BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — A lead foot or an empty wallet. That’s the warning Baltimore County has for drivers as it considers new school zones to install speed cameras.

Gigi Barnett has more.

Baltimore County says its newly-installed speed cameras are a success.

“In several of the locations, the cameras have really, radically reduced speeding,” said Baltimore County spokeswoman Elise Armacost.

So much so that the county now wants to switch those cameras to find more speeders.

“For people like me, who follow the rules, it helps because I don’t want to get a ticket. But for others, it isn’t that expensive, as well,” driver Kelly Meeks said.

For the last year, the county watched its cameras, the drivers and the number of $40 tickets it issued. They saw a change.

“I’m a teacher where kids have gotten hit a couple of times, so I favor it there and I favor it everywhere,” said Michael Jarman, another driver.

Last year, Baltimore County approved a bill that allowed 15 speed cameras only in school zones. Earlier this year, lawmakers changed that. Now, while cameras have to stay in school zones, there’s an unlimited number.

“That’s a little bit greedy. If you look at it, 15, I say, ‘OK’. But now, they’re unlimited. That’s so much more of a money type thing,” said Ameenah Henderson.

Because of its cash-strapped budget, the county won’t bring in extra cameras until Jan. 1.

Until then the county says: “Obey the law and slow down.”

The Baltimore County Police Chief James W. Johnson sent a new list of the speed zones to the county. He’s awaiting approval, but he won’t say where those speed zones are. He, however, did mention one school where speeding was a problem– Eastern Technical High School.

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  1. generla l LEE says:

    is safety or revenue, werev are most accicdents 695 or school zones

  2. ray says:

    this is nothing new, Until the schools have taught the future drivers in their care now; the campaign to stop speeding is a shame! It is a blatant show of defeat to convince the public of the paramount need for safety; instead this is just a money making scheme. Change in driving starts inside the classrooms!

  3. fast frankie says:

    kids these days can’t even cross a street, speed camera’s, is like saying the vword omalley

  4. $$$$$$$ we are in debt folks says:

    put the speed cameras at colleges they are more ignorant then elementary kids

  5. Need mo money says:

    why not sppeed cameras at hospitals, golf courses, baseball, football stadiums?

  6. jimmey says:

    Corrupt DEA are tampering with their suspect’s automobiles with the intent of causing a fatal accident.

    Sunday Sept 18 2011 a camera at the bank adjacent to Starbucks across the street from the Santa Clara University in Santa Clara Ca. caught 2 of these corrupt D.O.J. employees doing just that.

    The DEA is part of the crime problem and not solution.

  7. pigeon says:

    PLEASE do not move the ones at Parkville High – Putty Hill really needs them, not only for the students but also for anyone and everyone who uses that street. It’s gotten to be another Northern Parkway (aka motor speedway).

  8. marian says:

    pigeon, i agree with you. i travel putty hill every day to work. i still slow down to 25 mph instead of the new 30 mpl limit and turn my flashers on. i find that this reminds drivers of danger and they also slow down, however, i have also seen some idiots that will speed pass and try to beat the light in front of the school. i have yet to see the cameras flashing and getting these drivers. oh and just to let you know, most of these drivers are middle aged. another thing i see all the time are parents stopping without warning to let their child off in front of the school. i have seen too many near misses with the child(ren) half in and half out. if one of these good parents gets rear ended then that child is going to be serious hurt if not killed. people think first, drive slowly pass these schools.

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