that someone would video tape it instead of helping makes my stomach turn. Would that person who video taped it want someone to intervene if it were their loved one getting beat until they fell into a seizure? I am totally against transgender’s, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to beat them into a seizure.

      15. Mr. Right says:

        The fight at the McDonald’s in Towson .Well, the truth the media is not going to tell according to a inside source the gay guy went in side of the woman’s restroom , and the 2 young girls got in to a argument about Him in the Lady s restroom; an altercation ensued, and now the young girls were charged various felonies one was a Juvenal and the other was and adult
        and to make a long story short, the older girl was facing 15yrs.
        The final disposition was as most of you know, the older girl was sentence to 10 of witch 5yrs. was suspend this is her first charge ! and she had no prior history that would justified her sentence.
        But the real story or message is any minority that has been given (PCS ) Protected Class Status ,whether it is physical or verbal altercation! their will be a much harsher penalty for run in with them.

    3. Ghostsouls says:

      Finally some justice! Even though it costs to house people in jail, I think they will save more from the welfare she wont be getting and the food stamps, and having more babies to put on welfare. Get you some McJail time. I’m Lovin’ It!

      1. grizzzzzzzz says:

        Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!,you hit it home on this one G,these chicks look like they are on P.A. a message had to be made this kind of behavior will not go unchecked!!

    4. sirandrew says:

      She will be out in a couple of years,file for welfare and start producing babies to get a larger welfare check.
      Slavery was a crime against society.Not sending the slaves back to their homeland is now a crime against a civilized society

      1. Mr. Right says:

        letting you breed is a crime against humanity have you considered killing your self? if not why not!?

      2. ted whipper says:

        TO Mr. Right

        YOUR response shows that YOU and sirandrew are really the EXACT same person. Hate is hate no matter where it is aimed. Maybe, one day, instead of being smug, you’ll be able to find solutions.

      3. eve says:

        have you looked at the fat pig? whose going to make a baby with her?

    5. dummy says:

      That was a MAN in a Woman’s bathroom. He deserved the beat-down!

      1. Christine Guinn says:

        No, it was a WOMAN in the woman’s bathroom!

      2. cjk says:

        He has XY chromosones you dope.

      3. stan says:

        He deserved a beat down? What do you deserve?

      4. BlueStarFlag says:

        Doesn’t matter what he /she / it was / is, nobody but a child predator or rapist deserves to be beaten like that.
        Michael Vick would not even treat a dog that way.

      5. JC Denton says:

        And the guy got beat up by little girls. I mean come on now.

      6. Klaes Holgreen says:

        Deserved to be beatdown? Ok you deserve your head cut off then.

      7. ByteRider says:

        You think?

      8. 51 Phantom says:

        Careful what you wish for dummy (appropriate name btw). By your reasoning you should get a beatdown the next time you do something that someone else doesn’t agree with.

      9. daslulz says:

        * That was a WOMAN
        * If so you deserve a harsher beatdown than hers
        * Chromosomes don’t matter, they don’t indicate your gender

      10. Barbara says:

        The name dummy suits you, you prejudicial moron. Transgender are neither male nor female until the transition is over. Physical sex is what you are born with, gender is how the transgender live and is very different from physical sexual characteristics. Anybody who sees transgender people as a threat is not well educated, because if they were, they would see we just want to live in peace. We are not rapists; we are not child molesters; we are not perverts; we are not sexual predators. We are just people trying to live in peace.

    6. ALICE JONES says:

      Actually, it was worth society to GAIN 5 years without this criminal animal off the streets. Her mother raise her to be EXACTLY what she is. Courtesy of the liberal policies of a welfare state. She will get hers in prison.

      1. eve says:

        the animal attacked a year before but the victim would not make charges against her so she was free to attack again. in jail she will meet her own kind and have lots of fun fighting to defend herself.

      2. cotton farmer says:

        slavery has moved from the plantations to the jails…..

      3. cotton farmer says:

        moved from the cotton fields to the prison fields….

    7. Suzanne Noel says:

      Five years is not enough! McDonald’s need to hire security guards. Go to youtube and see how many people are getting attacked.

      1. mike says:

        Not all McADonalds need security guards, just the ones in the N#gg%r sections. AND let the locals pay for them.

    8. s. peterson says:

      I believe the spelling you were looking for was “losing.”

    9. DARK N LOVELY!!!! says:


      1. Minnie says:

        Honey you forgot white discrimination 🙂 see , bias is easy .. as a white chick in Baltimore , I live it every day (I notice it because I have to brush it off ) On the bus I run into antagonized minds that want to censor my walk , my face , my eyes , its all peripheral and part of life . I am fine to keep my hopes and peace , but I see much racism against me as a white person , I see it in the hair salons , in restaurants , in the grocery . I’ve been Rosa Parks many times over . It may be not broadcast but ,,its there . Dont have to look for it either , Happens . I pine for people with discrimination reservoirs .. its short lived really and steals their treasure. Others must not tolerate it though . Ownership needs to happen . ; each person is capable of so much . Exclusion is like throwing vinegar in a fan it’ll will throw back on you. SO I note , yes, sarcastically ( and humorously ..that You automaically excluded white from your discriminated against . ) YOU know that many black lovely sisters and brothers and tolerate it , Its real hate against my skin . You have also seemingly adopted it . I hope we can see a day where .. we laugh and love over sweet tea. But ,,since I’ve moved to Baltimore (native marylander too.. PG County) , I have had realism of the Baltimore black folk reveil quite a heated intolerance for white people as a loving human being .. discriminantly . I have also noted a very active reality of constant harrassment . I’ll be very cynical at following advise of direction of many folks because the advice is purposefully wrong . In previous years , I have taken a stand against racism and shortcomings against friend / stranger/ co-worker and have lost a job for taking up for another (against rasicm) My heart is very ,scratch, HAD been very heavy for the premise of white hate in baltimore, any hate is shooting myself in the foot but the response here is a mountain of a molehill occurance .Sorry to have so much to say following your comment – of course is a generalized reaction , I could be wrong about the result of my broadcast , But I will Validate my witness to my feelings and occurances as fact . People have to stop putting an attachment of godism on white folk , The blame against white(OH How ’bout if I say Silken Reflection of the Unhidden people)[see my point] as see onyou tube in streettalk in everyday life is cataclysmic . Racism has become a dumping ground does no one, nation any good.

    10. porchhound says:

      FINALLY…a HATECRIME being prosecuted against a black person…thought the day would never come!

      1. 1776 says:

        The ONLY reason it was prosecuted as such, is that the victim is a transformer…or whatever they call themselves. Had it been a normal White person, this whole ordeal would’ve been swept under the rug.

      2. Stephanie says:

        this 1776 fellow is beyond ignorant. who were you referring to with your “normal white person” comment? if the victim had been a “normal white person” (by which i assume you mean she stayed with her birth-assigned sex) this whole ordeal would not have taken place at all; Teonna and her accomplice committed a hate crime directly linked to the fact that Chrissy is transgender. if the assailants were white, the only change that would occur is the lack of black culture-related comments on this article.

      3. Tee Bowers says:


    11. Snoopy snoopy poop dog says:

      Most of US businesses seem to go to great lengths to give extra opportunities to blacks, so eventually there will be a stark division between successful middle-class blacks and those who embrace the loser victim philosophy that Jesse Jackson and They blame the disproprtionaltely large amount of black crime on racism instead of calling attention to serious dysfuntions in their culture. By proclaiming this ridiculous argument, many leaders of the black community have encouraged their followers to become antisocial, to believe they are victims who deserve a free pass and even compensation. This destructive approach has created a segment of the black community that is worse off than ever. Prison is a good place for this poor excuse of a human being.

    12. Jake says:

      Yes it is. She will come out with “stripes” and the claim of how the white system cayse it all. And the Lib’s will be there saing their collective heads saying…it was W fault!
      Difference between me and a Lib? A Lib thinks and know water boarding is troture and attempt murder. But abortation is and every day cleanseing. Certainly not murder.

    13. Snod says:

      Guess you miss the point animals like Brown are attacking people across the country in large groups but the difference is they were not a transgender or gay people. Many hate crimes have been in the news and on video yet no action was taken because the victims were only White and not a protected group. Brown should be jailed for a much longer time and punished. Maybe make this welfare moocher should work for a change.

  2. Really? says:

    Good she deserves to be prisoned.I’m soo sick of these wild teenagers and children doing reckless things with no consequences.Let it be a lesson learned.She’ll be able to tell her grand kids that she turned 21 in jail lmao.FAIL!

    1. rob says:

      She has probably already told her grand kids.

      1. socon says:

        Ouch! lol

      2. OBOZOSUX says:

        I’m disappointed that I didn’t think of that. ROFLMAO


      4. mrburns says:

        Nice one Rob!

      5. Tracy Cleeton says:


    2. Anton Chigruh III says:

      “My mother did not raise me like this.” i doubt she was taught anything……

      1. Snoopy snoopy poop dog says:

        Unless she has learned that now that ‘the man’ has made her unemployable, she will be forced into a life of prostitution.

  3. Stupidity rules says:

    Who’s gonna be talkin’ to her man for the next 5 years…yuk…yuk…yuk…

    1. borntobepolitical says:

      She will be with all of her men that fathered her children and all of the men her father spawned. This will be a family reunion.

      1. Me says:

        Never thought of that. She likely has more family and freinds IN prison than OUT. LOL. I have long thought that prisons should be added to the list of “Black Colleges”.

    2. Revolutionary says:

      Hello. Did you miss the suspended part?

      1. Michael A. Cox Sr. says:

        Wrong article Rev’ — nothing suspended about 5 in the can.

      2. GsGirl says:

        I didn’t see where it was suspended…can you quote it in a post, because I must be missing it…(and no, I’m not being sarcastic).

      3. Spanky says:

        Look in other articles. 10 year sentence w/ 5 years suspended. Google Teonna Brown.

      4. RufusVonDufus says:

        They should have given her 15 to life as she is an animal far removed from human! Her and most of Obama’s peoples!

      5. Jamie Dorton says:

        She was sentenced to 10 with 5 suspended

      6. Rich Lehmann says:

        Her sentence was 10 years with 5 years suspended. This article just mentions the 5 years she is stuck with. For an assault that was not premeditated that left no physical damage not even a bloody nose. If the fight was any other combination of black girl on black girl, black girl on white girl, chinese girl on polish girl. and they would have gotten probation.. but kick a man in a bad wig and a dress and it is considered lenient to make a teenager serve only 5 out of 10 years.

      7. fsasfd says:

        @Rich gee your 2 white girls on one black “person” scenario is suspiciously missing – what woud have been the charge then? Hypcorite f\/ck

      8. bobfupart2 says:


        “They should have given her 15 to life as she is an animal far removed from human! ”

        You’re giving way too much credit to the Human. Animals don’t attack and kill out of Hate.

      9. eve says:

        she got l0 years with 5 suspended.



    1. borntobepolitical says:

      Probably not. She will be among like minded animals. If anything, she will be celebrated.

      1. JustDontType says:

        Hello, I like to talk out of my ass too.

      2. borntobepolitical says:

        You do a pretty good job of it

  5. At peace with life says:

    She is human. And although considered an adult, she’s a young adult. We all make mistakes, and we learn by them as well by live by them. She will learn from the mistake, it may take her five years but she will learn. I can only hope that when she does she can evaluate the situation and not get into the same predicament. We are all god’s children, no matter race,gender or religous beliefs. Instead of all this negativaty that everyone is writting, how you go out and make a difference in someone else’s life. That’s right I me you. rB, Really?, Stupity rules and especially POOR WHITE TRASH. Come on make a difference. It must start somewhere. God Bless.

    1. Martin Weiss says:

      I suppose using the term “POOR WHITE TRASH” is a mistake that you will learn from in the future ? Don’t preach to the rest of us if you can’t reign in your own hatred.

      1. At peace with life says:

        When I wrote what I felt, only four people had commented. And they entered their names as “rB, Really?, Stupity rules, and POOR WHITE TRASH” That was the way they spelled and that’s how I adressed them. I am not a racist and I look at every one as equal. I apologize for offending anyone. God Bless

      2. Rowwdy says:

        Your comprehension is sorely lacking. Next time READ the entire sentence before you go slamming someone else.

      3. Tracy Cleeton says:

        There is nothing wrong with calling someone POOR WHITE TRASH if that is there name…… is there?

      4. Impoverished colorless recyclables says:

        Excuse me. in the future please refer to “POOR WHITE TRASH” as “Impoverished colorless recyclables”

    2. Fester says:

      You almost had me then the racist remark in the end, in all caps so we didn’t miss it. Some people will NEVER learn; please note the lack of specificity here in regards to race, religion, or orientation…

      1. Pensieve says:

        “Poor White Trash” was the name of the person she was responding to, a person who wrote that name in all caps., and “Stupidity Rules,” is the name of the other commenter she is resonding to.

      2. Jib says:

        rB, Really?, Stupidity Rules, and POOR WHITE TRASH are all commenters’ names, not comments. She can’t really help the names they chose to use.

    3. Johnny Apollo says:

      At peace with life, To call these two human, would be a stretch. I would agree with you about trying to help make a difference in someones life. These two are beyond help. I’ll assume that you have NOT watched the actual video of the beating. These two are not God’s children, THEY ARE THE DEVIL’S! I’m curious if you have pity & sympathy for the devil? I doubt it…These two can rot in you know where for all I care. I would agree w/ those you call out, may these two animals get what’s com’in to them.

    4. Eliminate all thugs says:

      The only thing this sub-human will learn is to make sure no one is taping your savage behavior.

    5. Jaimo says:

      Some people never learn. The ghetto is full of them.

      1. Snoopy snoopy poop dog says:

        Exactly. This is the result of ghetto ‘culture’. Some escape its influence, most refuse to try to fit in with US society. In stark contrast, the Irish, Poles, Germans, Italians have all had severe disadvantages but they have all eventually integrated in ways that improved our country. This anti-social, thug-culture loser, I’m-a-victim-who-can-only-sell-drugs-and-play-sports mentality that has been encouraged by Jesse Jackson, rap, hip-hop and Ferra-con has been dragging down black culture. That approach will never lead to anything good. They have doomed another generation to despair and povery.

    6. Steevo says:

      Your peace is deluded. Come to grips with raw, cruel inhumanity. This was no “mistake”.

    7. OBOZOSUX says:

      A mistake is wearing white before Memorial day. his was a CRIME! You DO understand the difference! You’re living proof that stupidity should be painful!

      1. Spanky says:

        Obozosux said later in this thread:

        “Please people, fact check before submitting a post. Reagan was diagnosed with Alzhiemer’s in 1994! The internet comment boards on EVERY site are peppered with lies, intentional or otherwise. I’m getting sick and tired if correcting you idiots!”

        Reagan was born on February 6, 1911.

        He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s “early in 1994.” He would have been either 82 or 83, depending on the timing of the diagnosis.

        I had said that he was age 81, when in actuality he was either 82 or 83.

        You were quite rude to flip out over one or two years like that.

        Regardless, Ron Paul is too old to be elected President, based on the perceptions of American voters.

      2. Spanky says:

        Furthermore, if you look at the video tapes of Reagan in his second term, it does appear that his Alzheimer’s symptoms started long before he was diagnosed.

        Ron Paul would be the same age STARTING his Presidency that Reagan was when he FINISHED his.

      3. g55rumpy says:

        or wearing white after Labor Day

      4. Martinez Davos says:

        Half crazy from alzheimer’s and still twice the president that Obama is today. I love Ronald Reagan.

    8. better safe than sorry says:

      While this thug fool is in the big house, innocent people can safely eat at McDonalds. That should be your main concern, unless you’re making a decision strictly based on race. Doofus.

      1. BuddyP says:

        Safe? in NW Baltimore? There’s a dozen savages out there right now ready to take her place.

    9. Wondering Why says:

      Where is it written that we ALL are God’s children? Seems to me the Savior called some men as being of their father, the devil. -As those who would beat an innocent person unconscious.

      1. Snoopy snoopy poop dog says:

        Blaming it on the ‘devil’ is a Jesse Jackson approach. Blame it on bad (or absent) parenting. Few responsible parents end up with such a low-life as this thug.

    10. Jason J says:

      Ive made mistakes too…this wasnt a mistake. I call a mistake when you inadvertently call someone by the wrong name. There is a difference between commiting a crime in which someone is beat down and nearly killed and “making a mistake.” By calling it a mistake you down-play it’s social significance so why not open up the eyes you have and see it for what it is..a hate crime.

    11. Curtis says:

      I have made plenty of mistakes in my life…none involved almost beating another human being to death! Don’t rationalize this to the point of making it acceptable! It is not! And I do make a difference in lives daily, specifically, II mentor young college students in ethics and being a good leader…

    12. elizabethrc says:

      My dear at peace: You display your racism with the Poor White Trash comment, so you just made the rest of your statement meaningless. What you really mean is with regard to all black people.
      God Bless whom? Black people only?
      Take a look at your black bro’s and sistas and you’ll see stupdity. You’ll see no respect for the law, for civility, for decency, no respect for the rights of others. You’ll see flash mobbers trashing stores, stealing from them.
      Stuff your God Bless where the sun don’t shine, you phony hypocrite.

      1. Shannon Callahan says:

        At Peace was replying to a commenter who goes by “POOR WHITE TRASH”…

      2. aaafdsfs says:

        I like ketchup with my “eggs on my face” – you should try it

    13. Furd says:

      At peace with life wrote: “She is human.”

      That’s debatable.

      1. Dave says:

        And people are getting hung up on the fact she replied to a nasty handle inappropriate to the post they wrote. The handle sucked, the post was right on target.

    14. Sean Storrud says:

      I do my best to go out and make a difference. But like it or not the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. If someone is convicted of shoplifting we can give them a second chance – worse case scenario they do it again. But when someone is convicted of beating someone else until they go into a seizure then we can’t take the risk they will make the same mistake. Lock this girl up and never let her back out. We can’t afford to take the risk.

    15. Caiden says:

      Why poor white trash? What about the poor BLACK trash that committed this attack? What about all the POOR BLACK TRASH that has been committing flash mob attacks all year?

      This is the problem here, black people defend black criminals, happens all he time. This idiot, at peace with life, believes a person who vciously attacked another person will change. She can watch that tape, hear all the blacks laughing, and identify with the attackers, and forgives them. But people shocked at the attacks, angry at the attackers, they’re poor white trash for some reason.

      Every person in the McDonalds involved in the attack or laughting was poor black trash, the victim and the defender were whites who’ve seen the true face of black trash

      1. Shannon Callahan says:

        At Peace was replying to a commenter who goes by “POOR WHITE TRASH”…He or she was not using it in a derrogatory manner…just adressing someone by their self chosen screen name

    16. freecheese says:

      Bleeding heart A-holes like you are the reason we have animals like her walking amongst us.
      Re” at peace with life — “Peace through fire superiority ! “

    17. John says:

      She hasn’t learned anything. It’s her life stye to act like an animal. I’m sure she and all her friends were laughing after the fact….People like this are never sorry, until they get caught……..and are told to show remorse by the attorney.

    18. Heywood Jablome says:

      Okay,, go visit her in the slammer. Let her kick your lily livered buttocks! She is an animal and you are a moron.

    19. Van Bones says:

      First mistake. She is sub-human.

    20. Pete says:

      That don’t make any sense. When I was young, I knew right from wrong. This animal just hated that individual. She was surely showing hate attitude towards that white person. Trying to say she is sorry now is nothing but lies… Anyone that beats a person out of hate is no mistake. I hope she rots in prison.

      1. eve says:

        she attacked a year ago but the victim did not carry through and charge her. too bad as she did it again. hope she gets her axx kicked in jail by racist inmates.

    21. FirstLouie Scrounge says:

      This was NOT her first assault on innocent people. The only thing that this little ghetto animal will learn is to not allow herself to be caught on video next time. She can claim that her mother didn’t raise her this way, but it is obviously a lie trying to avoid jail time. At one point in time in our past, her options would’ve been jail or the military. Even the military doesn’t want two legged POS like this anymore. Anyone care to bet she’s out in 21 months and arrested again in under 27 months? I didn’t think so. 30 years ago it was known that 75% of violent crime was committed by 25% of the criminals. She’s already committed at least two violent assaults. I’m rather surprised that the prosecutor didn’t charge her for hitting the old lady too. She assaulted her, though not as viciously as she did the transgendered individual. It’s just a damn shame that the people of Maryland continue to elect officials who feel that their law abiding constituents should remain the helpless victims of their vicious criminal voters. Had Ms Polis or the elderly woman had been legally able to carry a handgun for self defense, the video would’ve been a lot shorter, the outcome of the fight much more just, and the assailants would’ve been put down like the rabid animals that they are. Discrete carry works. When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

    22. omstrat says:

      HAHAHAHAHA you tipped your hand racist
      That was a little more than JUST a mistake by the way . I’m also sure it’s not the first time this pig beat on someone.

    23. Chris Kimble says:

      God is spelled with a capital “G.” That’s a good place to start. And there’s no unicorn sitted at the righthand of God; in case your weren’t sure.
      Good grief!

    24. At Peace with a conscience says:

      I volunteer, donate to the poor, took a young man of color into my house and treat him as my own son and we have given in support of a young man in India via Compassion International for over 8 years. I believe that young people these days have no limits to what they do. There is no line they won’t cross. This crime scared the daylights out of me and I worry about my family being in public with people roaming the streets with this girl’s mentality. She got what she deserved. If she broke the law without brutalizing someone then maybe she deserved a second chance. If you’re so heartless and ruthless as to beat someone within inches of their life, you need more than a slap on the wrist. Sorry, At Peace With Life, but I think you’re wrong.

    25. artemis133 says:

      Yeah, and when I was Teonna Brown’s age, I knew not to beat someone to within an inch of her life. Sheesh.

    26. Lisa says:

      She didn’t make a mistake;she purposely with intent harmed and beat another human being. She left and came back to beat her more. This was not out of fear for herself or others but hatred for another human being. She is a thug, a sociopath. Don’t lollypop the situation. Who else has she attacked that we don’t know about?

    27. No excuse says:

      At peace with life—-She didn’t make a mistake;she purposely with intent harmed and beat another human being. She left and came back to beat her more. This was not out of fear for herself or others but hatred for another human being. She is a thug, a sociopath. Don’t lollypop the situation. Who else has she attacked that we don’t know about?

    28. shabooshoobah says:

      yep, “Stupity rules” alright.

    29. H. Johnson says:

      It was no “mistake”. It was an unwarranted, intentional act of violence. Any person capable of doing this once, will likely do it again. Five years is being too kind.

    30. individual 11 says:

      That sounds so nice, “we all make mistakes. She savagely attacked another human with glee. Her false remorse is based on her being caught. Her victim now with lifelong seizures will never be made whole. She should be executed so we as a society do not have to suffer this savagery again. Short of that, an eye for an eye – beaten until she has seizures.

  6. kelvin says:

    “McDonald’s eventually fired the employee who filmed the attack.” ? Why did he get fired? If he didn’t capture the incident these girls would had ran free and done this again and again.

    1. MDWhite says:

      Because he was a coward who did nothing to stop the attack, sparky. Use your head, for God’s sake.

    2. bob says:

      He didn’t film it to ID the perpetrators, he filmed it to post it for entertainment purposes. Yet another animal.

    3. Really? says:

      @ kelvin im sure theres surveillance cameras in McDonalds so the kid deserved to get fired.If you want to portray him as a hero in a sense,your a fool.If he wanted to be of any help he would have called the police first then stepped in to break it up.

    4. Rick G says:

      If he had stopped the beating instead of making a video of it, maybe that would hqve been the better thing to do. That punk deserves 5 years, too. Just not sure what the charges would be, other than too stupid to be on the streets.

      1. claygirl says:

        Complicity, aiding a crime. Dude wasn’t a tiny guy, big enough to make some difference. Law requires a committed crime receives a dishing out of justice. Imagine, if he’d been the victim, would he/his family have sued McD? Lotsa folks with empty lives out there.

  7. doubl standard says:

    Not a fan of “Hate Crime ” laws,,,,, But why wasn’t this prosecuted as such ,,,,,

    You have a white transgender,,,, She was beaten up because she was a white “girl” supposedly going for the black girls boyfriend

    Imagine if it were reversed,,,,,, Jesse and Al and Maxine would be weighing in here

    1. Lawrence Ipsum says:

      Your comma key seems stuck.

    2. IVillageIdiot says:

      When the PC provenance is not so clear, they don’t really know what to do….

      It’s like in the N.W. when endangered seals, are going after endangered Salmon and only take one bite out of the soft guts letting the rest go to waste… they go ape-s**t-batty trying to figure out who to hate and blame. There aren’t any humans of a certain political persuasion near enough to the usual-suspects-loop to blame,… so… their heads begin to swell in the absence of any clear receptacle and they eventually explode into tears and inward rage at the “inhumanity” of it all…. HILARIOUS!!!!!

      Anywhoser… there you go, the answer is:

      two pre-defined victim groups = no clearly pre-defined target group = no clear evil to blame.

    3. JudgeMental says:

      I’m sure the Rev Sharpton will keep his racist opinion to himself.

    4. Read the article stupid says:

      Hey dummy, didn’t you read the article???

      “Brown pleaded guilty last month to first-degree assault and a hate crime.”

    5. freecheese says:

      The transgender is not “She, or Her.” It is still a guy. Just because you chop of your crank and call yourself a female doesen’ t change the FACT that you are loaded up with male hormones. Sicko for sure.

      1. Christine Guinn says:

        Actually dear, my hormones are the same as a normal woman’s, thank you.

      2. frikitiki says:

        Actually christine, your damn DNA isn’t the same. Which makes you a male until u die Thank you!

      3. baltimore resident says:

        chromosomes are not DNA, and if it was it still makes you knuckle dragger until you die

      4. Me says:

        Hey FreeCheese, the guy didn’t even have a sex change. “Chrissy Pollis” merely had a wig on and went into the women’s rest room. All the people saying disparaging things about the 2 girls who basically fought a MAN (who was arrested for prostitution in the past) and won, are really revealing themselves to be simple racist who overlook facts to spew hate. [The man in the wig went into the bathroom with the 15 yr old girl, the 19 year old teenager then followed to protect her friend & then fought “chrissy Pollis’] TRUST ME: if a black man in a blond wig went into a bathroom with 2 teenage white girls because he “felt” like a woman that day, white people all over AmeriKKKa would congratulate the girls for defending themselves from a potential predator. You know what? I FEEL like the emperor of earth today so pay your taxes to me, not the IRS. Thank You.

    6. Snoopy snoopy poop dog says:

      Good point, but Jesse will insist that blacks are exempt from laws ‘clearly meant to apply to whites’

  8. Hank Warren says:

    If she were just a white girl and not a ‘trans-gender’, the court would have been lenient. White victims rarely receive justice. Diversity, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

    1. Spanky says:

      “vote for Ron Paul.”

      Paul would be the same age STARTING in the White House that Reagan was when leaving it – age 77.

      Paul would be age 85 at the end of a second term. Half of all people that age have Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. And they don’t just get it all at once, it generally starts in the mid- to late-70s.

      Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 1981 and he probably had it for part of his second term.

      American voters are NOT going to put someone Paul’s age into the White House, no matter how much we like his positions.

      And it doesn’t matter how healthy he is today, Alzheimer’s strikes healthy people just the same as unhealthy.

      You need to find another candidate. If you keep supporting Paul, you might as well go work for the Obama campaign because the effect is the same.

      1. Justin Time says:

        Fortune favors the bold. Keep playing it safe if you want. But if you do what you’ve always done, you’re going to have what you’ve always had.

      2. OBOZOSUX says:

        Please people, fact check before submitting a post. Reagan was diagnosed with Alzhiemer’s in 1994! The internet comment boards on EVERY site are peppered with lies, intentional or otherwise. I’m getting sick and tired if correcting you idiots!

      3. Spanky says:

        Obozo is right, Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 1994. He was age 83 at the time, not age 81.

        Ron Paul would be age 85 at the end of a second term.

      4. OBOZOSUX says:

        Spanky said earlier in this thread that I corrected the AGE he said Reagan was when he was diagnosed. I did NOT correct the age but the YEAR. He said it was 1981 when it was, in fact 1994, a difference of 13 years! Quite a difference and worthy of CORRECTION!. And to add to that, I believe a SENILE, DROOLING ADDLE BRAINED republican OF ANY age, shape, color or size would be a VAST improvement over the present occupant of the white house! Furthermore I’m happy to hear that you are able to diagnose a devastating illness by virtue of watching a video. I’ll keep you in mind next time I’m sick!

      5. claygirl says:

        So you want to talk age-issues? Ben Franklin was ambassador to France at 14 years old. Ages vary among history’s most notable leaders and thinkers. Get over it. Age is just another ‘race’ card. Who cares the gender, race, age, etc. If they’re proven (or prove themselves to be) incompetent, due process is in order.

      6. Buddy says:

        Big deal! Some of the “bean counters” figure that chronological ages are meaningful. I don’t; I am a WWII vet and am probably capable enough to out think most all “bean counters”.

        For your further information, Alzheimer’s can be easily prevented. So can a lot of other diseases except terminal ignorance.

  9. bob says:

    Good. Many animals require cages.

  10. Johnny Apollo says:

    At peace with life, To call these two human, would be a stretch. I would agree with you about trying to help make a difference in someones life. These two are beyond help. I’ll assume that you have NOT watched the actual video of the beating. These two are not God’s children, THEY ARE THE DEVIL’S! I’m curious if you have pity & sympathy for the devil? I doubt it…These two can rot in you know where for all I care. I would agree w/ those you call out, may these two animals get what’s com’in to them.

  11. Jack says:

    Teona Monae. Enough said.

  12. enjoyyourUS says:

    What is a transgender woman, is it the same as a transgender man? A: false. Neither term is correct. You are either man or woman. Period, check your DNA and leave your ego at the door.

    But I digress, most likely this person is a unique and special butterfly who regardless of their obvious mental sickness should be allowed to cross all our traditional sexual boundaries, IE bathrooms, and make us all uncormfortable and possibly ‘mentally assaultsed’ by shims presence. Nevermind that our rights as individuals are trampled on, as long as these text book cases of severe mental disorders have their rights respected, to heck with the rest of us.

    I for one look forward to the burning down of this recent incarnation of the US and look forward to the new one that will take its place. Where sexual and social malfeaseance such as this are handled as they should be. By psychiatriists and jail time.

    1. borntobepolitical says:

      Well put, a novel approach.

    2. DrBobNM says:

      some people are born in the wrong body. I think its the result of hormones in food and other pollutants.

      Whatever the reason, NO ONE deserves to be beaten like that.

      1. borntobepolitical says:

        He was not addressing the beating only the politics surrounding it.

  13. KennesawJack says:

    This is simply another example of how coarse and debased our culture has become. Multi-culturalism imples cultural equivalence which means almost anything goes. We’ve sowed this nonsense and now we’re reaping it and will, for a long time to come.

  14. Fester says:

    Hey, Gov. O’Malley, how about greater protection for everybody? Just a thought, as I am not sure I want to visit your fair state at the moment….

  15. Joe says:

    Glad she got time, otherwise she would think it was ok to keep doing.

    Don’t like that McDonalds fired the employee whom filmed the event. Maybe McDonalds should have fired the entire crew for not calling the police, not getting involved, not locking them out so they couldn’t come back in the resturant for seconds…… Sure, fire the video guy- he got your store on the news. Pathetic to film it, but more incriminating to McD’s. Likely lawsuit.

    1. beebee says:

      Ummm, your comment makes no sense… this thug moron’s ape behavior had nothing to do with McD’s… they were just unfortunate that she was there instead of already being locked up with other apes in da big zoo.

    2. Caiden says:

      Not sure who’s suing who? The fired black dude who filmed it can sue? Or the beating victim should sue?

      Really it’s not McDonald’s fault, I dount they have a policy black’s can watch and laugh while other blacks can attack a gay person

    3. Normalcy says:

      I do not think that anyone would want to walk into a McDonald’s knowing that the workers on the other side of the counter have an obligation to stop fights or intervene in a dispute.

  16. bolderdash says:

    eeeyyyyaahhhhboooyyyyeeeeee – daswutumsayin-nowutumsayin?

  17. DrBobNM says:

    Thank God justice was served here. And pretty swiftly, I might add. Why the suspended 5 years I wonder. This kid had a string of priors.

  18. Frank says:

    “Governor Martin O’Malley has pledged to seek greater protections for transgender people.” What about protection for PEOPLE in general?

  19. CYGUY says:

    I hope the Moon Cricket rots

  20. August says:

    Why does it matter that the victim was transgendered?

    1. Maxine says:

      Wow you’re pretty slow aren’t you. Do unicorns still run free where you live?

    2. Raymond says:

      The victim’s transgender lifestyle may have been a motivation for the attack. Motives are important to judges and juries when sentencing.

      “I assaulted the woman in self-defense.”
      “I assaulted the man because it turns out he wasn’t a woman.”

      1. Christine Guinn says:

        Motive should play no part in the case. Assault is assault, PERIOD!

  21. tope says:

    Ha Ha-your going to jail

    1. Dream Out Loud says:

      maybe in prison she’ll be able to learn this difference between your and you’re.

  22. Justin Time says:

    I actually remember this.

    I’m pleased to hear that Teonna Brown is going to spend the next 5 years in a cell. I hope every day of her sentence feels like the first 24 hours.

    1. Snoopy snoopy poop dog says:

      I hope she meets a strong black man who can control her life when she gets out. Yo Teonna, I’ll be yo’ pimp daddy when you gets out ob da big house. You sho ain’t ginna find no udda job beyotch.

  23. John C says:

    How different things would have turned out for Brown if she’s minded her own business and left her hatred at home.

  24. mb7725 says:

    Pathetic judge, pathetic sentence. 10 years with 5 yrs suspended. This wasn’t one of those “oops, boy did I mess up, didn’t know it would turnout like that” kinda moment. Hell, these dirtbags came back again and again to beat on this person. They had MORE than enough opportunity to sense the gravity of their actions. THEY DONT CARE ABOUT THE AFTERMATH so why not give them the max sentence. 35yrs seems fair to me. What a bunch of sisspots people are.

    1. jjv says:

      No, 35 years in prison means we taxpayers pick up the tab.

      Better to execute the dirt bags and be done with it. I volunteer to pay for the needle and the chemicals.

      I like being civic minded, you see.

      1. mb7725 says:

        I have been enlightened…. But allow me to save you a few a bucks. A .45 caliber bullet cost $1.35.

      2. melissatx says:

        Go cheap. You probably have a Louisevill slugger in the closet, right? Don’t waste the dough on chemicals.

      3. Snoopy snoopy poop dog says:

        The appeals process and all the legal shenanigans are too expensive. Make low-lifes earn their keep. If they don’t want to make license plates or bust rock, let them eat potatoes and beans, have no TV or entertainment. Having a job (even in prison) is the best way to reform a low-life like this moron.

    2. claygirl says:

      pingback ‘Negress…. I actually laughed out loud. If it’d been a muslim or white chick getting the 5 years, would you be cheering? is categoriezed ‘hate site’ by most site monitors. Go figure.

  25. Lewis says:

    To all of those passing judgment, imagine your young daughter being followed into a women’s restroom followed by a man who now calls himself a woman. I imagine some of you would be in prison too!

    1. Noah Fing-Whey says:

      I prefer to keep my family out of McDonlad’s except when I know the area or I am fully armed. Too many people lose their minds over simple things at some McDonalds. When the flash thug concept was implemented against white people I have even started avoiding entire areas except when I am carrying extra fire power.

      1. Dream Out Loud says:

        you bring a gun to McDonald’s? what a brilliant lesson for your family. good Lord, that’s moronic. it’s as if you think it’s smart to start shooting if there were a flash mob. i pity your kids.

      2. Retired SOF guy says:

        It’s best to be armed at all times, and avoid (as much as possible) certain areas as well. Carrying is like wearing a seatbelt. No reason not to, and lots of reasons to do so. What I don’t understand is folks who have the opportunity to carry who don’t. Frankly, the more armed good guys out there, the better I feel. Maybe sheeple should consider why it is they feel more secure in the presence of law enforcement, then they might accept that armed good guys is always a good thing. Laws don’t inhibit the criminals (like battery laws didn’t stop this animal), only the law abiding. Hence, gun laws, while prima facie unconstitutional (SCOTUS rulings notwithstanding) only serve to inhibit the law abiding and maybe act as another tool of prosecution AFTER the fact, when law abiding citizens have become law abiding victims.

    2. mb7725 says:

      You’re an idiot. This isn’t about transgender. Yep, I believe they are twisted freaks but that’s a different argument. You look gay to me and I don’t like that so what if I punch you in the eye? Well, that didn’t make me feel any better so what if I come back and break your nose? Hmm,, still not feeling better so what if I then come back and stomp your head in? At what point should I just concede that you are gay I should just eat my chicken nuggets and go home. Or perhaps you agree that I should be able to come back several times to kick your guts in until I FEEL BETTER.

      You had better put yourself on both sides before you just assume that you are always right.

      1. Maxine says:

        Ah, but the “victim” was a perv. A little slow are we?

      2. Pensieve says:

        Your argument falls apart because it’s not the same as looking at a gay guy. This was a guy – yes, a maimed guy, but a guy – not minding his business, but doing his business in a ladies’ bathroom.

        Did it call for such a beating? Lets say, this is the first time in history people would have thought a beating wasn’t justified. However, it would have worked out better for the girls if they had shown their feelings simply by shouting loudly,”It’s disgusting for men to be in the ladies’ room.”

      3. You're MAD, I tell you... says:

        How, exactly, is a person struggling with…and learning to cope with,evidently, physiological gender issues a “perv”? Just because all you think about when you look at a persons who they have intercourse with doesn’t mean everyone thinks or feels that way. But, hey, you are anonymous and you aren’t putting your life and struggles out there for all of us to see and judge and pick apart, so you keep right on with your way of life. Don’t worry, though, I won’t beat you up for who you are.

      4. You're MAD, I tell you says:

        *person is*, correction

      5. Caiden says:

        The problem is how whites and blacks are taught to think about things. Whites are taught everything is their fault, and they should embrace everyone. While I do find it weird a man wants to get a sex change and become a woman, I don’t really care, I don’t think of him as a ‘perv’ the way Maxine does. Whites are taught to respect everyone for any reason, so most whites have empathy for this victim.

        Blacks live in their own world. Liberals teach blacks they are constant victims and since they don’t have power (a stupid idea because not all whites are rich and not all blacks poor) they can’t be bigoted. So blacks have no trouble attacking whites, asians, hispanics or gays. Blacks are taught empathy should be shown to them only, they never have to shown empathy for anyone nonblack.

        If this was a bunch of ‘rednecks’ attacking and laughing a transgendered person it would have gotten more press, an episode on Law and Order, and mentioned on Jon Stewart and other lefties as it shows ‘bad whites’. Since it’s blacks attacking and laughting, and an elderly white woman trying to defend the transgendered person, liberals want to ignore i tbecause it makes them uncomfortable to see one protected class attacking another, it doesn’t fit liberals world view so they want to forget it. Really this is a story because it went viral online, it doesn’t get mentioned in the mainstream press that much/

      6. mb7725 says:

        Hey Pensieve, You make a good point. Well done. I have no problem with you illustrating my shortsightedness. In fact, I love it. It’s called learning and growing intellectually. I don’t pretend that my opinions are perfect. Just happened to be my thoughts at the moment mixed with a little emotion. Thanks for the intelligent comment. Something more for me to consider.

    3. Dream Out Loud says:

      your ignorance is shining through. if you consider this person to be a man calling himself a woman, go back to school. you need to do some learnin’.

      1. Pensieve says:

        Actually, that’s exactly what he is. I don’t care how he has maimed himself, he is indeed a man, and doesn’t belong in the ladies’ room. Calling it “ignorance” doesn’t change the facts.

        Go back to school? That’s where your head was excavated of all common sense and filled with political correctness instead.

  26. Landon says:

    This just in: Al Gore has determined that the victim refused to accept the settled science of global warming, which posits that certain segments of society are still dragging one flipper after walking out of the pond, due to climate change. Many of these individuals who have failed to evolve express their anger at global warming deniers, particularly transgendered ones.

  27. luckydog says:

    Why was this not a hate crime? Then sentence would have bee doubled, not cut in half!

  28. beebee says:

    The depraved mentality of this thug and the lowlife McDonalds workers who stood by laughing are shocking. Any ‘culture’ that germinates such vile anti-social behavior is unAmerican. These thug-life morons refuse to fit in with our culture. What a waste of human life.

  29. Bubba says:

    This again confirms that gay trumps black in the victim hierarchy. The black man that spoke about the gay actor on Grey’s Anatomy was fired. The black teen that beat up the transgender person was sentenced harshly. Just taking note of the pecking order.

    1. OBOZOSUX says:

      Bubba- Judging from your moniker you’re a straight southern white male. I hope you’re aware of your p.c. status in the pecking order. Can you say “low man on the totem pole”? Sux to be you. I say that affectionately., I’m only one notch above you. Straight white woman .

      1. Retired SOF guy says:

        Hey, if you’re one notch above us you’d better not be wearing a skirt 😉 Yes, I know…that comment just sent the libs into convulsions, but what do you expect from a straight, white male…

      2. Snoopy snoopy poop dog says:

        I love you. Marry me?

  30. Wil Dobson says:

    why are greater protections for ‘trans-genders’? more protection than whom? aren’t people protected by law already? Isn’t the suggestion a violation of equal protection under the law?

    1. Maxine says:

      Because they’re fruitcakes and therefore precious. Didn’t you get the memo?

      1. frikitiki says:

        OMG u r halarious. I love u!

  31. David says:

    The only reason she got prison time at all is because the victim was a tranny. Had the victim simply been a normal white girl the perp would have gotten off with probation.

    1. Spanky says:

      “Had the victim simply been a normal white girl the perp would have gotten off with probation.”

      ….or a beer summit at the White House.

      1. Christine Guinn says:

        Had their colors been reversed, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would be calling for the white person to get life in prison.

  32. drm says:

    Where 2 or 3 are gathered together, there shall be fight’n, shoot’n or stabb;n. The natives are very restless

  33. IVillageIdiot says:

    Are you still censoring my posts? Why?

  34. rmharper says:

    So glad I live in a sundown area. We have almost no blacks and few cans of any kind. Crime is low and we are a happy bunch. Safe too, LOL. Every so often a big business will transfer one in our area but they never last long.

  35. Patrick R Wells says:

    Funny how the media kept referring to the victim as transgender and not a white female, as she obviously appeared to the assailants. I was repeatedly told by the media that ‘she’ was beaten because she was transgender, not because of her race, but I never saw one single report that stated how the assailants knew she was transgender. People working in the newsroom decided the motive for us, so we don’t have to think for ourselves.

    1. Maxine says:

      How did they know? Wow. Not very strongly sexed, are we?

  36. jimbonics says:

    When keeping it real goes wrong.

  37. smtihers says:

    The victim was not a tranny (transexual). The victim was transgendered (i.e. in this case it was a guy who had his package chopped off).

    Either way they are a bunch of freaks. They deserve protection as human beings but they should not be granted special protection under some vague PC definition of hate crimes that is reverse-racist oriented and stacked against white Anglo-Saxons (or should I say Real American Americans – to differentiate from African Americans.)

    Oh, and if you don’t like my point of view then I find that extremely offensive and will sue you for a hate crime against my faith tradition and the inner core of what makes me a person. Plus I will seek unspecified damages for all the suffering and trauma, and blow to my self-esteem that I will endure for years to come. What goes around comes around, so I hope you are ready. Otherwise you are showing favoritism to a particular segment of society and hating another, ie. you’re a racist.

    1. femme says:

      Gotta love people who open their mouths and remove all doubt that they have a sub intelligence or are the real freak.
      Transgender, those who transgress societal norms, which be the way included not so long ago women who wore pants since society stupidly thought women shouldn’t vote/ have rights or wear pants. It’s an umbrella term including a great deal of different communities not just those born with transsexualism.
      Transsexualism, a condition one is born with best described as a body and brain conflict ie brain carries one gender body is in conflict with the brain and as such the person works to correct the body to bring it inline with the brain.
      Tranny, a term used to shove people into being non human, a put down, a derogatory term much like those used against people who are Asian/ people of colour/ people who are Spanish/ etc.
      Freaks, refers to ignorant beings who speak without knowing much of what they are saying. Most who know these types of people look down upon them, smirk as they walk by and the saddest thing is the freaks never seem to be smart enough to understand that they have been the brunt of the joke for many years.
      Hate Crimes, refers to, not some “P.C.” idea but rather to acknowledging that certin people seem to seek out others who are not the same as they are to hurt through various physical means said different person or community. The KKK were such cowards who would now if caught doing what they used to be famous doing, could be rightfully tried for Hate Crimes. Similar would the likes of a Hitler who sought out certain types of people and had them murdered because those people were not how he thought people should be like.

  38. Lost Hopre for this Country says:

    I thought this started in the bathroom. That means a man was in the ladies restroom doing HIS business. If that aint reason for a beat down then there isnt one. America has lost track of of its morals, its direction, its fiber that holds it together. We are doomed.

    1. Dream Out Loud says:

      are you seriously this ignorant? or just trolling?

      1. Pensieve says:

        You’re mixed up. She is seriously intelligent and you are the one with the problem.

      2. Jocko James says:

        Transgendering is a criminal and immoral activity. All medical personnel involved in the activity should have their licenses revoked.
        These men that want to play at being women do not have the right to access women’s facilities. That guy deserved to get beat up for going that girl’s bathroom. I will agree that she went over board but I can understand her rage against these perverts pushing their hedonist ways on to the rest of decent society.

  39. HUGH says:

    Five years seems about right. Unfortunately, the victim is getting life. Very sad story. Where is humanity?

  40. dmdi says:

    Im surprised a hate crime was charged against a black person.
    If she didn’t have a ding dong it would have been another white women getting her ass kicked and sista would get a $300 fine.

  41. Father James says:

    two teenage girls beat up an adult male and one of the teens gets 5 years in prison?

    we really have become a pacified nation

  42. Rich Lehmann says:

    There was not real permanent damage. It was confirmed the seizure was never real. No where is a 19 year old girl going to get 5 years in prison for beating up another girl for flirting with her boyfriend. EXCEPT when that “girl” is not really a girl. Hate crime law is bulls#it, where they turn a maximum 6 months for a street fight into 5 years. “All shall be protected equally, but some shall be protected more equally than others.” It’s like a commandment from “Animal Farm”

    1. Rick G says:

      Who “confirmed” the seizure was not real? Post the source of that.

      For kicking somebody in the head when on the ground, 5 years is fair.

      It does not matter what light sentences other punks and hoodlums get. This one got justice. And it was not a street fight. It was an assault. You have probably won today’s prize for most stupid comments in one post. Congratulations.

      1. trnnylvr69 says:

        Even if Ms. Polis’ alleged seizures aren’t real, and whether or not if Ms. Polis’ “package” is still intact, doesn’t matter~ that fodder is irrelevant to the evidence shown in the courtroom used to convict the defendant. The prosecutors did their job, and kudos to them.

  43. owen says:

    she’ll be out by Tuesday.

  44. Spanky says:

    Maybe Holder will intervene and get the perp a beer (or crack?) summit at the White House.

  45. Just me says:

    In court, Brown tearfully offered remorse saying “I’m sorry. My mother did not raise me like this. I would really like to apologize to the victim, Miss Chrissy Polis.”

    Yes she did. You are an animal who belongs in a cage with other animals. I hope they do to you everyday what you did to her. Because unlike her. YOU DESERVE IT.

  46. HansJurgen says:

    Charles Darwin, Darwin’s Theory of evolution, is smiling in his grave. This thug gives further proof that some of us just haven’t evolved much past apes.

  47. slami says:

    if you are a black person and you enjoyed the video, you’re a racist. check yourself.

  48. Todd Clemmer says:

    This thing should have gotten 5 years no matter who she assaulted. The fact that being transgender, a different race or sex gives you more justice is an injustice to the rest of us.

  49. Adolph Oliver Busch says:

    Zombeez iz az zombeez duz.

  50. Joe says:

    Fine. The woman went to jail. But why does McDonalds have to make the victim a millionaire in the civil law suit? Waaaaaaaaay too many lawyers looking for their one-third commission of this legal extortion.

    1. femme says:

      The employees represent the company, doesn’t matter what company one is speaking about, so as direct representatives of the organization their behavior during the attack is relevant. Their actions might be shown to have been a factor in encouraging this to continue rather then stop. The woman who was beaten up had a reasonable expectation of being safe inside the store. That’s why Mc D is in trouble and being sued. It has nothing to do with lawyers looking for a commission.

  51. Rowwdy says:

    I hope this hateful chick has to spend ALL 5 years behind bars. Anyone else convicted of a hate crime would have gotten more than 5 years. McDona;d’s deserves to be sued..sadly for the entire corporation, but their employees exacerbated the whole situation.

  52. Reality says:

    I can NOT belive the blacks responding here,you people are horrendous bigots!

  53. Barack Obozo says:

    The runt deserves everything she gets. All piglets beware…you will go to jail if you riot when Obozo loses.

  54. Boots says:

    All I can say is thank God for the Second Amendment and the right to carry a concealed weapon with a permit in many states. This b!tch would have been shot dead in my state by a good samaritan. Now about those flash mobs…

  55. Tex A. Montana says:

    One could be curious about how many (and how violent) flash mob attacks she be leading against caucasions while incarcerated?

  56. Stan says:

    Ah, another African racist finally prosecuted. Now, go after all the animals that do the mob attacks on whites.

  57. jasperddbgghost says:

    Black girl beat up a gender confused moron. Doesnt matter how “Transgender” you think you are, he’s still has the same chromosomes. Seriously, should of let the animals duke it out with a curb-stomp as the finale. Pick a winner (for all you liberal nose-pickers out there) Where’s Jesse and Al?

  58. ConanTheRepublican says:

    Hate crimes legislation MUST be repealed IMMEDIATELY! It is nothing more or less than Big Brother Soviet-style Newspeak trash. How in the name of almighty GOD can you be prosecuted for what you may or may NOT have thought during the commission of a crime??? A CRIME IS A CRIME, PERIOD!!! DEATH TO LIBERALISM NOW!!!!

  59. Donald Draper says:

    Yet ANOTHER White being attacked by a Black (or Blacks)? Lately these incidents have increased exponentially. I’m sure that any day now the left-wing media (like CBS) will finally start reporting on the huge wave of Black-on-White racial hate crimes sweeping across the USA.

    Yep, any day now. Wait for it …..

    (Cue sound of chirping crickets)

  60. sstreessed says:

    We need more dead thugs and fewer prison sentences! This monster will never be anything but garbage. The only people who don’t know are touchy feely, clueless whites!

  61. iconico62 says:

    And the 14 year old? will she be sentenced to what amounts to be a restricted vacation in juvenile detention? She should be tried as an adult and dole out for her an adult sentence as well.

  62. I-RIGHT-I says:

    I saw the video shortly after it happened. I watched what I though was a white girl getting her ass whipped by a black girl. Then I find out the White girl was in fact a White man, not that it really matters that the man was white, it mattered that a girl beat up a man. A sexually confused and no doubt sub moron of a man but a man nonetheless. He was taking a leak in the lady’s bathroom with women present, not cool.

    I’m sorry the woman is going to jail, it should be the other way around. The fact that he’s a pervert saved his ass. If he hadn’t been a pervert and just a white man getting his sorry ass kicked by a black chick this wouldn’t even be a story.

    1. Alexis says:

      Sorry, I’m a physically intersexed woman, a former airline pilot (captain) and VP.
      While in college, over 30 years ago, I served with the police. If this thug had attacked me, since I’m a little different, she wouldn’t have to worry about going to prison. She’d have gotten a beating she would never forget or worse. As for calling transgender people something less than average people, I have to relate that one feature of the prenatal hormone condition is that there are more high IQ people in the TG population than in the general population. Many are in fact true geniuses due to unique brain wiring they possess. Most are very kind and considerate individuals since they have endured so much pain in their lives. It’s not their fault. It is a fluke of human biology and it happens to other mammals as well. Get over your ignorance and treat others with kindness. You might be surprised at the gem of a person you find inside.

      1. Hmmm says:

        If they’re so intelligent, how come they choose to modify their body (difficult) and take hormones instead of work with their mind (easier because the mind is more ‘plastic’) to address the felt dysphoria. I wouldn’t think to permanently medicate myself or have surgery to deal with my depression or PTSD.

        Yes ‘science’ can say body and mind are wired differently, but so what? The mind can make up any reality it wants and either accept it or deny it. Here lies the problem.

      2. Retired SOF guy says:

        What? Ah yes, the old “uh, the different are actually almost super-human” argument. And then there is the “pain creates kindness” hypothesis. Treating folks with kindness and decency is fine, but please spare us the false science. It’s kind of like how Carter was the smartest President ever, then Clinton was, now BHO is (who got into the ivy league during the hey day of affirmative action…but that’s not significant)…any lib or outcast demographic is always somehow smarter, kinder, etc, although I never experienced that first hand in college. I wonder why…

  63. iconico62 says:

    And that despicable McDonald’s employee that taped and laughed at the incident and not do anything about it? What punishment will be best for that cretin? I suppose McDonald’s will foot the bill.

  64. RufusVonDufus says:

    Why were they so easy on her? Is it because she is black? Probably!!!!!

  65. BlaquePower says:

    first of all , the white race is sick and dying out. secondly, she should have gotten a medal for what she did for society, Its a waste of tax dollars for a sister so sit in jail when we all know the devils deserve this

    1. MAKEMYDAY says:

      That ‘black power” is soon coming to an end!!!!

    2. MonqueyMania says:

      If the White race dies out, what race will you parasites leech off of then? I doubt any of them will put up with your sh1t.

      1. Snoopy snoopy poop dog says:

        Exactly. Just like european countries who claim to be neutral in every major war, so somebody else picks up the tab. It is an anti-social mentality and not sustainable.

    3. Veronica says:

      The ‘dying whites’ are in Somalia, (the greatest black run nation to date) trying to save the millions of starving children while the Somalian sperm donors are stealing the food and killing each other.

      I agree about the wasted tax dollars but deportation to the ‘Motherland’ is not a legal option …………..YET.

  66. Rick Shaw says:

    WHAT REALLY HAPPENED? Lots of incorrect information reported. The black attacker beat a GUY (sorry, folks but this victim is a MAN who has had some cosmetic surgery to look more female) who was trying to use the Ladies Restroom. She could tell HE wasnt a woman and was offended that he was attempting to use the ladies restroom. Stop calling the victim a “SHE” as that is false. He is still a MAN. Medicine cant change a person’s sex at the cellular level.

    1. Alexis says:

      Your ignorance of the topic is underwhelming.

    2. Snoopy snoopy poop dog says:

      True or not, you miss the entire point. There is no excuse for going ‘ghetto girl’ and assaulting someone for ANY reason. In our society, that behavior is not an option. Assault is not acceptable. Assaulting anyone is anti-social behavior. If you don’t understand that, please do the rest of us a favor and use birth control. Your comment is just astonishingly stupid.

  67. R Sr Simon says:

    “We are all human”? “We ar all Gods children”?

    You people have been drinking the kool aid from the democratic politically correct too long. These black thugs are everywhere. They don’t abide by laws or rules. They are like zoo animals. And in this opinion thats where they belong.

  68. laroy james says:

    You may as well leave that ugly polyester wig at home, ho. You won’t be needing anything to cover your nappy head now. I’m sick of you trash makin the rest of us look badly.

  69. Susanna King says:

    justice was served in this case

  70. Coonely Watson Jr. says:

    Sin in haste, repent at leisure. See ya ‘

  71. sparky says:

    The tranny is the one who deserves to be imprisoned for simply existing.

  72. Bruce Smart says:

    I am surprise she was found guilty based upon what the victim was wearing at the time. Must not have been a jury trial.

  73. Ed says:

    I assume the laughing McDonalds employee was fired!

  74. Windy says:

    Obama will have her out before election time!

  75. Me says:

    Gee willikers…..How could it be a hate crime? The perps were black. Somebody needs to call the Rev. Al “Poverty Pimp” Sharpton about this outrage. LOL

  76. Me says:

    “My mother did not raise me like this.”

    Who are you kidding, your mother did not raise you at all….that’s the problem. Notice how they never mention daddy in these situations? LOL. Clear indication they never met him. Well at least one animal is off the streets.

  77. Diggety says:

    Some people really deserve to be in a cage… and this girl should take to her new home in prison just fine. It suits her well.

  78. Ghostsouls says:

    Welcome to Mc Jail !!! I’m Lovin’ it!!!!

  79. Jon Q says:

    Has anyone blamed Bush yet? Can I be the first?

  80. Lee says:

    I’ll bet she is out in less than six months. In cases like this they just want to calm the public back into their stupor.

  81. fed-up says:

    25 years in prison seems more justifiable and appropriate.

  82. The Clintidote says:

    I’m still wondering how “she” changed “her” DNA and chromosomes. Without that, it’s not “transgender”, it’s just mutilation.

  83. She could become the ring girl for Ultimate Fighting Chicken when she gets out of the clink

  84. JOe Dutra says:

    Who will take care of Teona’s four children?

    1. Tay Tay Shaquina says:

      Her 4 baby daddies. Oh wait, they’re in prison too.

  85. Endyr says:

    A single bullet from a concealed carry citizen would have ended this before it came to this. Ohh wait, everything is illegal in Maryland….how’s that working out for you sports fans?

  86. Red in Denver says:

    The McDonald’s employees who stood around laughing while videotaping the vicious beating certainly deserve SOMETHING in the way of punishment. It’s bad enough there are young women who would so badly beat someone they would end up with seizures. It makes it even more horrendous that several adult male employees did nothing to try to stop the vicious attack.

    1. Africant says:

      He was punishd, he done work at mcdonalds rest of his life ni##a….

  87. Hening says:

    I saw this video when it first went viral and had no idea the victim was anything other than a young woman. All the terms and references to hate crime are absurd. If anyone beats someone into a seizure, that’s hatred. To be able to pound someone over and over like that is all too common. This person deserves prison time for beating another human being into a seizure. All the other conditions are a sideshow. .

  88. cracker says:

    She gets five years because the victim was transgender. Now if it had been a white woman or Korean shop owner, she’d have gotten 30 days and Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would have flown in to defend her.

    1. Kurt says:

      I agree. Sharpton and Jackson would have also accused the victim of inciting the violence.

  89. dump28usn` says:

    A black going to jail on a hate crime charge! Now that’s a switch, usually the other way round. She should have gotten 10, and the other girl also. The McDonald employee should have gotten a couple of years also.

  90. Joe Greenwell says:

    Oh Please! My mommy didn’t raise me to be like this…….then who did? The Judicial system got this one right. About time that Lady Justice got her blindfold back in place. Think five years was going easy on her.

  91. Natasha says:

    Goes on to show how it doesn’t matter if those B***ks are man or woman. They both behave like animals in our civilised society.

    Way to show your true colour girls! Well done! Am not giving one more penny to African aid or watching ANTM or voting for that dude again…

    1. A637389 says:

      Ok and if you stop donating to Africa, what’s that gonna do? Blacks in America are no closer to being African than you are. STFU

  92. Jamie Dorton says:

    This isnt a Race issue. Its an issue of someone acting like a F**king animal! I think She shoulda got longer! I mean whats the deal with suspending 5 years? Now she’ll be out in 3…or less! I hate what this country has become, & it only keeps getting worse. & our “President” Is doing nothing but making it worse!

    1. Africant says:

      He isn’t “our” president….he is “your” president. I saw threw that hot mess way before he was president!

  93. herdzcatz says:

    I wonder what the outcome would have been if the person Teonna had beaten up was a straight white female, not a transgender white person. Would we have seen this on national news? Would Teonna have received 5 years? Would this have been labeled a hate crime? I am glad that justice is being served for Chrissy Polis. Would Chrissy have received as public or as swift the justice if her body had been born female? Is an attack on a “natural” female LESS hateful than an attack on a transgender? Or are they both equally as hateful?

  94. dummy says:

    I was upset when I first saw the video of a women getting beaten.. Then when I learned the MAN was in a women’s restroom, I saw it differently. The MAN should have been arrested for being in a woman’s bathroom. The beat down was justified!

  95. D.Cain says:

    No one deserves a beating like that, She will be out in 2 to 3 years, and meaner than ever.

  96. Jack says:

    All you Marylanders sounding like law-and-order conservatives and yet you continue to vote for leftist moonbats politicians like O’Malley, Elijah, Mikulski, Stephanie …

  97. Joe Blogs says:

    Yet according to Eric Holder, if Chrissy Polis had just been white instead of white with a disability, then this would NOT have been a hate crime. White on black is a hate crime but black on white isn’t.

  98. BubbaT says:

    Bravo. Now her little punk ass will be the one getting beat senseless.

  99. Natasha says:

    Transgendered is not the same as transvestite/cross-dresser! Get it right people.

    This case is another example of how black people fail to integrate a civilised society. The recent London riot and looting is another example. Somehow wherever we have black people, they try to turn the neighbourhood into a lawless and violent African country. This has to stop.

  100. NotFondOfLibs says:

    No sympathy here for the defendant. She committed a brutal crime. Now it’s time for her to go to prison.

  101. reality says:

    Stupid c#$t. One thing stands out in these attacks. Take it for what you will. But it is a sad fact…

  102. Veronica says:

    People are watching. People with ancestors that have created and ruled the greatest civilizations in world history. Who thinks that these people, the objects of repeated assaults, robberies, rapes and murders are not preparing? Does anyone think that the majority in this country have suddenly become stupid?

    I say to those in the video, keep laughing. Tell all your friends to keep laughing. Keep on while America prepares.

    To those who can and have access, I say tell your friends that this is no longer considered a joke. Don’t be the one legged man in an @ss kicking contest.

    1. A637389 says:

      What are you talking about? Sounds like something for a movie trailer. “PEOPLE ARE WATCHING. PEOPLE WITH ANCESTORS THAT HAVE CREATED AND RULED THE GREATEST CIVILIZATIONS IN WORLD HISTORY.” Stfu. Stop trying to take credit for other people’s accomplishments, nobody’s doing anything because unfortunately PEOPLE today aren’t like those people of old who have ruled the greatest civilizations. PEOPLE today are fat, lazy and they complain.

  103. SOLMAN151 says:


  104. Buddy says:

    One of the posters, here, suggests a prison island. That’s an isolated location where the inmates do the work and raise the food. Seems that would take much of the expense off the taxpayers’ backs and could provide real world training. Such would be very valuable for those who survived.

    Seems that the USA has a lot of potential prison islands. I understand they’re called the Aleutian Islands.

    1. Noamsayn? says:

      How about the Pacific atolls (Eniwetok, Bikini, etc.) where we tested hydrogen bombs?

  105. Kip Noxzema says:

    One down, many more to go. We’ve all seen these mob attacks. Get her out of society. I don’t care what the punks and thugs think.

    They are a danger to society and that’s all there is to it.

  106. Kiruka says:

    Know what’s funny? I’m a transgirl who uses women’s washrooms. Know what I do in there? I find an empty stall, sit down and do my business, wash up, and then leave. For 5 years. Here’s the punchline: people (IRL at least) don’t give me grief over it. Know why? Because I don’t sexually harass anybody.

    1. BOOYAH says:

      Throw them a curve. Next time leave the seat up.

  107. Ralloh says:

    Good. Another sub-human put away at least for a little while.

  108. DAve says:

    Animals hiding in human disguise. Animals need to be in cages. Feral animals need to be exterminated. These are feral humans. Sterilization at the minimum so their genes aren’t passed on to another generation. Execution for the REPEATED attempt to KILL the person, regardless of their gender weirdness. 10 years in prison for the cameraman, only lenient because he provided the proof. And a million dollars from Ronald McD’s because they hired the low-life in the first place.

    Doesn’t matter if it was motivated by hate: string ’em up for their actions. Period.

  109. Alex says:

    Funny this was a non-story in the NY Times until it was found out that it wasn’t just a white girl but a white guy passing himself off as a girl…..then it became a national issue for the NYTs

    1. Rich Lehmann says:

      Trannis are the new black. I blame that lady gaga dude.

    2. bobfupart2 says:

      And that is why, and the only other factor why, it is now considered a hate crime. Never would have been if no one knew about the victim being a former dude. Black on white crime = never hate crime.

  110. Rich Lehmann says:

    So the lesson for today is, if you are a young white woman that kills and buries her daughter you get 6 months w/ time served but if you are a young black woman that kicks a tranni you get 10 years w/ 5 suspended. It must be rough to be a black woman knowing even freaks and perverts are seen as more valuable in the eyes of the law. I guess we all need to vote for Chaz Bono now on DWTS to prove we are open minded and pc.

  111. Lou Ann Watson says:

    just another day in obamaville

  112. DSM-IV says:

    It’s even simpler: she’s a sociopath. About 1% of women and nearly 3% of men show indicators of antisocial personality disorder. Yet nearly 70% of those in prison do. They are without conscience or empathy.

  113. Jim says:

    the real question is how much of the five year sentence she will serve.

    In some stated, five years means about 15 months…

    Not even CLOSE to a righteous punishment for this continuous hate filled attack, she was trying to kill her. The sentence insults me.

  114. jason says:

    why waste space in Jail bring her to the local ZOO and put her in with the other APES

  115. tiffpier says:

    During my time, people don’t like diversity. Blacks and Whites are not the same beings but eventually most of us learned to make way. I was heartbroken when I read this article. It worries me that my grandchildren would grow up in a culture that don’t respect diversity. This made me wonder if the parents are at fault for not raising their kids well. Every one should know how to defend themselves from physical and verbal assault. I applause Ms Thoms for standing up for the victim. Individuals like you are the reason why the oppressed survives.

  116. Kurt says:

    I agree that the woman needs to go to prison, but five years seems a bit excessive to me. Why aren’t racially-motivated crimes prosecuted like this all of the time? If the victim had been a white male, I doubt that the woman would have been sentenced to more than maybe a month or two in prison.

    1. RLABruce says:

      This level of assault used to be called “attempted murder”. Five years is light for that. It’s five years because the victim is transgendered. There would not have been a hate crime charge at all if it were a white male.

  117. RLABruce says:

    First time I’ve heard of a black being charged with a hate crime! It was still a politically correct response nevertheless, since the victim was transgendered. I’ve never seen any blacks charged wih a hate crime against a white male though, despite all the black “llash mobs” (formerly known as a “race riot”)attacking only whites. Still open season on white males….

  118. Mark says:

    Planet of the Apes

  119. Ferrell Aeppes says:

    Sheboonius Afarensis – back in da cage gnomesayin?

  120. Mike says:

    Ah, the race card. The last refuge of someone who’s too ignorant to formulate a cogent opinion.

  121. corey says:

    what’s with all the gins in here commenting?! It was a gin attack plain and simple. own up to it.

  122. Roger says:

    White people: arm yourselves. After watching mobs of these sub-humans assaulting us for no reason, I went and got my CCW here in Ohio. Now, I almost welcome an attack. I have nothing more to say.

    1. Michael Gibson says:

      Same for me in Iowa.

  123. EJ says:

    She’s 19 and still hasn’t graduated? Go figure.

  124. unrelated says:

    The woman was guilty of beating a man not a transgender women. There is no such animal as a transgender person and the media should stop legitimizing such foolish behavior. Wearing a halloween costume 365 days a year does not entitle anyone to special treatment.

  125. CSX says:

    It is a he, made by God that way, I don’t care what HE does to change that.
    BTW, hate crimes are a joke, do you think peopel commit crimes out of love? Let us reason this.

    Plus if thought is a crime (hate), then having NO FEELINGS is worse than hate. A cold heart should have even more penalties.

    And, why does a person’s sin or skin increase the penalty? Is not pain equal?

  126. Michael Gibson says:

    That pig only got five years? Too bad the victim wasn’t licensed to carry and put a round through her attackers head. It would have improved society.

    1. Harsh Words says:

      @ Michael Gibson…

      That is just so violent and savage, Michael.

      But, hey…..You are absolutely correct.

  127. Justice Lives says:

    Its going to be very sad and strangely poetic, when she gets Beat Down in prison.

    Uummm. Oh well.

  128. Robert Sciolino says:

    First and foremost, this animal teenager should be going away for ten years not five. What she did to this person was horrific. The crime should be assault, or even attempted murder…not “hate crime”. Apparently if this were my daughter or sister, and the same exact beating occurred, seizures and all, it would be less of a crime. But, if I choose to ingest estrogen, grow breasts and pretend I’m a woman, suddenly I have more legal protection than my daughters or sister. Enough is enough with these special laws, we are all equal under the law, end of story.

  129. Joe C says:

    Good!! Lock her up & throw away the key!

  130. Van Wehrle says:

    5 years doesnt seem enough for what looks like a savage attempt at murder. I feel bad for the victim. He or She or Whatever certainly already has enough emotional problems going on without being beaten to a pulp while the animals laugh. Can’t help notice most of these disturbing zoo-like activities involve people who look like they walked right out of a Jerry Springer show.

  131. Obamaroid Ointment says:

    Would it be a “hate crime” if the white guy she beat wasn’t a trannie? Would she have gotten any time at all? I doubt it.

  132. AJ says:

    on the other hand, most all african american will at some time or other end up in prison anyways……duh. Look at them, over 40% of black youths are unemployed. The sell dope, kill people, disrespect, live in assisted living, take our taxpayers dollars in food stamps and other government provided benefits.

  133. Nutty says:

    Will she still get to vote for Obama from jail?

  134. ROD says:

    Man beats woman, man rapes woman, man rapes child,–CASTRASION

  135. Jason says:

    There’s no such thing as “transgender”. You can pollute your body with hormones and carve it up with surgery, but the truth remains that EVERY CELL OF YOUR BODY retains your original DNA identity, male or female.

  136. warbaby says:

    She got what she deserved.

  137. Jim Rockford says:

    Sorry Teonna, an apology doesn’t quite make it. For you, retribution is at hand.

  138. Kisha says:

    I pray that some of these idiots who are commenting and spitting their racist thoughts and beliefs are not teachers, educators, social workers, doctors or anyone who is in any helping profession where their racist and idiotic views are pushed upon anyone else…especially my beautiful children or anyone else’s impressionable children. WOW!

    1. I will watch your children says:

      I am a racist social worker that would love to get my hands on your welfare cases!

  139. J Alan says:

    This is a story of the “Obama” Generation. Certain Blacks thinking the rest of the World, particularly Whites, must bow down and accept the abuse and violence that these Blacks want to deal out any time They please! They are the welfare Army, Obama Voters and Their Children Who think everything should be given to Them for free because They have been abused and taken advantage of even since Their Ancestors were freed from Slavery 150 years Ago. No matter the Trillions of Dollars that has been wasted supporting Them these last 45 years.
    I am scared that There will be a backlash coming against the Black Communities for the crimes being perpetrated en mass by these Young Blacks with Their orgy of Mob attacks (being largely unreported by the In-Obamas-Pocket Media) Do You see any other Races perpetrating these Mobs? Calling for the death and beat down of Blacks? Now THAT would be on the front page of every News Agency in the World.
    The Thug is “sorry” for what She did! Of course She is! She got caught! All these Thugs are sorry when They get caught! They high-five each other when They don’t and search for another Victim!

  140. Jeddy Mctedder says:

    200 grand of tax payer money down the drain.

    this is not justice , it is corruption. a blackhole prison system that is 10 times too expensive.

    1. BrunoT says:

      You’re right. How about they instead sentence her to come live with you for 5 years, ok? I’m sure you don’t have a problem with that, right? I mean it’s not like she’s subject to violent rages or anything.

    2. Wyatt Earp says:

      I have a 5 cent plan…..that could solve this eye for a eye case real easy!

  141. RD says:

    Bottom line. You should be able to go out to eat without getting jumped on by thugs (black or white).

  142. mrqstixx says:

    Tea this !

  143. mrqstixx says:


  144. Tom Walter says:

    PUBLIC NOTICE: Be Aware Of North American Pavement Apes & Their Sheboon Counter Parts. If Seen, Shoot On sight.

  145. Jonas Willis says:

    lol nice! She will have plenty to time to reflect on what she did, she is an animal!

  146. Rocketman says:

    Perhaps a “Good Samaritan” law, re: the employee who videoed and laughed during the attempted murder would be culpable as well for allowing an assault to continue, while only trying to get it captured on on an electronic device.

    I trust that McDonald’s fired the sociopathic employee?


  147. Scott says:

    In court, Brown tearfully offered remorse saying “I’m sorry. My mother did not raise me like this.
    Obviously she was brought up like that. We reap what we sow. We’ve sown violence and apathy into our children and this is the fruit.

  148. Phhhfft! says:

    Jus keepin’ it real….

  149. Jocko James says:

    Transgendering is a criminal and immoral activity. All medical personnel involved in the activity should have their licenses revoked.
    These men that want to play at being women do not have the right to access women’s facilities. That guy deserved to get beat up for going that girl’s bathroom. I will agree that she went over board but I can understand her rage against these perverts pushing their hedonist ways on to the rest of decent society.

  150. Charles says:

    “Polis, who is transgender, chose not to appear in court for the sentencing. But her hero Vicki Thoms was.” Was it Polls’ hero or shero who represented Polls? Just sayin’.

    1. Melanie Montero says:

      You’re not funny.

  151. TAP says:

    Bitterness (lack of forgiveness) is like swallowing poison and hoping the other person gets sick. While I do NOT in any way, shape or form condone what was done here and am glad that some justice was done, Ms Polis would do well to remember this.

  152. BrunoT says:

    I wonder if the transgendered status had anything to do with the longer sentence than you might expect to see. How about enforcing laws against beating up HUMAN BEINGS? Does it really matter what your sexuality is if someone stomps you into a seizure?

  153. Doug V says:

    I’m a conservative and I am not a big fan of the direction African-American culture is heading, but some of the comments here are reprehensible and have more similarities to the Ku Klux Klan than being a conservative or Republican.

    The girl was punished for what she did, Baltimore. We don’t need to use this as an opportunity to show just how racist people can be.

    There are a lot of problems in the African-American community, but it doesn’t help when we have bigots and outright racists making comments like this which only reinforces their community’s feelings that all white people are racist.

    The one comment about sending them back to Africa is just completely out of bounds and borderline trolling. You should be ashamed.

    Doug V.
    White guy from Houston, Texas

  154. Roze says:

    Sad thing is, if this were really a white female, these two would NOT have been charged with a hate crime! THAT is the real shame here. Otherwise, all involved should be shot, we can do without them.

  155. Melanie Montero says:

    Oh and by the way, she probably got 2-for-1 and good time which means she’ll be out in less than 2 years. These “sentences” aren’t the real sentences anymore, unless she has to serve it straight which I don’t see mentioned in the article. That’s another outrage. Justice my ass.

  156. Benjamin Brown says:

    I have no problem with the punishment, it’s all good as far as I am concerned.

    The only problem I have is with the “hate crime” stuff. If it had just been a normal fight are you trying to tell me hate wouldn’t have been involved? Why do some people continue to get special treatment and protections in our country?? Makes me sick.

  157. Thomas Houck says:

    Like most all criminals all she is really sorry for is getting caught. She is not crying for her victim, she is crying for herself.

  158. james says:

    put them all in jail. they serve no purpose in our society anyway. bunch of thugs and criminals. i would rather allow hardworking latinos in the US, than this type of riff raff.

  159. Ramsey says:

    There aren’t enough prisons to hold the minorities, so what do we do? Start making babies, white America. If you don’t, say hello to being the minority in 20 years. Once the country is completely in control of these animals the American dream will be forever dead.

  160. Joe D says:

    I would put her to death. Filthy monkey.

  161. Ryan Mouk says:

    So glad this waste of life is behind bars. I hope this bag of rat feces gets taken to the cleaners by the civil suit. This should happen to everyone that refuses to accept others because of their own opinions.

  162. TC says:

    Hang em, do not need this kind of trash walking the street. No matter what race. You never try to harm people. My take.

  163. Lee Yarbrough says:

    Glad to see the courts moved fast on this one and gave her what she had coming.

    The employee that filmed it should be the one paying out and hope that others think twice before hiring that person. They can not be trusted to do their job and protect those they are responsible for.

    Time for Americans to wake up. Look at the millions that watched the video and laughed. It could be you next. Who is going to step up and help you or are hey going to just film it for a laugh as you go down?

  164. SPACE RANGER says:

    Racism is a live and well in this country. And it will always be here as long as we have people like the ones posting on here.

  165. obamalied says:

    thank god this hate filled violent Obama voting babys mommy will be in prison. That means one less vote for Obama in 2012

    1. Furd says:

      Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of dead people in Chicago that will vote for Omaumau.

  166. SPACE RANGER says:

    He was a man and shoud not have been using the female rest room. Had he been black and she white this story would be reverse. He would have been charge with a sex crime and made to register as a sex offender. And that is the truth.

  167. LLinLa says:

    Standing ovation to the court & the prosecutor for handing out a just verdict and sentence.

  168. tankette says:

    Just shows the viral hatred that exists among many in the black community. It also shows how lame and timid the media is about covering these events…to include those “flash mobs” that result in crimes and attacks on white people.

  169. popeye420 says:

    This was a shameful incident. You know I find it rather ironic and somewhat funny that the NAACP or the ACLU haven’t been involved. Not that race or gender should ever play an issue but if the victim was a black woman and the attacker were white the NAACP and the ACLU would be all over the situation giving speeches left and right. It’s a shame that it was merely an elderly woman who tried to stop the beating while the employees and other onlookers just watched and in some cases simply enjoyed the show. I might point out that the McDonald’s employees where also minorities. Racism in any regard is shameful but what is more shameful that if the victim was of another race and the attackers like wise, the issue would have been all over the news world wide.

  170. Aguagurl says:


    I knows the girl S’Donna did what she did. What that boy doin in the girls bathroom anyhey? She not no girl. Peekin through the hole maybe. Five years for a fight, she out in three or less. Baltimore County Judge is good man. Give a sista some leg room.

    Aguagurl in and out

  171. Hojo says:

    How hard is it to understand that men go into the men’s room and women go into the ladies room? There are social laws that are pretty much the same in every country. Some people don’t get it, if you were born with male anatomy go into a mens room, if you were born with female anatomy go into the ladie’s room. End of story, avoid another beatdown by going into the appropriate restroom dressed appropriatly.

  172. cbinflux says:

    She’ll be out in less than two years

  173. cbinflux says:

    Eight ever-shorter generations of welfare has wrought feral teens roaming our major cities.

  174. Truthsayer Drug says:

    The real issue is that blacks will never become “little Englishmen and assimilate. For 400 years they have had that and they still are as ignorant and have a lesser I.Q. than their Cousins in Africa. They need to be returned to da mudderland so they are not inflicted with evil White Man’s law which they can not live under or understand. They have their own language, culture and Church which tells them that it’s all Whities fault. They rape 37,000 Whites a year while the number of negros raped by Whites is zero. Further, we lower our standard of education and house negroids in “Special Ed” because they are incapable. Lastly, Whites have let themselves be convinced that it is racist merely to object to dispossession, much less to work for their own interests. Never before has a people been fooled into thinking that there was virtue or nobility in surrendering its heritage, and giving away to others its place in history, only whites have been tricked into thinking that love for their own people is somehow “hatred” of others. It’s sick

  175. MikeHenrySC says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  176. James Clifford says:

    The “perps” got at least what they deserved – I only wish they would actually serve the sentence, which of course they won’t. Prisons should be reserved for our “violent” criminals – to spare taxpayers from funding the room and board of the others that pose little risk to others who aren’t gullible. OK, I agree that the likes of a Bernie Madof have done SERIOUS damage to peoples’ lives and deserve incarceration or worse, BUT dope users??

  177. beelzebubba says:

    This ghetto girls momma must be so proud.

    1. beelzebubba says:

      Probably her momma is outraged that “this is all racist and no doubt ghetto girls jailed for assault are disproportionaltely black because the po-po prefer to arrest blacks”. I would only like to point out: Dat’s right. Ghetto girl isn’t responsible. Society made her what she is (not her momma) and ought to look the other way. Black culture in this country is really, really sick … and getting worse.

  178. Goldy says:

    I have no patience with intolerant people

  179. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    The crowd that video taped & cheered along in the restaurant including the manager & workers should have gotten jail sentences as well for being co-conspirators & accessories.

  180. Bobby Walker says:

    Awesome!! Justice served!! No human should experience what this person experienced. That was all out cruelty to the extent of being inhuman.

    I hope these girls experience the same pain while sitting in prison for what they have done.

    This was absolutely the low of low…

  181. sheriff says:

    Teona be one big bad black Mo-Fo. When she farts that cell will shake.

  182. j says:

    Corrupt DEA where stealing drugs from evidence vaults and reselling them to cover extensive credit card debt.

    They also are creating suspects by planting evidence just so that they can steal from them.

    Given the choice of suspension or dealing with their debt most DEA are thinking outside the box.

    Corrupt DEA and FBI use gang members to commit crimes for them.

  183. MzB says:

    5 years is a slap on the wrist. This is not justice! She will be out in 2.5 years or less if she behaves!

  184. Cliff Harada says:

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  185. finn says:

    guys, it’s totally unfair that this poor youth is being sent to jail for beating a woman to the point of having seizures!

  186. BOOGER says:


  187. Jen says:

    Say hello to the Aryan Sisterhood, cause you’re getting handled in prison girl! You got it coming.

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