WASHINGTON (WJZ) — Smoggy cities. Baltimore ranks high in a new report that tracks the level of air pollution around the country.

Gigi Barnett has the report’s findings.

Thick smoke, heavy exhaust and dangerous fumes are all pumped into Baltimore’s air every day.

There’s so much of it that this new report ranked Baltimore as one of the top 10 smoggiest cities in the nation. But narrow that focus to the region and it’s even worse for Charm City.

“It is the smoggiest city on the East Coast,” said Ewa Krason.

There are a number of reasons why, including traffic.

Ewa Krason is the spokeswoman for Environment Maryland, an independent group that tracked the state’s air quality for a year. She says much of the smog isn’t created in Maryland.

“A lot of our pollution is coming from other states, which is unfortunate for Maryland, which is doing a lot,” Krason said.

“If you breathe regularly like I do, you don’t have a problem,” said Bernard Keels.

But Keels’ wife does. She has asthma and according to the report, last year, Baltimore had more than 30 days of Red Alert Smog days. They’re the most dangerous for children, the elderly and people with lung illnesses.

The report also found that the Red Alert Smog days affect healthy people by causing coughing and wheezing.


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